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Return To The Chateau


As promised, here it is, chapter one of my darkly erotic BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom Romance and sequel to the first, Return To The Chateau!  The new Dean of the unique school where the handsome sons of the rich learn to become Dominants starts graduation week off with a bang finding his own woman to chase in the hunt of naked females through the forest on horseback.

Hopefully, this will cheer up any Sunday night blues you might have!

I will be posting again on Tuesday on the general release of my BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom Romance, His.

Return To The Chateau

Chapter One

The long tailed black whip cracked through the air and struck the French Chateau’s stable yard hard raising a surprised shriek from the gaggle of two hundred helpless naked blushing young females huddling together stilling their frantic noisy chatter.  They all looked up to view the tall raven haired handsome male figure wielding the whip as he smoothed his hand over the taut leather knotted handle.  He cast his ice blue eyes over them searching out any disobedience that needed to be quickly dealt with.

A low muffled murmur broke out between the women as they took in his tall strong lean muscled athletic physique clearly defined by the tight jodhpurs clinging to his thighs, leather black boots, fitted white shirt and scarlet riding jacket.  He narrowed his eyes and stepped forward towards them with purpose.  He raised the whip once more to repeat the action, only this time he made sure the tail of the whip landed a little too close for comfort to their pale bare flesh and an immediate hush followed.

Behind the man there was a gathering of around one hundred handsome young men wearing black riding jackets and hats each mounted on a stallion ready to commence the hunt of the women before them.  They cast their eyes appreciatively over the women taking in every dip and swell of the bodies they vainly tried to hide from them with their hands.

Guy Delacroix, the new Dean of the Chateau viewed the women standing before him in the warm sunshine with approval.  He loved the way their pert breasts rested on their chests, lifted and secured in an open black leather bra and harness that wound their its way around their bodies to frame their newly shaven pussies and around their behinds to leave each their buttocks available for spanking should they need to be disciplined.

He was pleased with the selection of females to be hunted this year in the Chateau’s graduation celebrations.  They were intelligent and of varying enticing figures.  It was to be his first since taking over from Maxim Devereux and his heavily pregnant wife who were now running the London branch of the unique school.

All of the women were the daughters of wealthy families from Europe and the rest of the world who were keen to see their daughters make the right match in marriage both from a caring standpoint and if truth be known, business advantage.

They were all beautifully made up to attract the young men graduating the school that taught them how to be a sexual Dominant in their marriage.  It was believed this cultivated trait would automatically transfer in to their business dealings making them a strong businessman.  Some of the young men would be choosing not just one bride but maybe, two, three, four or a whole harem, whatever the number their own culture insisted upon.  Now the hunt would set the ball rolling.

Each man had to capture the object of his desire and should he want more, he would be accompanied by one or more assistants who would cage the women once caught.  It did not mean the women were secured as his at this point, only that the student had claimed a right to pursue her further in a series of competitive games and challenges with those other students that had their eye on his prize throughout the week.  Should he be successful then the woman or women would be his to wed and rule.

“Now I have your full attention,” the Dean spoke loudly addressing the women in English allowing the gentle lilt of his French accent roll seductively over his tongue as he did so.  “Get ready to run and remember the hunt is supervised.  Should you become exhausted or find yourself in trouble, you will be cared for and removed from proceedings.  We will ensure your safety at all times.”  He smiled.  “Try to enjoy yourself and do not make it easy for the eager students to capture you.”

Guy swept his icy blue gaze over the third line of women noticing a small curved dark haired beauty with her head bent.  Despite huddled next to the other woman she looked alone and isolated.  He continued to stare as he brought a whistle to his lips waiting for her to raise her head so he could check for any signs of distress.  If there were any he would immediately pull her out from the hunt and ensure she was taken care of.  He continued to wait and eventually she raised her head.  She was a pretty thing, small and fragile and her body was delectably voluptuous compared to some of the stick thin women preening themselves next to her.  But it was clear the way she looked at them that she felt self conscious and to his dismay, inferior to them.  He hadn’t seen a woman looking so uncomfortable with her body in a long time.  It made him feel something he hadn’t felt for a woman in a long time, protective.

Her breasts were large and perfectly rounded.  For a moment he wanted nothing more than to simply hold them in his hands before squeezing them hard and testing their weight.  As though she felt the impact of his distant scrutiny she turned to stare directly at him.  He found himself holding his breath as his eyes locked with hers.  A gentle rosy blush coloured her pale cheeks and her long dark eyelashes fluttered at him in response.  The new Dean of the Chateau, Count of Frebonne would tell himself later that he made his mind up there and then to pursue the beautiful lonely woman in the hunt for himself and stop at nothing until he had secured her in his power.

With one blow of his whistle and another crack of the whip, the women gave an excited cry and began to run towards the trees scattering the large group.  Stragglers at the back were encouraged to keep up the pace with the lash of a whip against their tender buttocks and thighs from the supervising attendants at the back running with them.

Allowing them a head start, Guy took his riding hat from his aide keeping his eyes on the small pretty dark haired woman and mounted his horse.  Raising his hand, he lowered it quickly indicating the men on horseback could now move.  Immediately they charged for the woods.  The hunt was on.

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