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Forever Bound Release

Forever Bound


I am currently on a cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean after cruising around the Caribbean so this is going to be short.  It is just to let you know that my BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom ghostly romance, Forever Bound (formerly Forget Me Nots) dealing with the concept of past lives in the American West, Victorian England and the present day as well as the mystery of eternal love, is going to be released by Blushing Books Publishing on the 27th October.  

I will post the purchase links as soon as I get them.

In the meantime check out a short excerpt below.

Forever Bound

Chapter One

Goldwater, Lake District, England.

Clarissa lay on top of the white duvet on her bed tossing and turning in her sleep in the small room in her cottage.  The air was humid and thundery.  In the dream she wore a long Victorian dress and her red gold hair had disappeared to be replaced by a lustrous mane of dark chestnut piled high on her head.  Glancing down at herself sitting in a chair drinking tea from a china cup and saucer, she found she was heavily pregnant.  An old man in English upper class Victorian garb sat on the opposite chair conversing with her in a drawing room filled with people.

“I was talking to someone in town earlier today.  He was looking for you and said he was a friend of your family.  I believe he was one of your American cousins.”  The man paused to take a drink of his tea.  “He wouldn’t tell me his name.  A strange fellow.  I mentioned where you lived and he said he would call.”

Clarissa stood from the chair so fast it made her head spin.  The china cup and saucer fell from her trembling hands spilling tea everywhere.  She was terror stricken.  Her adrenaline kicked in hard and fast and spurred her in to movement.  Clutching her swollen stomach, she ran from the room ignoring the concerned attentions of the people around her.

The dream transformed its landscape placing Clarissa outside in the dark and cold biting wind that whipped heavy snowflakes in her face.  She was running as fast as her pregnant body would allow across her a frozen lake.  Cracks in the ice appeared as she made her way across it.  Clarissa had no idea where she was going or what she was doing only that it was a matter of life and death.

A noise made her glance behind to see a coach and horses following her across the ice.  It swerved around her, narrowly missing her form and knocked her to the ground.  Dazed she found it hard to rise and as she fought to lift her body the ice floor broke beneath her plunging her in to the freezing water sucking her under and along under the ice to trap her.

As Clarissa cried and sobbed in her sleep a tall man stepped out of the shadows to stand near the bed.  He stood watching her restless figure for a moment.  A flash of white light streaked across the room to be shortly followed by a loud crack of thunder.  Heavy rain began to beat the slate roof of the cottage.

The mysterious man moved to the window and closed it before approaching the bed once more.  He lay down next to her on the bed wrapping his arm around her sleeping form, drawing her body protectively against his own.  He kissed her bare shoulder visible in the short strappy white silk nightdress she was wearing.

“Shh.  I will always take care of you and keep you safe, my love,” he whispered lowering his hand to her leg.  The nightmare began to receded and eventually faded.

He stroked his fingers along the pale soft flesh upward underneath the nightdress to caress her inner thigh and round over her buttock.  His handsome dark features tensed in to a frown feeling the cotton material of her panties preventing him from caressing her bare bottom.

“I hate these.  You know that.  I need to be able to touch you when I please.  It is my right,” he whispered softly in her ear.

Carefully he took hold of her shoulders and turned her over on to her back.  Her eyes fluttered open for a moment and then closed again lost in her sleep.  The man grinned and cautiously moved himself down the bed to straddle her lower body.  He swept his hands along her warm flesh up to the top of the panties on either side and slowly tucked his fingers down the material.  He slid them down over her silky smooth thighs enjoying the first glimpse of the neat triangle of her shaven pussy.  He didn’t pull them all the way down her body and off but rather used them to frame the apex just below her thighs and to use them to hamper any movement she might choose to make so he could keep her in place.

Clarissa gave a soft moan and a sudden gentle whimper.  Instinctively he reached up his powerful lean muscled frame over her body and captured the side of her face in his palm and caressed his thumb over her pale cheek.  He spoke in a smooth velvet voice,

“Shhh, little one.  You are safe.  I am here.  There is nothing to worry about or fear.  Sleep.”

  Assured she was calm again, he returned to his work resting his hands on top of the silk nightdress to sim it over her thighs and upwards to the top of her chest to expose her luscious large pert breasts.  He wanted to remove the nightdress but he was concerned it would wake and alarm her.  He wanted their reunion to be a pleasurable one rather than one of terror.

So he rested the nightdress of the top of her chest and contented himself with the position of her panties happy that they would restrict her movement and keep her firmly in place while he pleasured her.  He settled himself back at her side and curved one hand around her breast using his grip to gently force her closer in to his protective embrace.  He curled his fingers and trailed the back of them slowly down her naked side taking his time to appreciate the softness of her skin until they rested on her hip.

Clarissa moved restlessly in her sleep but her movement was restricted by her panties and she could not move far when the man’s fingers dipped downwards over her body to reach the apex between her thighs.  She was still a little too dry for his taste when he slipped his fingers in between her pouting pussy lips.  Covering her vulva with his hand, he possessively squeezed it then lifted his hand to gently slap at it.  Her body jerked upwards and once again her eyes fluttered open.  Giving her pussy another quick slap he leaned over to kiss her cheek and reassure her all was well she could return to her sleep.  He wanted her to be awake to see him, to remember all that they shared together but it was too soon.  It would be enough that she begin to remember his touch for now.  He kissed her forehead and for a brief moment she turned to look at him.

“Nathan,” she whispered.

‘Shh go back to sleep.  You aren’t quite awake.  I am here.  It is safe.”

She gave him a childlike nod and closed her eyes again as he rubbed the dampness now covering his hand in a circular motion on his skin with his thumb.  She was ready.

This time his fingers moved easily through her wet pink vulva.  Nathan trailed them up and down for a short while, pausing to clasp the small bud and squeeze it as though to release even more juicy nectar.  Small pants of pleasure echoed from Clarissa’s lips as her pussy flooded.  Nathan took his cue and moved his middle finger down to circle her entrance.  Slowly he entered the tip of his finger in between the soft wet velvet muscles and stretched it upwards, curling it to make contact with the rough back wall of her vagina where her G-spot was situated and caressed.  At the same time he gently kneaded the breast he still held so tightly and flexed his thumb back and forth across her erect nipple.

Nathan felt himself grow hard and his cock sheathed in his trousers press up against Clarissa’s naked back.  Inwardly he groaned moving it against her to ease some of the ache.  Clarissa’s pants of need grew louder competing with the noise of the thunder rumbling overhead.  She bucked downwards on to his fingers prompting him to join the first with a second one and pick up the pace of his thrusts.  He brushed his lips against her shoulder and sought the tender nape of her neck to suck upon it.

As the lightening lit up the room with bright white light once again, Clarissa’s pants turned to agitated whimpers.  She was close.

“Remember our love, Clarissa,” he whispered pumping his fingers harder.  “Remember you belong to only me and always will.  We are bound together forever.  Nothing can break us apart.  Our bond can never be undone.  I love you.  Come for me and show me your own love and the obedience I demand of you.”

Clarissa gave a cry in her sleep and Nathan felt the squeeze of her internal muscles signalling the release of her climax.  He looked down upon her face watching her contorted tormented passion ride her beautiful features as her orgasm spiralled and brought tears to her eyes with its power.  For a moment, Nathan felt the join between them tighten and grow in strength.  It wouldn’t be long now before they were fully reunited as one.  He just had to be patient.

Quickly he took advantage of her parted lips and kissed her strongly as her orgasm began to deplete.  She responded hungrily yet still asleep as though experiencing a powerful vivid dream.  Nathan settled down beside her holding her pussy, his hand still clasped around her breast and curled her up in his arms falling asleep with her.

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Tameable Released & Arabella Kingsley Publishing Limited


Today is a big day for me!  I have been to see my Accountant and have finally decided to set up my own company.  Arabella Kingsley Publishing Limited will be operating in full very soon and I will be opening the door to submissions.

This co-incides with the return of the rights for some of my bestsellers previously published by Blushing Books who will be releasing, my BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom Paranormal Romance, Forget Me Nots hopefully in October.

The first of these books is Tameable, a Sci Fi BDSM/Spanking/Menage featuring elements of Age Play & Medical Play with a humorous touch in a contemporary English setting.

Tameable is now available on and as well as KINDLE UNLIMITED.            Check out the blurb and a sexy excerpt below.

Happy Reading!


Amanda moves in to her new luxury home in the sleepy village of Peachum, England determined to start a new life as an independent woman after her divorce. But the handsome identical male twins Roman and Julian Price living across the street have other ideas for her.
When an alien killer begins stalking and kidnapping women in the village, Amanda finds herself the next primary target. Roman and Julian put a stop to Amanda’s new independent life and appoint themselves her protectors. Reluctant to accept being robustly "taken in hand" by the two men for the sake of her safety, she finds herself over the knee of each brother in turn receiving a series of sound bare bottom spankings and an intimate medical examination. Both men regress their beautiful charge to to being a child until she accepts their control and realises she is dependent upon their fierce protection.
To Amanda’s surprise, she begins to fall in love with her two neighbours who are able to bond with her psychically as well as physically. She is ready to submit willingly to their mastery and loving discipline. Amanda discovers why both brothers are so overprotective when she is led in to their dark dangerous world. Battling warrior knights wielding ancient swords from their home planet of Trian who are intent on claiming Amanda as their own whether she wishes it or not , make both men determined to force her submission.
But each brother also wants to possess her for his own and are ready to kill each other for the privilege as the rites of their hybrid alien race demand. Can she convince them she needs them both in her life?

Publisher's Note: Tameable: Warrior Masters by Arabella Kingsley is an erotic sci-fi adventure, intended for adults only. It features erotic spanking and BDSM elements as well as age- and medical- play in a ménage setting. Tameable was originally released as "Double Trouble" by Madeline Croft. Tameable has been extensively re-written and altered from the original version.

Tameable Excerpt

Chapter One

Snow covered the ground at my new home and it was past midnight when I locked up and decided to go to bed with a hot mug of tea.  Yes, I know you shouldn’t drink caffeine at night, but there is something soothing and comforting about sipping tea as you read and prepare to spend a lonely night in bed in an unfamiliar place.  I had only been there a week, and I was still getting my bearings in the large, expensive house and its surroundings. I was just going up the stairs, teacup in hand, when I glanced out of the window on the small middle landing and saw a man standing in the back garden.  He was watching the house, watching me.
A tall dark silhouette was all I could see.   I was unable not make out any features.  Startled I looked closer and the moment I did, he disappeared.  I was trembling all over, trying to decide whether I had imagined it.  Perhaps I’d just seen a shape made by one of the trees swaying in the wind.  I tried to convince myself that it was probably my imagination but I couldn’t put myself at ease.
I decided to be brave, or stupid depending on which way you care to view it, and search the garden.  Grabbing my torch and with a stern determined attitude I unlocked one of the back doors to my large property and strode out with faked confidence.  I brandished my torch like a weapon.  At first I wasn’t too sure about leaving the floodlight confines of just outside the house and the long wide raised patio running the length of the back of the house.  But I had seen the man standing on the wide lawn beyond the outdoor pool.  If I hadn’t gone out there I wouldn’t have been able to sleep for wondering whether someone was really watching the house or not.  That was not the way I wanted to start my new independent life.  I refused to live in fear, especially of men.
Shivering with the icy cold and my nerves, I walked down the ornate steps from the long stone balcony at the back of the house and along the path weaving around the flowerbeds, around the pool and patio area and then out on to the lawn.  I was stepping out of the lights from the house and in to the darkness.  Luckily the moon was high and a brilliant white against the backdrop of a cloudless sky highlighting the sparkling crystals in the snow.  I put my hand to my mouth to stifle a cry when I spied two sets of large male footprints spiralling around the garden.  Adrenalin began to pump fast around my body.  Two men were lurking in my garden.  Hopefully they were gone.  I had to check if they were still there.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep in my bed otherwise.
The copse loomed ominously in front of me at the bottom of the garden.  It also wound around the right hand side of the house, and the rustling of birds and animals had me nervous and jumping with every noise.  Beyond the copse at the bottom of the garden where I was headed, there were fields and a large wood before the next village.  I was taking a chance being out there alone with intruders and I knew it.  I grit my teeth together.  There was no man coming to my rescue.  Not that I even wanted one.  I had to start looking after my daughter and myself.  Armed with a new attitude, I quested forward, flashing my torch back and forth as though to warn my would-be opponent that I carried a weapon.
“Who is there?  You are on private property.  If you don’t leave now I will call the police,” I warned with a firm voice desperately trying to hide my shaking fear.
Although I couldn’t see anyone I just had a feeling somebody was there lurking in the shadows.   Cold fear trickled down my spine.  I was seconds off deciding to make a run for the house when I felt something brush against me.  I turned around quickly expecting to see something but there was nothing.  My heart pounded hard.  My throat grew dry, making me cough to lubricate it.  I could have sworn I heard eerie male laughter float on the cool breeze towards me.
It seemed to be coming from the copse.  A lump of fear stuck in my throat forcing me to swallow before I repeated my warning with a loud clear voice.  I could hardly hold the torch for shaking.  It flashed amongst the bare trees coated in a picturesque wet snow.  The torch nearly fell from my hands with fright when the light flickered across a pair of dark red eyes staring back at me.
They belonged to the dark figure of the man I was sure I had seen from the window.  My blood froze in my veins and I didn’t think I would be able to move even if I tried.  I heard a throaty growl aimed in my direction, and for a second I really believed death was about to come in the most violent way. But a loud female scream was to distract us both.
The dark red eyes turned to the left towards the house next door.  All of a sudden another male figure ran towards red-eyes in a blur of speed and knocked him sideways.  I heard footsteps crunch heavily in the snow and both men disappeared from view.  I panted, desperately trying to find the urge to run.  The sudden noise of fighting was loud in the small gathering of trees.
The house lights next door were larger and stronger reaching further in to the garden.  They came on suddenly and the place was as floodlit as a football pitch.  I could see it over the wooden fence and the loud growling stopped.  There was more rustling and then nothing.  I flashed my torch again but I couldn’t see anything else although I still had the uneasy feeling someone was watching me from afar.
Still, the relief was enough to engender feeling back in to my limbs and help me to turn and begin walking fast back to the house, nervously glancing over my shoulder to make sure no one was following me.  I hurried back towards the flowerbeds and the raised patio balcony but voices next door had me pausing.  I had hadn’t met any of my other neighbours so I was curious.  Silently I moved to the fence hoping there would be a hole for me to snatch a glimpse of them.  I know, I know, nosey, right? 
It sounded like a man and woman were having a row.  As I moved closer to the fence I was pleased to see two holes.  One of them was wide enough for a good old nosey look.  Carefully I looked through the hole praying I wouldn’t be seen.  It wouldn’t exactly have been the best way to meet my new neighbours, now would it?
A woman was charging up the snow-covered garden in a full-length black evening dress away from a handsome man in a tux.  They had obviously come home from a party.  I wondered if they had been checking out a disturbance in their partition of the copse.  Perhaps they had also seen these two strange men in their garden.
“I told you to stay indoors.  I thought I made myself perfectly clear the other day, Katrina,” the man was angry.  “I do not want you out here on your own at night.”
“I heard an intruder in the garden and I went to investigate.  You were still talking to Julian outside.  Someone had to do something.  Besides, I have told you, I can look after myself.  Sometimes you Trian males are far too overprotective for your own good.  You are obsessed,” she declared with a raised voice.
She sounded frustrated even resentful and full of impatience at the very notion.  And who the hell were the Trians?  I had never heard of them.  I frowned, desperately trying to work out why I didn’t know who the Trian race were.  Maybe they were Arabic or something.  I always prided myself on a good sound knowledge of Geography and the world.  I was University educated to postgraduate level and was no dunce but here I had no clue what the hell they were talking about.  Anyway I digress... 
“We have a right to be.  You know the risks to women,” his voice was crisp, suspicious of her motives.  He was watching her like a hawk as though something was about to pounce upon her.  Every now and then his grey eyes roamed around the garden searching for some predator and then came to rest on her with intense worry.  He was really frightened for her.
“Oh shut up.  I have told you I can look after myself.  Back off.”
“You could have been killed or at the very least raped and taken from me tonight.  I won’t take this from you, Katrina.  I won’t lose you.”
“Go to hell.  I won’t be made a prisoner in my own home.”
The fair-headed man reached out and caught hold of her arm in a rough manner.  She gave a small cry when he quickly spun her around and brought her close to him.  He trapped her body and her arms against him.  He was a strong tall man and kept her easily in check when she attempted to free herself with her violent struggles.
“No, Haydn, let me go.”
“I think you need some good old fashioned discipline to make you see sense, Katrina.  I will not be disobeyed when I give you an instruction regarding your safety,” he told her firmly leaning his head over her shoulder.  His speech sounded quaint, old fashioned.  I was confused.
His hands were already around her waist.  He moved them to the back of her dress and gathered the silky material of the dress just below the seductive swell of her bottom and forcefully tore it open.  I gasped loudly, so loud in fact I thought I had been heard.  I covered my mouth and moved my face away from the hole in the fence, terrified they had seen me acting like a shameless peeping Tom.  I would have moved away but for fear they would hear me.
To my relief, they hadn’t.  I heard more material rip and small helpless female gasps.  I couldn’t believe what was going on.  Daring to look again, now convinced they hadn’t heard or seen me I couldn’t resist seeing what he was going to do next.
The woman’s back and bottom faced me.  Haydn still leant his head over her shoulder holding her still against him.  He had ripped the material of her beautiful dress over her bottom up to the small of her back.  Her shapely slender bottom was naked as the day she was born.  The moon cast a silver light over her form highlighting its beautiful contours to perfection.  Haydn stroked his fingertips lightly across one buttock cheek and then along it’s pouting crease.  Surprisingly, Katrina became still.
“I am pleased to see you have at least been heeding my rules on not wearing any underwear.  I want to be able to access your body any time I choose, my sweet,” he spoke darkly in to her ear.  “It is my right.  And besides it makes it easier to discipline you should the need arise as it has done now,” there was a thin layer of amused triumph lining his words.
“Please, Haydn.  I won’t do it again,” she wasn’t tearful but she was annoyed.  There was no fear.  Her voice was breathy, clearly knowing of what was to come and the discipline he was referring to.  “Please don’t spank me.”
Once more I covered my mouth to stifle a gasp.
“Too late, my darling.  You must be punished.  My word is law concerning your safety and when you break it there are consequences.”
I watched Haydn raise the hand he had been stroking her buttock with and curve his palm.  Without further hesitation he brought it crashing down hard against her pale white and peach bare bottom.  Katrina yelped loudly but another strike was raining down upon her flesh before she could finish the sound.
At first I was outraged, ready to mount the fence as best I could and go to her aid but there was something about Katrina’s yelps that made me think she protested too much.  For one strange moment I considered the idea that she partly enjoyed the punishment and the robust way her husband dealt with her misdemeanour.
Haydn’s hand swing was an art form.  It was well practised, graceful and elegant in its application and hard on its target.  His hand imprinted on Katrina’s skin branding his wife as his own property.  There was something primeval stirring in my blood and the pit of my stomach at the way he spanked his wife like an errant child.  Unexpectedly, I found the action, sexy, protective and undeniably male and dominant.  I felt my cheeks grow hot with a blush I should allow such thoughts to enter my mind.  I was a good girl.  Yeah, and also a very naive one.  Those weaknesses had led me into a marriage with a domineering controlling man who was more freak than sexy caveman.  Is that what I wanted in a man?  To be bound to some sexy caveman type?  I frowned.  No it was mostly definitely not, I lied to myself.
Katrina’s bottom wobbled and jumped as Haydn slapped it firmly.  Her hips bucked against him mimicking the sexual act in response making the scene charged with eroticism.  I wondered how the slaps felt.  Katrina was no doubt experiencing pain.  Her yelps had turned in to sobs yet still I felt no need to rescue her.  The spanking was almost loving and provocative of something else, sex.
Need stirred painfully in my vagina.  Would I ever find a new man?  I tried in vain to dismiss my thoughts and tuned back in to the tantalising scene before me.
“I want you over my knee to finish your punishment, Katrina.  Run to the balcony, my darling.”
Haydn suddenly let go of his wife with a grin.  With a helpless shriek she turned and ran clutching at her blushing bare bottom.  Before mounting the stone steps in her high heels she let go of her buttocks and lifted her tattered skirts about her leaving her bare bottom open and vulnerable.  As she took the first stone step Haydn was upon her quickly.  Every step she took produced a surprised shriek as Haydn slapped her pink bare bottom hard.
I felt wet and aroused.  My desire was to pool when at the top of the steps Haydn slipped his arm under her waist and surprised Katina by lifting her up easily against his waist.  Bent over his arm her legs kicked in to the air.  She screamed and yelped knowing of what was to come.  She kicked like a mule but he merely laughed.  Within seconds he was sitting down on one of the garden chairs on the patio and she was draped over his knee.
Haydn lifted his knees slightly to raise her backside up in the air and moved the remnants of her dress away to the sides.  This time, Katrina appeared to be receiving the spanking of her life.  The blows were hard, dominant and male, designed to convince Katrina of his resolve to make her obedient and show his wife the error of her ways.  This time his cruel hand caught the vulnerable softness of the backs of her pale thighs as he spanked each buttock in turn with an unforgiving wide palm.  I jumped with each slap watching Katrina’s bum colour crimson.  Still she kicked and screamed like a naughty child refusing to take her punishment and sobbed like a baby.  I felt uneasy at my arousal.
“Stop your crying, Katrina and accept your punishment.  You will earn yourself a longer spanking and a stay in your locked room if you don’t.”
But he did have to spank her a little harder before she became limp and penitent over his knee quietly sobbing.
“Good girl, Katrina.  Just a little more to make sure your punishment has hit home. “
Haydn gave her three more hard slaps for good measure and then ceased her torment.  He massaged her swollen red flaming buttocks.  I winced, thinking about how hot her flesh would feel.  She would be lucky if she could sit down for a week.  I felt shame at having been aroused and I was uncomfortable with my feelings after having born witness to Katrina’s painful chastisement.  To my horror I found I was soaking wet between my thighs.  Shame burned hotly inside me and betrayed itself in a warm flush to my cheeks.
Haydn pulled his wife up to sitting in his lap.  He spread her legs wide across him.  She sat looking at him sobbing as he encircled her waist with his hands and began tearing the dress from her body until he freed her and her soft gently moulded milky white breasts bounced out of it.  He tossed the silky material to the side and viewed his naked wife lustily.  Only her grey and silver high-heeled party shoes remained on her feet.  I jumped when she slapped his face hard.
“You will pay for that dress.  It was one of my favourites.”
He whipped his jaw back sharply and rubbed it.  He grinned.  God he was handsome.  His features were refined, aristocratic and he wielded power easily.
“I will buy you a hundred dresses like it, baby.  Just do as I tell you.  I want you in my arms forever, not dead.  Now come to papa and let me satisfy that ache between your thighs.  I know you are wet.  You always are after a punishment, little girl.”
I watched Haydn unzip his trousers and lift out his cock.  It was long, thick and crushingly hard more than adequate enough to satisfy any woman’s pleasure including my own I thought with lament.  Then he lifted Katrina up as though her weight was a mere nothing and lowered her down on to it.  With a grunt he moved up deep inside her.
“You are so wet, Katrina.  I love it when you are wet.  I want you wet all the time, baby.”
He nuzzled his face against her breasts, sipping at one taut nipple as he helped move her up and down on top of him.  It was freezing cold yet Katrina and Haydn did not seem the slightest bit bothered by the snowy weather.  They looked gorgeous together.
I shifted uneasily feeling the wet discomfort and ache between my thighs making me wish I was in Katrina’s place.  It had been so long since I had been taken by a man.  It was unfair.  Tears gathered in my eyes.  I was alone without a husband without anyone.
Katrina leaned back thrusting more of her breast in to his mouth.  Haydn reached one hand up to her hair and pulled at the pins that restrained it.  They tumbled out to the ground freeing her dark brown hair from its prison.  It fell in curls around her shoulders giving her a goddess like appearance.  Sadness, dismay and jealousy seared through me.  She was beautiful.  No wonder she possessed such a handsome husband who loved her so strongly.
She panted.  He grunted lifting himself up in the chair to penetrate her deeply as she hotly moved down on him.  I jumped again when his hand reached out to give her breasts a sudden slap.  I had never seen a woman breast slapped before and I found myself intrigued.  He repeated the action when she moaned loudly and received another enticing response.
“I want you to come, Katrina.  Come on my command.  Be a good girl and come for papa,” he grinned.  I watched him nuzzle her neck.  He opened his mouth and grazed his teeth along the sensitive skin of her throat.  She moaned heavily.  Then to my shock he sank his teeth in to her skin.  My mind dismissed it as a love bite because I saw no blood drawn but somewhere deep inside my mind I knew better.  It was some sort of a bite.  I was disturbed that along with Katrina I was highly aroused by the action.
Katrina groaned loudly in between delivering a series of purrs and helpless cries of pleasure.  Haydn continued to nibble at her skin and reached down to her bottom.  With firm strikes he spanked her buttocks again.  She cried with pain and gripped his shoulders tight for support.  Her movements became frantic as she pumped down on top of his hard dominating length.  Another two slaps and a cry from Haydn of,  “Come for papa, now” in a loud commanding voice, and Katrina was panting and coming like a wild woman.  She writhed against him pushing down hard on his cock.  He pushed up in hard staccato thrusts and came with her, inserting a probing middle digit between the enticing crease of her buttocks and up inside her anal entrance.  I drew my breath when he pushed it in and out in rhythm with his thrusts in to her vagina every time she pushed down on him hard.
The urge to slip my hand down my trousers and masturbate and satisfy my aching vagina was potent but I refrained for the sake of propriety and fear of being caught.  But oh how I wanted to take my own pleasure.  They looked so good together.  I felt ashamed at myself for watching when Katrina slumped against her husband spent with pleasure feeling him rub her sore bottom in a comforting protective gesture.  He removed his mouth from her neck and licked his lips.  Katrina clung to him tightly as if she let go she would fall and collapse without his loving support.
Within seconds he was lifting her up in his arms.  Her legs wrapped around his waist as he carried her in to the house.  I got the distinct impression he was hardening inside her once again.
“Good baby, let’s get you to bed where I can keep you safe,” he whispered.  “Time for sleep.  No one is going to hurt my baby,” he whispered lovingly.
I moved away from the hole in the fence envious rubbing at my tear stained face.  I turned back to the copse feeling eyes upon me once more but I could see nothing.  Afraid I hurried back to the house and locked the door quickly.  I went to bed feeling miserable and lonely.

I hope you enjoyed it.  Let me know what you think.

See you soon.