Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Stolen News

Thoughtcatalog will be posting an excerpt of my new novel, Stolen this week. Once I get the link I will post it here and on my blog. In the meantime I am off to work hard and get the story finished! Mind this is going to be a hot one!  Check out the blurb below.

Dominant American Billionaire Mark Dexter steals back the love of his life, Drew from her violent abusive husband and his business rival when he catches her stealing documents from his office for the man. But before the billionaire, can claim and secure his prize he must meet the challenge of three other men, one who would steal her from him, another who wants to destroy her and a third who wants to confine her in his power and cage her.

I also have a sexy new post for you to read on Thoughtcatalog.  Please be aware all characters in this story are 21+

I Needed To Punish Two Of My Students To Teach Them An Important Lesson

Please follow the link to Thoughtcatalog.

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