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Daddy's Little Princess Finds Herself Locked In The Tower


Need a Saturday night treat? :)  Well here is the next scorching part of Daddy's Little Princess, my new story exploring the dark side of BDSM/Spanking/AgePlay/Daddy Dom Romance.  Be warned this is not for the faint of heart!  This book contains dark erotic romance, medical play, spanking, BDSM and a kidnap theme so far!

Daddy's Little Princess finds herself locked in the tower and at his mercy while he and four male doctors conduct an intimate medical exam to assess her health and give the woman her first lesson in submission.  Will she behave or need to be disciplined?

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Please come back tomorrow as I will be giving you details of a competition in which three paperback copies of STOLEN, my sexy BDSM/Spanking/Menage/Daddy Dom Romance with a thrilling twist can be won.

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Daddy's Little Princess

Chapter Two

I stood in the shadow of the room in the dim light watching her sleep like a voyeur.  She was bruised, shaken and had a concussion but otherwise she had been incredibly lucky not to have lost her life or sustained heavy injuries.  She should have died.  I called her my miracle girl.

She hadn’t woken when I carried her to the car or for the whole journey I had held her in my arms.  It made the task of confining her and holding her whereabouts secret easy.  At this point I did not have any clear intention of how long I would keep her locked away or what my desired outcome of the adventure I hoped would be.  I simply knew I had to possess her.  Perhaps my greatest wish was that she would fill the gap in my heart left by deceased fiancée, Linnea and come to love me with the intensity she had done.   

The room was actually a collection of small rooms contained on one floor.  There was a bedroom, bathroom and a small reception room in which to receive guests I might bring to view the delightful pretty little curiosity I had confined like a captive princess in a tower.

There were no windows in any of the rooms only heavy stone walls.  The warm light created by an abundance of candles flickered around the room creating a safe warmness that I liked to think resembled the interior of a womb.  She would not be able to ascertain whether or not it was day or night and that was the way I wanted it.  When she woke I wanted my captive to come to the quick realisation that I alone controlled any conception of time passing.  Here I could separate her from the world and birth her in to a new one that was mine alone to rule.

Throughout the last four days for which she had been sedated to recover from her injuries and the blow to her head she had been tended to by four doctors I had specifically employed to care for her.  Apart from tending to her general health needs they were also experts in their chosen fields of gynaecology, fertility, breast health and psychology.  They were an international team, in this case English who dealt exclusively with private examinations and concerns of the rich men and occasionally women who populated the world.

At their instruction I had carried her to the white padded examination table in front of the bed.  No one was allowed to know her name.  Only I knew.  Now she lay sleeping unaware of what was to come, a single white silk sheet covering her modesty.  I had kept a close vigil by her bed while she slept and now I longed for her to wake and be revealed in all of her essence to me.  Here she would not be able to hide anything from me.  I did not wish to be concerned by the woman she was to the world outside, I wanted to learn who she was to become under my guiding nurturing fatherly hand.

The doctors came to stand around the table.  They all wore dark suits as was the norm in their secret profession.  They, like myself believed my beautiful charge should come to view all men who tended to her as authority figures who she must obey without question and be dutifully submissive to.

Submission was now to be her natural state of being.  If she rebelled against it she would be punished with a spanking, maybe a whipping or perhaps, if the mood took me, a quiet spell of contemplation locked in a cage.  I had one in the storeroom waiting to be used in her final lesson of surrender which would prompt growth in her rearing from a child in my care into an adult female submissive. 

The very idea of her growing her in to full adulthood as Linnea had done in our relationship, forever resisting in granting me her full submission so I could keep her safe, filled me with anxiety.  Maybe it would be better to keep this woman locked in here, closeted from the hurt and disappointment of life outside and a world that would seek every opportunity to steal her from me and take her life as it had done with Linnea.  Here with me, I could at least indulge myself in the illusion that we could cheat even death itself in this cocoon.  When my little princess rebirthed in to this room today she would not be alone.  I would also be reborn and become the man I had always meant to be.

“I think it would be better to get her in position for the pelvic examination before she is woken, the handsome young dark haired Gynaecologist, Doctor Baron informed me.  “That way when she struggles to remove herself from the table she will already be secured in to position and her movement will be redundant.”

I nodded in agreement.  He continued with a friendly smile playing on his lips.

“I want her to become accustomed to our frequent, often without warning intimate examinations on your behalf.  This will ensure the continuation of your control and her submission to her environment.  However, we must ensure she feels safe in our medical explorations and is being treated respectfully,” he said fixing her delicate wrists in to cuffs at the sides of her head.

Although I had stayed by her bed throughout her recovery, I hadn’t touched the woman since she had been brought to my home.  I wanted to make myself wait revelling at the feverish anticipation it built within me.  It was like resisting a powerful drug.

Dr Lewis, the fertility specialist I had insisted on being part of the team should I choose to breed my princess, was fixing a set of stirrups to the couch.  I was going to be able to intimately view her and peer in to her succulent wet depths.  I had stripped her of her clothes, her previous life and now even her hidden bodily secrets would be made visible to me.  She might wake remembering her old life but here with me she would begin a new identity.  I knew everything about her past.  My research had been thorough.  Although we were barely acquainted I was already beginning to adore her.  She had not need to concern herself with her past and the fear that accompanied it, in this room I would forbid it to exist and come between us.

Each of the four doctors snapped on a pair of clear latex gloves and covered their mouths with a mask.  They motioned for me to do the same.  Doctor Baron moved the table on which a whole host of sterilised medical instruments lay prepared closer.  Then he turned on the lamp attached to the bottom of the couch to illuminate her body.

I watched Doctor Baron gently almost seductively slide the silk sheet over one pale thigh as I put on my gloves and covered my mouth in the mask.  He appeared in charge of the initial examination.

“Place the blindfold around her eyes,” he told Doctor Philips, the psychologist in the team who stood at the top of the couch next to the woman’s head.  He nodded and placed the blindfold around her eyes while Doctor Baron lifted the sheet over my princess’s pussy that had been clean shaven while she slept.  He raised it until it covered only her breasts.  The third man, Doctor Turner, a breast specialist smoothed the sheet down over them waiting to take his own turn in the proceedings and complete his own checks.

“I will need you to calm her.  Your voice must be the first she hears and responds to if you are brand her with your authority,” Doctor Phillips requested of me.  I moved towards the bottom of the couch ready to play my own role and view the deep examination of her pussy.

Doctor Lewis assisted Doctor Baron in securing her legs in the stirrups.  The Gynaecologist cupped both of the woman’s buttocks in his hands and raised her plump but firmly rounded bare bottom moving it in to a more suitable position.  The smooth shaven lips marking out her vulva running down towards the small dark puckered hole of her anus were enticing.  The orifices I would fill with my cock in deep strokes in the near future.

Carefully, the Doctor covered the whole of her pussy with one large palm and squeezed it.  The woman stirred, moving her head gently from side to side but still she did not wake.

“Be ready,” Baron told me.

He tightened his hold on her sex but this time moved his middle finger downwards until it circled the entrance to her channel and dipped inside.  Without lubrication the small invasion would have proved a little discomforting and sure enough it prompted my captive to waken.  She gave a cry just a s a new born baby would coming in to the world.  For a moment I held my breath enthralled.  Now she was mine.

“Where am I?  Why can’t I see?  What’s happening?”

I rested my hand on to her stomach.

“Shhh.  You are safe.  You must trust me,” I said softly circling the tips of my fingers over abdomen to soothe her agitation.  “There is nothing wrong with your vision you are wearing a blindfold while you are medically examined.  Do you remember how you came here?  The accident?  Who I am?”

She became restless on the table and all of us sought to hold her down in place.

“I vaguely recognise your voice but nothing else.  I can’t remember anything.  What is happening?  Who am I?  I can’t remember my name.”

My heart leapt at her distress but I couldn’t deny that I couldn’t have asked for better.  She could not remember who she was in the past.  I did not have to fight to erase it.  It was gone.  For how long, who knew?  Maybe it would be forever. 

The medical team around her waited for my instruction.  I believed they might have waited for me to ask that the examination be halted and arranged for another time but that was not my wish.

I smoothed my fingers along the line of her jaw.

“Hush, little one.  Do not fear anything.  I will keep you safe and together we will find out the answers to all of your questions.  But for now, I want you to relax and allow us to examine you.”

“Why are you examining me?”

“Partly because of the accident you were involved in and because I want to.  Because I am in charge here and I can do with you as I please.”

Silence.  The doctors all gave me an approving nod.

“Are you going to hurt me?” she whimpered fighting to move her wrists out of the cuffs.

“Never.  Trust me, little one.  Obey me without question and all will be well.  You are perfectly safe and will be well cared for.  You have no reason to fear me or anyone else I allow in this room to view you.  Do I make myself clear?”

“I will try.”

Yet she began to move more on the examination table.

“You must.”

Doctor Baron removed his hand and dipped his middle finger in to a large jar of lubricant he picked up from the table and returned to the couch.  Covering her pussy, he slowly began to insert his middle finger inside her channel once more and gently pulsed it in an out.  The girl froze and Doctor Baron drove his finger deeper and joined it with a second.  She bucked her hips upwards and let out the beginnings of a whimper that quickly changed in to a surprise moan of a pleasure.

The tenseness in my shoulders I had been feeling at the thoughts of her being frightened of me and all that I was to put her through released.  I had not been wrong about her submissive nature or the past history that confirmed it.

“That’s a good girl,” I praised.  “No one is here to hurt you, only to protect and pleasure you.”

Doctor Baron picked up the pace when I gestured for him to.  It was calming my little princess and soothing her in to pleasurable obedience.  Soft confused moans slipped from her lips.

“Remove her blindfold,” I commanded.  I wanted her to see all of us standing around her, dominating and manipulating her pleasure.  Perhaps then she would learn to trust me and respect the power I held over her.

The blindfold was taken away.  My princess blinked her sea green eyes and stared up at us initially taken back by the masks covering our mouths and our latex gloves.

“Please what are you doing?”

“I have already informed you,” I said sternly through the mask bending over her to stroke a blonde curl from her forehead.  “You will have a pelvic exam and a breast health check.  A sample of your urine will also be taken as will your internal temperature.  It will end with an enema.”

“Why would you do this?”

“Again, because I can and I wish to know everything about your health so I can make sure it is taken care of during your stay here.”

“How long will you keep me here for?” her fearful tone was punctuated by more aroused moans.

“For as long as I wish.  Enough questions.  Proceed gentlemen.”

Doctor Baron moved the small bud between her thighs back and forth.

“She has a good sized clitoris and she dampens quickly.  Let’s have a look inside,” he said splaying the lips wide in one harsh movement.  “Doctor Lewis prepare the speculum please so we can open her vulva up nice and wide.  I presume you will be wanting to conduct your own examination to assess her fertility.”

He picked up the steel speculum while I watched Doctor Baron suddenly slap his hand down hard against the girl’s pussy.  Her flesh jumped and wobbled with the strike.

“This will help get you nice and wet,” he told her when she yelped.  He struck her again careful to whip his hand across the tip of her clit before massaging his thumb over its top in a circular movement.  Her pussy began to swim.

“Good girl.”

Doctor Lewis thickly lubricated the speculum he took from the table.  My eyes widened at its size and I hoped my baby girl would be brave with its insertion.

“We will start with a smear,” Doctor Baron said peering in close to her spread vulva to get a better look.  “Before that we will take a photo for the records.”

“What?  No, please.  Who are you all?”

“Trust me.  You have my assurance you are being respected,” I soothed.

Doctor Baron retrieved his phone from his inside suit jacket pocket and returning to her pussy he took two photographs.

“Besides, little one, the whole examination is being filmed as will all of your movements be in this room,” I told her with a triumphant smile pointing up at the cameras situated in the corners of the stone walls.  “That way I can make sure all of your needs are met and your safety is ensured.”

She became quiet again suddenly appearing more afraid of the speculum than her other concerns.  Immediately she tried to close her legs straining against her restraints in the stirrups to manage the feat.  The handsome doctor shook his head at her.  Cupping one buttock he lifted her bottom off the table and to my admiration slapped the other cheek four times.  The girl cried out and ceased her annoying movement.

“That’s better,” he said rubbing her sore butt cheek.  “No one is going to hurt you.  Keep your legs open and accept we are in control of you.”

He fed the speculum into her pussy forcing it to open wide and reveal all of her secrets.  She gasped and held her body tight as he did.  I peered in to the pink silky depths watching him take a swab of the inside before inserting two fingers up deep inside the vagina.  Reaching over her body, he placed his hand on top of her abdomen and pressed down to check the uterus and ovaries for any abnormalities.

“Good.  Everything seems nice and healthy but I would also like to check the tissue between the rectum and the reproductive organs.  Dr Lewis would you care to take a look to make a fertility assessment first?”

Dr Lewis took centre stage after coating his fingers in lubricant.  Without hesitation the young good looking fair headed man moved his two fingers quickly up inside my princess.  This time his fingers were to reach to her womb.  He turned his palm upwards and gently moved the cervix from side to side.

“Is that causing you any pain?” he asked the woman.

“No.  I just feel a little discomfort,” she informed him meekly.

“Well, everything seems nice and moist in there enough to enable sperm to pass freely inside and fertilise an egg,” he told me.

“That’s good to hear,” I answered imagining her stomach swollen with my child growing inside her.

He finished his exam by pressing his hand down on top of her abdomen in the area of his finger deep inside her.

“Good, all done.”

Doctor Lewis slowly removed his fingers pausing to give her luscious wet clit a quick pinch.

“You are such a pretty little thing,” he smiled.

The breast specialist, Doctor Turner, an equally handsome but slightly older man in his middle thirties with chestnut hair and black eyes was next to take his turn.

“Let’s have a look at those beautiful big breasts,” he cooed taking away the sheet.

Immediately his large palms cupped both breasts from above her head lifting and kneading them to test their weight and strength.  The girl gave a soft moan and two small pants when he sharply pinched the nipples.

“Test them, Sir.  They feel healthy, perfectly formed and round.”

The man removed one hand and allowed me to cover my palm over one large milky mound.  I grunted feeling intense satisfaction at finally allowing myself to caress and hold her flesh.  The moment I touched her electricity raced through me and I felt my already hard cock that had grown in strength watching the men examine and touch her, twitch towards her demanding entry inside her body. 

I moved the breast around in my hand massaging it.  I wanted to taste the nipple’s sweetness.  I lowered my mask and bent my lips to the teat and circled the tip of my wet tongue over it before drawing it back and forth between my teeth.  I heard her pant and loved the way her body strained on its bonds trying to press down on an invisible penis to satiate the need that was growing inside her.  The speculum was still in place and taking his cue to assist me in arousing my captive, Doctor Baron eased two of his fingers back inside her vulva and stretched them upwards towards her the rough back wall of her vagina and the centre of her pleasure.

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