Saturday, 11 February 2017

Unmasking Sarah Series & News

Unmasking Sarah

I arrogantly walked in to her life, took what I wanted from her in my bed and tore off her mask to secure her in my power.  She hated me for exposing what she was, what she hid from under her mask and baring her truth to the world.  She discarded my love and threw it back in my face running to disguise herself once more.  She thought I would give up and simply walk away for easier prey. Little did she know how determined I was.  Once I have my prey I never let it go.  She was mine and always would be.  My love was eternal and she was bound to me forever in every sense of the word.  There was no escape.


The above was the start of my new very hot BDSM/Daddy Dom Romance, Unmasking Sarah. which follows in the footsteps of my bestseller, Daddy's Rules.  I have talked before about returning to Amazon and I am in the process of doing so.  After a disappointing experience with my literary agent I have ended our relationship.  It is fantastic that such a good publishing company like Totally Bound have taken on His & Daddy's Rules but I need to be writing constantly and releasing work as soon as possible so I will be starting more series that will come out on Amazon fast.  Along with Unmasking Sarah will be an old favourite.  Return To The Chateau sees a new owner taking over the Chateau with some new strict rules and naughty adventures.  There is so much more to come!

Along with my Erotic Romance stories I will be returning to Amazon with my Romantic Suspense and Paranormal Romance novels with a naughty twist.  You can check out Forget Me Nots, a sexy Ghost/Horror Romance dealing with past life relationships in the American West, Victorian England and eternal love on my blog, Writing With Angels.  This blog also details my spooky experiences as a Spiritual Medium.  Hurry up I have nearly finished the novel!

If you are inclined to love a ghost story, like seeing real life videos of ghosts and spirit orbs or even reading about the odd spiritual experience with them, take a look at Writing With Angels and my more humorous blog about it all, Sara & The MIBs.  You can also see all of my spooky real life videos on my very own Youtube Channel Woman In Black

The bitch is back! Lol.

Expect the first episode of Unmasking Sarah next week!

In the meantime, check out my cover, banner & postcard blurb for His which will be available from Totally Bound in May.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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