Saturday, 18 March 2017

Daddy's Little Princess


I hope you are enjoying your weekend?  While I wait for the release of Daddy's Rules and His by Totally Bound Publishing, I have finally found the right plot for a new darkly seductive BDSM/Spanking/Age Play/Daddy Dom Romance.  Set in Sweden with a Scandinavian Noir twist, Daddy's Little Princess will explore the dark depths of submission and push you as a reader to the edge of your own boundaries.

A woman has no memory. She does not know her name or where she is. The only constant in her life is the opulent windowless room she is kept a prisoner in and the handsome man she must refer to as Daddy who dominates, pleasures and disciplines her with a firm hand. 

I have wanted to write something like this for a long time but with my head being in a spin from the divorce and house move I have been unable to find the right story until now.  I will write the book on my blog.  The first chapter is posted below and although not yet full of sex, I hope it gives you an idea of the feel of the book.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the story.

This book will not be released as a short but a full length novel.

I hope you enjoy the start.

Arabella :)

Daddy's Little Princess can now be bought on Amazon.

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