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Knight Shadows

Here is another sexy extract for you to read.  This time it is from my supernatural BDSM/Spanking/DaddyDom Romance, Knight Shadows which deals with past lives and eternal love.  What would you do if a handsome strict billionaire Daddy Dom came out of nowhere to claim you as his own and kidnap you to protect you from dark forces hunting you down? And if you failed to do as you were told throw you over his knee for firm bare bottom spanking? :)

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Knight Shadows Extract

My whole body trembled.  Gabriel Knight had kidnapped me to keep me safe in his arms.  But I was to receive another surprise when he pointed out our destination. It was Pelsey Castle.

“I own the castle, Arielle.  This was our home in 1926 and it will be again.  I can keep you safe here.”

It was the castle that had drawn me to Appledene to draw and paint in the first place.  I had a strong fascination with the castle.  Since moving to Appledene I spent most of my time walking up the beach towards it lamenting I couldn’t enter the private cove and inside the huge wide castle sitting on top of the cliff to explore.  But it had always been closed off to the public and no one had been allowed to visit.  The locals weren’t even sure who actually owned the structure.  Now it was Gabriel Knight.  

“You can’t force me to live there with you against my own will,” I snapped afraid of what was happening. 

“I can and I will.  But I hope in time you will be understand and rediscover your love for me as I have for you.”

“But what if I try to leave?”

He laughed.

“You won’t.”

“But if I do?”

Once more he stroked the soft pale skin of my cleavage as though to soothe me.

“I am a very rich man, Arielle as I was in the last life, a billionaire no less.  I have unlimited resources to find you.  There is no escape.  If you leave I will hunt you down and bring you back.  If I need to keep you a prisoner at the castle to protect you then I will,” he darkly informed me as the car left the main road and started to climb the long winding road up to the Pelsey castle where I was to be held captive.

Gabriel’s hand possessively flattened down the length of my bare back bringing a gentle warmth to its surface as I lay naked on the four poster bed in one of the castle’s bedrooms.  Mr Knight had picked my bound form up in his arms and carried me from the car up a long winding staircase covered in red carpet as though carrying me over the threshold on our wedding day.  After untying my hands, he had towered over me in his silver grey suit exuding power and authority demanding I undress at his command.  When I refused he caught hold of my shoulders and pulled the zip down on my dress at rough speed.  Then he had practically ripped it away from my body and down my legs.  My bra quickly followed to my horror and then my panties which he shredded.  I covered my naked body with my hands as best as I could with a sob of humiliation.  But I was to earn myself a surprise slap to my bare buttocks to scold me before he pulled my arms away and gazed longingly at my small curved form.

“Being naked will induce you not try and run away as well as encourage you to obey me in your vulnerable state,” he told me in an imperial tone.

Then he had picked my small curved form up in his arms and thrown me down on the bed.  He turned me over and held my hands behind my back lightly stroking his fingers down my spine to calm me.  Any residual resistance I felt began to melt and fade to black.  Inwardly I cursed myself for it.

“There are three men in your life right now and I know this man who haunts our lifetimes to keep us apart is one of them.  One is a dark figure who stalks you, a former friend and work colleague.  That is why you have come here to hide from him, another is your stepbrother who wishes to possess you and the third is a gallery owner who sells your paintings in London.  They all have one thing in common.  They want to make you their own.  But one of them also means to kill you if he cannot have you.  It could be either one of them.  They are all dangerous in their own ways.  I am going to make sure these men realize who you belong to.  They can’t have you.  Now I have you safe, I will draw them out and your murderer will reveal himself.”

Gabriel was absolutely convinced with no doubt in his mind whatsoever that one of these men was from the past, our past life would be trying to murder me because he could not be with me.  It sounded mad.

“I won’t let him take you from me again.  I could barely live after you died and I won’t spend another lifetime being alone without you,” his pain was audible, passionate.  It stabbed my chest.  “You won’t be taken from me,” Gabriel snapped pressing his palm down hard on my back forcing me to flatten my naked breasts and body on to the silk sheets., the pressure and weight arousing and strangely reassuring.

Gabriel’s anger was just as potent as his obsession with me.  He pushed down harder and a memory flickered in to life inside my mind.  I was alone back on the beach in my dreams, a man was holding me down on the sand ruining the pretty white satin garment I wore.  It took me a moment but I realized it was my wedding dress.  The man ripped at it and the panties I wore beneath and mounted my dry sex to rape me.  He hit me over and over again until my consciousness faltered.  Thankfully, the memory kept its distance from my present time and I was able to view it without feeling the agony and fear of the attack.  Never the less I felt disturbed.  It wasn’t like the love and beauty I felt in the dreams.  For some reason I could not see the face of my rapist nor did I want to.  Could it be Gabriel?  I prayed my fear would not be proven right.

Gabriel’s hand moved again and now rested on one soft mound of my buttocks.  It slid downwards and suddenly he was slipping his middle finger between my legs to reach the damp fruit hanging between my legs.  He stroked in between the plump vaginal lips opening them and the memory faded releasing the tension it left in my body.

Gabriel leaned over me and bent his lips to my bottom as he continued his intimate stroke inserting his probing digit in to my channel while his free hand continuing to hold me flat and captive on his bed.  

“I am going to film our lovemaking and send each man a copy.  I want them to know you are my captive.  They will come to your aid and the guilty man will expose himself to me when I confront each one.”

I opened my mouth to protest but he suddenly turned me over until I lay on my back, his finger still inside me.

“You can’t . . .”

“Yes I can.”

The billionaire caught hold of one of my hips digging his fingers in to my skin, not to hurt but to restrain as he lowered his head to my pussy and bestowed a small kiss on top of the damp bobbing bud protruding the folds of my vagina.

“I can do whatever I want.  You are mine and these men must be shown in the most primitive and primal of ways that you are owned by me.  You will obey me on this, Arielle or I will make you.  Your life depends on it,” he told me in a low deep voice before touching the tip of his wet slick tongue to my clit and then drawing it between his teeth to nip and tease.

I hadn’t enjoyed the expert touch and kiss from a man in my sex for over a year and it was as though his tongue licked my soaking pussy with fire.  I could barely breathe.  A series of small pleasurable moans echoed out from deep inside my throat and I was unable to stop myself from uttering them.

As he knelt between my thighs at the foot of the bed to better accommodate his task, my body arched backwards, my pelvis lifting from the bed to meet the thrust of his mouth tugging and suckling my clit.  His finger continued to pulse and stroke inside the velvet wet walls of my vaginal tunnel coaxing me in to submission, the neatly groomed facial tracing his jawline and mouth scraping tantalizingly against the tender soft skin of my inner thighs.  I wondered how much more I could stand without coming as my sex flooded.  But that was when I noticed the shadow of another man in the room.

The suited figure was moving in the semi-darkness holding a large camera in his hands.  He stretched over my body making my eyes blink with the light on the top of it.  He panned it over my naked breasts taking in their fullness in their aroused state, the nipples taut and puckered.

I stared up in to the lens panting and whimpering my pleasure like a tormented animal.  I started to raise my hand to bat the camera away appalled but as I did so Gabriel stood and stretched his lean athletic muscled form over my body.  He raised my hands above my head to pin them down on to the bed by my wrists.  The tip of the billionaire’s fashionable silk small pink checked tie caressed the middle of my cleavage.

“Don’t fight this,” he whispered holding my gaze to attention.  “Accept it.”

“What if I won’t?  If I can’t?” I challenged in a vulnerable childlike voice thinking of the past life memory on the beach. 

I was afraid, conscious I was completely in his power and unable to defend myself and tackle his hard physical male strength brushing my curves through his shirt.  “Will your rape me?” I blurted out.

A laugh of surprise and disbelief resounded from his lips.  Gabriel closely studied my face, his blue eyes turning icy with menace.  I stared in to them searching for my own memories and recognition of him, looking for sympathy, trust, comprehension, anything.  But his eyes were heavily guarded and a streak of anger sharply narrowed them.

Gabriel moved one of his hands from my wrists to wind it around my throat in a choke hold.  I gasped fearful he was actually about to rape me and film it.  However, I was to receive another shock when he carefully tightened the hold on my throat and my treacherous body warmed and surrendered by relaxing in to his dominant hold.  My mind might have been afraid of his intentions but my body clearly trusted him not to hurt me.  I was more than confused by my reaction.  My body appeared content to be restrained by him and even found deep arousal in it.

My skin glowed and felt buttery against him.  With it a feeling of sudden trust and safety enveloped me.  A small voice cried out from the back of my mind.

“How could you even doubt him?” it whispered the words in hurt defense of Gabriel.  “Remember him and all that he was and is,” it urged.

“Do you really believe I would ever rape you, Arielle?” Gabriel asked, his voice dark and low.  “That I would even be capable of raping you?”

He tightened his grip on my throat just a touch more making me strain and whimper yet still my body did not fear the darkness seeping in to his eyes.

“Do I need to rape you?  I don’t believe I need to,” he smiled down at me.  “I can be forceful if necessary.  I am a dominant man and I expect the woman in my life to respect it with her willing submission but I would never harm you.  I should whip your bare behind for even daring to consider it.  Perhaps I will when we are finished.”

I let out the breath I had been holding feeling a little guilty.  Gabriel’s hand slid up and down my throat caressing the delicate fragile skin surrounding it.

“I should forgive you,” his tense mouth softened.  “I do have you trapped and vulnerable in my power.  It is intoxicating and deeply pleasurable to see you so helpless in my control beneath me.  I confess I would like to keep you this way forever, safe in my arms.  There is no cruel or violent intent, Arielle, quite the opposite.  I hope in time you will allow yourself to remember our love and surrender to me as your husband and Master just as you have done in all of our many lifetimes together.  Until then I will have to make you but I will never hurt you.”  A mischievous smile crossed his lips.  “There are many other ways to enforce your obedience than violence and rape.  Much more pleasurable pursuits even if they involve a little pain.  For instance I could throw you over my knee and spank your bare little plump bottom in front of all of my aides.”

This time I gulped.  Gabriel grinned and lowered his lips to one of the erect teats tipping one of my breasts, gently nipping it.  I moaned the painful sensation streaking a lightening flash of pleasure pain directly to my sex making it soften and dampen once more, willingly surrendering to his mastery.

“What do you say about that, Arielle?  Do you still wish to resist the desire I know you feeling?”

I wanted to say no, protest about being filmed but when he devoured the opposite nipple my answer was a cry of submission.  Gabriel caught hold of my waist and roughly turned me over back on to my front.   His firm male palm struck first one buttock then the other in quick succession and then repeated the action.  I cried out with surprise as the sting of my short spanking burned in to my flesh.

“Hands above your head, on your knees and bottom up in to the air.  Face down and do not raise it until I give you permission to.  I will have your respect, Arielle,” he ordered in a stern fatherly tone.

I found myself jumping to his order actually feeling excited by the way he snapped his demand at me.  His tone and robust handling gave me the unexpected urge to obey and please him.  I was nervous about how natural it felt to do as it had in my dreams.  I was a strong independent woman and shouldn’t be submissive.  It was wrong but I couldn’t help craving it at that moment.  I remembered the dream where I knelt at his feet in the stable and could see myself doing it in the present very soon despite my reservations.  I knew then Gabriel Knight would win.

 I remained in the pose hearing him undress.  The light on top of the camera bathed my body.  I made sure I kept my face down just as instructed not daring to move incase he took his hand to my bare bottom again and delivered another stinging blow.  A warm feeling spread across my cheeks as I thought about my spanking and open pussy having been recorded by the cameraman to titillate and provoke the men who stalked me in to action.

Gabriel’s naked body covered me like a blanket.  I was consumed when his body sank down on to me and flattened me on to the bed beneath him.  His hard cock moved against my bottom rhythmically moving up and down against me, a promise of things to come.  Gabriel raised one of my legs to the side and upwards at an awkward angle to better expose the entrance to my pussy.

“I need to be inside you now.  I won’t wait any longer,” Gabriel breathed gripping and twisting my mid length blonde hair in his hand forcing my head to rise from the silk sheets clothing the luxurious bed.  His penis twitched at my entrance from behind and I began to ache, needy for his deep penetration to satisfy it.
My sex and channel were soaking wet from his caresses and my sudden chastisement making it easy for Gabriel to enter me quickly.  He guided himself inside my entrance and thrust upwards in one strong motion embedding himself inside me to the hilt.  I panted loudly and cried with satisfaction as my body shuddered with the force and bounced forwards on top of the bed.  Using his grip on my hair he pushed my face down in to the sheets until my breathing and speech were muffled.  I whimpered keenly feeling his power and strength over me.

His free hand he held my wrists down on the bed.  Gabriel grunted with each thrust as though he were making a conquest.  I suppose he was.  I loved the hard stabbing movement of his drive in to me.  But then he would slow the pace withdrawing his length to the tip and then slowly move it back inside stroking and massaging the velvet wet walls of my vagina, caressing the delicate tips of the nerve endings within the soft flesh until I couldn’t breathe and believed I would explode with desire.

Just as I neared orgasm he would change and cruelly drive his penis hard until my body convulsed and jumped.  Occasionally he would lift my head from the bed just a little way to allow me to breathe before forcing it down again and holding it there.

I had never been mastered like this in lovemaking.  It made me feel uninhibited.  My eyes flashed wildly with lust at him when he raised my face from the bed.  He wore a grin of triumph.  He twisted my head to the side and savagely kissed me.  When he pulled away I reached for him but he would not satisfy me and once more my face was buried in the sheets.

I forgot the camera and the man filming our passionate encounter.  After a while of keeping me on the edge, Gabriel wound his arm around my waist and lifted me on to all fours.  The hand in my hair remained but his hand at my wrists moved to my pliant vagina.  He sank his fingers in it as he thrust slickly coating them harshly pinching and kneading my clit until I screamed not sure if it was from pleasure or pain.  Then his fingers left my sex and pushed against my lips.  I inhaled my own musky scent.  His wet fingers pushed hard at my lips again forcing them to part and suddenly they were inside caressing my tongue.

“Suck,” he commanded.

The taste of his fingers were sweet and overwhelmed by the urge to obey him much stronger than before, I feverishly sucked on his hard manicured fingers licking away my juice.  He depressed my tongue gagging me and his push inside my body became frantic, demanding and hard again.  My screams of pleasure were mere mumbles against his fingers.

The camera came close to my face reminding me of its presence.  I stared in to it my face awash with tortured ecstasy.

“Beautiful,” I heard the soft male voice say behind it.

Gabriel’s fingers abruptly left my mouth and his hand closed around it instead just like his aide had done to me when I was kidnapped.  Gabriel’s control of my mind, my body, of me in my entirety was expert and threatened to send me over the edge.

“Come,” Gabriel hissed.  “Now,” he ordered slapping one of my breasts bouncing violently beneath my chest.  The camera zoomed in underneath my body as he did it again, capturing the moment.  My orgasm detonated.  Gabriel roared and dipped his fingers back in to my pussy once more.  Tiny explosions erupted in my vaginal channel only to join and spiral in to a heady large one.  My whole form was scorched in flames and I had the strange sensation of feeling at one with Gabriel as though two halves had been joined back together.  I was in him, part of him just as he consumed me.  I didn’t understand it and truth be known it frightened me.  I had never felt that close to anyone before.  It felt supernatural.  Gabriel rammed inside me grunting and growling his own strong release riding my intense climax with me.

Chapter Three

“One of the dreams I had was of you and I walking along this beach,” Gabriel told me cradling me in his arms on the bed as we lay alone.  He stroked his fingers along my shoulder in a loving caress as he talked.  “I couldn’t have been more than fifteen and you were a little girl of four.  I was very protective of you.  I think you might have been living with my family here.  I get the impression you were a distant cousin from America and sent to live with us when your parents died.  I don’t know.  It is just a feeling.  I was helping you collect seashells off the beach holding your hand and your bucket as we walked.  You were so small and fragile in a pretty white dress with a silver sash.  You looked adorable.”

He sat up undeterred by my surprise and continuing confusion.

“When I first came here last week after suffering the dreams for a month I found a similar dress in the cupboard only it is for an older woman.  It is very old.  I want you to put it on and we can try and recreate the dream to see if anything else comes up in our memories.”

He stood up and I couldn’t help admire his taut buttocks and his fabulous lean muscled form.  It made me feel inadequate with my curves and small appearance.  He deserved a tall skinny woman on his arm not me, I thought.  But then I reminded myself I shouldn’t care and should be concentrating on finding a way to escape and work out what was actually happening.  Perhaps this was somehow a cruel hoax.

He pulled the dress out of the ornate nineteenth century wardrobe slightly out of place in the modern room.  He handed it to me.  It was made of silk but its appearance was childlike rather than adult, as though it were a child’s dress fashioned for adult wear.  I frowned.  It had come with frilly panties and a small bra that looked like it was a training one and I had been made to wear them.

“Put it on, Arielle and I will take you for a walk on the beach to collect shells.”

When I came out of the bathroom, Gabriel was immaculately dressed in a dark grey suit and red tie.  I lowered my eyes unable to meet his dismayed by my growing attraction to him.  I’d tied back my hair and he was pleased.  I felt like a little girl in the dress and although I was perplexed by his need to make me one, I couldn’t help thinking it made me feel like a fairy princess.  He took my hand and led me out of the room as though I was his little girl.  When we reached the last two steps at the end of the stairs he lifted me up against him forcing me to wrap my legs around his waist.

I had to admit, despite my reluctance to take on the persona of a child I loved the tender way he held me and I rested my head against his shoulder indulging in the role.  He carried me out of the castle across the courtyard I recognized in my dreams and down a small track to the dunes.  Once there he put me down.

“Come along, little one.  Let me take you to collect shells.”

His condescending tone sparked my reason in to life once more.  What was I doing allowing him to treat me like a child?  Like a little girl having a tantrum, I kicked his leg hard and ran away from him.

I ran as fast as I could to escape not only Gabriel but myself.  It was a futile act but I was compelled to try.  He was behind me.  I could hear him running along the top of the dunes beneath the castle towards me.  He would catch me up soon and my fate would be sealed once again.  Part of me wanted him to, to force me to come to my senses.  Perhaps if he spanked me again, brought me under control I would see the reality of my situation and understand he was the only man who could protect me just as he had back then.  Maybe I could be made to accept the strange reality of being reunited with a past life husband.

The adorable white dress was becoming torn by some spikey thorn bushes growing in between the dunes as I ran along the top of them.  It made me want to cry.  I continued to run along the sand dunes and down to the beach dirtying my soft white ballet pumps.  The sun was warm and still relatively high despite the lateness of the afternoon.  Soon I would make it on to the beach.  Gabriel would probably hunt me down there.  Still I ran.  A thought gnawed at the back of my mind that I might actually be enjoying being chased by him just like I had done in my dream.

The billionaire wasn’t going to let me go.  He wasn’t going to let me be killed.  He didn’t think I was capable of looking after myself.  To him I would always be the little girl in that memory who needed to be taken care of, guided and when necessary disciplined with love.  I had to admit there was a lot of comfort to be had by his assertions in being my protector and his dominance over me enthralled me.  Still I wasn’t useless and just because I was female it didn’t bloody mean I couldn’t look after myself.  I ran harder stubbing my ballet shoe on a stone sticking out of the sand.  Grimacing I headed down the bank to the beach.  He was so much closer now.  It wouldn’t be long before I was back in his arms.

I ran out on to the sand and tripped to fall flat on my face in my pretty dress covering it in damp sand.  Quickly I tried to recover and stand but Gabriel athletically jumped down from the top of the dune and tackled me back down to the sand. 

“Got you.  No more running, little one,” he sounded darkly triumphant with his catch as both of his arms trapped my own as he held me down.  To my annoyance and frustration his powerful tight hold made me feel safe. And secretly I was relieved he had caught up with me.   

“I was worried you would get hurt running in your dress, little one.”

He nuzzled by neck and I felt the erotic scrape of his designer stubble brush my delicate skin.  I closed my eyes inhaling the scent of him wanting to melt and surrender in his arms.  But I couldn’t.  Too many men had deceived and hurt me in the past if I let down my guard . . .but for a delicious second his persistence and determination to make me submit to him broke through.  Hopefully he would keep trying until I knelt in submission at his feet and welcomed his protection and love.  But that was not going to happen today.

“I am going to keep you safe whether you want it or not.  I won’t lose you, Arielle like I did last time,” his deep possessive voice was passionate.  “You might not value yourself and your life but I do.  You belong to me,” he told me in to my ear holding me tighter when I struggled to free myself again.  “The bond we have is bigger than time and space itself.  It is eternal, Arielle.  Don’t reject it or be afraid of it.  We can’t escape each other.  I don’t want to and I know deep down inside you don’t either. You are just afraid after all the crap that has happened to you.  Anyone would be.  I let you down last time.  I wasn’t there to protect you but I promise you I am now even if I have to strip you naked and keep you tied down on the bed.  And believe me, honey I will do it if I have to.  I may do it anyway to teach you a lesson,” he finished humorously.  “Lets get you home and tied down.”

Gabriel dropped one of his arms around my waist.  He lifted up against him like a little girl.  I struggled kicking and screaming nearly losing my ballet shoes in the process.  He wasn’t taking me back to the castle to tie me to the bed.  No way.  I wasn’t letting him.  I pushed back against him as he twisted me, placing his arm under my legs to lift me up to carry me back.  I succeeded in making us fall backwards on to the sand.  Gallantly he cushioned my body against him as we fell but his grip loosened and I was very quick to take advantage.  Scrabbling to my feet I kicked off the shoes and ran along the beach.

Gabriel jumped to his feet and took off after me.  It was stupid I wasn’t going to get far but there I was running along the beach not even knowing where I was heading.  The beach was deserted and stretched for a couple of miles and I realised I was in the private cove.  I would have to climb some rocks at the end to make it out. What would they think of me dressed in my little Princess outfit at the local shops when I cried for help if I made it?  No time to think.
The tide was coming in and my bare feet were splashing in the cool water when Gabriel finally caught up with me.  I shrieked when he reached for me and pulled me back against his chest.  I expected him to raise me in to his arms and carry me back to the castle but he now had other ideas.  

“It’s time I showed you just how much I am in charge here just like I have always been,” he shouted in my ear making me jump and tremble against him.

Gabriel threw me down in to the water.  With a shriek I landed on all fours the soft sand underneath the surface of the water making my fall an easy one. Gabriel bent to weave his fingers through my hair.  Cruelly he turned his hand and bunched a large section of my bobbed hair in to his fist and tugged.  My head was forced backwards up to look at him.  He towered over me in his suit, his expensive shoes and his trouser legs wet from the water, his handsome face full of dark fury and his blue eyes swirling with concern and fear for me.  He was confused by my need to run from him and refusal to believe him.  I could see it all in his beautiful expressive eyes.  His need to protect me was fierce and I was about to find out just how much so.

“Crawl,” he snapped the command in a menacing tone and pulled my hair to encourage me to move. 

He wanted me further in to the water.  I whimpered as I crawled a little afraid of what he might do.  Would he use violence to make me capitulate?  Gabriel kept tight hold of my hair walking majestically beside me and underneath all of my fear and frustration I couldn’t help feeling aroused at the way he was firmly handling me.

I shivered.  The North Sea water was freezing as the waves grew higher and washed over me.  My pretty little Princess dress was soaking and dragging heavy on my body.  I was in the sea up to my arms and he only to his calves when I was made to stop.  He removed his hand from my hair.

“Don’t move,” he ordered.

I couldn’t.  The waves were charging at me and it was an effort to keep my head above the damn water.  The seagulls shrieked overhead.  Gabriel took hold of the back of the dress and with his bare hands ripped the bodice.  He proceeded to rock my body back and forth as he ripped the satin garment from my form until there was nothing left of it.  Tears swelled in my eyes at the idea of being publicly stripped and for the first time since I had been made to wear them I felt comfort at the fact I was still wearing the frilly pink panties and training bra.  The water leapt and slapped at my covered pussy making me feel uncomfortable.  The dress floated alongside and was caught by a wave.  Gabriel caught hold of it and tossed it on to the beach before turning his attention back to me.

My panties were the next item to be torn from my body. Gabriel tucked his fingers underneath the material and pulled hard.  I gasped when I heard them tear.  He was going to completely bare me and spank me here in the water.  To top it all when he made short work of my bra and my heavy breasts bounced free, the tips brushing the cool water, I realized I really needed to pee.

Gabriel knelt down in the water next to me landing my buttocks with a heavy slap.  I was to feel the sting of his strike more keenly when he dipped his hand in to the water and struck me with a wet hand.

“You have to stop running from me.”

“I won’t be controlled,” I screamed at him finishing my sentence with a loud yelp when he smacked the seat of my bottom card for my insubordination.

“You will.  It is necessary.  That is the way we have always been together.  I am the male in this relationship, always have been and I rule.  It is what we both need and want.  Don’t lie to me.”

Another thwack resounded over the top of my naked bottom making me start to cry.  My body and breasts thrust forwards to meet each crashing wave with each firm spank.

“No.  I don’t want it like that now,” I lied.  I couldn’t accept that this was what I was, that I was a natural submissive who craved a strong man to rule her.  It just couldn’t be.  It was wrong my mind screamed at me.  I hadn’t left a controlling marriage only to go in to another one.  But the small voice in the back of my head sobbed at me. 

But you know I do.  I want him.  I want to be close to him.  Don’t take me from him again.  I can’t bear it.  Don’t lie.  Surrender to him.  Stop the games and submit.  Feel safe.  Feel loved.  Please stop hurting me with your denial.  Stop it.  

Gabriel continued to spank me like a naughty little girl in the water and I considered finally submitting to him.  The very idea made me pulse with wet need as the sea splashed around the insides of my need spanking me in unison conspiring with the billionaire to guide me in to submission.    But that cruel voice of reason would only show me disapproval as I yelped.

When he finished my punishment, Gabriel’s hand wound around my throat as though to choke me but his grip was not violent.  It both calmed and aroused me as it had done before.  It also had the dual effect of keeping my head above the waves as well as my body under his control.  I heard him unzip his trousers and quickly felt the brush of the tip of his cock against my wet thigh.

“I can’t I need to pee,” I told him breathlessly desperate for him to penetrate me despite my awkward situation.

He laughed and tightened the grip on my throat.

“Do you think that is going to stop me, baby girl?”

“But I can’t . . .

He nudged his cock inside me as another wave crashed around us.  My relief was immediate.  I needed him inside me satisfying this ache, quelling my fear almost forcing me to submit to him.

“I control you, Arielle.  I control your body and its functions.  It is time you accepted your place at my side and when I want it at my feet.  Hold your water until I let you release it,” he said huskily above the roar of the surf. 

His hand curved around my stomach underneath me as he spoke.  Cruelly, he pressed down on my full bladder making me squeal afraid I was about to lose control and leak in front of him. I wasn’t going to pee for him just because he thought he could make me.  Gabriel gave a small laugh and rammed his cock hard inside me to the hilt.  I gasped for air.

Immediately he began to ride me, thrusting hard but slow and deep as each wave covered my body with force.  My whole body jumped and jerked forwards with each forceful thrust just as the ocean caressed me.  My need to pee built along with my desire.  I delighted in the robust manner Gabriel used to make me capitulate and drag me out of denial sailing close to the thin line in my mind between dark fear, danger and love.  My sanity urged me to be afraid of him and the darkness his obsession wrapped around me but I couldn’t.  He was unpredictable and I was his prisoner but I couldn’t dismiss the truth no matter how hard I tried.  I knew deep inside I belonged to him and I could never evade our relationship.  But my reason would continue to dismiss my assertions and war with my feelings.

“I won’t pee when you tell me,” I panted angrily trying to not to give in to the delicious pleasure flowing hot and wet inside my sex.

Gabriel’s hand moved from around my throat as his hand on my stomach depressed a little further making my swollen bladder complain and attempt to force a trickle of water from my body.  Using his hand he twisted his fingers in my hair and pushed my face down in to the water until it was submerged and I was staring at the sand.  He held me under there just for seconds before raising my face up again and giving my hair a sharp tug he said,

“Oh but you will, my darling.”

I coughed and spluttered annoyed at him but thankful he had not stopped his thrusting.

“No I won’t.  I am in charge of my own body and life.”

“Not now, Arielle.  You keep placing yourself in danger and I am not standing for it anymore now I rule you and you will be made to obey before you get yourself killed.  I told you I am not losing you again.  This lifetime we will be together.  We have been denied too many times.  Now do as you are told,” he shouted hurriedly guiding my face back down under the water to repeat the action and enforce his command.

I whimpered more from the terrible need to wee as my face lifted in to the air once more.  He gave two more hard powerful thrusts in my channel until I thought he might burst forth in to my womb and plant his seed deep.  I wanted to come and I knew the minute I did my body would relax and I would automatically pee.  I couldn’t bear the shame or humiliation but I wouldn’t be able to stop it.  My cheeks warmed with embarrassment for what was to come as Gabriel pressed his hand hard on my stomach to force the pee out of me.

“Come now and let your water go.  I want to feel it flowing on my fingers as you orgasm,” he ordered pulling harder on the makeshift rein he had made with my hair to ride me.  My head strained backwards up away from the water and with a primal cry my climax consumed me tingling every nerve ending, coursing violently through my veins until my body shook with electricity.  I barely noticed
my pee was flowing.  Gabriel’s hand was between my thighs stroking and pinching my clit allowing the heavy flow of water to travel over his fingers like a waterfall to disappear in to the ocean.  He roared and grunted his own violent orgasm his power frame moving slickly in and out of me with practiced strokes tightening every muscle on his athletic body until finally we were both spent.

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