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The Princess Locked In The Tower Is Tamed!


Here is the next instalment of Daddy's Little Princess, my dark erotic BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom Romance with a kidnap plot and medical play.  The princess locked in the tower is tamed and made to submit!  The medical examination continues . . .

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Daddy's Little Princess

We worked in unison building her pleasure to distraction.  Her body strained to move on its bonds.  The psychologist Dr Turner changed places with Dr Philips, moving to the opposite side of the medical couch.  The breast specialist continued to massage the second pale globe before joining me and lowering his own mask to taste the sweetness of the tip. 

Above my sweet princess’s head, Dr Turner now stood.  His mask remained in place but he was still to take up his role in proceedings.  Holding the woman’s head, he forced it to tilt backwards until her eyes looked up to him.

“You will look only at me,” he commanded.

I watched my little princess’s eyes dart back and forth.  Dr Turner’s brown eyes narrowed.  He slid one of his hands down the side of her face and then gently slapped it.

“Eyes upwards towards me,” he instructed firmly, carefully striking the side of her face once more in a manner that was not to hurt or mark simply to arouse and tame.  It appeared to do the trick, the woman obeyed instantly with a surprised moan of contentment.  Dr Turner placed his palm over the centre of her throat and with measured strength gripped lightly at her throat and then quickly inserted his thumb in between her luscious moist lips.  He thrust it in and out silencing her.

Enthralled by the whole scene of seeing my baby girl tightly held down I decided to handle the breast I manipulated a little more robustly.  Sharply nipping the teeth so harshly her body arched and rose up from the table in response I raised my hand and spanked the mound.  The joy of watching the mound jump and quiver as I slapped it was overwhelming.  She was completely at the mercy of every man in the room and although seeing my princess being so helpless and aroused I could not wait to inflict my own brand of strict punishment and sexual need upon her when we were alone.

Dr Philips followed pushing her breast painfully upwards as Dr Baron removed one finger from inside my princess, allowing his colleague Dr Lewis to join him with finger of his own.  At the same time Dr Lewis lowered his mask and began to lap hungrily at the slit that made up her vulva.  His tongue ran lengthways driving my little girl crazy.  Dr Baron dipped his middle finger in the tub of lubricant next to him and reached underneath her bottom slightly raised from the padded medical examination couch.  Her body jumped in our hands as he circled the cool gel around the puckered hole of her anus.

“Relax, little one and submit.  You are safe,” I reassured bending my lips back to her breast once more.

“Good girl, there will be a little bit of discomfort while I examine your anus,” Doctor Baron said beginning to ease his latex finger inside the orifice.  He and Dr Lewis continued to pulse their fingers in and out of her pussy but slowed the pace until Dr Baron’s digit was fully embedded inside her anus.  The woman moaned with a small amount of pain while the hole was invaded but Dr Turner pulsed his thumb in and out of her mouth, depressing her tongue as he did to subdue her cries.  Looking upwards I could see my girl suckle like a babe on his thumb as though it was giving her immense comfort and the milk she needed to nourish her.  I smiled lovingly against the flesh of her breast before nipping the teat again in unison with the man at her opposite breast.

Dr Baron moved his finger inside her dark channel faster as Dr Lewis licked at the heavily damp folds of her pussy spread wide by the speculum, dragging the clit between his teeth to suck on the top.

“I think it is time, we brought the patient to a climax to see how she performs, gentlemen,” Doctor Baron suggested underneath the mask covering his mouth. 

We all nodded and intensified out touch, caress, grip, lick and thrust until Doctor Baron spoke again.

“I can feel her pelvic muscles beginning to tighten.  Here we go.  Let’s make it a little rougher.  But be careful with her, gentleman.  Remember she is fragile and precious.”

The grip on her throat became a touch stronger as Dr Turner caressed his hand up and down her throat.  The thumb pulsed in and out of her mouth like an urgent cock trying to reach the back of her throat.  Along with Doctor Philips I slapped a little firmer at her breast.  Dr Lewis along with Doctor Baron thrust his fingers hard and fast inside her open orifices while licking and nipping her clit with fury.

My captive’s body arched once more, her cries muffled against the thumb deep in her mouth.  Her body shook and quivered.  The skin flushed pink and a fine sheen of sweat began to coat the tantalising dips, swells and crevices of her glorious curved form.

“Wonderful.  So tight.  Her vaginal muscles have a very strong grip,” he marvelled as she strongly came.

Shortly after we all let go aware she was spent apart from Doctor Baron who slowly continued his manipulation until she had calmed and her breathing had returned to normal.  With care he removed the speculum and patted her pussy.

“You did very well, little one,” he told her.

 The Doctors moved away from her took off their latex gloves and lowered their masks.

“Good.  We will take a short break before continuing the examination,” he said nodding to me.  “Perhaps you would like to get to know your new charge a little better while we are out of the room.”

“Yes.  That suits me well,” I said eager to be alone with her.

They removed her bindings and her legs from the stirrups before covering her in the sheet once again.  Then we were alone.

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