Monday, 31 October 2016

Ruling His Queen

Here is your Halloween treat!  Meet naughty billionaire and strict English Lord Nathan Valancourt in my supernatural vampire BDSM/Spanking/Billionaire Daddy Dom Romance, Ruling His Queen.


Happy Halloween!

Ruling His Queen

Nathan Valancourt, billionaire and English Lord of the Realm backed his new personal assistant back against the wall and roughly took hold of her arms to place them above her head.  The door to his London office in Docklands wasn’t even locked and the thought that someone might walk in on them thrilled him to the core.  Firmly he pressed his lips against her cherry red ones and captured her mouth.  His kiss was feverish and she responded with equal enthusiasm.

Holding her hands in one of his in a vice like grip, he placed the other on the hem of her demure silver grey pencil skirt and forced it to rise up her thighs.  It was a well practiced manoeuvre he had executed many times and the action gave him no trouble.  Bunching the material around her waist, he slid his hand over one smooth milky white thigh protruding from her suspenders and cupped her pussy sheathed by silky white thong panties.  Using his thumb he rubbed the small bud nestling there until he felt the material grow damp.  With a grin of satisfaction he tucked his fingers underneath the material of the gusset, his fingertips brushing the tantalising plethora of black curls covering the v shape.  It raised a small startled gasp of unexpected pleasure from the lips of his new employee who he had yet to educate as to the true meaning of her duties as his personal assistant.  He continued to strongly kiss her and looking deep in to her hazel eyes with determination he tugged at her flimsy panties and tore them from her body enjoying the dance of surprise, fear and excitement swirl in them.

He tossed the remnants to the floor and wasted no time in thrusting his fingers in to her wetness.  His digits stroked revelling in the luxurious feel of the soft velvet pouting lips.  The girl moaned  against the crush of his mouth bucking her pelvis out at him, pressing her small breasts against his chest covered by his shirt and his dark grey suit jacket.  Without warning he suddenly turned her around and slammed her against the wall.  Holding her hands once more above her head he cast his eyes over her plump pert bottom.

“Perfect,” he whispered, another wicked smile lighting his lips.

Nathan raised his hand and slapped his hand hard against the girl’s bare rump loving the way the fleshed wobbled, jumped and quivered.  The girl gave a startled cry and tried to move away confused.  He forced her back against the wall and struck the other buttock a little harder than the last.

“Now, now.  No moving.  I will not harm you.  This is merely a little discipline for not putting that important call through to me this morning.  Take your spanking with dignity, little one.  If you want to continue working for me you must learn my ways or leave my employment.”

“Yes, Sir.  I love this job.”

“Good.  Then we understand each other.”

Lord Valancourt intensified the force behind his third strike and picked up a rhythm.  The girl yelped and whimpered feeling the hot sting of his strike but did not complain or struggle again enduring her first spanking from her employer with quiet dignity.  The billionaire picked up his stride turning his attention to the tender backs of her thighs, striking her them harder than her buttocks.  Finally the girl satisfied him with a sob and a few gentle tears.  He spanked them for a little longer and then ended her punishment.

He came close against her again cupping one during globe to cruelly squeeze it.

“Good girl,” he whispered in her ear caressing away a heavy tear droplet with the tip of his finger after it dropped seductively on to her pale cheek.

He circled his fingers over her bottom to soothe the pulsing pain and then slowly trailed them down over her butt cheek down in between her damp thighs and in to her vagina.  She was soaking wet.  To calm her agitated breathing heaving her chest from the exertion she experienced whilst being spanked, he fondled her clit, rolling it gently between his index finger and thumb.

“Shh, little one.  You are safe.  Calm yourself.”

Amused, he carefully turned her around but kept her pinned against the wall.

“After pain there must always be pleasure.”

Lord Valancourt slowly lowered his tall frame to his knees so that his face was level with the girl’s wet pussy.  His hands swept over her thighs and back over her hot bare bottom.  He dug his fingers in to her sore chastised flesh producing a loud cry from her lips he hoped could be heard from outside the office at the same exact moment he hungrily opened his mouth wide and covered her juicy mound with his lips.  The girl didn’t appear to know whether to moan or cry.

He curled the tip of his tongue around her clit before sucking the bobbing jewel between his teeth and gently nipping it while his fingers dug harder in to her fiery bottom.  He kissed her pussy with savage strength, devouring her, expertly licking his tongue up and down the length of the lips penetrating the wet orifice then drawing back to circle it.

He felt her hands run through his lush raven coloured hair to hold on and grinned as she ground her pelvis against him, crying out her need in a soft feminine voice.  His penis leapt and twitched with arousal.

The girl thrust harder against his face.  She was close to coming.  

“Come for me,” he commanded.  “Right now.”

To encourage her he raised one hand and slapped it against one tender buttock.  Another helpless yelp filled the room.  Another two strikes and the girl was screaming out her climax.  He continued to smack as his mouth filled with warm creamy juice which he drank with relish until she slumped.  Giving her pussy a gentle kiss, Nathan rose and licked his lips to savour the last of her taste.

“That was breathtaking, Ms Taylor.  Now pull your skirt down and crawl under my desk.”

The brunette’s eyes widened.  The billionaire pointed at the floor and quickly shaking her sexy hips swished the grey skirt back down her legs.  She looked at his finger pointing downwards again and slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of him.

“Crawl, Ms Taylor,” he gave her an amused smile which made her eyes narrow.  So there was fight in Ms Taylor.  He would enjoy breaking it.

With a defiant look she turned and began to crawl towards the mahogany desk.  Nathan straightened his fine silk silver tie and walked toward towards the chair on the other side of the desk.  With an arrogant air he sat down.

“Now, Ms Taylor take out my penis and insert it in your mouth and mind you swallow every drop when I come,” he told her in a matter of a fact voice.

He felt her soft hands on his thighs and then heard his zip go down.  He wore no underwear and the immediate brush of her delicate hand along the skin of his cock threatened to undo him.  He was so hard he thought he might explode without warning.  Ms Taylor’s hand gripped him tightly.  With a pleasured groan he closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment.  He reached under the desk and cupped the top of her head feeling the pins keeping her long mane up in place.  He guided her towards his cock and obediently she opened her mouth.  Her tongue was slick and wet.  It curled and licked around the tip before he pulled her head down and forced her to take his hard length in to her mouth.

He held her there thrusting his cock in and out between her succulent red lips delighting in the fact she would leave her mark on his rim.  He had just picked up a rhythm with his thrusts when a cold shiver shook him and forced him to open his eyes.  His immediate attention was drawn to the wall to the left of his desk.  A picture on it flickered to life.  Another psychic vision?  Or another dream haunting him during the day instead of the night?  It wasn’t the first time.  A woman appeared in a old Victorian London street.  She was young with long red gold hair in a beautiful long white dress.  She looked lost, forlorn and there was a bruise to her eye.  She was running from someone.  Nathan’s eyes widened.  It was the woman he had dreamt about for the last three weeks only this time she was in danger.  There was some connection between them.  Every time she appeared he could feel it.  She turned and startled him when she she looked directly at him.

“Come to me before it is too late.  I need you,” she called out to him in a gentle feminine voice.

He glanced away at Ms Taylor feeling himself close to coming only it was the woman in the white dress she saw devouring him, stroking his cock and swallowing him whole to the back of her throat.  His pleasure increased and intensified like he had never felt before and he was suddenly coming hard squeezing every last drop of thick seed down her throat, clasping her head tight to force her down on to his cock.  He fell back in the red le

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