Saturday, 24 June 2017

Arabella Kingsley Publishing


I apologise for the absence but the week has been hectic and I have been unable to write anymore of Return To The Chateau due to illness, a book release and finally becoming self employed again.

If you are a regular to this blog, you will know I have been slowly putting my work that was not contracted with Totally Bound and in the hands of my agent back on to Amazon.  Last night, I ended my agreement with my agent to enable me to set up my own publishing company, Arabella Kingsley Publishing.

For now I will only be publishing my own work.  It will encompass Erotica, Dark Erotica, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Thrillers, Paranormal Romance, New Adult/Young Adult Romance, Time Travel Romance, Steampunk Romance, Historical Romance, Murder Mystery Romance, Horror Romance & Ghost Romance.  Although the emphasis will clearly be on Romance, I will also be publishing books in Fitness, Factual, Spirituality and much more both in EBOOK and PRINT formats!

There will be no more series just the release of full length books and the majority will also be on Kindle Unlimited.  I will also be setting up a website where you will be able to buy books.

I have just completed the formatting for, Hidden Agenda my 125,000 word Romantic Action Thriller with a Mafia and legal twist not to mention a frisson of erotic romance set in 1997 in London and Rome to get the ball rolling.  When I have purchase links I will post them.

Keep watching this space for more news in the near future!

Enjoy your evening!


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