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The Manor Excerpt

Feeling down on Sunday evening thinking about work tomorrow?  Then treat yourself to a read of a very hot and sexy excerpt from my futuristic BDSM/Spanking/DaddyDom Romance, The Manor!

Watch out it is a hot one and not for the faint of heart!

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The Manor Excerpt

Chapter One

The Manor, Hertfordshire. 2041
The beautiful young woman lay helpless and naked facing downwards across the spanking horse, her wrists and ankles shackled to its sides by metal cuffs and chains.  It was one of ten spanking horses in the long rectangular room all neatly lined next to each other but the only one occupied.  The woman’s captivating long blonde honey curls cascaded over the front of the horse obscuring her face from view.  The pose enhanced her enchanting vulnerability to the men watching her from above in the open gallery running the length of the punishment room.  She sobbed quietly as she waited to receive her impending caning as her poor swollen bare breasts pushed down and squashed against the horse in protest.

In the gallery were ten young attractive wealthy businessmen in tuxedos.  They leaned over the rail talking to each other exchanging news, a drink in hand as they too waited to witness the woman’s public chastisement.  

There were murmurs and comments made about the juicy plumpness of her pale buttocks thrusting up in to the air, slightly splayed across the brown leather top of the horse to expose her anus.  The entrance was dark puckered and appeared tight.  Several of the men discussed whether she had been taken by a man in the small hole before the conversation turned to how much she would fetch at auction and whether she would breed well.

Two males, employees of The Manor, flanked the woman at either side guarding her naked form, patiently waiting for the Master and owner of The Manor to enter and deliver the punishment.

A moment later, The Manor’s handsome owner, Richard Templar entered the room.  He cast a tall elegant dominant figure with his lean muscled athletic appearance clearly definable in his own designer tuxedo.  His short cropped fair hair and perfectly groomed facial hair that seductively wound around his mouth and jaw gave him a sophisticated but arrogant aristocratic appearance and bearing.  It only served to lend masterful weight to the proceedings in which the woman was to be publicly tamed for her misbehavior.

He nodded to the guards who quickly moved away and then addressed the men on the gallery in his crisp highborn English accent.

“Good evening gentlemen.  Welcome to The Manor.”

“Good evening,” they chorused back.

He smiled and then turned to gesture at the dainty woman held tight to the horse, every now and again delighting her audience by trying to rear her head and strain on her bonds to escape.

“To give you a flavor of The Manor and what we have to offer,  I have brought you here to witness the punishment of a woman undergoing correction training.  If a family is unable to contain a willful daughter refusing to submit to male rule and marriage or a wife who will not obey her husband or the harem master assigned to manage a man’s wives then we can offer rehabilitation.”

Richard moved to the woman’s side and caressed the tips of his fingers over one fleshy pert globe in a soothing circular motion as he continued.  He glanced to his side on hearing the door open to see the husband of the woman brought in to the room.

Richard extended his hand out to the man who smiled.

“Lord Dewbury has kindly allowed his new young wife and latest acquisition to his harem of ten to be publicly chastised as a demonstration before she goes to begin her stay in the nursery.  A place where we regress an errant wife back to her childhood and strip her of all independence until she is able to trust and become submissive.”

The older attractive dark haired man in his fifties nodded in agreement.

“I bring all of my wives here before entering my house.  Unfortunately I am attracted to willful stubborn women but I do love to see them broke in to their new life with a firm guiding hand.  Something my business does not always allow me to be available for with its constant demands.  And I do like to do it personally,” he grinned.  “There is nothing like soundly spanking a woman’s bare bottom over your knee when the mood takes you and the punishment is apt.”

The man rubbed his hands together with glee.  There were chuckles and murmurs of agreement from the gallery. Richard returned to the girl’s rump.  This time he smoothed his palm over the seat, peering in to her anus, in his mind preparing how to conduct the caning.

“But sometimes they aren’t enough.  Lucia is particularly willful and Richard here is a master in making a woman submissive.  Something which is essential before breeding.  I have recently made all of my wives pregnant except Lucia.  After a spell at the Manor I will be able to breed her successfully and ensure her obedience.”

Richard Templar took the stage once more.  He continued to stroke the woman’s buttocks, running a purposeful finger down between the crease.  In a tremble of shock she lifted a little way up from the horse to expose the ripe fruit of her pink pussy hanging between her thighs.  A visual treat for his audience.  

“Now to the punishment.  When guiding a stubborn woman to be submissive a bare bottom spanking over the knee is definitely the place to start.  However, there are times when stronger discipline is needed.  A caning or a whipping is needed and they must be conducted publicly.  Being brought to task like a child in front of an all male audience naked shows the power you wield over her.  The humiliation will direct her not to misbehave again in the event she should have to repeat the experience,” he educated.

“However you must ensure the lady is safe and protected at all times.  I cannot stress this enough in a world where we are forced to find and breed women where we can.  You do not want her hurt or taken from you.  Women are now a rare and precious commodity.  She should be stripped and made to bear the whipping or caning naked. Preferably she will be bound and perhaps gaged unless you want to hear her cries as you discipline.  Something I personally enjoy and that is why Lucia has not been silenced.”

Richard motioned for one his aides to bring the handled cane he had personally selected.  He tested its strength flicking it through the air listening to it whoosh a couple of times and then flexed it.  Lord Dewbury stood back out of the way.  Before beginning Manor’s master caressed the girl’s spine.

“Hush, little one.  Take your punishment and learn your role in this new world.  It seems harsh but it is for your own protection and the betterment of our race,” he whispered to her in a dark velvet voice gently bestowing a kiss at the top of her spine.

To Lord Dewbury she was but another woman to breed in his harem as per the rules of the country.  Some men had become hard, cold, bitter and lonely in a world where there were women were in short supply after a virus wiped out the majority and lowered the sperm count in many males.  Women had become the new currency in a desperate attempt to find love and procreate in a dying existence.  Richard Templar was still naïve enough despite his masculine power to still believe in love with one woman in whatever form it was forced to take.  He detested the world of harems and forced breeding despite its necessity and his participation in it.  Many men treated their women as objects where he preferred to show kindness care and protection with his strict discipline and dominant taming techniques.

Richard trailed his fingers down the side of her body opposite him.  The white cuff of his shirt under his tuxedo jacket became exposed and caressed the delicate pale skin of her back enticingly, erotically.  With a careful gentle hand he caught hold of her body just before the swell of her buttocks began.  He placed the cane across her bare bottom and simply continued to hold her.  Richard pressed the cane down on to the top of her butt allowing the girl to feel its firm caress and build her agitated anticipation of the pain and yet he hoped, pleasure that was to come. 

Eventually Lucia would become tamed by the cane and corporal punishment.   As a female she would learn to expect and welcome it being wielded by a male when she required correcting as a normal part of her life.  He only hoped Lord Dewbury and his harem master used discipline lovingly as he would but he was more than doubtful.  Still, while the woman was in his care she would be treated well.

“Take a deep breath for me, Lucia and hold it.”  Richard could feel the tension in the gallery build.  He knew every man was holding his breath in aroused anticipation.  The master knew their cocks were pulling tight as they looked down upon the helpless naked bound woman waiting to be caned, wishing they could be the one to fill and take her hard afterwards.

“Let it out when I give you the first strike of the cane.  I want you to think of the way you treated Lord Dewbury and why you bit him,” he instructed softly.  “Consider whether or not you will do it again as your bottom is struck.”

“No, I will not.  He deserved it,” Lucia challenged in an angry tone, trying to lift her body and head again.

Richard wasted no time in raising the cane as he pushed down on her back to hold her in place.

‘As you wish,” he flicked the cane expertly across her bare rump forcing a high pitched squeal of pain from Lucia’s lips and a grateful gasp of release from the men in the gallery.  The second strike followed fast.  Then the third.

Richard wielded the cane with expert precision.  It was the third caning he had given a woman that day and he came in to his stride quickly.  He never hit the same place twice, patterning his strokes, one below the other, each strike inflicting new fresh tender pain.

Lord Dewbury looked on at his new wife being caned without emotion.  Instead his face was stern and cruel making the Manor’s owner grateful he was the one inflicting the chastisement and not her husband.

Lucia was sobbing her heart out, begging him to stop when he moved to stroke the backs of her thighs with the cane.  She now promised never to misbehave again.  It seemed the girl was learning her lesson.  Her body was bucking against the leather horse like a bitch in heat taken from behind.  Richard couldn’t help briefly curling his lips with satisfaction when he spied a line of slick juice from her pussy coating the horse every time the cane forced her to thrust down on to it. The musky scent of her arousal filled the air and hardened his cock.  

Richard Templar hadn’t coupled with a woman since his shower that morning and before the night was out he would need to embed himself deep in one of The Manor’s own harem of women he kept for his own personal use and the management staff.  Lucia was a beautiful specimen with luscious pert breasts he ached to slap and watch jump to his attention and a large full beaded clit he would dearly like to suck upon and cruelly pinch.  But her taking was forbidden.  As The Manor’s owner he was expected to keep a distance from the wives.  His employees designated with her care could take her as her training required but his position prevented participation.  She was bound to Lord Dewbury body and soul and there would never be any escape for the woman.

It was hard being the owner of an exclusive establishment where every woman in the Manor was kept naked, leashed, aroused and submissive.  So many to caress, fuck and spank his cock was always taut.  If only he could find a woman who truly satisfied him and not simply the pain of his continuous aroused state he thought with amusement.  Still men envied him and women were more than ready to submit to his will and power when he brought them to their knees in the paradox of pain and pleasure.

Lucia’s sobs rang out loudly and then began to recede as her body grew tired of fighting him.  She became more accepting of her punishment as her bottom and the backs of her thighs began to burn and colour crimson.  The pattern of his strokes across her butt was attractive.  There was nothing quite like seeing the reddened cheeks of a naughty woman after her punishment.  It always made Richard acutely aware of his dominating male power and yet he always felt heavily protective of the girl.  It fired his desire.

The last of his strikes were hard, almost cruel to bring the message home.  Then he ended them abruptly, the last to the bottom of the backs of thighs.  His audience clapped and cheered.  He nodded and smiled at the men up above.

Chapter Two

“That was very masterful and I must say arousing in its application,” Lord Dewbury told him.  “I do believe she will find it very hard to sit down for a long time without remembering the consequences of her indiscretion.”

“Yes.  That is a wonderful addition to the punishment.”

Richard turned and looked up at the men.

“There is often an after affect of spanking, caning and whipping as you already know.  The woman is often wet and more than willing to be taken by you.  It is a good precursor to breeding.  If she isn’t, spanking at regular intervals during the day will cultivate this response,” he said with authority.  “Let us see if Lucia, is slick and pliant for entry.”

Richard handed the cane to his assistant and placed his cool hands on to her bottom, cupping and lifting both buttocks.  Lucia gave a gentle cry.  Her rump was firing heat out at Richard’s hands with the strength of a furnace and the push of his hands against her caned skin was causing discomfort.  He repeated the action and produced another small whimper.  Murmurs of approval bounded around in the gallery.

“Good.  The pain will remind you of the consequences should you not choose to behave correctly and with respectful submission.  Now let us see if a part of you has enjoyed your punishment.”

Lord Dewbury looked on with interest as Richard slipped his middle finger between her thighs pushed down against the leather surface of the horse.  Her pussy was open in the position she had been forced in to for her caning.  Her bulbous adorable clit was squashed down.  Richard wanted to see it bobbing with arousal as she was entered.  The moment his finger made contact with the soft petal folds of her vulva they were coated in thick creamy juice.  He grinned and stroked her pussy length ways, saturating his fingers with it.  She gave a gentle moan of pleasure through her tears and started to move her hips as he eased his finger up inside her canal.

“Very good, Lucia.  You have done well.  Now I think you should experience a reward.”

He removed his finger and held it up to the gallery.

“Beautifully wet,” Richard announced.

The audience clapped with glee.

“Please bring Lucia in to the middle of the room so that our guests might examine her wetness for themselves and she might be brought to climax,” the Manor’s owner directed.

Immediately two tuxedoed men moved to lift the spanking horse upon which Lucia was straddled and bound.  They brought it out of the line with Lucia still shackled to it and placed it in the centre of the room next to Richard and her husband.

The men lowered the front of the horse until Lucia’s hair trailed on the rich red and white patterned carpet and her body tilted.  The position of the horse thrust her red bare bottom up in to the air.  They unshackled her feet and guided her knees in to specially designed supports they pulled out from the sides.  The men cupped her bottom to lift it higher before placing her ankles in to a second set of restraints on either side. The effect was potent.

Her raised buttocks had been forced open wide by the knee supports.  There was nothing she could hide from any man in the room.  Her anus was stretched open and her clit pouted from her splayed vaginal lips.  The men in the gallery peered down looking at the wetness coating the horse where her vagina had settled for her punishment.  Then their eyes rose to the heavy dampness coating her the insides of her thighs and glistening like raindrops on her hanging clit.

“I think, Lucia has taken her first caning well and I think in her honour we should also reward ourselves with a treat and watch her orgasm.  Another part of the chastisement can be to force the woman to publicly come and be unable to hold back her pleasure however hard she tries.  Once again this enforces your rule and her realization that as the man of the house you control her body, her desire, her menstrual cycle, her impregnation and her bodily functions.”

Richard turned to one of his assistants.


The man moved towards Lucia and pressed a button.  A whirring sound could be heard as a small flap in the horse directly below Lucia’s pussy opened up.  From it a leather clad phallus was rising and shifting in to the perfect angle to penetrate her vagina.  It stopped just short of entering her, its tip brushing the end of her clit.  Seemingly unable to help herself Lucia began to move against it as though she was trying to quench some unbearable ache causing the men in the gallery to laugh.

With his lips curling in to an amused smile at Lucia’s sudden submissiveness and desire to rub herself despite the onlookers, Richard took firm hold of her hips.  Her husband clasped his hand around the phallus to hold it in place as Richard lowered her down on to the dildo.  Lord Dewbury directed it up inside her channel until both men had ensured the phallus was deeply bedded at the edge of her cervix.

Lucia moaned and whimpered trying to press down and work her body against the contraption.  Richard gave her bottom an affectionate tap.

“Patience, Lucia.  Hold yourself still and feel the strength and power of the phallus inside you.  Feel how it stretches and dominates your body.  You will be tamed by it and your husband’s penis.”

Richard gave her a moment.

“Do you feel it?”

She faltered then stammered, “Yes, yes I do.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes . . . sir.”

“Always address your husband or a master with sir or you will find yourself over his knee for a spanking almost immediately.”

“Let’s get you going.”

Richard flicked a switch at the bottom of the horse and watched the phallus spring in to life.  He put it on a slow setting.  It began to thrust like a member inside of her.  It eased right back until the tip almost came out of her and then back inside to the hilt.

Lucia’s helpless moans became pants.  Unable to do anything else her body met each of the phallus’s drives inside her at first with intimidation and because it forced her to.

“Please I am not sure about this . . . I . . .”

“Hush you will be obedient,” Richard informed her with heavy sterness.  “The leather member will bring you pleasure and you will not be allowed to hold it back.  We wish to see it.”

As if in reprimand Richard turned the setting to high and the phallus began to push inside her with force.  It bucked her body violently giving everyone in the room the idea she was being ridden hard by a persistent jockey.  Her pants and pleadings turned to gasps.  Richard could see dampness slick and thick over the makeshift penis as it moved out of her channel and then thundered dominantly inside her again at a feverish pace.  His cock twitched with need making his seed boil and beg to be released.  Lucia’s gasps graduated in to helpless cries and screams of need as the machine fucked her hard.  She was close.

‘Right, little girl, come for us now,” Richard ordered.

Outstretching his hand he spanked her bottom with three powerful slaps as though encouraging a horse to run and her orgasm broke violently.  Lucia pushed down as far as she could on to the dildo feeling it spear inside her body and tear her climax from her with force.  It dominated her body with a power and pleasure Richard doubted she had ever felt before and especially with Lord Dewbury who took no care in pleasuring her when he mounted.  He thought only of himself.

Lucia had been bought as a virgin and Richard couldn’t help but wonder if she would ever feel any sexual happiness unless she was exchanged for another woman or sold on.  It was disappointing.

Eventually, Lucia collapsed against the horse, spent.  A delicate sheen of sweat lined her spine as the phallus continued to pump in and out.  Richard made no attempt to turn the machine off as the audience clapped and cheered once more.

“The phallus will quickly stir Lucia’s libido back to life.  The more she is taken the more submissive and obedient she will become.”

They all listened to the piston of the machine fucking its way back and forth inside Lucia’s vagina.

“We will let you come again, little girl but this time with an anal protrusion.”

His assistant moved forward now holding a tub of lubricant.  The young handsome man with a wicked look in his dark eyes sank his fingers inside it.  The other aide halted the penis’s movement for a brief second producing a small cry of discontentment from Lucia.  Richard and Lord Dewbury’s eyebrows raised with amused surprise.

The man slapped the gel the length of her crease before circling his fingers around her anal entrance and gently but directly pressing his thickly coated middle finger in to her anus.  This time whimpers of pain and discomfort echoed from Lucia’s lips.  She tried to move, to escape her fate but  Richard held her fast and opened her buttocks wide to enable the action to be carried out more easily.  The young man expertly twisted his finger to stretch and open the orifice, getting it ready to accept the protrusion. 

After a while Lucia’s body relaxed and her struggles ceased.  The young man was then able to stretch his finger the length of her anal channel making sure it was well lubricated.  As Richard continued to hold her bottom open his assistant flicked another switch on the bottom of the horse.  From the back of the spanking horse another flap opened and a second phallus came out.

It rose upwards and came to a halt just before the small hole, brushing its tip across it.  Richard kept her buttocks splayed open and lowered her on to the anal phallus while his assistant guided it inside her cavity slowly and with gentle loving care.  Once inside, Richard restarted the member in her pussy and then activated the one in her anus on a low setting.

She was a wonderful vulnerable submissive intoxicating sight.  Lucia was being penetrated and fucked in both entrances for the viewing pleasure of them all.  Gradually the settings were turned up until Lucia was being ridden hard once more.  Her cries were loud bouncing off the oak paneled walls as her body was forcefully brought to a consuming climax amidst rousing applause.

Richard watched his young assistant untie Lucia and lift her naked body up in to his arms.   Her husband followed him out of the room as she was carried to the nursery to receive her first enema, be publicly bathed and diapered as the first stage of her regression.

“I hope you have enjoyed yourselves and the will continue to enjoy your stay at the Manor.  By the end of your week’s stay I hope you will leave with one or two purchases.  I look forward to seeing you on the hunt tomorrow morning,” Richard finished his speech and then left to make his rounds of the Manor.

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