Thursday, 25 May 2017

His Available For Early Download!


I hope you are enjoying a sunny day wherever you are!  For once it is red hot in the UK!  Let's make the most of it while we can! :)

This is another short note to let you know that my previously self published bestselling BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom Romance which knocked Fifty Shades of Grey off the NO.1 spot in Romantic Erotica on Amazon for just under a week, and stormed up the Amazon sales rank in the US and UK, is now available for early download on The Totally Bound Publishing Website.

It is also available for pre-order on and

His Available for Early Download

The Russian was a natural Dominant. The woman he took as his bride would honor, love, obey and submit. There would be no room for negotiation.
Ariana is summoned to the office of the handsome Russian billionaire Nikolai Antonovich. If she does not agree to become his submissive wife to enable him to close an important deal with a traditional Japanese businessman who believes in marriage, he will expose her sister’s theft from his company to the police and have her put in prison.
After a bad experience with her first marriage to a violent man, Ariana is reluctant. But the Russian’s strong dominance is a potent aphrodisiac. Promising to protect her from her stalking husband, the billionaire vows she will want for nothing as his wife, including a child. Greatly tempted after experiencing life as a struggle, Ariana submits to his terms.
Nikolai is determined to guide Ariana to accepting her natural sexually submissive nature in his bed and into trusting him. He finds a bruised and emotionally scarred woman underneath her strength and he begins to fall in love with her. He hopes she will eventually let her guard down and allow herself to reciprocate his love in their marriage of convenience. The billionaire shields her from her ex-husband and his dangerous friends in the Russian mafia who want to settle a score from the billionaire’s past.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of public sex and the discussion of history and threat of rape. This is Daddy Dom BDSM, which includes terminology specific to this relationship and displays of extreme dominance. 
Publisher's Note: This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Totally Bound Publishing.
General Release Date: 20th June 2017

Early Download Totally Bound Publishing Website



I have started to write Possessive, the next book in the very naughty dark erotica series I am currently working on called Daddy's Princesses.  Here is a taster.  Who is Daddy going to lock away in a tower just like a captured Princess for his own pleasure next?

Please note, Possessive will be the last instalment in series one.  I will be loading the book on to Amazon together with another book which will include the whole of series one.

Enjoy the excerpt below!

Daddy's Princesses:  Possessive is now been uploaded to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Daddy's Princesses:  Possessive will be loaded to Amazon by the end of the week!

Happy Reading!


Coming Soon . . .

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