Monday, 17 April 2017

Daddy's Little Princess News

I Saved Her, So Now She Must Live To Obey My Every Command


Just a quick note to let you know you can read an extract on my page on Thoughtcatalog from Daddy's Little Princess, my very naughty dark erotic BDSM/Spanking/Age Play/DaddyDom Romance with just a touch of Medical Play I am writing here on my blog.  But be warned it is hot and explores the dark side of sexual fantasy!

Please follow the link to Thoughtcatalog and leave a comment if you enjoyed the read!

There will be a new instalment of Daddy's Little Princess tomorrow.  It is already written but needs a gentle tweak and an edit before it is ready to post on here.  The story is evolving at a fast rate and is starting to involve more characters than I anticipated.  The title might have to be changed to Daddy's Little Princesses!

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Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday for those of us in the UK and your day elsewhere!

See you tomorrow.


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