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Daddy's Little Princesses!


As promised, here is the next instalment of my dark erotic BDSM/Spanking/Age Play/DaddyDom Romance now called Daddy's Little Princesses!  Daddy has more than one naughty little Princess confined in one of his towers and completely at his mercy!

Please let me know what you think of the story as it develops either on here or on my Arabella Kingsley Novels Facebook Page.  Thanks!

Enjoy your evening!


Daddy's Little Princesses

Chapter Five

Approaching her, I smiled down at my second captive and stroked my thumb idly across her cheek.  She struggled on her bonds as though my touch repulsed her.  But I knew different.  I tucked my fingers underneath her chin and lifted her face forcing her to look up at me.  There was anger in those chestnut eyes but there was also lust.  My little whore was more than ready to receive me and our emotional tussle would begin once again.  It was a battle I would always win and if my whore would allow herself to admit it, that was the way she liked it.  After three months of confinement in the tower she had learnt that obeying and honouring her Master were always rewarded.

With Ebba I could be rough.  She had earnt my harsh treatment for her disloyalty but more importantly, I had discovered she welcomed it.  I often considered that if I had been more forceful with her from the beginning of the marriage arranged between our parents like a mere business transaction things might have been different.

The marital transaction was designed to merge two vast fortunes.  Ebba and I barely knew each other.  Linnea had left me after my foolish behaviour and I did not care much for life as a result even after a year had passed so I agreed to my parents’ preposterous proposal.  Ebba was unsure but willing.  She was under the mistaken idea that I would not wish the marriage to be anything other than a sham and that she could discreetly continue her affairs with men.

I did not entertain her carefree attitude.  Call me old fashioned but when I married it was for life and I intended to both provide for, protect and rule my wife.  Although we were strangers, I had hoped love would eventually grow between us and a family would be born.  Ebba had taken a vow to love honour and obey and I would hold her to it come what may.  Now confined in the tower, I was teaching her the error of her ways.  She would learn no one was ever allowed to abandon me.

I undid the gag and tossed it to the side of the bed.

“Open your mouth wide, whore,” I instructed.

She narrowed those big seductive eyes at me and then slowly opened her mouth.  I loosened my tie and top button before moving closer and pulled down the zip on my trousers.  There was no underwear on my person and I was able to take my long thick wide length out immediately.  Clasping the back of her head I brought her forwards.  Holding my shaft, I directed it towards her lips and circled the silky wet tip over her top lip then the bottom.  She gave a soft moan and curled out her tongue to lick at it.  I built her anticipation along with my own.

“I have another present for you,” I said continuing the movement.  “Another addition to our family.  If you please me with your behaviour I will allow you to see her and perhaps I will allow you to play with her for my pleasure,” I whispered.

She looked up at me and nodded.

“She is very beautiful and as fragile as a child.  Just like you, my whore.  Our family is growing.  There are four of us now, Ebba.  Linnea was to be the fifth but sadly that cannot be.  Maybe I will find another fifth and I will be settled and content.  Once the rest are fully trained and fully obedient I will let you play together and you can begin producing my heirs.”

Dutifully, she remained silent stroking her wet tongue over the tip of my cock.  My body stiffened for a moment threatening to lose control and spill my seed.  She always knew how to undo me.  Another stroke and I was thrusting my penis hard in to the recesses of her mouth and to the back of her throat in one fluid motion.  I groaned with satisfaction and gripping her hair in tight fists at the back of her head I began to fuck her mouth hard forcing her head to move at a frantic pace with my eagerness.

Lost, I drifted back to the night I hunted her down when she’d left me that stupid note telling me she had obtained an annulment to our sham marriage when we had not consummated it after a month.  I wish I had simply coaxed her in to my bed instead of granting her space and gallantly waiting until she was ready.

I scoured the streets of Stockholm looking for her and employed help from the security guards who worked for me.  It wasn’t long before they brought her to me in the hotel room I intended to stay in until I found her.

“Hold her,” I ordered.  One of them stood on either side holding one of her arms.  “Now, Ebba you are about to learn the lesson of submission to your husband,” I commanded taking hold of the top of the flimsy pink summer dress she was wearing at the time.  She looked afraid of me and I have to confess I felt more than satisfied by the notion for a short while.  It revealed a little too much of her perfectly round breasts to other men for my liking.  Brushing the tips of my fingers lightly across the tops of her pale honey coloured breasts I lulled her in to a false sense of security.

“I am not going to hurt you, darling.  I just wish to teach you a lesson.  As a wife, I expect you to be obedient and honour your vows.”

“But you have never cared.  You don’t even notice when I am around,” she said breathlessly searching my eyes, no doubt to work out my next move.

“I was giving you the time and space to become accustomed to our marriage.  I did not expect you to fuck every man in sight like a whore.”

“I thought you didn’t care.”

“Oh I do, little one.  I do.  And you are about to find out how much.”

Without a further word I took hold of the material of her dress at the top of the bodice and tore it open exposing her white lacy blouse to all of us.  She shrieked but I continued tearing the garment stripping it from her in a forceful manner as the two men held her.  Finally, she was left standing in only her lacy white bra, skimpy matching panties, garter belt, nude stockings and her high black patent leather Manolo Blahnik’s.

“Give me your belt,” I hissed at one of the men.

He stared at me confused after tearing his eyes away from my semi-naked wife.

“Don’t fuck with me,” I snapped at him.  “Now.”

His eyes widened and then he nodded comprehending.  He undid his belt and gave it to me.

“Leave,” I demanded.

The two men quickly did as they were told.

Ebba turned her head to watch them go.  That was when I struck and wrapped the belt around her throat in a loop tying it with the buckle.  I pull it a little tight careful not to hurt or bruise her throat but enough to let her know my power over her was now complete.  I brought her face close to mine and placed my free hand on her shoulder.

“Down at heel, whore,” I commanded pushing down on her shoulder.  “Learn your place on your knees in front of me.”

Bewildered she offered me no resistance and lowered her body to the floor.  I was enthralled when she clasped her hands around my leg seeking my protection and forgiveness just like a lost vulnerable child.

“I am sorry,” she breathed.  “I didn’t know.  If I had I would have . . .” she began looking up at me.

“Enough,” I said tugging on the makeshift lead.  “Crawl and walk to heel.”

I gave a sharp pull on the lead and began walking towards the sofa in the reception room of the hotel suite.  She did her best to keep up with my quick pace to stop herself feeling choked.

Once we reached the sofa I sat down and pulled on the lead again.

“Stand, whore.”

Quietly she did as she told both confused and by the twinkle in her eyes, intrigued.  I had expected her to protest at the use of the word whore but she remained silent and appeared to accept the new title I had given her as a result of her behaviour.

With another forceful tug I instructed her, “lie over my knee, face down, now.”

The movement pulled her over and she landed softly over my lap.  She gasped.

“What are you going to do to me?” she anxiously asked.

“Discipline you,” I told her arranging her neatly over my knees to lift her bottom to prominence so that I might easily slap it.

“You are going to spank me like a child?” she questioned with disbelief in her tone.

“Yes.  Lie still.”

“No you can’t.  I am not a child.”

“But you are,” I gave a small laugh as I tucked my fingers underneath the top of the lacy underwear.  With one hand I skilfully pulled her panties down over her plump bottom and down her stockinged legs, ankles and over her shoes to toss them on to the floor.  I stared down at her luscious pert plump bare bottom and rested my hand on one cheek loving the soft feel of her flesh.  I hadn’t seen my wife naked in any form before now and I was greatly impressed with what I owned.

“Do you really think I was just going to let you leave like that?” I told her tenderly stroking her bottom.

“I got an annulment.  We are no longer married.  You should let me go.  We . . . I don’t care what my father will say anymore.  We don’t love each other and I can’t live in a loveless marriage.  I just can’t,” her voice was fragile and apologetic.

“Hush.  I will not let you go.  We will learn to love each other.  When you have proved your obedience to me I will reinstate our marriage and your will produce an heir for me.  For now, you must be disciplined and trained in to being a good obedient wife,” I informed her with a faint trace of humour in my words.  “I will start as I mean to go on.”

Holding her lead to force her to maintain her compliant position draped over my knees, I raised my hand and slapped one butt cheek hard.  My whore yelped loudly but the second blow was already whipping across her opposite cheek.  I picked up the tempo loving the way her body bucked and her flesh jumped and quivered with each blow, hardly giving her time to breathe in between slaps as I soundly spanked her bare bottom.

“Make no mistake Ebba.  Annulment or not, I own you lock stock and barrel.  Rather like chattel, “I chuckled listening to her begin to cry.  “And I will have your submission to me if I have to spank you every day to get it,” I told her turning my attention to the tender backs of her thighs to colour them hot pink with my firm hand.

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