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STOLEN Competition


This is just a short post to chase those Sunday night blues away and to inform you about a competition to win a paperback copy of  STOLEN, my BDSM/Menage/Spanking/Double Daddy Dom Romance with a thrilling twist!

The first three people to comment on my new book, Daddy's Little Princess on the next instalment that will be posted tomorrow will be sent a copy of STOLEN.  So make sure you catch up with the first episode posted yesterday so you are ready to continue reading.

Tomorrow, the Princess in the tower finds herself completely at Daddy's mercy again tomorrow while her medical examination continues and she experiences her first taste of his discipline.

Until then read an excerpt from my sexy Menage involving identical male twins, STOLEN.

Enjoy your Sunday evening!



Drew lay naked on the bed asleep having been sedated by the  doctor.  She was due to wake any moment.  Her arms were now raised about her head with her wrists restrained in black leather cuffs that were tied to the bed by a leather strap fed through a loop down the back of the bed.  Her feet were in a similar position and tied together.  Dylan viewed her with approval giving her light wounds that had been stapled a quick check.  His staff in the safe house located on a private Island near Murano away from the city had carried out his directions for her confinement to the letter.  She needed to be interrogated for the information she carried on his father and his trafficking operation.

  Mark wouldn’t approve of his actions but he was now in charge of Drew’s care and safety.  And it was vital he found out as much as he could from her to enable him to effectively protect her and help her get her child back.  This was the chance he had been waiting for to bring his father down and prevent an escalation in his criminal activities across Europe.  Besides Mark had told him she had managed to find a way past his security.  She wouldn’t be doing that with him.  Keeping her naked and bound would ensure she wouldn’t be going anywhere.

  He stood over her sweeping his eyes over her small curved form with appreciation.  She was very beautiful and tempting.  The ache to touch her and trace every soft swell and curve with his fingertips was strong.  But she didn’t belong to him.  Not that it had ever stopped him before.  What the hell was she doing with his arrogant prick of a twin brother? 

She turned on her bindings on to her side giving him a delicious view of her rosy pink spanked bottom.  He chuckled knowing his brother’s penchant for applying a swift bare bottom spanking to any woman in his care who required firm discipline.  Unable to help himself Dylan softly cupped a cheek with his hand and stroked her skin imagining her over his own knees with his hand slapping at her rump.

The cuff of his white shirt caressed her side as he positioned his arm over her and gently gathered up one of her breasts in his hand.  Seductively, almost lovingly he squeezed it to waken her and flexed his thumb across the nipple.  She stirred but it took a firmer squeeze to rouse her from slumber.

“Drew, I need you to wake up now.  We have to talk,” he told her maintaining his hold on her breast until her eyelashes fluttered and her eyes opened wide.

Dylan’s breath caught in his throat captivated by her gaze.  For a moment she simply stared and then confusion and fear set in.  Immediately she tried to sit up and cried out when she found herself bound to the bed.  She looked down at her nakedness and the hold he had around her breasts.  He soothed his thumb over the top of the mound to soothe her.

“Relax.  You are safe.  I will not harm you,” he reassured.  “I just want to have a talk to you.”

“Mark?  It looks like you but it doesn’t feel like you,” she said sleepily.  “And you sound British?  What’s going on?  Am I still dreaming?”

Dylan sat on the side of the bed smiling continuing to fondle and caress her breast knowing she was still drowsy.  She moaned softly still trying to fully wake herself from the heavy sedation.

“That’s because I’m not.  I am Mark’s identical twin brother, Dylan.  Remember?”

“Brother?  He never said he had a brother let alone a twin.”

Dylan raised his eyes and shook his head.

“You’ve already said that.  He wouldn’t.  We don’t exactly get on.”

He looked down at her nipple loving the feel of its sudden erectness.  He flexed it back and forth watching the way it moved for a minute.

“Why is that?”

She was breathless.  Good.  It would make her interrogation a little easier.

He wanted to draw her nipple in to his mouth and suckle on it

“We don’t get on.  It’s a long story.  A family thing,” he informed her amused by her questions bending his lips to the tip until they hovered over the plum teat.  He heard her breathe hard as his breath settled over it.  He moved closer consumed with need to taste her.  She pulled on her bonds arching her body upwards as though to thrust her nipple in to his mouth.

“You look so alike.  I can barely tell you apart.”

Dylan’s taut athletic frame tensed automatically.  He frowned and lifted his head from her breast, the moment gone.

“We may look the same but I can assure you we are not alike.  Our mother could attest to that if she was still alive,” he told her with a cutting tone.

“Why do you not get on with Mark?”

“Enough.  Have some water.  You look parched.”

He let go of her breast to pour her a glass of water by the four post bed draped in white voile curtains tied at each post matching the white silk bedding trimmed with taupe.  Glancing at the beautiful crystal chandelier providing the light in the room above the bed in the high ceiling he couldn’t help thinking the room was fit for a Venetian princess.  Drew suited it well.

  He sat back down on the bed and scooped his hand underneath her head to lift it from the sheets.  He put the glass to her lips and bade her drink.  She took several small sips but he wanted her to drink more and encouraged her to take a long drink before he lowered her back down.

“So who are you and why have you tied me down to this bed?  I took you for police or something,” she asked cautiously.

“I am of sorts.  I am an agent for Interdefense and my name is Dylan Dexter.  I want to ask you some questions and I have heard you are a hard woman to pin down,” he said with a grin.  “So I am not taking any chances that is why you are tied to the bed until I have all the information I need and I can keep you safe from harm.  Have some more water.”

He reached for the jug of water again.

“No, no I already feel uncomfortable and want to relieve myself.”

Another grin that made Drew frown.  Dylan placed his hand gently over her lower stomach and pressed down.

“Hey, don’t do that.  It’s uncomfortable.  I really need to go to the bathroom.”

Dylan pressed down again.

“You aren’t going anywhere.”

“But I don’t want to wet myself.”

“I don’t believe you are in Venice alone.  Who are you with?”

“I need to go.”

“Focus, Drew.  The woman you are with is in just as much danger as you.  You aren’t doing her any favours by hiding her.  She needs to be picked up.  Where is Cally Black?”

The spy increased the pressure of his hand on her stomach.  Drew whimpered and squirmed.

“She is here to find answers with me about the disappearance of her daughter.  She has been sighted here.  We aren’t going to trust anyone in authority.  The police have obstructed us and done everything they can to stop us finding her.  They are working for James Sumner and your father.  I won’t tell you where she is.  I won’t.”

“You will.”

“No.  I can’t.”

“I think you need a little more water.”

Dylan stood up and poured some more water.  He lifted her head easily subduing her resistance when she tried to keep it down on the bed and put the glass to her lips.  She clamped them shut but he persisted pressing the rim of the glass to them hard until she was forced to give in.  Quickly he poured the clear liquid in to her mouth.  She spluttered a little but he was satisfied some of the water had gone down her throat.  He lowered her head back down on the bed and replaced his hand over her stomach to exert some pressure.  Again she squirmed.

What are you going to do next, water board me?” she spat.

“No.  I have no need for such crude methods here.  I think the threat of losing control and wetting the bed is much more of an incentive for you.  Now where is she?”

“You can’t do this.  She will be in more danger.  And every minute you make me lie here you are putting my daughter in danger.  I have to find her.”

“We will find your daughter.  Where is Cally?  I will keep her safe and find her daughter as well.  You have my word.”

“I can’t.  I can’t trust you.”

“You have no choice,” he told her firmly moving his fingers down to slide inside her pussy.  Time to step up the pleasure torture and release her tongue.

She was dry when he first stroked the gentle pink folds but he persisted and was satisfied when they began to become plump and wet with unexpected arousal.  Her hips rose from the bed as his free hand flattened on her lower abdomen.  Her bladder would be full to the brim now and the more he aroused her the more she would find it difficult to contain her water.  After experiencing the pleasure he would turn up the heat on the torture until she gave in.

“We know you are investigating the kidnap and trafficking of women from the US and UK in to Europe.  We also know many of them come through Rome and Venice before being moved on to the Arab states and in to Eastern Europe and that you have evidence it is my father organising the operation.”

“Yes.  I heard him in conversation with my husband, James Sumner.  I have been following them and gathering evidence.  My husband’s company is laundering money for the operation.  He also arranged for the kidnap of Cally’s daughter when your father took a liking to her.  She is only just turned nineteen and he wants her for himself.  He is a monster.  No wonder your mother ran from him all those years ago and brought Mark to New York when he was a child.”

Dylan closed his eyes thinking of his father and his disgusting habits and the way he treated women.  Nausea rose.  He calmed himself and forced himself to concentrate on the matter at hand.  Raising his hand from Drew’s pussy he brought it down to give it a sharp slap.  Her body bucked and rose from the bed in response prompting him to repeat the action a further three times.

“Tell me where she is, Drew?  By keeping silent you are going to get her killed.”

He whipped her pussy with his hand and was surprised to find his hand striking creamy wetness as he did so.  She was a wonderful submissive.

“Please I can’t hold it.  Stop,” she begged her chest heaving as she did so.

“No.  You will hold it or I will take my belt to your bottom.  You will hold it as long as you hold out on telling me what I need to know.”

He stopped spanking her damp glistening vagina and returned his attention to her abdomen in the region of her bladder and lowered his hand hard.  Drew cried out and strained on her bonds raising her body from the bed in a futile attempt to struggle free.

“Please, please,” she sobbed.

“All you have to do is tell me where she is.”

Dylan glanced down at her pussy waiting for the first drops of water to dribble on to the bed as she lost control.  He pressed down even harder.

“She’s at a small hotel down one of the back streets.  Hotel Cortelli.  I can’t remember the street.”

“We will find it.  Hold your water or you will be disciplined.  What name is she using?”

  “Taylor Wright.”

“Good girl.  Continue to hold your water.”

He removed his hand and took out his mobile from the inside pocket of his suit jacket and called the Italian substation.  He spoke fluent Italian.  The woman would be picked up immediately.  He replaced the phone and looked down at Drew.  She was moving agitatedly on the bed trying to curl her legs up to ease the cramping she felt in her stomach.  His cock hardened and twitched with arousal at the sight of her reluctant captivity wanting to be inside her riding her in to submission.

“When are you going to let me go?  You can’t keep me here tied up on this bed forever.”

He leaned over and pinched her nipple stretching it out idly as he sighed with impatience.

“You will stay here until you realise I am in control and I have your obedience, Drew and your assurance you will stop investigating and let us deal with the matter alone.  My twin would never forgive me if I allowed you to be put in any more danger,” he whispered seductively.  “He is on his way to Venice and I am sure he will be itching to discipline you over his knee for running from him.”

She was tight lipped.  Dylan traced his finger down her stomach and stroked above her pussy careful not to brush the top of the curls.  He watched her chest rise and fall in agitation betraying her arousal at his touch.  He couldn’t take his eyes from her.  To his annoyance she was once more captivating him.

“Please, I need to relieve myself.  I am in agony.  Untie me,” she demanded with a confidence he couldn’t help but admire.

Dylan smiled and continued his caress.

“No.  You will relieve yourself in to a bed pan.”

The horror on her face was stark.

“No, no I can’t, please,” she begged.

Ignoring her pleas he stood up and reached under the bed.  The bedpan was there just where he had instructed it to be left.  He brought it out and lifted her legs up before she could complain forcing her to raise her bottom in the air.  Neatly he placed the bedpan underneath her bottom and firmly pressed her hips down when she refused to lower her body on to it.

Cruelly he sat back down on the bed beside her determined she would learn to respect the power he had over her and pee when commanded.

“Pee and then we will talk some more,” he instructed folding his arms.

“No, no, I can’t with you here.  What about your assistant?  Can’t she help me?” Rachel was fretful and blushing with embarrassment at the helpless position she found herself in but he wasn’t moving.

“No.  Pee.”

“I am desperate.”

“Do as you are told,” he told her calmly.  “Learn to obey me.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes.  Dylan watched her wrestle with her need to relieve herself and her wilful determination to keep control.  When she finally decided to give in and sob a little because of it she found she couldn’t actually pee because she was too tense.

“I can’t.  It won’t come,” she said through her tears.

Dylan softened his hardened handsome features and stroked his fingers long the inside of her thigh.

“Let me help you.”


“Let me touch you.  Let me help you come and your muscles will relax and your water will flow,” he told her softly.

“But I can’t do that . . .”

“Yes you can.”

Dylan moved his fingers close to her sex this time allowing his fingers to lightly brush the curls at the side.  Her face contorted with pain and she strained upwards on her bonds.

“My stomach is cramping so much.  I have to pee,” she said distressed.  “All right, please help me.  Please.  I hate you for this.”

“Hush.  Open your legs as wide as you can get them.”

He knew she would find this difficult in the position she had been bound but he wanted to see her straining to accommodate his request and obey him.  She moaned with discomfort as she opened her legs.

“Keep them open,” he instructed knowing it would be a challenge for her.

Using his index finger he stroked the length of her pussy once more surprised at the amount of juice dwelling there from her interrogation.

“You are so wet.  I think discipline is good for you.  It will set boundaries and help you respect my authority over you as well as Mark while we find your daughter.  It might stop you putting your life in danger and trying to do all of this alone.”

Relishing in being able to caress the woman and gain a point over his brother, Dylan kissed the small bud between her folds with his lips.  He heard Drew give a small moan of unexpected pleasure giving him an immense sense of satisfaction.  She tasted sweet.  Dylan slipped out his tongue and lightly began to lap at her clit, momentarily taking time to tuck the jewel behind his teeth and suck as though it were a milk teat on her breast.  He cupped her buttocks with his hands to lift her up to him.

The more he sucked and tasted the more he wanted of her.  She was fresh, vibrant and pure in his dark sordid little world of torture, pain, loss and fury.  Dylan’s whole frame relaxed as he sank in to the welcoming arms of a new addiction giving pleasure to the captive woman under his protection.

Drew’s hips lifted up in response.  Involuntarily she pushed her pussy against his open mouth and bucked with each expert stroke of his tongue.  Pleased with her response Dylan circled the tip of his tongue around the soft silky entrance of her channel building anticipation.

The spy’s captive moved her hips restlessly in his grip and he held them tighter to hold her in position.  He couldn’t help but curl his lips with triumph that the tigress was actually feeling out of control and pleasured by him.  It made him step up his game.  He nudged the tip of his lithe slick tongue just inside the small hall and held it there for a moment.  There was frustration in her cries this time and wickedly he made her wait knowing the pain of pleasure was fighting with her need to relieve herself.  It was a potent aphrodisiac for them both.

With one hard thrust he buried his tongue inside her as far as it would go.  Drew’s hips lifted up and she furiously bucked against him lost.  The effect of her sexy body demanding more with her hips, straining on her bonds to free herself from the torment just about drove him crazy.  He wanted to be inside her. 

Her pants grew louder and rush of silky fluid filled his mouth.  Drew was close.  Lifting up he settled her back on the bedpan and quickly replaced his tongue with first one and then two of his fingers, using his thumb to maintain the caress on her clit.  He stood and leaned over her watching her helpless pleasure begin to consume her.

“Come for me now, Drew and let your water flow,” he breathed his command in a husky voice.

With a cry, Drew let go and allowed her orgasm to blossom.  The sight was breath taking.  Her pretty tense features relaxed and were bathed in a soft pink glow.  Her eyes glazed as though she were possessed by pleasure and stared up at him in wonder making him catch his breath.  If he had to say when he first fell in love with Drew Sumner and vowed to steal her from his twin brother it was this intoxicating moment.

The muscles inside the depths of her vagina tightened and trapped his fingers.  He thrust them harder, deeper as her climax broke revelling in the feel of them being inside her connecting them together.  The moment she came her confined water released and flowed freely over his fingers and hand to fall noisily in to the pan.

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