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Taming His Stepmother! Sexy New Adult Book Released.


This is just a quick note to tell you about Taming His Stepmother, the first book in my New Adult Romantic Erotica Taboo BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom Romance series, Stepson.

Check out the blurb and a naughty extract below.  I will post on His tomorrow.

Chase is twenty- four, handsome, confident, stinking rich as the son of a Billionaire and hell bent on rescuing his beautiful stepmother from his control freak father so he can possess her from himself and dominate her in his bed.

The moment I saw her I knew I had to have her.  I didn’t just desire her like an object to worship until I tired of her like he did, I wanted to possess her, to entwine her with my soul and never let her go.  Those haunted blue eyes held so much pain and fragility she provoked every protective instinct in my body, something I had never ever felt with a woman nor had ever cared to.  I might be only twenty-four, much younger than her forty-seven years but I wasn’t crazy, deluded or infatuated.  I was in love with my new stepmother and nothing was going to stop me from taking her from my father.  I wouldn’t allow the past to repeat.  Alexandra deserved better.  She deserved me and all I could give her.

Silence.  The waiter chinked glasses as he picked them up from the table next to us and I felt the weight of his look warming my back as if waiting with me for the outcome of my confession.  Alexandra opened her mouth to speak and I found myself unable to bear the answer or her rejection.  I leaned in and captured her lips.  She moaned softly welcoming me inside her mouth and responded.  I grew more hopeful and intensified the kiss holding her face with both of my hands, pulling her closer wanting to be deeper inside her, wanting all of her.  I was lost and for a brief time I knew she was too.  Then it ended.

Alexandra suddenly pulled away from me.  The slap across my face stung hard but ignited something primal inside me.  As she got up to leave I caught her arm and brought her firmly back down in to the seat.

“Don’t run from this.  I know you don’t want to,” I urged daring to roughly catch her lips against me again, holding her tight against me.  She gasped and I waited to see if her struggles would cease.  I didn’t want to let her go but if she really couldn’t go through with it I would have to back off.  I prayed she would realise we were meant to be and I was rewarded.

Alexandra’s body relaxed against me and with a gentle grunt of satisfaction she gave in and returned my kiss.  I swept my hands through her hair tugging her head backwards unable to tear my mouth from hers.  I wanted more, all she could give me.  Triumph surged through me.  I had caught my prey and now I was going to devour her at leisure.  I was going to make her love me and realise she couldn’t live without me. 

She belongs to me now, father.  I took her from you just like you took Claire from me and defiled her.  Now you can’t hurt Alexandra anymore.

“Stand up,” I instructed tugging her hair to encourage her.  Dutifully she stood up in to my arms.

“Where is your room?” I demanded pulling her out of the booth.  She hesitated.

“Room? Alexandra,” I snapped.

She stared at me wide eyed.  Her eyes swam with blatant desire and my curt demand had forced it to swirl higher.

“Fourth floor. 467,” she panted.

Oh she was everything I wanted in a nice curvy sexy bundle.  I couldn’t wait to get her down on the bed underneath me.  But I was to find I couldn’t wait that long.

We reached the lifts and I found myself slamming her back against the wall between them, raising her hands to the side to hold her in place.  I didn’t care if anyone saw us.  I wanted the whole fucking world to know she was now mine.  She was breathless when I forcefully took her mouth again.

“We shouldn’t do this,” she breathed against my lips.  “It’s wrong, it’s . . .”

“Forbidden,” I finished for her.  “I don’t care.”

“What if someone sees us?”

I kept her wrists above her head and held them with one hand while I moved my free one to catch hold of her chin in a firm grip.

“I want them to.  I want them all to know.  It’s a damn shame it’s late and there is no one around,” I hissed.  “I have waited long enough to claim you putting up with my father fucking you and hearing you cry because he’d manipulated you in to it and you wanted to leave him.  No more.”

I placed my hand on one juicy thigh and forced that pretty blue dress to rise as I slipped my hand underneath and up towards those silky panties I’d seen her put on that morning.  She’d occupied my working day.  Every time I was free I’d imagined hitching up her skirt and pulling them down to deliver a nice rounded slap to that pert bottom of hers.  Now my chance was here.

I hope you enjoyed the read?  It is my birthday today and to celebrate I have a reduced my very naughty full length book The Chateau to $0.99 for a short time.  Take advantage of it now.  Check out the blurb below.  Remember it isn't for the faint hearted and has a heat rating through the roof. Enjoy!


The Chateau

Please note this book was previously published as Tales From The Chateau.

Maxim Devereux is the handsome Dean of The Chateau. A school for the sons of the rich to learn the art of mastering a woman to pleasurable obedience in a range of ways from spanking to milking and breeding.

He is keen to involve himself in teaching as well as managing and longs to train a woman as his submissive and wife. He finds the perfect woman in the form of the beautiful and fragile Carla Lewis, the co-manager of the London school. When her abusive boyfriend is found to have embezzled the school's accounts and threatens Carla's life, Maxim is determined to protect her and keep her safe within the confines of The Chateau.

He informs his charge that this is the ideal time for her to learn more about the business by becoming one of the female submissives and for him to begin teaching again. Maxim sets about providing his stubborn wilful new pupil with a series of lessons on trust, discipline and surrender. He begins with a sound bare bottom caning in the Dean's office over his desk. Then he prepares her for the delights of the obedience classes, the Milking House and the stable with a thorough medical exam.

Maxim has every confidence that Carla will graduate from her training after he has exposed all of the hidden desires she hides with shame and mastered her to his will. But will she agree to be his bride and allow him to breed her?

For more BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom Romance stories please check out Arabella's World.


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