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Holding Her Captive & Two New Excerpts On Thoughtcatalog

Got a sexy new Romantic Suspense novel for you called Holding Her Captive.  Handsome French billionaire & Count of Albain, Stephane Garreau holds Englishwoman Mara Logan, a beautiful feisty corporate lawyer to ransom and captive in his home to save his ill sister.  He doesn't expect to fall in love with his prisoner and becomes determined to possess her ignoring the voice of reason that tells him it is too dangerous and there will be a cost.

Check out the blurb and a small excerpt below.

After that don't forget to check out details of the two very naughty BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom Romance excerpts that have just been posted on my page on Thoughtcatalog and the other two Romantic suspense novels I have made available on Amazon.

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Holding Her Captive Blurb

Handsome French billionaire and the Count of Albain, Stephane Garreau kidnaps the beautiful fiancée of the man who has taken his younger sister and duped in to marriage to steal her fortune. Stephane holds Mara Logan captive in his home threatening to sell her in to the white slave trade if her fiancé does not return his sister who will die if she does not have a life saving operation.

But the billionaire does not expect to fall in love with his enchanting feisty determined prisoner who thwarts him at every turn and will stop at nothing to escape.  

Only time will tell if he is able to possess Mara and ensure the safe return of his sister. But Mara has a secret, one that threatens her life adding a third complication to Stephane's dilemma.  

Can he keep Mara safe or will he have to choose between her life and his sister's?

Holding Her Captive Excerpt

“So, Mara, when we find Ryan, I will tell him that if he does not return my sister I will inform the authorities of your involvement and any other indiscretions I care to invent and have you imprisoned.  And believe me I have enough sway as a member of the French nobility and one of Paris’s prominent financial contributors to pull it off.  It isn’t something I relish but the ruin of your life for my sisters will be a small price to pay…”

Mara didn’t allow him to finish, a fresh burst of anger carrying her indignation at her earlier confused thought of feeling safe with him.

“I am not involved with Ryan or his plan.  You are making a very grave error for which I will see that you pay.  Your plan is stupid.  There will be people looking for me, my brother for one who won’t rest until I am released.  And anyway I would rather you murdered me than let me rot in a French prison.  So you might as well get it over with now because Ryan will never let love get in the way between himself and money.”

The billionaire actually looked taken aback.  She had thrown the threat back in his face.

Silence settled like frost in the room.  No one dare speak.  The atmosphere was oppressive.

“I don’t think I want to do that, Mara, not to someone so pretty.”

The mischievous light in his eyes he seemed to be using to cover his shock at her words died a slow death as the expression on her face changed from anger to fury. 

Mara slipped into autopilot as she mechanically picked up the glass of crimson wine in front of her and threw the contents squarely into Stephane’s face.  There was a loud gasp of horror from the audience.  Unaware she began retreating from him as he instinctively sprang from his chair and attempted to wipe the liquid from his eyes and the excess from his shirt and tie with a napkin.  When he rose to his full height she took a gulp and froze.  He was trying to laugh it off.  Unsure of how to act she turned and left the room in a trance, her sandal heels clattering feebly on the wooden floor.

Mara was suddenly embarrassed; frightened that she may have made the situation worse with her temper.  She quickened her pace, hurrying up the stairs when she heard someone chasing her from behind.  It was him.  It had to be.

Desperate to reach the safety of her room she broke out into a run.  He was there before she succeeded in opening her door pushing her back against it, his hand above her on the door to confine her in the small space between them.  In a defensive action she made a fist with her right hand, like her brother had shown her and swung it round at him.  He caught it swiftly before it made contact.

“Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you.  You are nothing more than a child having a tantrum,’ he scolded taking hold of her wrists to pin them above her head against the wall when she kicked out at his legs.

The grip on her wrists tightened and she realized she was helpless in his power.

‘That’s better.  You are safe with me.  Trust me.  I will let go of you if you promise to keep calm.”

She searched his eyes and then nodded

He let go of her wrists slowly.  But the moment he lowered his arms to his side Mara delivered a blow with her outstretched palm across his cheek.  He hardly flinched and she shut her eyes waiting for its return.  There was no slap.  Instead his arm encircled her small waist, tugging her possessively towards him, to trap her in his arms.  The grip was tight and promised no escape.  Her apple red lips pouted accusingly at him as she tried to move away, her eyes darting between his arms and his face, a little puzzled.

He had wanted her as she had him from the first moment they met in Maxine’s apartment and was struggling to keep control.  It was hard to understand, she wasn’t like the elegant French society women he would have been forced to court.  She wasn’t impressed by his status, his money or his title, on the contrary she frowned on it and mocked his birthright.  Maybe he saw her as some sort of challenge, a sport in which he played the hunter and herself the prey.  He steadied her head with a hand and brought his lips down on hers.  He was winning the hunt.  He held her tighter forcing her to become tired and cease the annoying movement she made.

Stephane gave a small triumphant smile against her lips as he felt her body grow languid and pliant in his hands and her lips part obediently.  He made love to her mouth leisurely with a decadence that made her whimper pausing to suck gently on her swollen bottom lip.  He looked down at her and smiled, she had opened like a ripe fruit, soft and succulent with a sweet flavor.  He had removed the stone and now he was able to devour.

The billionaire trailed a hand along the flesh of her cheek over her chin to cup and lift so that he might examine the softness of her neck and then continued the kiss guiding her head back over his arm to enable the easy progress of his hand to the tops of her breasts then to the hardening peaks.  He moved his hand back to her shoulder and began to undo the halter neck to bare her breasts.  Mara felt weak and was sure if he let go of her she would crumple to the floor with exhaustion from his ardor.  She moaned and slipped her arms around his neck reaching up to his powerful frame.

Stephane grew confident he was winning.  He wanted the woman with a passion.  She challenged him and he dearly wanted to tame her in his bed and over his knee with a spanking.  But that irritating voice of conscience he had fought so hard to ignore crept into his mind and began to repeat the lecture he had already given himself twice.  He was taking advantage of a woman who was helpless under his protection and authority not to mention Ryan may not come through if he was aware of an affair.  Without warning he let her go as though he had been given a heavy reprimand.  The movement was sharp and determined causing her to fall back against the door.

“I’m sorry, Mara,” he said brusquely running a hand through his hair.  “ I shouldn’t have done that.  It won’t happen again.”

He turned from her dismissing the scene fighting the strong urge to return pick her up in his arms and carry her to bed.  He cursed under his breath aware of her watching him retrace his footsteps back down the corridor towards the stairs half hoping, half expecting he would return, unable to believe how abruptly it had all ended.
Mara could still taste the wine from his lips.  But he didn’t come back, and on reflection it was just as well.  She retired to her room quickly fastening her dress back in place and flopped on the bed covering her face with her hands.  What had she been doing?  He had been toying with her, flexing those powerful muscles to see how far she would go and she had nearly given him the gratification of getting what he wanted, more control.

So he thought he was acting out some kind of romantic fairytale illusion in which he gets the captured princess whether she wants it or not.  Her teeth clamped shut.  He was in for a big shock.  This princess was about to drag him into the 21st century and wake him with a kiss that would jolt him to his senses.  She would be calling the shots.

If only she could get back to work and put all of this behind her and forget Stephane.  She had forgotten about Matisse. 

Work.  Yes that is the answer.

The meeting with Raymond Matisse had been arranged for tomorrow.  Mara sat up excited.  She had to convince Stephane to take her there, tell him that if she didn’t turn up they would be bound to think something was up.  It had to work, she would tell him in the morning first thing when he had to think on the spot.  He wouldn’t have any choice but to take her there and she would get her chance to escape and raise the alarm.

Chapter Three

Mara woke early the following morning eager to put her plan into action.  After dressing, she took a moment to gaze at the view from her window, casting her eyes over to the grounds were she was sure she could hear the gush of a fountain nearby.  The day was bright and guaranteed to be another hot one.  She was falling in love with the place and wished she could have a proper look around.

Footsteps padded quickly along the path that made its way around the moat on the other side breaking her thoughts.  They belonged to Stephane.  His bronzed physique was glistening with moisture in black shorts and a grey vest top from a demanding run.  Her eyes ran appreciatively over his form, drinking in its sleek power.

Her thoughts made her blood pump a little faster as she remembered the ease with which he had pinned her to the door the night before.  She moved closer to the window sure he was oblivious to being observed until he stopped his run suddenly.  Giggling like a schoolgirl she pulled back from the window hiding behind the curtain, sneaking another peek.  He was bending down looking at a shiny object that was casting a rainbow of dazzling colors across his eyes in the sunlight.  Mara felt her mouth open and a startled cry escape her parted lips.  Immediately his attention sprang to the open window where the noise had emanated.  He held up the engagement ring and studied it intently before looking up to the window.

“I take it this belongs to you?” he shouted holding up the object straining to see her behind the curtain.

There was an indignant tut and the window slammed shut.  He knew fine well the ring belonged to her.  As she turned back into the room she could hear his laughter and to her surprise found herself gritting her teeth in anger.  She flopped down on the bed and opened her laptop bag which she had been given back minus her laptop and distracted herself with work, reading over the documents once more.  Forty five minutes later the phone in her room rang.

“Mara, I want you to come down for breakfast,” Stephane commanded.  “I am concerned that you are not eating anything.”

“I don’t need any food.”

“If you do not come down now I will fetch you myself and carry you down over my shoulder.  Do I make myself clear?”

Mara gritted her teeth together.  She had been waiting for him coming to her room so she could talk to him in private but it looked like she was going to have to play the game his way for a while.  Besides after the other day she knew fine well he would carry out his threat and she couldn’t bear the humiliation.

“Crystal.  I am coming.”

The door was open when she tried it confirming that he was now allowing them free access to the house.  Maxine wasn’t in her room and Mara didn’t want to think too much about her whereabouts.  Alone she went down to breakfast.  The only people present were Stephane and his mother.

“Good morning, Mara. I trust you slept well? he asked in a low deep voice that caressed over her body once again reminding her of the night before.  She looked away.

“Yes, thank you,” she mumbled taking a seat.

Mara helped herself to a croissant aware that Stephane was watching her eating habits with concern.  She couldn’t afford a row it may ruin everything she would just have to force it down.  Her eyes opened wide with appealing innocence and she smiled mustering all the feminine charm she had available.

“Mr Garreau, there is something important I forgot to mention.”

“Stephane, please.”

My office is expecting me there today for an important appointment with Raymond Matisse.  If I don’t turn up . . .”

“Raymond Matisse?  I have not seen him in a while.  You will cancel the appointment,” his tone was flat leaving her in no doubt of its authority.

Mara finished pouring herself a cup of tea, tensing against the disappointed shudder she felt rack her body.  What had she expected?  She had to persuade him he wouldn’t just succumb to her wishes.

“I can’t,” she said firmly.  “They are expecting me.  I am in the middle of drawing up a contract between one of my major clients and Matisse’s software company.  You can guess the importance of this meeting.  Raymond Matisse is dealing with the matter personally.  If I wasn’t to turn up or just cancel . . .”

The billionaire held up his hand.

“I get the picture.”

Mara grew confident he was about to give in.

“Don’t trust her, Stephane,” his mother interrupted their conversation.  “It will be part of her plan to escape.  She’s not to go,” his mother snapped.

Mara glared at the woman.

“Do you always take orders from your mother?  I thought you were in charge here.”

“No I don’t.  Mara is right.  We can’t afford to have anyone looking for her.  But don’t even think for one moment I am going to allow you to get away with anything,” he said turning back to face Mara with a dark look.

Mara shook her head innocently and picked up her tea cup to hide the smile covering her mouth.  Chantal Valoire threw her napkin down defeated and retreated from the room. 

Stephane broke the silence between them.

“I want to apologize for last night once more.  It was wrong.  I can only assure you it won’t happen again,” he said quickly meeting her gaze.


 Mara jerked, startled by her inner voice.

“Good I hope it won’t,” she replied without emotion.

Stephane pulled Ryan’s engagement ring from his pocket and placed it on the table in front of her.

“I thought you might want this back,” he said carefully.

She moved her hand to the object to give it further inspection and then withdrew as though its stones were coated with a fatal poison.

“You were wrong,” she said frostily.  “It means nothing to me.  Give it back to Ryan when you see him.  I will be ready to leave in half an hour.”

Stephane watched her leave the room and pocketed the ring bringing his coffee cup to his lips to hide the satisfaction at her words on his face.

Mara dressed in a black trouser suit complimented by a white shirt.  She clutched the briefcase she was holding tightly as though it contained the crown jewels and descended the stairs.  Stephane’s eyes travelled the length of her body as he waited for her at the bottom.  She pretended not to notice maintaining an air of aloofness always her best defense she had found in such situations.  He took her arm before she took the last step and led her out into the courtyard where a black Mercedes was waiting.  She pulled her arm into the air trying in vain to shake off his hold.

“Must you always be touching me, Stephane.  Where the hell do you think I am going to go.”

“I don’t know, Mara.  But you have a way of surprising me and I need to keep you close because of it,” he grinned.

An hour later they ripped through heavy Paris traffic.  The car drew up outside the office in the Rue de Paix.  Mara grew nervous this might be her only chance and she had to get it right.  Somehow she had to let them in the office know what was going on so they could help.  She quickly opened the door before someone else did it for her but felt a restraining hand on her shoulder drawing her back against the seat.  Stephane leaned over her and cupped the side of her face lifting it up to him.

“Remember, Mara don’t try anything.  I still have Maxine and you wouldn’t want anything to happen to her would you?’ he spoke huskily making her catch her breath.  “Besides,” he continued trailing his thumb over her lips.  “Even if you did succeed in letting someone know, who are the police going to believe?  The Count of Albain or an Englishwoman?  Anyway if you did escape I would track you down and when I found you I would cage you so you could not escape me again.  Don’t doubt me.  I always carry out my threats.”

Her lips parted, her mouth too paralyzed by the caress to retaliate with words, waiting eagerly for penetration despite his intriguing threat.  She could feel his masculine power radiating out from him overwhelming her, melting her resistance.  How could she feel this way when he had threatened to cage her?  Yet it excited every sense she had.  What was happening?

He brushed her lips with a kiss and then pulled away.

“Yes, I understand.”

Mara clenched her teeth wishing she could wipe the aristocratic smug smile from his lips and stop the ache that was now throbbing hot and wet between her thighs feeling played as he sat back.

“I won’t try anything.  Let me out now,’ she snapped.

Mara got out of the car attempting to regain some form of semblance.  In an instant he was at her side holding her arm and leading her towards the entrance.

“What do I tell them about you?” she asked suddenly stopping.

“Just say who I am and tell them that you are here to discuss a business transaction and proposal that I have to make to Matisse.  I will make it up as we go along.”

He gently pushed her forward clearly impatient for the charade to begin.
Mara breathed a sigh of relief when the young receptionist bought the story she was hardly listening to, her eyes locked in a tight seductive embrace with Stephane’s.  They were taken to the boardroom on the ground floor and a senior English secretary entered the room carrying a tray of fine china and a steaming coffee pot rich with the aroma of strong French coffee.

“I am sorry Miss Logan but Raymond Matisse had to cancel.  He rang yesterday but I couldn’t get a hold of you on your mobile or at the address the London office gave me to inform you.  You are to ring him at the end of the week and arrange another one.’

The woman pushed horn rimmed glasses further up her nose and awaited an angry response.

“Oh well never mind we will just have to arrange another one,” Mara smiled trying to hide her disappointment.

Before she could say anymore Marcus Read the English managing partner of the Paris branch of the firm entered the room cooing and bowing at the billionaire Count.  Why hadn’t he been informed of his attendance? Then he apologized for the cancellation on Matisse’s behalf but it couldn’t be avoided.

Mara was quick to take advantage leaving Stephane to explain his presence and why a Aerospace billionaire was interested in making a contract with a software giant like Matisse and their own client who was about to be taken over by them.  The task would keep him preoccupied.

She stood up from the table away from the animated discussion and slipped the neatly folded piece of paper she’d written a message on before they left the Chateau out from the cup of her bra pretending to be busy shuffling papers in front of her.  The message it contained was simple, conveying the necessary information.  She took the document she had drawn up in London for Matisse out of her bag together with some other papers and rushed after the secretary who was discreetly leaving the room.

“Before you go, please send these documents to Raymond Matisse by courier for signing and tell them that I will be in contact to arrange another appointment.”

“Yes I will do that for you.  I am sorry about today but I couldn’t get a hold of you.”

Mara fought the urge to scream out at the woman but she knew that Stephane was well within earshot.

“That’s okay.”

“Oh I am sorry, I am all fingers and thumbs today.”

The secretary bent to pick the fallen papers which she had carelessly allowed to slip from her fingers.  Mara’s heart skipped a beat.  It was just like being in a bad movie.  She hurriedly helped the woman gather the papers up and prayed that the piece of paper was lodged between them.  To her dismay she found it lying next to two sheets of paper that they had missed.  It was too late, the secretary had already left the room and Stephane’s conversation on the state of aerospace companies in the world today was drawing to a close.  She frantically replaced the paper in her bra and took the other papers to her bag, waiting for another opportunity to spring out in vain.

“Well we have to be going,” Stephane suddenly announced.  “Mademoiselle Logan is a guest at my chateau.  If you need to contact her, please do not hesitate to do so.’

No, no just a little more time.

“Come along, Mara,” he said speaking to her as though she were a child.

She looked at Marcus pleadingly but he only seemed confused.  Defeated she said her goodbyes and allowed Stephane to guide her back to the car.  She knew by the way her feet hardly touched the ground in his grip that something was wrong.  He pushed her in and then got in next to her.

“Give it to me,” he insisted holding his palm out flat in front of her.

“What?” she answered curtly pretending to be ignorant about what he was asking for.

“Don’t do that,” he snapped with impatience.  “Give it to me or I will get it myself.”

He wouldn’t dare but past experience made her cautious and she began to back away from him on the seat.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” she hissed.  “Hey.”

The billionaire’s fingers were deft, loosening her suit jacket with ease and then slipping a hand down the band of her trousers to tug her towards him.  Mara’s hands scrabbled at him, outraged at the indignity but he held them pinning them behind her back with one hand whilst the other quickly undid the buttons of her blouse.

When the garment was fully opened, he directed her body backwards until her head fell on his shoulder.  She looked up at him fearful and for a moment but softened when his eyes reassured her.  The feeling was short lived.  His eyes swept over her breasts covered in a satin bra rising and falling with each agitated breath and trailed a finger between them, tantalizingly caressing the flesh that the bra exposed over the cups.

“Where is it?” he asked in a velvet voice.

Mara remained silent using all her energy to breathe and stop the damp ache swelling between her thighs.

“Is it hidden under your breast or maybe down here in your panties,’ his voice was a dark whisper as he unzipped her trousers.

She gave a futile struggle that only served to heighten the sexual tension between them and his hold on her wrists behind her back to tighten reminding her of his power as a man.

The billionaire’s hand slipped inside the open zip and skimmed over the front of her skimpy matching satin panties before moving his middle finger underneath to caress the material covering the lips of her vagina.

He held her spell bound, in a trance, her eyes unable to leave his, her body powerless for motion.  The billionaire bent to sweep his lips over the soft flesh of one plump breast, the top of which spilled over the bra cup.

“Your panties are wet, Mara,” he said with a smile stroking the damp patch with his finger once more.  “Let me see if I can find the note you have hidden from me inside there.”

Mara couldn’t speak.  She panted when he moved the ridge of her panties to one side to expose her vulva.  Her mind was torn between begging him to touch her and stopping him with everything she had.  But her need for him to caress her was to win out.  She gave a small gasp when he stroked his fingers inside the lush dampness as the car travelled along the road.

“Hmmmm, soaking wet.”

Mara watched him look down and study her bare sex as he trailed his fingers up underneath each juicy petal lip.  Mara was breathless as he moved her back against his body, still holding her arms behind her before he circled the entrance to her channel with his finger.  Arousal built and swirled inside Mara making her helplessly melt and surrender to his touch.  It had been too long since a man had touched her and she hadn’t realized just how much she’d missed a masterful caress.

“You can’t hide anything from me, Mara,” Stephane informed her pinching at the wet bud wobbling between the wet lips of her pussy making her cry out and flood all the more.  “Like it or not you are my captive and I am in charge of you.  I am in control.  You might as well accept it,” he finished stretching his middle finger and then a second one up inside her channel.  He thrust them gently in and out.

Mara felt her body willingly open for his penetration grateful when he reached deeper inside her to expertly stroke the rough wall of her vagina and the center of her pleasure.  Unable to help herself she moaned loudly and bucked down on to his fingers.

“For instance I can make you come wherever and whenever I choose.”

The billionaire stoked his fingers harder and picked up the rhythm of his drive inside her body.  Within seconds Mara’s arousal was spinning out of control and she was beginning to climax even as her mind screamed at her not to give in to him.  But her need and the way he controlled her was so intoxicating she could not help herself.

“That’s a good girl, obey me and come for me now,” he whispered watching her pleasure ride her face.

Mara’s climax exploded flaring in a warm flush across her features.  With glazed eyes she looked up at her handsome captor bringing her to orgasm so easily.  He looked down at her now ramming his fingers inside her to coax every last drop of pleasure out from her, his lips curling sensuously, enthralled by her helplessness in his arms.

Mara lay restrained in his arms waiting for her breathing to return to normal and her heart to stop racing.  The tension she had carried around in her body for so long was beginning to dissipate in to warm contentment.

Stephane removed his fingers slowly but continued to caress her until her body calmed.

“Good girl.  You are nice and calm now,” he said speaking to her like a child again.

But that wasn’t what annoyed her.  She actually liked it.

He stopped stroking her and re covered her vulva with her panties.  He brought his fingers to his lips and inserted them in to his mouth sucking on the juice that coated them.

‘Very tasty,” he smiled obviously amused by her shock.

“Well, the note isn’t in there.  Let me check your bra.”

The French billionaire pulled down the strap of her left breast to expose her flesh.  He cupped the swelling milky globe and caressed his thumb over the erect darkened peak making her Mara breathless again.

“Such beautiful breasts, Mara.  It’s a shame they must be covered.  Maybe if I took your clothes away I could stop you hiding things from me,’ he whispered and tweaked the peak hard as if to punish her for her indiscretion and took her mouth.

Abruptly he let go of her arms and pushed her back up into a seating position and sat back unfolding the piece of paper he had retrieved from the cup of her bra, a mocking sigh escaping his lips as he scrunched the paper into a ball and threw it out of the window.

She looked at him confused, hurt and then her eyes narrowed, a dark cloud brimming over her features.  He had cruelly taunted her, exposed her body and sampled its delights.  What was more she’d loved every minute of it.  Every emotion raged through her body.  She wanted to cry, hide and slap him.

Her hand reached up to deliver a slap but he caught her wrist easily.

“Now, now, Mara.  Watch your temper.  You wouldn’t want me to stop the car, throw you over my knee and spank your bare bottom, now would you?  Even though that is exactly what you need.  You are looking very disheveled, I suggest you dress and cover yourself before we get home.”

Her free hand tried again but he caught it.

“Remember what I said.  Now, dress or I may decide to carry out my other threat and take your clothes from you.  I am warning you anymore attempts like that and I will.”

“Haven’t you humiliated me enough,’ she shouted glancing at her clothes as she tried to cover herself and then at the driver.

He laughed.

“No not nearly enough, and you only have yourself and Ryan to blame for that,” he said harshly.

Unable to find the words she fumbled with her clothes and turned from him to look out of the window desperately wishing that the car would reach its destination and she could escape to the confines and safety of her room to lick her wounds in private.

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She Was Sexually Tortured 

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