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The Chateau & Stolen News

Just a quick note to keep you up to date on my publishing news.  My BDSM/Spanking/Billionaire Daddy Dom Romantic Thriller, Safe In His Arms and my erotic spin on the Beauty & The Beast Fairytale, Given To The Beast are being sent out to publishers on Monday.

I am also preparing to edit and add a lot more sexy scenes and story to my bestselling Erotica tale, The Chateau.  Once completed it will also be sent to publishers.

I have now signed a contract with Thoughtcatalog Publishing for my full length BDSM/Spanking/Billionaire Daddy Dom Romantic Thriller, Stolen which will be ready to purchase very soon!

Don't forget to check out my Arabella Kingsley page on Thoughtcatalog to read some sexy excerpts from my books.

To wet your appetite for The Chateau meet Maxim Devereux, the sexy, dominant owner and Dean of the school which teaches the son's of the rich to become BDSM Masters before they are married in a small excerpt below.  You can read another on Thoughtcatalog as well.  Please follow this Link.

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Please note this excerpt contains, anal play, human cow & lactation fantasy, breeding fantasy and BDSM.


The students followed the lecturer down the grass towards the milking house which had once housed some of the stables for Maxim’s ancestors.  The building was long and cream.  It was fashioned in the same cream brick and black slate roof as the Chateau and its towers.  Inside the house was white, hygienic and clinical.  They were led to a smaller room past medical and dairy equipment which drew whispers between the men. 

The small room was crisp and sterile.  It contained a circular pen in the middle with metal bars around it.  Bertrand encouraged the students to stand around and lean over the bars to see what was happening inside the pen as he explained.  Maxim followed suit.  Inside a woman was being brought through the metamorphosis in to a human cow.  Maxim had interviewed her for the position just the day before.  When everything about the role had been explained to her she was more than enthusiastic, although there had been a momentary flicker of confusion and panic across her brown eyes when she realised she would have to be naked on all fours eating the grass.  Still she had signed the contract when her medical exam proved she was a healthy specimen and an ideal candidate.  The salary and benefits were too good to be passed on and her erotic inclinations for the process were sound.

The new pale peaches and cream human cow was naked on all fours, her slender curves shown to perfection.  Her face was partially covered around the eyes and mouth by a leather bridle containing a bit for her mouth to keep her silent.  The bridle fixed around her head and neck allowing her chestnut hair to brush her shoulders.  There was a steel ring at the neck through which a leash had been attached.  This leash tethered the cow to one of the metal bars.  Her knees rested on a thick comfy mattress sunken in to a square in the floor.

Behind the cow there was a male doctor clothed in white overalls.  He wore white latex gloves and was opening the crease of the girl’s bottom to examine her anus.  At the front of the cow a female doctor was positioned in the same white overalls.  She too wore latex gloves and was fondling the cows breasts and nipples, stretching and pulling them down to the floor as she conducted her examination.  The doctor picked up a tape measure from the side and began to place it around one of the cow’s breasts.

The male medic began to smear the cow’s anus with lubricant making Maxim harden at the sight.  He always found watching the cows graze and be milked highly arousing and to see a new cow broken in to service was to heighten his pleasure even further.  The man’s fingers circled the puckered hole until she was drenched and then he started to carefully insert his middle finger.  He plunged his finger deeper stretching the nerve endings and the channel until it accommodated his penetration.

Maxim had been present at the woman’s medical examination and it had been made clear she had never been taken by a man in her anal entrance before.  She squirmed and bucked in resistance at first.  Now she was making the same restless movements, trying to pull away and lift her bottom up in the air.  Maxim could see her biting down on the bit but the doctor continued to push his finger inside her, wiggling it up and down the channel walls to widen the velvet entrance.

The cow gave one massive buck upwards that threatened to dislodge the doctor’s finger.  In response he leaned over the cow’s back and slipped his other latex gloved hand beneath her pussy to slap it three times.  Maxim could see him expertly catch the tip of her clit to stimulate arousal as well as discipline.  Eventually the cow was calmed by her spanking and became still, tamed by the finger held firmly inside her bottom.

The students were all looking between her thighs.  Large beads of wetness clung to the sparse but neatly shaped and shaven dark curls.  The cow was soaking wet with arousal from her vagina being spanked, her anus being probed and her breasts enlarged and stimulated.  As the doctor began to pulse his finger in and out of her anus, the attractive blonde medic was finishing her measuring unhampered by the cow’s previous movements.

Her breasts appeared heavy and swollen, beginning to hang low beneath her body.  They were not as large as the rest of the herd’s yet but Maxim could see they were filled with her first milk.  The surface skin of her breast was pulled tight down towards the dark areola and plum coloured nipples.  The urge to cup and hold the cow’s breasts, to stroke and support the painful heavy flesh in his large male palms came swiftly.  He loved being out among the students in their classes.

  It was his first week as Dean and he was already finding the paperwork mundane and the day to day running of the business tedious.  He wanted to become more involved with lecturing and instructing on a part-time basis.  Perhaps he could take on the training of a woman and mould her in to the perfect submissive as a project for study by the students.  He would make her endure every aspect of submission the Chateau offered.  But he would need to find the perfect woman willing to explore the darker side of her erotic character.  A plan began to form in Maxim’s mind.  The image of the perfect woman entering his mind making him smile.  She wouldn’t be able to refuse his offer.

The doctor began to squeeze the cow’s breasts encouraging the milk to drop to the udder and let down.  Maxim wondered how the cow’s milk would taste.  There was nothing like suckling the first milk from a human cow straight from the teat.  The texture was creamy, slightly frothy with just a gentle taste of salt. 

“She is ready to let down her milk,” the woman continued to squeeze the beautiful cow’s breasts, this time more vigorously.  “Her breasts are still in the expansion stage but they are already full to the brim.  She should milk well.”

The male doctor nodded and kept up thrusting his finger inside and out of the cow’s anus, pausing to insert a second finger.  He moved his free hand between her thighs again and flexed her small bud back and forth between his fingers.  The cow pushed her hips backwards whimpering against the bit signalling her pleasure.  One latex covered finger wound its way up inside her slick sex.  The effect was immediate her muffled cries of pleasure against the bit increased.  Her body thrust backwards on to his fingers with wanton abandon.

“She is close to climax.  I can’t believe how wet she is.  She is taking to the grass and the experience well.”

“Come on, beautiful, give me just a few drops,” the woman cooed at the cow hardening the squeeze on her breasts, tightly nipping and pinching the ends of the udders to force her to give up her nutritious milk.

The thrusts of the doctor’s fingers inside her body came hard and fast now in a stabbing action.  All the male students were silent watching with bated breath and hard arousal evident by the bulge in their trousers.

“She is climaxing.  It should come now.”

The cow’s body reared up for a moment as her orgasm broke.  Her cry was lost behind the bit but her movements became slow, her eyes glazed and her soft skin became covered in a silky sheen of sweat.  She bucked with intensity swallowing all of the doctor’s fingers whole.  The moment she came the first droplets of milk sprouted free from her teats in to a metal trough that had been placed beneath them.  A second later a steady stream began to flow from her nipples tinkling in to the metal tray.  As her orgasm began to slow the stream thickened and became heavier.  The medic continued to squeeze her breasts and pull her nipples down to maintain the flow.

“Good girl,” both doctors patted her as the students applauded them.

The tour moved on to the milking room.  The herd were all in separate white stalls on all fours, positioned on top of a white mattress sunken in to the floor just as the new cow had been.  Suction cups had been placed over their nipples.  Through the clear cups Maxim and the students could see the teat being stretched and pulled as it drew the milk out and down a clear plastic tube towards a large clear cylinder.  The suck and hum of the milking machines could be heard all around the large long room.

The cows were clearly taking pleasure in being milked by the gentle movement of their hips backwards as though mounted by an imaginary bull.  Every time they bucked backwards they revealed a glimpse of their glistening wet pink vulvas and the ripe little bud hanging there, begging to be caressed.  Bertrand led the students and Maxim down the stalls explaining the dials on the machines pointing out the large gathering bottles at each side in to which the milk flowed from the tube.

A line of eight handsome and athletically muscled men entered the room.  They began to place themselves behind eight selected cows in their stalls.  All of them stood quietly in the black sweats they were wearing as though waiting for a signal.  Maxim folded his arms and cast an assessing eye over them.  They had been chosen well by his predecessor.

Bertrand led the students back up the line of stalls to stand in the middle where the eight men were standing.
“These gentlemen are our bulls.  We are going to breed eight of our heifers today.  The bulls will impregnate them naturally.  We do artificially inseminate on occasions but we prefer the natural process.”

The Dairy assistants were pulling up metal fences around the heifers to pen them in tight to keep them safe and confined on the mattress.

Gentlemen please remove your sweats and get in to position,” Bertrand instructed glancing at Maxim for his approval which was given with a quick nod.

The bulls undressed quickly.  Underneath their sweats they were completely naked.  Their muscle was lean, rippling tight and gently blushed by the sun. All of their penises were long with wide girths specially selected for their heavy fertile seed production.

 Each bull knelt behind the chosen heifer.  They began to caress the bottoms and hips of their cow, still with their breasts being milked, soothing them in to submission.  The heifers’ pussies were next to receive attention.  Every clit was stretched, pulled, nipped, fondled and rubbed.  The cows moaned with deep pleasure wanting more.  A multitude of fingers sunk between the heavy wet petal lips between their thighs and up the small holes leading to their wombs, readying them with pleasure for breeding.

After a while Maxim nodded at Bertrand again.

“Can you please enter the cows now, gentlemen.”

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