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Hidden Agenda Now Available On Amazon

Just a quick post to let you know my very sexy Romantic ThrillerHidden Agenda with a touch BDSM/Spanking/Daddy Dom Romance set in 1997 is now available for download on Amazon.  There has already been a excerpt from this book on a previous post but I have included another small teaser here.

Check out the blurb below first and the purchase links.

Don't forget to watch out for more publishing news about my new work tomorrow together with the next part of Arabella's Diary!


Hidden Agenda Blurb

London, 1997

Crown Prosecutor, Louise Churchill is injured in an explosion caused by an environmental group. While helping a dying man he gives her a tape which has recorded the leaders of the group conspiring with a Mafia organisation to cause a catastrophic act of terrorism.

After the man dies she becomes distraught and is helped by a handsome Italian/English man in a suit who holds and protects her while they wait for an ambulance. Louise finds herself falling quickly for Alessandro Maderno and his devilish charm. But she is suspicious of the way he will do anything to take the tape from her before it reaches the police.

Forced to go on the run after her armed police guards are shot and she is falsely accused of working for the terrorist group she has no choice but to take refuge with Alessandro and the Mafia.

A passionate affair between the two erupts dangerously putting both of their lives in danger as Louise fights to stop the group carrying out their act. She discovers there is more to her protector than he is allowing her to see and although he assures her he wishes to help her, she can't help wondering if her love for him will be the death of her.

Hidden Agenda Excerpt

As the car began to move along the drive a small curved figure passed by.  It was Louise walking towards the gate with an air of determination a steam roller couldn’t have laid flat.  She quickened her pace as the gates began to close behind the car and was on the verge of breaking out into a run, avoiding every grasp and reach Tony made for her arm.  Alessandro ordered the car to a stop.  The first few spots of rain were beginning to fall and the villa’s lights were beginning to illuminate the grounds.  Louise was now at the gates, shaking the wrought iron bars that blocked her freedom in frustration, demanding that the armed guards let her through.  When he reached her the beat of rainfall had intensified and the sky was streaked with white arrows seeking the ground as a target, casting a spotlight on the helpless figure dwarfed by the tall bars and the men that guarded it.

He caught her arm and gently pulled her around to face him unable to avoid giving the thin cream strapped summer dress, now transparent from the rain, an admiringly glance.

“Louise, what are you doing?” he shouted above the noise of the thunderous explosion overhead.  “You’ll catch pneumonia like this.”

She ignored him and turned back to the gate.

“She keeps saying she has to leave, she can’t trust us.  She wants to leave now,” Tony said agitated.

“Louise, I thought we had gotten over this.  Now stop acting irrationally, come back into the villa and get these wet clothes off before you catch your death of cold.

He began to pull her up the drive before she could answer.  In a rage she threw off his hold.

“Let me out.  I don’t trust you Alessandro despite your efforts to prove otherwise,” her words were cutting, resentful.  “I don’t know where you have been for so long.  It doesn’t take that long to put a body on a plane.”

Alessandro sighed, so that’s what it was, she was bitter because she couldn’t see her sister off and had spent the time weighing things up and coming to the wrong conclusions, frustrated she couldn’t act personally.  He had left her for too long.

“I suppose you were arranging my demise with Vadala so you can have a piece of his drugs empire.  I should never have believed you.  You don’t want to stop him.  It’s all a front, an illusion.  You want to take over.  You want to be him.”

Alessandro’s eyes darkened and for a moment she was sure he was going to hit her.  Something pushed her to press him further.  She needed some reaction.  He was too controlled, too secretive.  Maybe if she pushed him he would betray the secret he was hiding.

“You are no different to him.”

Alessandro had taken enough.  His hand raised to slap her but the knowing smile of satisfaction that he was about to prove her right stopped him dead.  She was the only woman who could rile him, the only woman he had allowed to get away with it.  He lowered his hand and watched her push her wet hair back off her face and fold her arms to warm her body shaking from the cold, or was it him, he couldn’t know.  It made him feel cold he’d nearly hit her.  That wasn’t the man he really was.

Louise tapped her foot impatiently as she always did when irritated and it was obvious she was in no mood to listen to reason.  But it was too important that she shouldn’t be allowed to leave.

“Are you going to let me out or not?” she yelled hoping she had insulted him enough to finally persuade him that she was more trouble than she was worth, although the folly of her enterprise was beginning to dawn.

Alessandro ignored her question and slipped off his jacket and draped it around her shoulders.  The act, simple and chivalrous was unexpected, enough to cause her guard to slip and doubt what she felt for a moment.  It was all he needed.

“You should know me better than that by now, Louise.  If you won’t listen to reason, I will have to make you,” he told her with a smile that made her nervous.

She groaned, reaching an arm out to gesticulate her anger but found it gripped and used against her as he pulled her up and over his shoulder.  Louise struggled wildly and didn’t give up until he had thrown her on top of his bed.  Perhaps he could persuade her to trust him another way.

 Wet titian curls bounced lightly amongst crimson silk sheets and pillows, spreading out around her, making her look like some kind of princess in a gothic romance.  He towered above her satisfied she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

“I’m not letting you off this bed or out of this room until you calm down and come to your senses,” he commanded pushing her back down on the bed as she tried to sit up.

“Like hell,” she laughed unbelievingly, as if he could stop her.  She rolled onto her side and swung herself off the other end of the bed before he could stop her.

He watched her run to the door and shake the handle furiously as he stood with his arms folded.

“Looking for this,” he grinned waving the key at her.

Her eyes widened, their disgust and anger blatantly visible, turning the normal calm emerald sea into a dark menacing green in which he could picture sharks lingering for the kill.  There was a tempest raging within her as fierce and as bold as the storm outside.  Slowly the stern uncompromising face of the woman she kept hidden from him emerged.  He’d first glimpsed the Amazon the night he had given chase, she’d smiled at him through a cab window triumphant that she had beaten him at his own game.  This woman had strength and determination he could find no equal to.

She was as fierce as the spears of white light that cut and scarred the sky above them and yet she encompassed fragility, gentleness and purity, particular to her sex.  She was a contradiction, warring with the two sides of her nature that battled for dominance.  That was how she had come through this whole sordid mess, the Amazon had dragged her through and the other had tempered her anger and frustration.  But for now the Amazon was present and taking no prisoners.  Her eyes lowered mockingly and a wicked smile curled her pouting lips as she drew herself up to her full, albeit small height.  He wanted to capture both women, make them his, challenge and conquer until she allowed herself to feel what he did and to acknowledge that there was no alternative, that together they made a whole.

He deposited the key into his trouser pocket and walked towards her, the arrogance of his movement baiting her, willing her to come out from her corner and commence the fight.  He caught her easily as she flew at him blocking every organised move she made to disarm him.  He spun her around to face the wall and slammed her against it, so she wanted to play rough, accommodating her wouldn’t be a problem.  He brought her trapped wrists up above her head to flaunt her capture.

“Are you going to give in or do I have to persuade you further,” he said softly, whispering closely against her neck as he swept her hair back.

She struggled.  There was to be no acquiescence.

Louise felt her skin tingle as his words vibrated across her skin.  She cursed herself.  Why did he have this effect on her even when she was angry at him? She didn’t trust the man, she didn’t like what he was but she couldn’t help but find him dangerously alluring.  He was the excitement she craved, the test to her nature.  She wanted him badly but she was dammed if she was going to let him have her until she decided he could.

His hand stroked down her side until it reached her rear and caressed lovingly.

“Are you ready to give in, Louise?” he persisted brushing his lips down her neck as she bucked against him.

“You can try to seduce me, Alessandro but it won’t work.”

He laughed deep in his throat sending a quake of pleasure, shaking her senses.

“Try, Louise darling, who said anything about trying? Trust me, I will be holding you down in my bed before long.”

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