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Daddy's Rules: The Rescue Chapter Three


What a week!  I have just moved out of my family home and sold it to take up residence in another property as part of my divorce settlement.  Very sad times but I am looking forward to a new life and getting back on top of my work.

Despite all that I still managed to get write the next part of Daddy's Rules:  The Rescue, my BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom Romance & sequel to my forthcoming release on the 25th July, Daddy's Rules available on early download from Totally Bound Publishing straight to your KINDLE and other devices as well as available on pre-order in  PRINT & Ebook on

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Daddy's Rules:  The Rescue

Chapter Three

He demanded more and more of me with each deep thrust, slamming me forwards in to the table.  Everything that had plagued me for the last two years and if I was brutally honest for the whole of my married life, began to fade in to the background and in to oblivion.  I knew it would return.  That was inevitable.  You can’t just carry burdens of regret, resentment, loneliness, anger and frustration and expect them to disappear in an instant because someone was taking the time to answer your prayer of need.  They were things you had to heal from in time.  But for now I was lost connecting with this man and a part of me that I had locked away and believed dead.  Ottavio was bringing her to life again with each stab of his long broad cock.

His grip on my throat intensified when I realised I was close to feeling that delicious explosion of pleasure I had been denied for so long and desperately sought.  Later, I would muse it was the increase of my tearful whimpers punctuated by loud high pitched squeals of delight that gave my closeness to a climax away to him.  I hadn’t felt like this about sex since I was first married.  Why the hell was this handsome rich younger man . . . well let me say it like it was  . . . wanting to fuck a sad desperate woman like me.  He could have anyone.

Yes, I know what you are thinking.  Why the hell doesn’t she shut up and stop berating herself.  She is always down on herself.  It probably infuriates you as much as it does me now recounting my story but that was how I thought about myself until Ottavio showed me my true worth and loved me for all that I am.

My climax was ready and I was about to let it blossom feeling his cock tighten even harder inside my channel.

“No you don’t little girl.  Wait until I give you permission to come.  I have rules and you will learn to obey them.  Hold it,” he demanded in dark firm parental tone that left me feeling confused.

Yet I obeyed him without question and pulled back my desire away from the edge.  That confused me even more.

“Good girl.  Daddy will let you come soon.”

As though to make it harder for me to manage the feat, the Billionaire pinched and kneaded my clit between his fingers.  I moaned loudly as my pleasure raced towards the line again but I was to receive a rude awakening.  A sharp slap across the front of my pussy not once, twice or three times but four had me using every last once of strength I had to submit to his wishes.

‘That’s it.  Just a little longer,” there was humour in his voice again.  “Learn your first lesson.  I am always in charge and you must always do as I command.”

I wanted to remonstrate with him but I needed my release more.  Every time he used that firm tone with me I could feel myself melt and become even more wet.  Over and over again he tormented me with his devilish fingers caressing the length of my pussy with the pads of his fingers first slowly then hard and rough swirling my passion to fiery heights and then down again.  I didn’t know how much longer I could hold it and to my shame I started to beg him.  Every nerve ending in my body was tingling and screaming at me that I couldn’t take anymore and that was tortured pleasure in itself.

“Please.  I need to let go.”

He ignored me and continued his delectable assault until I was panting out of control to catch my breath, completely at his mercy.  He leaned in close against my ear.

“I have you where I want you.  Now you will feel like you are alive again and life is worth living.  You just needed to be reminded of the pleasure it can bring.  Come for me and scream.  I want to hear your desire as well as feel it.”

With another couple of quick slaps to my pussy to encourage me, I surrendered and came hard.  Ottavio curved and stroked his cock upwards rubbing the rough wall of my vagina and my G-spot with expertise and my whole dark world exploded in to light.

Still panting, I slumped exhausted and satiated by my violent release across the table.  Ottavio curved his strong male body protectively over my small frame.  He let go of my throat and wrapped his arms around me.  I started to cry and couldn’t stop prompting him to hold me tighter.

“Shh.  Relax.  I promise you are safe and I meant what I said, I will take care of you if you allow me to.  I know what you need,” He gave a small chuckle before kissing the side of my head, “I knew the minute I saw you.  Call it instinct.”

I listened to the gentle Italian lilt in his voice allowing my guard, I usually fiercely surrounded myself with to remain down, revelling in the way he held me making me feel safe and protected.   I didn’t want it to end.  The feeling was so strong I blurted it out.”

“Don’t let go of me, please.  Don’t leave me alone.  I don’t want this to end.”

“Shh.  It doesn’t have to, little one.  I am going to help you.  I promise you will never be lonely again.”

I pressed my naked body back against him seeking more of his warmth and closed my eyes.

“Now let me get you to bed.”

Ottavio pulled out of me and zipped up his trousers.  He helped me to standing and then dipped his tall frame to sweep his arm underneath my legs and lift me up in to his arms.  I leant my face against his tuxedo jacket and curled towards his powerful frame prompting him to strengthen his hold on me as he carried me to the bed like a child.

“You are so small and delicate, little girl.  What is your name?” he asked as he strode up the curving stairs to the bedroom in his large suite cabin carrying me.

The reality that I hadn’t even exchanged my name before making love would have normally disturbed me to say the least but giving the circumstances it had seemed natural and exciting.

“Helena Wright,” I told him sleepily feeling like a treasured babe in his arms.

“Right little, beautiful, Helena I am pleased to meet you,” I looked up to see the grin on his handsome features.  “I have already told you my name but from now on I want you to call me something else that will be more appropriate in our new relationship.  Call me Daddy.”

He sat me down on the bed as I frowned.

“Why would I call you that?”

“Because it is what I wish and my new role in your life,” he said pulling down the sheets.

His eyes swept appreciatively over my form even as I tried to cover it and make every effort to hold my stomach in tight like a washboard as he did so.  I was awed yet dismayed I couldn’t look any better for him.  The very idea was overshadowing the fact that he had asked me to call him Daddy.  It was peculiar and I didn’t understand what he really meant by it at this stage but I was willing to find out.  Wild horses couldn’t have dragged me away from him so I decided not to say anymore and accept his request.

Ottavio helped me in to bed and pulled the cool white silk covers over me.

“We will talk more in the morning,” he informed me with a quick kiss against my lips.

He stood up and undid his bow tie and undressed slowly revealing himself bit I bit.  I stared up at him transfixed as he swept his crisp white evening shirt over his broad shoulders revealing his tight lean muscled chest then downed his trousers to reveal his powerful thighs and taut calves.  But I couldn’t help feeling my cheeks warm when I saw that he was hard again.

The billionaire moved around to the other side of the bed, a smile twitching playfully on his lips as he got in to the bed next to me.  He placed his arm around my body and dragged me across the large bed towards him.  His hard cock pushed against my bottom stirring my own need again.  I pushed back against him wanting to feel more.  This all had to be a dream.  If so, I never wanted to wake up.

“You are a needy little thing tonight aren’t you?  I like it.  Let me satisfy that ache for you.”

With one sudden movement Daddy pulled me backwards and flat on my back on the bed.  Immediately he rolled on top of me, his masculine strength and weight pinning me there.  He pulled my arms up and above my head behind the pillows and with one hand held them there so I couldn’t move.  He curved one of his large palms around my breasts and squeezed it tight before lowering his mouth to the nipple and to suck and tease it between his teeth.  I moaned and writhed underneath him.

His movement was quick, precise when he rolled off me and let go of my arms to pull them down to my sides.  Placing his hands underneath my body to the backs of my lower thighs he forced my legs to rise up towards my chest and bend.  Moving in front of me he spread them apart to expose my pussy.  He peered down at it opening its delicate folds with his fingers.

“Very pretty, little one.  Put your arms underneath your legs to keep your legs open and yourself restrained.

Bemused I let him guide my arms in to position.  Ottavio pounced in front of me and cupping my bottom lowered his mouth to my pouting wet vulva.  The first lick of his tongue along the length of my lips sent shivers of intense pleasure along my spine.  I was so open and exposed to him.  There was nothing I could hide or he could not touch.

The tip of his tongue circled the top of my clit before he pulled it in to his mouth to gently nibble and nip at my flesh.  I began to pant again feeling out of breath, darts of fire flaring across my skin from the pit of my stomach.  I lifted my pelvis up towards his mouth when I felt his tongue reach inside me enjoying the perfect thrust of his tongue in and out of me.  It wasn’t long before I was ready to come again.

“Not yet,” I heard him say.  “I haven’t finished playing with you yet.”

Daddy removed his tongue and raised his body.  Seconds later his cock twitched at my entrance and with one hard thrust he was inside me.  My body wanted to leap for joy feeling connected to him once more.  His hand covered my mouth for a moment rendering me silent while his free hand gripped my breast and forced it upwards.  I loved his robust handling of my body.  It satisfied the anger that still burned inside of me from my divorce forcing it to quieten and be tamed underneath him.  It brought some strange kind of relief to my soul.

He moved back and forth at a hard pace moving his hand so he could place his thumb in my mouth and make me suck on it as though I were a babe sucking from a teat.  It thrust back and forth in time in precision with his cock pounding inside of me jerking my restrained body.

I heard him groan with satisfaction.

“Now, my love.  Come now,” he ordered with a grunt.

I jumped to obey him and screamed out my orgasm against his thumb as my pussy flooded, fluttered and pulsed around.  Finally satisfied he fell over me to cup my face in his hands and kiss me passionately wrestling my tongue for supremacy until I relaxed against him and allowed him to take control.

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