Saturday, 21 January 2017

Return to Amazon: A lesson Learnt!

Arabella has learnt her lesson and will not leave Amazon again!  I will be putting a lot of my erotica and romantic suspense novels back on Amazon where I will grow my own publishing business in the coming months! :)  More news on that later!

I have just uploaded my very naughty contemporary Vampire Menage Spanking/BDSM/Daddy Dom full book Romance, Double Edged Sword.  Once the link appears I will post it.  In the meantime check out a small excerpt below to wet your appetite.  There is a quirky twist of humour in this one I hope you will like.

Watch out for my other novels appearing on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited in the near future.

On my new blog, Writing With Angels I am posting excerpts from my non-fiction book about the inspiration I receive from being a Spiritual Medium and seeing apparitions, orbs, light anomalies, Angels etc as I write.  Stranger than fiction?  Check out the book and my Youtube videos of orbs and lights I have caught on camera!

Writing With Angels

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


I drove out of my drive at speed and headed towards the gates.  My BMW X5 skidded in the snow and I struggled to control it.  All the time in the back of my mind  I kept wondering why Roman hadn’t tried very hard to stop me leaving.  Then I got my answer.  He didn’t need to.  I wasn’t going anywhere.
Something large, like a very tall human, only dark grey with red on its spine and the face of a scary looking wolf stood right in front of me.  He was stark naked with all of his family jewels hanging out!  I screamed and slammed on the brakes.  I know I hit him but it didn’t seem to do any damage.  Then I felt the front of the car being lifted from the ground.  I squealed terrified he was the monster hunting me and considered getting out of the car and making a run for it when I noticed we were not alone anymore.
Julian and two other men approached, all three of them carrying swords.  One of them was Haydn from next door.  They cast striking figures against the snow covering the street.   Two women stood at a distance watching like nosey neighbours.  I jumped as Roman appeared at the driver’s window.  With one hand he ripped away the car door.
“Out,” he demanded.  “I know you are frightened but we aren’t letting you go anywhere.  It’s not safe,” he told me gently.  “Maybe now you can understand that after what has just happened.”
I shook my head like a stubborn child not wanting any of it to be true.  I was so frightened.  I felt angry tears prickle down the sides of my face.  I hardened my features and removed one hand from the steering wheel to wipe at my face. 
Roman leaned into the car and slipped his arm under my legs and his free arm around my back to lift me out.  I clung to the steering wheel but he was too strong for me and I was forced to let go.  He held me against him tightly and refused when I asked him to put me down. 
One of the three men I recognised as one of the men living across the road asked if I was all right.  Roman nodded, “She will be when I get her back to mine and safe.”  He started to walk away with me and then stopped and turned to the group that now stood together.
“Amanda, meet your neighbours.  Haydn, Thomas  and Alexander.”
Alexander changed back to his human form in front of my eyes and covered his muscled nakedness with a coat gallantly given to him by Hadyn.  He grinned.
They all nodded and smiled.
“Pleased to meet you Amanda,” they said one after another.
This was too surreal.  And what was with the way all hybrids and pure bred Taliean and Lycan males looking so hot?  Like a crazy woman I murmured a bewildered hello.  Then Roman turned and walked briskly towards his house.
“Puzzle . . .” I  asked tearfully.
“Don’t worry Julian has her.  He will take her to the vets.  In the meantime you are coming home with me.  You can tell your family heritage rests in the royal Taleian blood line with your female stubbornness and your bravery.”
“What?  I am royal?” I blustered shocked and amazed.
“Your father was related to our Queen, born of the royal line.”
“This is all too much.  My mother and father died when I was ten years old.  I was raised by my grandmother and when she died my Aunt Moira.”
“Let me guess, in a car crash?”
“Yes, how . . .?”
“That is what Taliean offspring are told when their parents have been murdered.  More than likely they died trying to protect you from the slavers.  I am sorry, Amanda.  This has happened to many families.”
A lump for my family swelled in my throat producing more fresh tears.
I felt the warmth of Roman’s smile rest on my face and the comfort of his arms around me.  For a moment I pressed my cheek against his chest suddenly glad he’d stopped me leaving.  Maybe I should start trusting him.  He nearly had me smitten until he said,
“You get one more chance at doing as your told so I can keep you in one piece.  If you mess up this time and try to leave in the middle of the night again I’m tying you to your bed.”
“Yes I am where your safety is concerned and you need me to be.”  Shit.  So he could read my thoughts.  Briefly, I wondered if you could put a lock on your mind to keep out intruders?
“I thought I’d lost you,” he continued softly as we approached his front door.  ‘Please don’t make it difficult to help you, Amanda.  It’s what I am born to do and my life purpose.  It is part of the Taleian and lycan culture.  If you try and stop me I will come down hard on you.  I will not tolerate your disobedience in this matter.  And no male Taleian, lycan hybrid, pure bred or otherwise for that matter will blame me.  Your safety is paramount.  That is why I am going to be lenient with you and start with a sound bare bottom spanking.”  He grinned.
My affront and indignation were outraged and my feminist pride was heavily wounded.  I remembered his words about taking me to task over his knee with a bare bottom spanking and felt my cheeks burn.  I had no doubt he’d meant every word then and now.  I had never been spanked since a child and I had no intention of letting anyone let a man take me to task over his knee now I was a grown woman.  How I was going to even manage the feat when he cradled me in his arms.  The idea that I might not actually be able to stop him had me panicking and suddenly struggling like a wild cat to free myself from his hold.  I was fool.  After witnessing his supernatural speed and strength I didn’t stand a chance yet still I tried.  He infuriated me further by intensifying his grip and grinning down at me again clearly enjoying his power over me.
“There is no escape, baby.  Time you started accepting what is happening to you or you are going to find that everything starts becoming extremely difficult.  A bare bottom spanking will help you open your eyes and shake you out of your stubborn denial.”
There was nothing I could say at that moment.  All I could do was to bluster my rage.  There was no way I was going to allow him to simply walk into my life and take it over.  I had been there before with my ex husband and no I wasn’t about to let it happen again.
Roman carried me into his house and through into his kitchen.  I caught a glimpse of the lounge as we passed through the large porch and down the hallway.  For a moment I was distracted by the gorgeous expensive decor.  I wish I had his taste.  All white with a marble wood floor, expensive rugs, select pieces of art.  I couldn’t see anymore than that but I was impressed.  Then the kitchen . . . white marble floor, shiny stainless steel appliances and curious round orange coloured stools at the immaculate grey and white breakfast bar.  Very a la mode.
My distraction was to prove his advantage.  With speed that made my head spin he moved to one of the black dining chairs, sat down, turned me over and placed my body long ways over his knee.  I cried out with the shock of all the movement which had occurred in a blur.  Roman lifted up my jumper pushing it up my back.  Then he had the audacity to slip his fingers beneath my trousers and take hold of my underwear with them.  His fingers brushed against my skin for the briefest of moments and instantly I felt the unexpected heat of desire swirl inside my stomach.  I widened my eyes shocked that such a simple reaction could produce a fiery reaction.  But it was to be short lived and quickly replaced by blushing humiliation and shame.
Roman began to firmly pull down my trousers over the curve of my buttocks and a little way down the backs of my thighs to frame it for punishment.  I closed my eyes tight embarrassed feeling the nakedness of my vagina rub against his trousers.  Tears gathered in my eyes.  He did indeed intend to spank my bare bottom.
His palm cupped one of my buttocks tenderly, almost lovingly as he braced his arm across my back and pushed down hard but not painfully to hold me in place.  I was trapped.
“Please, don’t hurt me.  This is so humiliating.  I will do whatever you tell me.  Please let me go,” I am ashamed to say I begged.
“No, Amanda.  This is for your own good.  It won’t hurt too much.  I will be gentle on you this time but if you continue to push me by being reckless with your safety then I will take my leather belt to your beautiful rump, baby girl.  Make no mistake.  This is an important lesson for you to learn,” he patted my bottom as he spoke then gave it a gentle squeeze just before he brought his palm down hard across my bare bottom. 

I howled in response shocked and surprised at the sting of the blow.  Before I knew it Roman rained several more hard slaps down upon my bottom curving them accurately with a practised stroke to catch the tender backs of my thighs where they met the swell of my buttocks.  

Friday, 6 January 2017

Lucifer's Princess & Arabella's World

Got some exciting news for you!  First of all the first episode of my Spanking/BDSM/Daddy Dom Romance with a twist, Lucifer's Princess is now available on  Amazon for $0.99.  Check below for the blurb and read a short excerpt on my new online magazine, Arabella's World.

I launched Arabella's World earlier today!  Here you can read lots of FREE Spanking/BDSM Romance stories.  I will also being putting out a call for you to send me your favourite Spanking/BDSM/Daddy Dom Fantasies to post in the magazine soon!  Watch this space!

Lucifer's Princess

The Devil's first born handsome son, Lucifer is determined to destroy the feelings of love he has for the princess created for him by his father to satisfy his every dominant sexual need and to provide him with a son and heir to continue the family line on Earth. But Lucifer learns just how much control Kristina wields over his heart no matter how cruel in his dominance he becomes.

Publisher's Note: This book contains scenes of BDSM Romance, Spanking Romance, Whipping, Anal Sex, Confinement in a cage and much more. If this material offends you, please do not buy this book.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Arabella Kingsley's World Online


I have decided to be brave and put a video log on YouTube.  It will feature publication news, snippets from my books, details of new stories, articles, competitions and much more that will be located on my forthcoming online magazine Arabella's World.  Check out details of some new stories I will be serialising on Arabella's World in the near future at Arabella Kingsley Online!

I am busy putting together Arabella's World and as soon as it is ready to go live I will post a link.  It will be full of sexy stories, Arabella's Erotic Diary, a forum to chat, Reviews, Articles and much more.  Watch this space!