Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Stolen Excerpt

I anticipate that Stolen, my very hot BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom Menage Romance with a thrilling twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat will be released by Thoughtcatalog sometime in the next few weeks!  To wet your appetite check out the blurb and a small naughty spanking snippet below!

Stolen Blurb

Handsome Dominant American Billionaire, Mark Dexter catches Drew Sumner, Investigative journalist and the beautiful wife of his corrupt business rival James Sumner stealing important documents from his study in his penthouse apartment in New York for him.  He promptly disciplines the woman he once asked to marry with a firm bare bottom spanking over his desk.

But Mark is strongly protective of her when he discovers she has been physically and mentally abused by her callous controlling husband and forced in to marriage with him.  He informs Sumner that he has stolen Drew from him and he will never get her back.  But Sumner has kidnapped her three year old daughter and hidden her away to force Drew to stop writing an article on his business dealings with Mark’s estranged criminal English father who is trafficking young women from the US and UK as sex slaves and prostitutes in to Europe and to terrorists.

When Drew runs from Mark to search for her child in Italy he has no choice but to request the help of his estranged identical twin Dylan, an agent in the International Intelligence Agency Interdefense to help him find and protect Drew from both Sumner and their dangerous father.  He doesn’t count on the handsome spy making a move on Drew before he arrives in Venice or her declaration that she cannot do without either of them in her life.

Drew is determined to find her child before she is lost forever and bring Lewis Dexter to justice.  The twins become faced with the challenge of resolving their differences so they can share the woman they love who they want to dominate and tame in their bed.  They must protect her at all costs before she is stolen from them.

Stolen Excerpt

 Dylan groaned.  For the second time that day he was going to have to force information from a woman.  Why did they not realise he always won and just give in?

He wove his arm underneath her own and noticing Drew was finishing tying the man to the table leg by his wrists with some ribbons she’d found keeping together an arrangement of flowers together in a large tall vase on top of the table in front of a long thin mirror.  Dylan shook his head.  It wouldn’t hold and would probably snap.  He had to move fast to get the information out of the girl before the big guy woke up.

“Drew, over here now.”

Dylan moved the girl to another table one that was oval and in the middle of the room with a large fern on top of it underneath the red tulip shaped Murano glass chandelier hanging above it on the fresco ceiling covered in cherubs and beautiful goddesses in a garden setting.

“Take the fern off the table.”

Drew did as she was bid and stood holding the plant watching as Dylan placed the girl over the table face downwards and held her there by the arms, holding the back of her face down on to the cool white marble surface.
“I will make you tell us,” he hissed at the maid.

“Drew, lift up her skirt and pull down her panties.”


“Do it now or when we get out of this you will be over my knee for the spanking of your life.  Now.”

Drew jumped to attention.  Putting the plant down she tentatively moved towards the girl.

“Hurry up.  We haven’t got much time.”

Drew closed her eyes and then sighed.  She set her face straight and reached in between Dylan and the maid to force her tight pencil skirt up her legs then thighs and over her suspenders holding up a pair of nude stockings.  Dylan raised his eyebrows and watched with some amusement and interest at the way she gently slid her soft slender hands over the girl’s pale thighs to tuck her fingers around the top of the material of her panties and slowly pull them down until the girl’s pale bottom was bared.

“Hold her arms until I take off my belt.

“What are you going to do?” the Maid demanded in a panicked voice.

“Thrash it out of you,” he said pulling hard on her arms before letting go and raising her from the table until she hovered above it in an uncomfortable position.

“By the time I finish with whipping your backside you won’t be able to sit down for a week.  So any time you feel like telling me let me know and the pain will stop,” he snarled in her ear.  But all he got in return was whimpering.  Forcefully he placed her back down on the table and motioned for Drew to take over.

Dylan stepped back and undid his silver belt buckle that matched his cufflinks glancing at the man who was moaning and coming back round.  He approached the girl but then stopped surprised.

Drew was pushing the girl down on the table and shouting at her.

“Where did that bitch take my daughter?”

She raised her slender hand and slapped one of the girl’s buttocks.  It was an admirable strike with some power behind it but it only produced some small cries from the girl.  It need a firm male palm to induce some stinging pain to get the girl to think and reconsider her decision not to be co-operative.

Drew was trying to put more power behind her slaps catching the backs of the girl’s thighs when he approached.

“Hold her face down on the table.”

Drew nodded and moved to execute his order with speed.

“You are getting the hang of this,” he grinned taking hold of the Maid’s arms forcing them to remain backwards and lift upwards in to the air to cause her discomfort.  Twisting to the side he raised the belt and struck the Maid’s bottom hard with it. 

The belt thwacked at one buttock then the next with speed each time increasing the intensity of each lash.  The girl screamed out, her flesh wobbling and jumping with every strike colouring a nice hot pink. 

“Please stop,” she begged when he was in mid swing.

“Are you ready to talk?”


This time the spy aimed the belt at the backs of her thighs with an expert stroke watching it snap at her tender skin leaving its mark.

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