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Daddy's Princesses: Belonging To Him Released


Belonging To Him, the next part of Daddy's Princesses, my dark erotic BDSM/Age Play/Spanking/Daddy Dom Romance with a Nordic Noir twist, is now available on and Kindle Unlimited.

Check out the blurb and a teaser below. Be warned this series is Dark Erotica with Age Play and a kidnap theme making it a scorcher and not for the faint of heart! :)

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Belonging To Him Blurb

Belonging To Him is the third book in the Daddy's Princesses series.

Handsome, Icelandic Billionaire, Asgeir Sturluson is involved in a car accident. He rushes to rescue a beautiful Englishwoman from her overturned car. Before she falls unconscious she begs him not to involve the Emergency Services or the police and to hide her.

A few days later, Eva wakes up without her memory to find herself naked on a medical couch about to be intimately examined by a team of Doctors and her Rescuer. Asgeir informs her he has confined her in one of the towers in his castle home so that he may protect, pleasure, discipline and train her to be the perfect submissive. She learns quickly that Daddy possess all of the answers to her past and to discover her real identity she must accept her role as his little princess and please him to gain them.

Initially afraid of the darkly erotic man and the power he wields over her, Eva begins to feel safe in her confinement blissfully unaware of the danger she sought to be free of and welcomes Asgeir’s pleasurable rule. But she is not the only Princess Daddy has captured and locked in a tower in his castle nor is he the only man who wishes to possess her. 

In Belonging to Him, Asegir introduces Eva to her new life as his Little and what he expects from her in her submission to him. Called away for business, he finds himself required to discipline his treasured secretary over his knee with a bare bottom spanking for an accounting error and for not coming him for help when her violent husband abuses her. When she continues to defy him, he feels he has no choice but to act and force her to accept his protection by kidnapping her.

Publisher's Note: This book is a dark erotic story and contains BDSM, Age Play, Spanking Romance, Medical Play, Anal Play, Kidnap Theme and much more. If this type of material offends you, please do not buy this book.

Belonging To Him Teaser

The gentle feminine humming grew louder as we approached the door and Valter put on his own latex gloves.  Then we both pulled the black nylon masks down over our faces pulling them tight at the neck.  I was pleased with the result.  They obscured the face to the point no features apart from the gentle slope of the nose could be distinguished.  The game was on.

The door to the bathroom was slightly ajar when I peered through it to ascertain her whereabouts.  She was wearing a white silk robe that settled just below her thighs and was clearly naked beneath it.  It fitted the opulence of the white and grey marble bathroom.  In the middle of the room there was a free standing bath with a curved back and silver feet.  Claire turned off the water and removed the robe.  I watched it slide off her shoulders and down her back to pool on the marble floor.  I looked appreciatively at her large pert breasts, small slim hourglass figure and the neatly shaven triangle at the top of her thighs.  She was perfect.

She raised a slender leg to dip her toe in to the clear water which surprisingly did not contain any bubbles.  It would make my examination of her body much easier.  I decided to wait for her entering the bath but she gave a small gasp and pressed her hand against her lower abdomen.  Lifting her toe out of the water she padded over to the toilet and pulled up the seat.  The moment she sat down preparing to relieve herself I took my cue and entered the room.  Valter followed.

With a cry she attempted to raise her body from the toilet seat but I held both her arms and pushed her back down imprisoning her there.  She looked at us both terrified.  That feeling I’d had with Ebba returned making me feel euphoric.  Yet guilt always accompanied the sensation and I became eager to reassure her whilst I secured her in my power.

“Relax, little one.  No one is here to hurt you.  Now spread your legs wide so I might examine you more closely.”

“No, I won’t.  Who are you?  What are you going to do?”

My voice was slightly changed by the mask and she did not know who I was.  The scenario was better than I could have hoped for.  I had believed she would come to realise it was me and the game I played and although she protested not to know who I was under the mask I believed she lied to herself. 

Claire had spoken fiercely and although I admired her for her boldness in defending herself, I was not going to allow it.  The sooner she realised I would settle for nothing less than her full submission the more comfortable she would feel under my rule.

I reached out my latex gloved hand to cup the mound of her pussy and squeezed it possessively making her jump on top of the toilet seat.

“I have come to take what should have been mine a while ago.  You are safe.  Enjoy the experience, little one.  You belong to me now.  There is no escape.  I will take good care of you always,” I whispered trailing my finger down the side of her pale face as she continued to try and work out if it really was me or not.

“But who are you?”

“You will know all in good time.  Now let me get a good look at you.”

“No,” she breathed looking down at the way I squeezed her pussy and then gently massaged her protruding clit with the pad of my thumb to soothe her for a moment.

I raised my hand and firmly slapped her vagina.  She gave a startled cry and ceased moving. 

“I think you will obey me, little one or I will have to discipline you.  Now open your legs a little wider.  When I have finished examining you I will let you pee, if you are a good girl and do as you are told.”

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