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The Prince's Bride & Mastered By The Knight


Just a quick note to let you know about two other Erotica BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom titles that I have released.

Claimed is the first book in my Erotic Steampunk series, The Prince's Bride.  Check out the blurb and a short excerpt below.

The Prince's Bride Blurb

Claimed is a Steampunk Cinderella Story and the first book in the Prince's Bride Series.

Lady Anastasia Halvorsen runs from the Prince at the Palace Ball into the snow when the clock strikes midnight determined to keep her identity secret. But the handsome young Prince gives chase and pursues the helpless lady on horseback to take her for his bride.

The Prince is accompanied by a small group of men who assist him in the hunt for Anastasia. They remind him that before he can claim the woman as his bride, she must be mounted by them all as per the Royal Mating Ritual to ensure the bond between the two of them is one of true love.

Will the reluctant Prince share his bride on her capture or will he resist and stop any other man taking her from him once he has spanked her bare bottom over his knee for running away barefoot in to the snow?

Publisher's Note: This book contains Spanking Romance, Multiple Partner Sex, Anal Play, Oral Sex and more. If this type of material offends you, please do not buy this book.

The Prince's Bride Excerpt

Prince Octavius was more than sure the beautiful lady was worthy of being his bride and he was eager to begin her training for becoming his future wife and Queen when the time came.  He looked down at her feet and frowned.  They were red and she was shivering uncontrollably.  What had she been doing running in her undergarments?  Where had her delightful purple ball gown gone.  He still possessed one of her purple satin slippers but where was the other? His Royal Highness had many questions to ask his bride to be but there were other considerations that needed to be dealt with first.  The woman was obviously undisciplined and needed the firm hand of a man applied to her bare bottom to bring her back to her senses.  The Prince would make sure she never put her life in danger ever again.  She was nearly raped and could have been killed.  The very thought of her being hurt made the Prince’s tall lean muscled frame tense.

Deciding that robust action was needed to tackle her dangerous behaviour he dipped his tall frame and pulled the beauty easily over his shoulder and began to carry her to the home.  Involuntarily he tightened his grip on her legs as the images of seeing her nearly raped entered his mind making him more than eager to begin her spanking for frightening him with her recklessness in running from the safety of his arms.

The lady clearly did not care for the indignity of the position over his broad shoulder which provocatively thrust her bottom out.  To show her displeasure she kicked at his chest.

“Your Highness, please put me down.”

He did not communicate his reply with his lips but the sudden slap of his hand against her bottom.  Anastasia yelped and received another sharp strike upon her cold clothed bottom.  Then a third came fast making his companions grin with approval at the robust manner the Prince had decided to deal with his lady’s dissent.

“I will not put you down.  Firstly, your feet are red and frozen,” the Prince informed her caressing his hand gently over one of her buttocks delighted by its pertness he could feel through the flimsy material.  “Secondly, I need to bestow some sound discipline upon you with a spanking for running away from me in to a dangerous forest and putting your life at risk.  You were attacked and could have been killed,” he told her in a brusque clipped regal manner, squeezing the buttock tightly to punctuate his annoyance.  She gave a small whimper.

“Yes, your highness,” she answered meekly.

The Prince felt her become limp and pliant over his shoulder resigning herself to her punishment as he carried her through the trees to another clearing albeit much larger and wider than the first, a small distance away.  In the middle of this clearing was a quaint old abandoned wooden shack.  The Prince arrogantly kicked the door open with his long booted foot and carried Anastasia inside followed by his two companions.

“Mordecai, start a fire to warm the place while I see to this lady’s punishment,”

“Yes, your Highness.”

The second is Tamed, the first book in my Medieval BDSM/Spanking Romance, Mastered By The Knight.  Check out the blurb and a short excerpt below.

Both books are also available on Kindle Unlimited as well.

Tamed is the first book in the Mastered By The Knight Series.

Sir Guy is a handsome fearless Knight who duels with a dragon to rescue the fair damsel, it attempts to devour. When he learns the Lady Beatrix offered herself in sacrifice to the dragon to defy her father's wish for her to wed a Nobleman of his choice, the Knight throws her over his knee for a firm bare bottom spanking to discipline her wilfulness.

To tame the feisty maiden, the Knight makes her endure three lessons of obedience so that she might learn to become a good submissive wife for her new husband. He has no wish to wed. His life is a dangerous one and no place for a woman. But he is forced to reconsider when his attraction to the damsel becomes strong and she refuses to submit to no other man but him.

Publisher's Note: This book contains BDSM Romance, Spanking Romance, Whipping, Anal Play and more. If this type of material offends you, please do not buy this book.

Considering it safe enough to remove his hand from her back, the Knight unclothed himself to the waist, throwing his white tunic and chain mail to the bank.  His tall form towered over the damsel.  Lean taut muscle covered his torso.  Bronzed by the sun, it gleamed against his black leather trousers, casting him a dominant male figure against the back drop of the mountainous landscape and the tall pine trees of Morrigan forest.  Even the water was to bend to his figure, surging around his tightly muscled calves as though he was not just mastering the girl but nature itself.
Quickly, he pulled the leather belt from around his trousers as Beatrix did as she was bid and continued to drink from the river like cattle.  The knight pulled his belt taut feeling the blaze of the summer sun caress his shoulders.  He ordering Beatrix to drink more of the water until he was sure her bladder was filling to the brim.  Moving to stand behind the girl’s buttocks he folded the belt over and raised his makeshift whip high.  Bracing his stance by opening his legs, he brought the belt down upon Beatrix’s bottom already tinged pink by his own hand without warning.
The girl was to yelp loudly.  Herr cry echoed loudly through the forest to scare the birds from the trees and the deer away as Sir Guy whipped her rump, heavily wet from the waterfall raining down upon it.  The sting sharp and unforgiving.  Each time he struck Beatrix’s wet bare bottom it lifted high as though to meet the caress of the belt.  The two globes shook and quivered together making the knight harden to the point he thought he might burst in his trousers.  He could not help but ache to be inside the girl, filling her to the hilt, his hot seed pouring in to her as he conquered her will and rode her in to submission.
Beatrix was attempting to sink her buttocks in to the water as far as she could to hide them and prevent the rest of her whipping but there was insufficient depth to make her act effective.  With no escape, Sir Guy was able to whip her bottom in unison with the waterfall’s own firm pounding.

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