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The Park

Tonight's Halloween excerpt is from the very sexy Fantasy BDSM/Spanking/Billionaire Daddy Dom Romance, The Park.  Lord Playfair hunts and captures beautiful female creatures from the Fairy Realm for his exclusive Park on his Island for the sexual pleasure of rich human men and in the hope of repopulating the war torn Fairy Realm of his birth in which he is now King.  He doesn't count on a female journalist being able to infiltrate the Island to expose the truth about his identity and capturing his heart.  Can he tame her over his knee with a spanking to keep his secret and make her submit to his dominant will?

This one isn't for the faint of heart involving enema and lactation fantasy scenes.  If you loved The Chateau you will love The Park!

Enjoy!  There will be another Sunday treat tomorrow!


The Park

Lord Playfair adjusted his attire pulling down the cuffs of his shirt underneath his designer black suit.  He made his way along the long rectangular corridor running the length and breadth of the large castle linking the Great Tower with the other four and the gatehouse.  The castle dated back to the thirteenth century and had been added to over the years.  Lord Playfair had made his own adjustments to accommodate the creation of The Park three years ago.

Hidden at one side of the castle, the part that overlooked the sea thrashing against the rocks at the bottom of the cliff was an enormous climate controlled glass enclosure.  Inside this enclosure Lord Playfair had cultivated a forest.
It was filled with trees grown from samplings from Aleradus and other Fairy Kingdoms.  A wealth of plant life including ferns and foxgloves decorated the forest in which hidden rock pools were scattered.  There was even a tall waterfall falling heavily in to a river that ran through the enclosure.  He stopped to take a look through the glass panels leaning on the rail for the lower viewing gallery looking up to see some of his men on the upper one discussing preparations for the visiting clients who would be arriving soon.

The enclosure was large and wide enough to house some forest animals and birds including a small herd of deer presided over by a magnificent stag.  The area was purpose built for the hunted female fairy creatures who were kept there naked and confined so that the male visitors could view them comfortable and submissive in their natural habitat and perhaps make a choice to purchase one of them for a wife.

He heard a shrill call ring out signaling anger.  Intrigued he looked up at the smooth grey rocks surrounding the sides of the waterfall in the direction of the sound.  He wanted all of the women on their best behavior.  They were about to have some important visitors arrive.

Another Mirian woman was clearly being naughty and obstructive to the medical technicians who had come to give the nymph her weekly intimate pelvic examination.  The health and the protection of the women in Lord Playfair’s care was of the utmost importance to him.  He was not a cruel Master but he did believe strongly in the discipline of the women.  To his satisfaction the disobedient creature was being shown the error of her ways for refusing to allow the men conduct her examination.

Her wrists and ankles had been cuffed in leather restraints.  She was lying face down on top of the rock her large breasts just about ready for milking squashing in to the surface and doing their best to bulge out from the sides.  Her legs had been bent and pushed backwards to wards her back to meet her wrists that were behind her back.  Each wrist was locked by a small chain threaded through the steel loop on the cuff around them to another on each ankle so that her body was completely restrained and locked down.  There was no escape from punishment.  

The second medical technician was gagging the minx while the first young handsome French dark haired male, Travers took hold of her long red hair and pulled it tight forcing her head up and back.  Lord Playfair was pleased with the robust way the two men were handling the situation.  The girl needed a good sound spanking.

Travers knelt at her side and still with his hand firmly gripping her hair and pulling her head back so that her chest raised from the boulder’s surface, he raised his free hand and brought it down against first one buttock and then the other.  As her body rocked on the second strike exposing her breasts the second medical technician, a good looking blonde young Englishman named Julian slapped his hand across one of her breasts.  The nymph squealed against her gag.  Lord Playfair nodded with approval.  The shockwaves the blow would send through her breast as it filled with milk would encourage more to be produced.  There would be a sharp sting but the nymph was more likely to feel sharp arousal accompanying it.  This would make her milk yield bountiful and further impress upon her the control the men in the castle had over her body and life in the enclosure.

The Mirian were naturally submissive and although a part of her rebelled she would welcome being mastered in to good behavior.  The creature would feel safe and trusting.  It was vital they were disciplined with a spanking regularly for although they were a mischievous species they were also an anxious one and required reassurance from a firm hand.

The two men worked in perfect precision.  The first spanking the nymph with a downward stroke across one buttock then the second whipping his hand across one breast, careful to neatly catch the nipple as he did so.  The action was repeated several times making the nymph bleat against her gag.

Eventually the nymph’s punishment ended and Lord Playfair noticed her blushing pink effused breasts had benefitted from their hand whipping.  They were even more swollen and heavy.  Whipped breasts on a Mirian were a beautiful sight to behold.  The technicians would have to hand milk her when they had finished the pelvic examination.  He decided to wait a little longer and watch to see how they faired.

The technicians undid the bindings on the nymph and turned her over on to her back.  Guy smiled at the tinge of pink to her spanked bottom.  The girl wouldn’t be so quick to be disobedient again.  The stinging burning heat emanating from her flesh would be warming the rock and every time she sat down she would be reminded of her punishment and duly feel shame because of it.  The other nymphs would laugh at her and her submissiveness would be assured.

Julian sat at the top and raised the nymphs arms above her head to hold them down at the wrists and secure her in place.  The other bent her legs and pushed them upwards and out to the sides.  The effect was to open her pussy wide to everyone.  Lord Playfair looked down at one of the colour screens positioned on the rail at various points and turned up the sound.  When any of the employees entered the enclosure they knew they could be observed at any point.  They were also made to wear microphones and discreet cameras.  Lord Playfair wanted his clients to be able to enjoy the erotic and practical workings of The Park.  They expected to be able to choose a fairy creature to bed and possibly breed if not take her for a wife.  The Park was a place where human men could pursue pleasure and their desires as well as a mating ground to repopulate Alderadus.

Lord Playfair focused his eyes on the beautiful aperture in the shape of a long slit.  Each man was duly wearing a camera on their suit jacket.  Travers opened a doctor’s bag to his side and put on some latex gloves.  Out of the bag he also produced a plastic speculum with which to open the woman up and inspect her reproductive organs and some lubricant.  A close eye was kept on the women’s reproductive health.  It was essential the women were kept fertile for the production of healthy children who would one day repopulate Alderadus.

Having learnt her lesson from the spanking she had received, the Mirian nymph kept her legs open allowing Travers to circle her entrance with lubricant and slip his fingers inside her to prepare her for the examination.  After pressing down on her lower stomach to test the organs, the attendant lubricated the end of the speculum and using his fingers on his free hand he prised open the lips of her vagina to expose the entrance to her vaginal cavity.  Lord Playfair looked closely, always fascinated with the depths of a female and her reproductive workings.  He considered them a work of art.  Carefully the Technician inserted the speculum slowly and carefully.

The nymph moaned with discomfort but did not try to reject the insertion and soon the attendant was screwing the apparatus in place.  Now she was wide open he could view the vagina and the uterus.  To Guy it looked healthy with a damp covering of mucus to assist fertilization.  The medical technician used a spatula and small brush to sweep inside the vagina to take a smear just to check that her cells were healthy as well.  If there were any problems or the nymph became ill she could be attended to as soon as possible.

When the test was over the attendant unscrewed the speculum and removed the tight painful apparatus from the nymph’s body.  He gave her sex a gentle pat and smiled at her pleased she had not given him any trouble and had allowed him to internally examine her.  He put the used speculum in a clear plastic bag for disposal and set about his next task, a bimanual examination.

Without hesitation and knowing the nymph was fully lubricated he slipped two of his fingers back up inside her channel reaching as high as they would go and until the pushed at her womb.  As he did so he pressed down on her stomach to check if any of the organs had changed their size indicating a problem.

“All nice and healthy,” Lord Playfair heard his employee say.  

The girl moaned aroused by his two fingers inside her.  The attendant smiled and gently moved them back and forth clearly pleased with her progress.

“That’s a good girl.  Let’s soothe that ache you now have.  A small reward for behaving well,” he grinned at his companion who bent over her head to capture a teat from her breast in to his mouth to suckle and prepare her for milking after they had finished. 

Travers increased the pace of his finger thrust and the nymph began to pant.

“Come, little one.  Let me check how you respond when aroused,” he encouraged.

A second later the pretty delicate nymph cried out and bucked hard against his fingers coming helplessly.  Lord Playfair watched the intensity of her pleasure dance painfully across her features and her wings trying to spread and beat against the rock underneath her.  He watched her slump dazed and stood up from his bent position after watching the scene on the television screen.  Satisfied everything was in hand in the enclosure he decided to move on and check the clinic was ready.

Lord Playfair entered the clinic to make sure all was in order.  He often made visits to key places in the castle before the arrival of clients and thankfully all appeared in order.  A row of suited men sat on comfortable high backed chairs.  Over each lap was a submissive naked fairy woman lying quietly.  One of them was a mermaid.  Her long blonde hair hung to the floor.  Her handsome black eyed attendant, Mark cooed over her stroking her hair and the length of her spine with the tips of his fingers.  He told her,

“Hush, little beauty, you are safe.  I will take care of you,” he soothed smiling down at her. 

On the side of the arm of the chair was attached a small metal platform.  On top of they hygienic metal tray surface sat a steel anal plug.  It was coated thickly in clear lubricant.  Next to it sat an open jar of the lubricant should more be needed.  The women were new arrivals and were being prepared for cleansing with an enema before they were released in to the enclosure.  It was standard practice.

Mark’s fingers lowered to brush over the curve of her bare human bottom protruding enticingly just above her tail.  She had no thighs.  The soft scales began directly under the bottom beautifully framing it.  On the opposite side of her body her sex would be visible just above the top half of the tail with a wide shaven aperture designed for pleasure and mating under water. 

Her fish tail was healthy.  It was a vivid blue green and the scaling was suitably moist.  She could change from tail to legs when she was commanded.  Lord Playfairloved to see them playing in their natural habitat, the water.  It was breathtaking to see them mounted and ridden in the water.  He had done so once.

The young Prince often stole out of his father’s castle to walk in the woods on his own in Alderadus.  One summer evening at twilight he came across a pool seated deep within the woods.  It was evening and the mist hung low over the water’s surface and the moss covered rocks surrounding it.  He stopped to admire the scene and heard singing.

It was a haunting sound that carried on the gentle cool breeze.  Believing it must be a Mermaid he leaned over to look in the water balancing himself on a rock and after a while was rewarded with her appearance.  Her tail flipped upwards and out of the water before she dived down to the bottom of the pool once again.

“Come to me,” he called.

But the Mermaid was to tease him.  Time and time again she rose to the surface to taunt him with a mere glimpse of her presence and soon her laughter left him annoyed.

“Come to me I am the King’s son.  I command it,” he said with haughty indignation she would not answer his call.

Deciding he would not be made a fool of no longer he tore open his shirt and removed his breeches.  Naked he dived in to the pool ready to capture the little minx and teach her the error of her ways.

The Prince was a strong swimmer and could hold his breath for longer than anyone else he knew.  It did not take him long to reach the bottom of the pool.  The Mermaid was swimming around.  She had not expected to find him at the bottom of the pool.  Startled she tried to swim away but he caught hold of her tail and pulled her sharply towards him.

Her long blonde hair moved in the water as she struggled to free herself.  Dominantly he took hold of her arms and trapped them by her sides.  Kicking his legs he propelled them both upwards to the surface of the water.  She cried out the moment they broke through the water.

The Prince gripped her wrists and forced her backwards towards a raised earth bank.  Using his manly strength, he spun her around and lifted her by the waist to deposited her facing downwards on to the bank.  Just the top half of her body and her small bottom were exposed out of the water.  He allowed her tail to remain covered and comfortable.  The Prince remained in the water, his tall frame more than able to accommodate giving her the spanking she deserved from the water.

He caught hold of her arms to pull them behind her back.  With one of his large male palms he held them there and set about the whipping the mermaid’s little plump raised bottom.

“I am the King’s son and when I call for you to come to me, you should do so without question.  I do not tolerate disobedience in any of my subjects,” he informed her bringing his hand down on to her pale flesh.  

The Mermaid squealed and thrashed her tail in the water as he diligently applied the next strike to her opposite buttock.  Again and again he spanked each globe until her skin suffused with a healthy pink colour and she had stopped her wailing.  Now she was compliant and calm, resigned to his domination of her.

“I am sorry, your Highness,” she tried to say.  “I did not know it was you.  I thought you meant to tease me with your title.”

“You lie, little one and for that you will receive some more spanking.”

To surprise the wench the Prince slipped his palm between her legs to cup her pussy.  Raising his hand he carefully and expertly slapped it hard.  The Mermaid bucked and gasped startled that he would dare to spank her there.  The Prince grinned and maintained the quick frequency of his strikes.  

He knew fine well that Mermaids were quickly aroused with a spanking just like most of the Fairy and human women he had come across.  Sure enough he found his hand becoming slick with the thick creamy juice from her sex.  Just the way he wanted her.  Her cries turned in to soft moans and she began to press down on to his hand to meet each slap.  He gave her one more for good measure and then turned her over still keeping her arms together behind her back.  She was breathing hard.  Her small but deliciously pert breasts were heaving on her chest with every agitated breath she took.

“Forgive me, your highness.  I am at your service.  How may I make this slight up to you,” she said looking at him with flushed cheeks and glazed eyes.

The Prince grinned and made her shriek when he suddenly slid her down the bank and pulled her down back in to the water with him.

Keeping tight hold of her arms behind her back he moved close to her so that his now rigid cock brushed her bare shaven pussy under water.  She moaned and pressed her body close inviting him to penetrate her, more than willing to be mounted by the Prince after her spanking.  Moving her closer until the nipples brushed his smooth chest and then squashed against him, he spoke no more and simply guided his long wide penis to the slit above her tail.  

The channel inside the Mermaid was wider.  Once nestled inside the slippery walls he jerked her body by moving his hips in one strong fluid motion to embed himself inside her to the hilt.  Immediately he pulled her down in to the water until their bodies were submerged.

Fully versed in the art of mounting and riding a Mermaid he wrapped his legs around her to hold her body in place and squeezed his hips around her.  The Mermaid’s tail began to move wildly in the water in response to being trapped. The prince used his dominant position to give him the momentum to thrust hard and fast inside her pumping his powerful male hips to execute the feat.  His lips closed over hers as he kissed her hard.

The Mermaid’s channel walls closed tight around him and he realized she was close.  He increased the pace of his thrust expertly stroking the rough back wall of her vagina where he knew the centre of her pleasure dwelt, knowing he could hold his breath a while longer yet.  With triumph he felt her body trying to suck the life from his penis and allowed himself to come strongly spurting his seed up in to the woman’s channel.

Chapter Four

Lord Playfair returned his attention back to the human world.  The man holding the Mermaid over his knee was now opening the crease between her buttocks with one hand and stroking the end of the plug around the small dark puckered opening of her anus.

Shh, little one.  It will be cold at first and will feel strange but I will ease it in gently.”

Looking down, with care Mark began to insert the plug slowly in to her anus.  At first she wriggled and thrashed her tail but the hand holding her buttocks apart raised and slapped her bottom twice.  The Mermaid’s movement ceased immediately and the medical technician restarted his task pushing the plug a little more firmly in to her bottom, forcing her to take it all until it was completely embedded.  This would serve to stretch and lubricate her before the enema could be inserted.

Glancing down the line of seated men he could see another beautiful elven nymph ready to receive her enema.  She had obviously proved difficult because her mouth was gagged with leather and her wrists were bound over her head beneath to the chair legs as were her ankles on the opposite side.  On top of that she wore a leather collar around her throat to which a leash was attached.  Michael held the leash tight forcing her head to raise.  It was all designed to train the woman in to accepting her domination at the Park and prepare her for the rule of her husband.  If the girl was difficult submissive training would be accelerated and sharper measures taken to ensure her safety, to maintain order in the Park and her prospects as a submissive wife for the future.

The technician’s middle finger was inserted deeply in to her anus and was thrusting vigorously in and out.  Her bare bottom was already pink but the attendant suddenly removed his finger and swatted her buttock hard with his hand twice before replacing his lubricated finger and repeating the scenario twice more.

Another attendant approached his chair carrying a tube upon which a nozzle was attached and a bag carrying warm douche.  Michael removed his finger and lowered the leash allowing the elf’s head to drop down.  After taking the tube from the attendant he inserted the end in to the pretty elf’s bottom, feeding it inside her stretched anal cavity inch by inch with care.  Once fully inside he nodded he turned the nozzle and allow the cleansing water to flow in to her anus and through her stomach.

Michael swept one hand underneath her body to cup the front of her stomach.  Lord Playfair watched his hand move as her stomach began to swell with the water.  Another method of training a submissive was to give her a punishment enema and in this case it would be of use in to guiding the elf to accept her body was now controlled.  She would find it easier to accept after the enema.  Soon her stomach would begin to cramp but she would be made to hold the water and wait for the command to release it.

Michael massaged the elf’s stomach to encourage the water to cleanse the stomach ignoring her moans behind the gag at the cramping he was helping to build.

“Hold the water,” Michael demanded removing the tube from her anal entrance.  

He picked up the  freshly lubricated steel plug from the tray fixed to the side of his chair and pushed it back inside her to plug the water.  The elf moaned and wriggled against her bonds as the Michael returned to massage her stomach that was so swollen she appeared as though she were carrying a child.

“Everything is in order, Lord Playfair,” the doctor who ran the clinic was quick to reassure him when he came in to the room.

Guy fastened the button on his suit jacket.

“Yes everything seems to be going well.  When I bring them on the tour we will come here first today.”

“We will be ready,” the attractive man in his middle thirties told him.  “We have just about got through processing today’s delivery and are ready for the second arriving this evening.”


Lord Playfair was preparing to leave when he glanced back at the elf.  She was now being untied.  Michael held her leash and helped her up off his lap.  Then pointing his finger to the floor without saying a word, the elf quickly lowered herself on to all fours.  The young man stood and towered over her naked form majestically pulling her leash tight.  He bent to give her bottom a quick tap with his hand and she began to crawl next to him.  He was taking her to the bathroom to relieve the water in her stomach and complete the cleansing process.

“Walk to heel,” he instructed tugging on her leash and bending to spank one buttock firmly again.

The gagged elf obeyed and with her face creasing in pain from the cramps, she made sure she kept to heel.  They disappeared in to the bathroom and Lord Playfairtook his cue to leave ready to meet and greet his guests.  But Connor was to stop him suddenly appearing at his side.

“Sir, the guests have just disembarked from the boat on to the island but the captain believes there is something suspicious about one of them.  He is more than sure one of them is really a woman masquerading as a man.”

Lord Playfair raised any eyebrow.  Women visitors were banned from the island.  This would prove interesting.  He nodded and grinned.

“If she is then she must be exposed and perhaps taught a lesson.”

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