Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Film News


I have some good news and some bad news.  Firstly, apologies for not posting on Return To The Chateau and Unmasking Sarah but there is now going to be a delay on the release of those short books.  The good news is that I have been contacted by a film producer.  He has asked me to finish and submit the screenplay for my romantic ghost story dealing with the impact of past lives in the American West & Victorian England on the present and the mystery of eternal love, Forget Me Nots.

This film project was on then off last year due to other commitments on both sides but now is the time to pursue it and I am very excited.  This is such a big opportunity for me.  I now have to concentrate fully on finishing the screenplay and the book which I have been posting on my sister blog Writing With Angels and on Thoughtcatalog.

I have had a fantastic response to this story which is not without its own small erotic twist.  Around 5,000 people have read the large excerpt of the book on Thoughtcatalog alone in the last five days not to mention the large numbers on my blog.  I have wanted to write it for so long so if you love a good romance coupled with a scary ghost plot then check it out on Thoughtcatalog or my blog, Writing With Angels.

I have not forgotten my erotica stories but I hope you can bear with me until the Forget Me Nots script is finished.


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