Sunday, 12 February 2017

Return To The Chateau

Meet the handsome new Dean of The Chateau, Raoul Delacroix!

Here is a treat for those Sunday night blues!  I have finally been able to start work on a new series of my bestselling hardcore BDSM series, The Chateau.  This time there is a new Dean in town and some new sexy classes for the young male students.  The Stable, The Milking House & The Medical Facility are still providing good instruction but The Chateau now provides new lessons and services for the young handsome Daddy Doms of the rich on breeding sex in the Conception Clinic and age play in the Nursery.

Check out an excerpt below.  It isn't for the faint hearted and contains pregnancy sex.  I aim to finish the first instalment entitled Birth this week and have it loaded to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited asap!  The original series will be re-uploaded to Amazon in the next few days so watch out for it!


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Return To The Chateau:  Birth Excerpt

Chapter One

Raoul Delacroix seductively stroked his fingers down over the taut skin of the heavily pregnant woman’s bare stomach as she leaned back against his lean, tight muscled body on the soft white leather chair.  Her arms were coiled around his neck lifting her heavy breasts upwards.  He’d curled his long legs around hers to trap her there and open her thighs wide enabling her pussy to be intimately viewed by the group of young men sitting on a semi-circle of the same leather chairs around him and the woman.  Gently Raoul curved his hand underneath the protruding bump and firmly cupped it giving the impression he was holding the weight of the child in the palm of his hand.  Continuing to support the weight for a while longer, he directed his free hand through the neatly shaven triangle of dark curls beneath to slip between the already damp folds of her pussy.  The woman moaned with pleasure as he circled the tip of her clit and gave it a quick sharp pinch.

The female arched her body in response and cried out in surprised pleasure.  A murmur of approval could be heard whispering amongst the men.  Raoul smiled to himself as he used his fingers to open the woman’s vagina so it could be scrutinised.  The men looked closely at it appearing to enjoy the way it pouted and became very wet with his robust touch.  It was only the second class he had given as the recently appointed Dean of The Chateau, the finishing school for the sons of rich and powerful to learn to become dominant and a Master both inside the bedroom and out in their relationship with their future bride.  The Chateau aimed to create loving and respectful Masters who would make their wife more than willing to obey their rule without question.

Today Raoul was in the new modern wing of the Chateau which had been recently built just before the departure of the previous Dean and his cousin Maxim Devereux with his new wife and child to run The Chateau School in London.  This part of the Chateau was reserved for teaching the young men how to comfort and master their pregnant wife who would been made to conceive as quickly as possible and hopefully on her wedding night.  The new facility allowed there to be lectures on the best ways to make the woman conceive and direction in dealing with difficult wives during the process.  Other services included expert help with fertility, conception problems, surrogacy and it even included provision of a male stud to impregnate if required.  There was also a facility in which the wife could be kept safe and contained in a stay at the Chateau until she had conceived and for the duration of the pregnancy if needed.  The lesson Raoul now performed was to show his students on how to calm a discontent disobedient pregnant wife.

Clarisse, an employee of the Chateau’s stable as a pony girl who had contracted to be made pregnant by one of the Stallions was helping him demonstrate the lesson.  She had pretended to disobey him and unable to spank her because of her condition, he had torn her dress and bra from her body and roughly pulled down her panties.  A quick gentle slap to her pussy had calmed her laborious struggles and pulling her backwards to the chair he had sat down and trapped her body against him.  The lesson was to be conducted with an audience.

Raoul placed his hand over her swollen stomach to hold her in place loving the feel of its ripeness and the voluptuous curve of her body draped across his knees.  Carefully he inserted his middle finger in to her entrance in one deep probing hard thrust.  She bucked heaving her stomach.  Firmly he pulsed it allowing to feel his power over her and his strength in restraining her body against his own.

“Never spank her bottom when carrying.  We don’t want the lady to feel uncomfortable or insecure.  This is a delicate time,” Raoul told them in even English tone, only the hint of a gentle Parisian accent filtering through his voice.  “There are many other ways to discipline the woman.  Ensure an audience is present when you have taken her clothes away or if you can take her to a public room in the house and strip her in front of everyone.  Encourage your staff or whoever is present to sit and watch as you calm her with a strong forceful orgasm.  Then I suggest you keep her naked and locked in her room resting in bed for the rest of the day.  Perhaps stay in the room with her making sure she obeys you.”

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