Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Clara & The Ghost Who Spanked!


I am on my Cruise around the Mediterranean at the minute and currently in the port of Cadiz, Spain.  I had some time to kill and came up with a new BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom Romance story with a supernatural twist.

I am not sure what title to go with for this one at the minute but for now I have given it a fun one, Clara & The Ghost Who Spanked! :)

Unfortunately, I have not been inspired to write the next instalment for Daddy's Rules II yet.  I am relaxing and sometimes that is how writing works.  The minute I do I will share it with you.

Finally, after less than two days, I have found a publisher for Forget Me Nots.  Once I have more details about a release date etc, I will let you know.

In the meantime, enjoy reading the first chapter of Clara & The Ghost Who Spanked which is also going to involve a murder mystery!

Please let me know what you think of it.


Clara & The Ghost Who Spanked

Chapter One

Clara’s eyes widened in surprise as the vision in her mind expanded to show her a woman with her skirt raised to her waist, her pale peach pert bottom thrusting up naked over the knee of a suited man with her black lace panties pulled down to just below the backs of her thighs while he spanked her and another man looked on filming.

Clara had never experienced a mediumistic vision of this kind before and she was more than intrigued.  She had first seen the young blonde woman sitting before her in the chair who had come for a reading in the company of two young suited men in a plush office.  One of them sat behind the desk, clearly in charge.  She could not see his face but the navy designer suit he wore and the manicured fingers he rapped on the desk told Clara he was a very rich successful man.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl,” he said softly, darkly to Clara’s client, Louise standing in front of his desk.  Clara would have expected there to be a trace of humour in his caressing masculine tone but there was none.  He meant it.    

“Yes, you have definitely been a bad girl,” the second man in a suit standing next to Louise said speaking up in a sarcastic voice.  He held a ledger in his hand.  But once again, Clara was not allowed to see his face.  “What made you think you would get away with stealing from the Brown Account?  Did you not think we would notice that you were syphoning money out of the account a small piece at a time for yourself?”

“Please, I had no choice.  You don’t understand.  I needed the money to fund my brother’s heart operation.  He is in a hospital and so vulnerable.  If he doesn’t have the operation soon, he will die.  I am all he has.  Please don’t call the police.  I will do anything to    . . .”

“I have to report this,” the man behind the desk curtly informed her.

“Please, I am begging you,” she pleaded.  “Don’t do this to my brother.  You know how sick he is.  I have told you on numerous occasions.  He is mentally ill as well.  Please, if they put me in prison he won’t survive.  I will pay back every penny.  Please.”

“How do I know you won’t do it again?”

“I won’t.  I promise.”

Louise was desperate, the tears in her eyes ready to spill.

Clara heard the businessman behind the desk sigh.

“Your actions must be punished.”

“There might be another way, sir,” his colleague said severely.  “You could set the punishment for her yourself without involving the police.  It is in the guidelines you set for running the company.  Normally the police are involved in cases of theft but bearing in mind the circumstances of this case I believe it could be arranged.”

Silence ensued and then the man behind the desk spoke again.

“I should really report you to the police but I don’t want to do that to your sick brother.  I know first hand how hard things have been for you both recently.  I don’t want to add to it but you have stolen from my company and I can’t let that go.  You should have come to me.  You know I would have helped you, Louise.  If you will agree to be disciplined in the manner I set out, then the police will not be called.  It is up to you.”

“What does this discipline entail?” Louise asked with cautious curiosity in her tone.

“A spanking across your bare bottom over my knee, then over Charles’s before a whipping once more over your butt which will be conducted naked in front of a viewing male audience in a few days.  You will also have to endure an intimate medical examination of your pelvic and anal area before we can assess you are suitable for the second punishment,” he told her matter of a fact.

Clara could feel the rise of anxiety throughout Louise’s body making it tremble.  The impulse to bolt from the room was strong but she stood firm knowing she had no choice but to agree.

“Do you consent to the punishment?” Charles asked.

“Y . . .Yes.  I do,” Louise stammered.

“Good.  Then let’s begin.  Charles, raise her skirt and pull down her panties.  Then drape her over my knees.  Please film the whole spanking for our records.”

Charles locked the door and came towards her.  Louise backed away but he skilfully caught her wrist and pulled her to him.  She bit her bottom lip as she watched him bend to sweep his hands over her shiny silk black skirt and forced it to rise up over her thighs.  He bunched  it at her waist.  Louise closed her eyes feeling her cheeks warm as he cast his eyes over the small patch of flimsy lace covering her pussy and bottom.  Without hesitation or lingering, he held both sides of the panties and ripped them down over her bottom to just below her thighs, exposing the tight neatly trimmed curls of her vulva. 

“Very nice,” he said before standing and leading her to the man in charge.

Dying of embarrassment and humiliation, Louise followed him to her boss, hobbling in her high heels, her walking hampered by the panties around her legs.  Then he lowered her over the CEO’s knees, pausing to lift her buttocks and arrange her body so that she was adequately prepared for the man’s hand. 

Clara watched the CEO’s large palm smooth over one of Louise’s buttocks as though to calm and prepare her.

“You have a lovely round tight bottom.  I am going to enjoy colouring it a hot red.  A woman always looks more attractive with a red spanked bottom,” he informed her.

The first slap came hard and unforgiving.  Louise yelped loudly and sobbed on the second.  Clara watched her bare bottom, jump and quiver as Charles filmed the whole chastisement, remembering to pan the camera closer as her bottom then the tender backs of her thighs were coloured red with the CEO’s firm spanking hand as it struck her rump over and over again without mercy.

Clara watched fascinated.  Whenever she experienced a vision she saw herself standing in the scene before her, observing unnoticed.  The image was so strong and her presence so real, she could feel the carpet beneath her shoes and smell the CEO’s cologne with hints of fresh pine and citrus tones but today there was something different.  There was someone with her.  A handsome raven haired man with haunting black eyes dressed smartly in a black suit.  He wasn’t interested in the punishment but instead was watching her intently from the corner of the room and the one thing, Clara was sure of was that he was not alive.  He was a ghost.  One that had infiltrated her vision unawares and she wasn’t sure whether his intention was good or bad.    

Friday, 11 August 2017

Daddy's Rules II, Cruises & Eternal Love & Discipline


This is just a quick update to let you know Forget Me Nots, my sexy contemporary BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom Romance dealing with the spooky concept of past lives in the American West & Victorian England, the mystery of eternal love and discipline is now finished!  I am currently attempting to find a publisher for it and once I have one I will let you know.  You can read an excerpt on the previous post.

I am going away on a cruise tomorrow for two weeks on a much needed holiday around Spain, France, Italy & Sardinia but I will be using it as inspiration for my BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom contemporary menage, Daddy's Rules II which is set on a cruise!  I will post another instalment while I am away.

Watch this space for news and more stories!

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Taming Clarissa, DIY, Dark Erotica & AK Publishing



Last week was a bit of a trial.  My Apple MacBook Air's screen was damaged and I had to deal with a lot of what I call admin and personal stuff.  However, after rushing out to by a spanking new Apple laptop, I managed to finish my very sexy BDSM/Spanking/Ghost Romance with a past life backdrop dealing with the mystery of eternal love and discipline!!! :)

I have been in two minds as to whether or not to send it to a publisher or do it myself!  For a long time now I have wanted to set up my own publishing company with my own work for now and I am finally getting the courage to do it.  This way I can write what I want and not stick to what someone else deems appropriate for their company or readership.

I am in the process of setting up AK Publishing or Arabella Kingsley Publishing.  My vision is to provide books in ebook format on Amazon, KU and in print with the ultimate goal to have them sold in shops.  The launch book will be Forget Me Nots.

Eventually, I will write and publish books in all sorts of different genres but for now I will concentrate on erotic romance with innovative storylines you are unlikely to find anywhere else because publishers are unwilling to publish them.  I will also continue to write in series form as well in dark erotica, another concept publishers of spanking romance in particular are unwilling to try despite the audience for it.

Forget Me Nots will be released very soon as an ebook while I prepare the print version.  In the meantime check out the last excerpt from the book below in which Clarissa is tamed by the Billionaire, Brandon Clifford.

I will be embarking on my holiday on a cruise around Spain, France, Italy & Sardinia on Saturday and concentrating on finishing Daddy's Rules:  The Escape on the sea days.  Great inspiration! :). So expect a new excerpt soon!


Excerpt From Forget-Me-Nots

“Let me go.  I want to leave,” she asked breathlessly.

“You aren’t going anywhere,” he said darkly sweeping his eyes over her face.  “I think it is time I taught you a lesson.”

Brandon removed his hand from her throat and took hold of the front of her blouse.  With a sharp tug he ripped it open.  She gasped out loud as he kept his eyes trained on hers narrowing them with determination to make her surrender while a devilish grin played about his sensuous lips as he tore the material away from her body.  She appeared captivated, unable to tear her eyes away from his while he twist and tore the material   exposed her luscious breasts confined in the tight fitting white lace bra.  He cast the remnants of the blouse across the floor as though it were garbage.

Wasting no time he closed his around one juicy breast and squeezed it.

“I want this off,” he insisted.  “Keep your hands above your head.  Move them and I will whip you,” he ordered.

Another gasp but no shocked protest at his threat.  Good girl.  Do as you are told.

Roughly, he lifted the the cups of her bra upwards.  The nipples sprang forth erect.  His grin darkened.  He moved forwards to wrap his lips around one succulent teat to suck and nip as though he were drawing milk and nourishing himself.  Deftly he undid her bra and the back as he did so, satisfied when he heard her moan.  He pulled the restrictive garment down her arms and off her body throwing it to the floor next to her tattered blouse.

When he turned his attention to her skirt to remove it, Brandon found himself wrestling with her a little.  He did not pick up any real fear of him only that part of her that wanted to be scared and he used his strength to subdue her to take off the skirt, wrenching it down her legs.  She reached out to slap his face when he stood again and thrust his hand down the front of her flimsy silk panties, his intention to tear them from her hips.  His reaction was swift, instead of slapping her face he struck first one breast with the flat of his palm then the next.  She yelped watching her breasts lift and quiver with the force of each blow.  He repeated the action and then snapped the sides of her panties and pulled them out from under her quickly raining his hand down hard over the mound to spank it. 

The Billionaire took hold of both of her wrists and lifted them above her head again.  He pinned them against the wall and slapped her pussy again, widening her spanking to alternating hitting her breasts, catching the nits neatly across the middle of his hand until their pale plump flesh grew rosy along with her vulva.  Her cries were loud and tears gathered in her eyes but she no longer fought him, accepting her chastisement and encouraging him to believe she was beginning to surrender by the dampness coating his spanking hand.  But he wasn’t finished with her when he ceased striking her vagina and the mounds hanging from her chest.

He spun her around ensuring her arms remained above her head against the wall.

“This isn’t over yet, baby girl,” he informed her loving the way she gasped and sighed as he pushed her forwards up against the wall, squashing her breasts in the process.  “Legs open.”

She did as she was told, encouraged by the quick slap of his hand against her bare bottom.  Letting go of her hands he quickly undid his tied and moving it over her head pushed it between her lips, to gag her mouth.  He tied it behind her head then unbuckled his black leather belt and threaded it through his belt loops.  Brandon folded the belt over and stood to her side admiring the naked curves of her body.  He placed his hand in the small of her back to steady and calm her before raising the belt to bring the first lash of the leather across one buttock.  She bleated and her butt cheek trembled under the strike.  The second was to quickly join it.  Two red stripes adorned her skin and he continued to pattern her buttocks treating her to a fresh sting each time by not whipping the same area twice.

“You belong to me, and I will have your obedience, Clarissa,” he told her moving her punishment to the tender backs of her thighs.

Eventually he threw down his makeshift whip and turned her around again.  Keeping the gag in her mouth he pulled her over his shoulder and carried her to the bed, giving her buttocks two more spanks for good measure before tossing her naked body down on to the bed.  He pulled down the zip on his trousers unable to bear the weight of the designer material pressing down on his hard, pulsing cock that was fit to burst.  She looked up at him but did not dare to question his authority by getting up.  The second he was undressed he pounced on top of her and forcing her body to move backwards underneath him until her head and chest hung over the bed.  He turned her over and pushed her over the bed so that she hung precariously and had no choice to put her hands flat on the floor to balance.  She gave an outraged cry prompting him to give her another strike to her bottom.  Lifting  her bottom up he delved his fingers through her pussy to check just how wet she was and if she was ready to receive him.  She was soaking wet.  With a grin he guided his cock to her vaginal entrance and paused just inside the small opening.  He reached down and took hold of the back of the gag bringing her head up from being bent to the floor and with one almost brutal thrust embedded himself inside her to the hilt.

Winding his hand carefully around her throat he used the back of the tie as a rein and rode her like a stallion forcing her to submit like a mare in a stable primed for mating.