Friday, 30 December 2016

Paranormal Activity

I hope you all had a great Christmas!  Apologies for not getting done what I hoped to do over Christmas.  This was due to illness and sudden family commitments.  But a new year brings new plans and new decisions.

The first is to tell you about the romantic ghost film script I am finishing up called Forget Me Nots. It features a handsome American billionaire who buys an Island in the beautiful Lake District in the UK.  He entices the woman he has been in love with in all of his past lives on to it so he can reclaim her and protect her from the man determined to take her from him again in the present.

The second is to out myself from the Spiritual Closet as a Spiritual Medium and show you all the spooky stuff that goes on around me all the time and especially when I write my novels.  Surprisingly, spirit provides a lot of my inspiration!  Check out my orb friends on my new Woman In Black channel on Youtube while I plan the book I have always wanted to write about my experiences and a vlog.

Finally, I am hoping to begin work on the sequel to Stolen in the near future.

Have a great New Year!


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Sexy Excerpt From Stolen On Thoughtcatalog!

I Was Stolen, Handcuffed, And Spanked By My Billionaire Husband’s Biggest Rival

Read Chapter One of Stolen on Thoughtcatalog.  Please follow this link Thoughtcatalog to read.

The book is available from Thoughtcatalog & Amazon in digital and print forms.


Saturday, 17 December 2016

Taking Her Back Reduced In Price & Stolen Excerpt

If you like Romantic Suspense novels as well as Erotica try out my very sexy novel,  which has been reduced to $0.99 for Christmas!  It is also available on Kindle Unlimited.  Check out the five star review on!

Historian Sabrina Michaels travels to a handsome French billionaire's Chateau to research his famous ancestor but when she arrives he lays claim to her as his lost wife and will not allow her to leave.

Raoul Valoire's beautiful English wife disappeared from their home during a lavish party. He has never stopped searching for her and can't believe his luck when she walks back in to his life out of the blue. He will do anything to take her back even if he has to keep her a prisoner in the Chateau until she recovers her lost memory and remembers she belongs to him and only him.

Together they uncover the dangerous conspiracy that led to Sabrina's disappearance and the person responsible for keeping them apart who is still determined to possess Sabrina whatever the cost.

Get it while  you can!  There will be more Christmas pressies this week so keep checking here for details!  At the end of the Stolen excerpt read up on a new erotic fairytale story coming for Christmas Eve on Amazon!

Taking Her Back: and

Here is an excerpt from my very hot and naughty Erotic BDSM/Spanking/ Billionaire Daddy Dom Menage Romance featuring identical male twins with a thrilling twist and plenty of action.  Now available on Kindle and Kindle and in print on and  check out the short excerpt below.

Handsome American billionaire Mark Dexter looked down at the pretty woman draped front ways over his desk, her hands tied behind her back with his fine silk purple tie and her skirt around her waist.  He continued pulling her black silk panties down to her ankles and over her kicking feet in her high heels which didn’t reach the floor to his amusement.

“You can’t do this.  You can’t just spank me like a child.  Let me go now or I will scream the place down,” the woman shouted in her upper crust English accent doing her best to wrestle her small curvy body off the desk on to the floor. 

He pulled the panties away from her and rested his hand on the middle of her back in an effort to calm and steady her.

“I have every right to discipline you.  I caught you stealing documents from my office.  I am ruler of my domain, Ms Sumner,” he said with some amusement in his tone.  “And I don’t tolerate spies and thieves.”

Mark cast his black eyes over her pert pale bottom lifting off the table towards him.  It reminded him of a juicy ripe peach he wanted to take a bite out of.

“I had no choice.  He sent me.  He made me,” there was a plea in her voice.

“I can imagine.  But you could have come to me.  You know that.  I am going to send your husband a message.  He is messing with the wrong man.  I won’t let him ruin my business and steal it for himself.”

Mark nodded at the second man in the room who was a member of his security team. He held up a smart phone to continue filming the scene with a grin, homing in on the billionaire James Sumner’s wife bare bottom being prepared for a firm spanking.

Mark smoothed the back of his hand against one ripe buttock loving the feel of her skin against his hand.  He’d wanted to see the woman naked and beneath him in his bed for a long time.  Married to a brute of a man he’d been forced to do business with Mark Dexter had dreamed of a way to get her away from him and in to the security of his own arms.  He hadn’t expected her to betray him like this.  He still held her panties in the other hand and as she continued to bleat an idea struck him hard.  Pulling her body up off the desk by her tied hands he scrunched the silky material up and pushed the garment in between her lips to gag her.

Grinning at her mumbles against the makeshift gag, Mark exchanged a satisfied look with the man filming proceedings.  He placed his hand in the middle of her back once more and standing to the side he raised his hand to deliver the first slap.  Drew Sumner’s body tightened and jerked lifting in to the air with the first hard strike.  Her bare bottom wobbled and shook with the force.  The billionaire hit the opposite buttock delighted when the reaction was reproduced and then spanked the seat of her rump.

Drew whimpered, cried and squirmed as he increased the pace of his strikes diverting his attention momentarily to the tender backs of her thighs.

“This will teach you not to be a naughty little girl and sneak in people’s offices to steal information,” he mocked in a fatherly tone.  He looked in to the camera another idea forming in his head.  “Maybe next time you can come and confront me yourself instead of putting your wife at risk,” he told James Sumner in between the thwack of his hand against her buttocks.  “It’s time someone taught you a lesson.  If you want your wife back return the documents and contact book you made Drew steal the last time she was here or this video goes all over Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and other Media.  Until then your wife is mine.  Consider her stolen.”

Drew lay over the table crying prompting Mark to rest his hand on top of her sore burning bottom.  He looked at his aide holding the phone.

“Send James Sumner the video,” he ordered removing the gag from Drew’s mouth.

The man nodded and sent the video.  Mark gestured for the man to leave the phone on the desk and make his exit from the room.  Alone Mark gently smoothed his palm over one of Drew’s hot cheeks to soothe it.  He leaned forwards and pulled the panties carefully from her mouth and deposited them in the bin at the side.  She wouldn’t be needing them again.  He sighed and continued to rub her butt cheek listening to her cry.

“There, there.  It’s all over.  Now tell me why you betrayed me, Drew?  I thought you and I were good friends,” he listened to the frustration and annoyance in his voice and tried to dampen it.  He knew fine well why she’d done it.  He could see the bruising on her cheek from here.  What had James threatened her with now?  Mark caressed his voice over her taut nerves suddenly feeling protective of the woman. “This isn’t the first time you’ve stolen from me.  I wondered if it was you last time things went missing from my office.  I refused to believe it was you.  Now I know.  Come on talk to me.”

The American billionaire gave her buttock one sharp spank flaring the heat once more when she declined to answer.

“Answer me now,” he commanded raising his hand again to deliver another lash with his hand.

“He hit me.  But that isn’t the worst of it.  I can take that.  I am used to it,
 she shouted.  “He has taken Eva from me.”

Mark poised his hand in mid air.

“Your daughter?”

“Yes.  She’s only three and I don’t know where she is.  He stole her away from the house I am renting.  I left him.  I thought I was secure this time but he always finds me.  Two of his men took her away in a car while he dragged me back home.  He told me that if I didn’t do as I was told I would never see her again.  He threatened to kill her, Mark.  How could he do that to his own daughter?  I am sorry,” she sobbed.  “But I did what I had to.  Now I’ve failed he will kill her.”

Frowning, Mark lowered his hand and cupped both of her butt cheeks.  He moved his hands up and down to massage her bare bottom to calm her agitation, trying to keep his own in check for the fear she must be feeling.  It was time he took both Drew and her crippling situation in hand.  She was a strong determined woman who had tried to dig her own way out but James Sumner was a ruthless opponent who would stop at nothing to get his own way.  Mark Dexter knew that all too well from personal experience..  Drew needed someone on her side.  She needed someone fighting her corner, someone with money and connections.  Someone who loved her.

“Shhh.  Relax,” he whispered bending to touch her bottom with his lips.  Mark felt the heat scorching from it with approval.  He stood by his decision to spank her.  Whatever the reason she had stolen from him and had warranted the punishment for committing the act of theft and more importantly for not coming to him for help.

“You should have come to me when you left him.  I would have protected you and your child.  I know James is abusive to you.  I won’t let him do anything to her or you again.  We will get her back,” he informed her in an even velvet tone to reassure her.

“No.  You have to let me go back.  I can’t risk it.  I think he has taken her out of the country, possibly back to England.  We have a home in London and in Hertfordshire.  It’s a large estate.  He has probably hidden her there.  I have to find her.  I am going out of my head.”

Mark glanced down between his captive’s thighs visible through her slightly parted legs as she lay face down on top of his desk her arms still bound behind her back with his tie.  Despite her distress she was wet from her spanking.  Tiny beads of moisture coated the soft pale insides.  He slipped his fingers in between her legs careful not to penetrate the pouting lips of her vagina and stroked rhythmically allowing the dampness to coat the pads of his fingers.

“No.  You aren’t going anywhere,” he said huskily tracing the curve of her vulva once more careful not to enter.  You will remain with me under my protection and under this roof where I can see you,” he soothed.  “I am in charge of the situation now and I will find your baby.  I promise.”

He heard Drew give a small gasp.  She did not verbally protest at the intimacy of his touch but the wriggle of her body on top of the desk told him she was torn as to whether or not to enjoy and be gentled by his caress.

“You have to let me go,” she was breathless.  “I have to go back to save Eva.”

 “Hush.  I have waited a long time for the opportunity to steal you away from that monster,” Mark’s voice was dark and filled with anger but it was controlled.  “I am not letting go of you.  You will never be hit or attacked by James Sumner again.  I will find your child and you will both live with me where I can keep you safe and loved.”

“No.  You don’t have to do that.  And besides I need my independence and . . .”

“Shhh.”  Mark raised his fingers a little higher until they hovered just over the periphery of her pussy and pressed down moving his fingers back and forth.

Another helpless cry escaped her lips and silenced her dissent.

“I don’t see you as an independent woman, Drew.  You need a man to rule and school you not with violence but love.  We both know that’s right.  That’s why you are so wet now after being spanked.  I know you and I also know you are in love with me as much as I am to you and always have been since we first met. I have just being waiting for the right opportunity to steal you back.  That time has come, darling.  Now I am taking back what is rightfully mine and no one is going to stop me,” he told her confidently, arrogantly.

She answered him with a satisfied moan of pleasure.

“I have always belonged to you, Mark and I always will.  I can’t deny the truth,” she told him with intense feeling.  “But I have to go back for Eva.  What will you do if I try to leave?” she tested.

Mark gave a soft chuckle and picked up his caress moving his finger just underneath one juicy plump lip to caress.  Her vagina was flooded.

The billionaire pulled Drew’s blouse out of her skirt.  He yanked it up her back and with one hand expertly undid the catch on her bra.  It fell open freeing the swell of flesh pressed in to the desk.  Wasting no time he placed his hand underneath her body up under the open bra and cupped a large milky breast in his palm as she waited for his answer.  He gave it a sharp squeeze making her cry out in shock at the strength he exerted in his possessive hold.

  “You won’t be able to.  My security is tight.  It will be impossible.”

“But if I escaped?  If I managed to find a way?  What would you do?” there was apprehension and curiosity in her tone.

Her hips and pelvis jerked when he circled the entrance to her channel and with a smile of satisfaction impaled her on his middle finger in one sharp stabbing movement.

“You won’t.  I will never hurt you Drew.  I love you.”

Her captor pulsed his finger in and out of her knowing she was highly aroused and ready to come.  She began to pant and move down on to his digit.

 “But if I catch you trying to I will throw you over my knee, whip your bare bass with my belt, strip you naked and chain you to your bed until you understand just who is in charge here,” he told her firmly giving her nipple a tight hot pinch with his fingers.

Her gasp echoed around the room.  Mark cruelly thrust his finger hard inside her body making her buck like a wild cat allowing him to enjoy the feel of the slippery wet muscles inside her channel attempting to grip him as he curled it upwards to stroke her G-spot.  Drew was unable to catch her breath and Mark knew he had her exactly where he wanted.

“I meant what I said.  I have stolen you from your husband and now you are mine.  Now submit to me and come.”

Coming For Christmas soon . . . .   Taming His Princess. An erotic retelling of Rapunzel!