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Daddy's Rules No. 1


I just want to say thanks to all those taking advantage of the early download on Totally Bound Publishing's Website and making Daddy's Rules NO.1 & His. NO.8!!

General release of the book as an Ebook and in PRINT is on the 25th July.  In the meantime check out Chapter Two of the sequel with different characters!

Daddy's Rules:  The Rescue

Chapter Two

I thought the spanking would never end.  The Billionaire’s hand was large and firm alternating in striking first one buttock then the next before delivering one neat blow against the full width of my bottom once more.  My flesh was stinging hot.  I could imagine the crimson colour lining it after each slap.  The last time I remembered being spanked was when I was a child and this made me feel as though I had regressed back to being a little girl.

I panted still clinging to the table top for dear life trying to catch my breath.  That was when I realised tears were rolling down my cheeks and there where small mewling sounds coming from my mouth.  Ottavio still held my mid length strawberry blonde hair curled in his fist and held my head up and back from the polished dining table feeling the ship gently move underneath my feet.  I should have had a headache yet my head felt lighter than it normally did.  There was now some space inside it and part of the fog that confused my mind was beginning to clear.

Shuffling I tried to move my body in between slaps wanting to end the torment but found I was held firmly in place by my own black silk panties pulled down to my lower thighs and I couldn’t go anywhere.  I closed my eyes reeling from the next whip of Ottavio’s hand across my hot bottom that jerked my body up as though he were riding it like a wild horse he was trying to break in.  What must I have looked like?  Embarrassment and that all too familiar hatred for myself and my own body flared hotly across my cheeks.

“Please let me go,” I pleaded through my sobs.

I shuffled again and realised I had another predicament to worry about.  Probably one that was much worse than the first.  I was wet.  My pussy lips felt heavy, warm and damp.  In fact, they weren’t just wet, they were soaking.  I wanted to die on the spot.  If I fought Ottavio like a wild cat to stand and move away he would be treated to the shameful sight not to mention seeing me in all of my glory.  I didn’t know what to do.

Ottavio gave my poor bottom two more hard unforgiving spanks, the last harder than any of the rest and finally ended my punishment.

“Nice and hot,” he said quietly, ignoring my demand, cupping on of my buttocks to hold it gently in his palm.  He gave it a small squeeze making me jump.

I felt the heat press in to his hand and grimaced.  He’d made me feel like a naughty schoolgirl and I didn’t like it.  Those days of feeling controlled like a child by a man were over.  I wasn’t going back to it.  So with concerted effort and renewed determination I raised my body from the table mustering all of my strength testing the grip the Billionaire maintained in my hair.  I fought him like a caged animal to move desperate to hide my naked body from him and my confusing arousal at having been spanked.

But I didn’t get very far.  He chuckled and suddenly tightened his hold on my hair as I hit the solid muscled wall of his chest clothed in his tuxedo.

“Relax, little one.  I am not going to let you go anywhere.  As I said, you need strict supervision and some tender loving care.  I am not going to let you hurt yourself again, Beautiful,” he whispered in my ear, his breath tantalisingly whipping across my ear and blowing across the side of my neck.  To my horror I softened for a moment and felt that dampness between my thighs grow a little more.  Instinctively I pressed my body back against him, subconsciously seeking things I had been denied for so long, warmth and protection from a man.

Ottavio’s expensive designer tuxedo scraped enticingly across my bare flesh heightening my reluctant arousal even more.

“I want to be alone,” I persisted even though I knew I was a liar.  Being alone was the last thing I really wanted and I was too stubborn to admit it even in this embarrassing state.  I was lonely and had been before my marriage had even ended.

“I think you have been alone for far too long, little one.  No more.”

“So you are kidnapping me,” I purred as he rested his free hand on my naked hip and idly stroked his fingers up and down.

“If I have to.  I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe,” he told me in a dark smooth velvet voice that rolled over me like a caress.  “It is time someone took you in hand and looked after you.  I think you need it.”

“I don’t need a man to look after me.  I am an independent woman,” I lied again resting my head back against his chest.  “I don’t need your charity,” I breathed closing my eyes unable to help myself revelling in his closeness.

Then that damn alarm bell rang in my head again and my small voice sneered at me with contempt.  What the hell was I doing?  I snapped my eyes wide open and pushed back against his body hard with the intention of forcing him away from me.  But he held me fast and my bottom pressed against his surprisingly hard cock hidden behind his trousers.  It startled me.  This was wrong.

How could he be aroused by someone like me?  I hadn’t made love to anyone but my ex-husband.  Yes, that’s how na├»ve I was.  I wasn’t ready to just sleep with anyone.  Was I?  I was out of practice and I already felt stupid.  I couldn’t.  I wasn’t even remotely attractive enough for a man like Ottavio Sassano.  I just wasn’t good enough.  My realisation made me want to cry again and that fuelled my anger once more.

“I can’t do this.  Leave me alone.”

“No, I won’t,” he told me calmly.  “You are safe.  Just trust me.  I promise I will take care of you,” he said softly.
But I struggled again, horrified at my predicament, the appearance of my gently curved body and large breasts wobbling in front of a gorgeous man like him who had to be younger than me by a mile was just too much.  I couldn’t bear the way I must have looked to him.  Anger got the better of me once more.  It was a defence mechanism that always kicked in when my emotion was too overwhelming to bear.  My temper riled, I hit out at him from behind with my small pathetic fists.

His response was swift.  Wrapping his arm around my waist he attempted to hold me still while he wound his free hand carefully around my throat to keep me in place.  Quickly he moved his hand from my waist and sought to discipline me once again.  Reaching around to the front of my body he struck his palm quickly across my left breast catching my erect nipple as he did so.  I yelped just as he repeated the action but I was still not induced to become quiet.  His hand quickly left my breast and moved downwards to my pussy.  He struck it hard.  My body jumped, quivered and banged back against him as the red fiery mist of rage overtook me and I screamed for my freedom even though I didn’t really want it.

Finally, the whip of his hand against my pussy struck home when it began to throb and pulse with need.  Ottavio kissed the side of my head continuously as he continued to spank my pussy to bring my temper to heel.

“That’s it.  Get it all out.  I will look after you, caramia.”

“I am not your child.”

“Oh but you are now.  And you are one in badly need of discipline, love and care.  I will give it to you whether you wish it or not.”

When my pretend struggles intensified he slammed me back down frontwards across the table and stopped spanking my pussy.  With determined purpose he sank two of his fingers between my swollen plump pussy lips and stroked still holding my throat tightly.  The relief of being touched there was exquisite but I was to deny myself the pleasure despite my loud moan of satisfaction.  I tried everything to throw him away from me but there was no escape.  Ottavio wasted no time in quickly inserting his middle finger up inside my wet silky channel to caress the soft muscles inside as though he were testing me.

“Good girl.  You are nice and wet.  I am going to take all of this pain away now.  Hush, little one.”

His grip on my throat grew stronger and in some strange beguiling way it made me feel safe rather than afraid.  I felt protected as though for a brief time I belonged to him but my self control would not surrender to him.

The Billionaire moved his hand from inside my pussy and then I heard the zip on his trousers go down.  His hard pulsing cock pressed against my bottom before he guided towards the wet entrance of my pussy even as I still fought him to reassert my authority even though my mind screamed at me to let go and allow him full access. 

The tip of his penis tickled my entrance and edged its way inside.  Then with one concerted effort, Ottavio thrust up inside me to the hilt.  With a large sigh of pleasured relief, I realised he had been successful in demolishing my defences that had sought to deprive me of comfort and pleasure however fleeting it would prove to be or how I would feel when it ended and I was both caught and conquered by him.  He rode me with hard brutal thrusts as though he were a caveman spearing his kill until my fight ceased and I surrendered willing and wholeheartedly to his mastery.

I hope you enjoyed that.  If you haven't read the first one you can download the ebook from Totally bound straight to your Kindle or other deice or pre-order it from Amazon. The print version will be available on general release on the 25th July.

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