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His Submissive Housewife

His Submissive Housewife was the first version of one of my big BDSM/Spanking/Billionaire Daddy Dom Romance bestsellers, His with the sexy handsome strict Dominant Russian Billionaire, Nickolai Antonovich.  I hope to have this book published again very soon.  In the meantime check out this version which I am thinking of adapting in to a new story.  Please let me know what you think

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His Submissive Housewife

Ariana sat bolt upright in the bed.  She had been waiting a while and now the man was finally here.  The door opened prompting her to pull the ivory silk sheet to her chest to cover her nakedness beneath it.  It was a coy action, one which probably had no place in the situation but female modesty demanded it.

The handsome dark haired Russian sat on the end of the bed next to her and with a smile tucked his fingers around the top of the sheet.  Slowly he pulled it away and she offered him no resistance as though it were his right to bare her body to his gaze.  His blue green eyes took in the softness and pertness of her milky breasts in the flickering candlelight.  He reached out and circled the tip of his finger around one puckered base of a nipple and Ariana unexpectedly found herself taking a breath.

“I take it you are Nickolai Antonovich,” she questioned breathlessly as the Russian billionaire continued his intimate caress. 

Once again he smiled and Ariana found herself deeply taken in by his handsome smooth masculine features.

‘Yes.  Your sister has explained everything?”

“Once you’ve taken me her debt will be paid and you won’t call the police?” she asked nervously watching the tip of her nipple become painfully taut with his expert touch.

“Not quite.  I want something more.”

“But you said . . .”


He captured her lips hard, holding the back of her head in a firm grip.  At first she struggled and denied his tongue access but he was persistent.   Her hands pulled at the sleeves of his tuxedo jacket.  But a small pinch of her breast teat between his fingers had her opening her mouth to gasp and he was quick to take advantage, probing his tongue deep.  It wrestled with her own for dominance and easily won the fight.  Ariana felt her sex and her whole body melt with desire at the sheer dominant arrogance of the act and to her horror she began to welcome his powerful control.

Nickolai began to lower her back down in the bed, his lips still crushing against her own.  He caught her arms and placed them above her head.

“I want a lot more from you and if you don’t want your sister to go to prison for her theft from my company then you will agree to be my wife,” he informed her lifting his mouth a little way from hers sweeping his lustful eyes over her pretty porcelain face.

He continued in a seductive dark whisper, “I need to close an important deal with a very traditional man who believes in marriage and a dutiful wife.  If he finds me without an obedient, submissive doting wife the deal will not happen.  I think you would make the perfect submissive housewife I need,” he grinned.

“I have a job, a career . . .”

“Your career is over.  You have no need for one and I have heard that it no longer satisfies you.  My wife will not be allowed to work.  I want her safe at home,” he told her softly yet there was no mistaking the firm command in his tone.

“No, no marriage.  I won’t do that again . . .  I won’t do it,” she said fiercely beginning to struggle.  

“Oh I think you will.  Now let’s get started in making you in to the submissive woman I want and need.  This relationship is going to be good for both of us and it will give you the security you have been craving.”

With quick force that sent Ariana’s head spinning, the Russian turned her over in the bed.  Holding her down by pressing his hand in to the middle of her back he ripped the sheet away from her body exposing her bare bottom to his gaze.

“I think we will start with a good sound spanking which will deter you from disobeying me again.  Don’t worry I will be giving your sister one before I leave as well.  Now let’s colour your buttocks a healthy hot pink.”

Ariana could hear the cruel amusement in his voice but she noticed apart from her anger she was feeling arousal at the idea of being spanked like a naughty little girl.  Furious with herself she dismissed the thought and fought all the harder.

“I won’t marry you.  No way.  Let me go.  You wouldn’t dare spank me.”

But the first stinging blow of his strong masculine hand firmly slapping at her bottom told her otherwise. 

The strikes came hard and fast giving her a taste of the new life she was to begin with her Russian Master and husband.  Every expertly aimed strike of her buttocks sent them jumping and quivering with pain.  Outwardly she yelped and cried out with every punishing wobble of her plump juicy flesh, inwardly cursing her sister for stealing from her employer to feed her addiction to material goods. 

Even though their father was a Lord and still owned the family seat, it took all of his meager wealth in its upkeep.  He had been unable to help out his daughter when she asked him to help her repay the debt.  He also believed that being taken to the police and shamed for her action would do her good.  Louisa had been horrified knowing she would probably find herself spending some time in prison for her crime.  But Nickolai had surprised her by offering her an alternative.

He wanted to bed her sister and the part Louisa had left out for Ariana was that he also wanted to marry her.  She’d been so eager to help and protect her sister even though the woman continuously got everything she needed and always ruined it with her reckless behavior.  Life so far, had been a struggle for Ariana, especially her marriage.  She was just getting back on her feet after the painful divorce and her crazy ex husband’s stalking and now she was yet again bailing her younger sister out and offering herself as a sacrifice.

Maybe Dad was right.  You should start owning your mistakes, paying for them and learning from the experience like everyone else. 

She felt glad that her sister was to receive the same humiliating fate and she hoped she got to witness it.

Ariana had put it to the back of her mind, tried to tell herself it wasn’t happening but the more Nickolai wielded his firm spanking hand the more moist she became between her soft succulent pussy lips.

She howled when the Russian turned his attention to the tender backs of her thighs.  Heat was already flaring across her buttocks and now it had spread to her thighs.  The angry yelps and howls she made turned in to heavy sobs.  Yet the stronger the pain the more desire flamed.  The sound of her spanking echoed loudly around the room and bounced off the walls.  No doubt her sister and her boyfriend were listening and probably sniggering.  It made her kick her heels down on the bed in a temper.

“If you do not learn to curb your temper, dear future wife, I will take my belt to your bottom,” he said in a dark seductive menacing voice.

It wasn’t just how he said it but what he said.  The idea thrilled her to the core and the fierce heat stinging her bare bottom flushed against her cheeks at the thought.  She saw herself on all fours, her bottom raised, her hands bound behind her back, her body encased in rope with only her buttocks free for spanking or perhaps whipping.

Ariana had seen an erotic picture somewhere on the internet of a bound woman awaiting a spanking, awaiting her punishment from Sir on her bed.  Her bottom was raised and thrust out provocatively with the visible components of her sex hanging ripe and lush between her thighs.  The man in the picture Ariana now replaced with Nickolai in his tuxedo in her mind, raised the end of his belt and prepared to strike it against her pale vulnerable bare bottom. 

Ariana had been appalled at the time that a woman would allow herself to be subjected to such treatment by her spouse but now the image entered her mind freely, unhindered by guilt.  It was lust and the painful recognition that she wanted, no needed to be submissive to any man who loved her enough to take on the task of lovingly mastering and protecting her in marriage. The terrible truth after her experience with Michael made her cry all the harder.  What was she becoming?  Why was the Russian businessman having such an effect on her mind as well as her body?

Nickolai struck her thighs harder and she stopped her kicking.

“Good girl.  I think that should do it.  You seem a lot quieter now and accepting.  Get the emotion out.  A spanking can be very cathartic and from what I hear from your sister, you have had a lot of problems to deal with recently.  She says you are a very stubborn woman who keeps all of her pain inside.  I will make you change that.  I want my wife to be happy, carefree, safe and open.  I will make sure she will want for nothing,” he whispered surprising her from her sobbing when he bent and brushed his lips across one of her buttocks and then beat a trail of sweet gentle kisses to the base of her spine to soothe and cool the heat pulsing from her bottom.

It was tender almost loving and his words made her soften.  Michael had never talked to her that way.  Her marriage to him had been frightening and she had quickly learnt to be guarded and on alert or she would pay a heavy price. 

Nicolai appeared to want to trace every part of her body.  The tips of his fingers followed the curve of her buttocks and up the side of her body to the swell of her breasts, the front of which were squashed against the bed.  The small irritated voice in her head that rebuked her so coldly for being taken in by his gentleness after he had soundly disciplined her behavior, told her he was checking out the goods he’d just bought.

Hurt by the cruelty of her own thoughts she tried to shy from his touch and move away across the bed.  But he was quick to react.  Ariana let out a gasp when Nickolaireached underneath her body and tightly cupped her sex, gripping at the nesting triangle of dark curls to prevent her movement and hold her in place on the bed.

“Now, now, darling, don’t turn coy on me.  I expect obedience.  I am a fair man but if you try me you will find yourself over my knee, your panties forever around your ankles and your bottom stinging from my hand.”

Her wetness pressed against his palm.  There was no opportunity to hide her arousal.  Even though she was lying face down on the bed she could just feel him grinning with his dominance.  A mixture of anger and a strange desire to test the bond he imposed upon her sex seized her and she struggled trying to turn herself over on the bed.  Her nipples scraped against the silken sheet and her stomach pressed down on the bed only serving to intensify the sensitive heat beginning to throb and ache in her pussy.  

She heard Nickolai lightly chuckle amused by her movement.  The hold on her pussy tightened and pressed hard against her clit.  Ariana bit her lip feeling pleasure soar in the pit of her stomach.

“So wet, darling and yet you still continue to test me.  I have to confess I like it.  I appreciate a feisty female nature,” he laughed again.  “It makes it all the more satisfying when I tame it.”

Suddenly his arm wound around her waist and still keeping his hand in place over her pussy he lifted her easily from the bed and turned her over on to her back.

With quick precision he cupped one of her breasts and pinched sharply at the teat to hold her back in place and with the other he undid his bow tie.  Ariana yelped and struggled in vain.  The more he touched her, the more he handled her robustly, the more she wanted him inside her, taming her very core.  But still she fought against it even though she was desperate to give in to his demands.  When he wound the bow tie between her lips to silence her cursing she thought she might burst with need.  But Nickolai was not to stop there.

He stood quickly and undid his belt buckle.  For a moment Ariana wondered if he might whip her bottom with it but instead he caught her wrists and wound it around them.  The length that was left he fixed to around the wrought iron bedhead.  Now bound and gagged she was helpless and in the power of the dominant Russian.

He leaned over her and trailed his finger around her breast then allowed it to move down between her cleavage to her sex.  He stopped it just outside her pussy, twirling it around one of the tight black curls.

“I am not going to hurt you.  The deal was that I got to fuck you and for you to be my wife.  I can end this now and walk away.  Your sister will be prosecuted but you will be free.  The choice is yours,” his words were stark and bore heavy resolve and authority.

They were a contrast to the caressing way he spoke to her next, dipping his fingers in to her pussy to stroke the small bud begging for his touch.  Ariana gasped and panted against her gag.

“I know you want me.  Your wetness tells me that.  But if you decide to go ahead you will be made to know my power and I will have your obedience.  Every request I make of you will be honored.  I will make sure of that even if I have to keep you tied to your bed taking you over and over again until you and your desire can take no more and I have fucked you in to submission.”

Nickolai rotated his middle finger around the entrance to her slickening channel and then slowly began to tease Ariana by inserting just the tip in to the tunnel.  Desperate she bucked against him wanting to feel the first full thrust of his finger.  But he was to cruelly deny her.

Ariana thought about her sister.  Louisa had stolen a million from Nickolai.  The judge in a court case would come down heavily on her.  She was a fragile delicate flower and prison would break her.  Ariana couldn’t let it happen.  But marriage?  Michael had hurt her so badly she was afraid it would happen again even if it was only for convenience.

Nickolai interrupted her conflicted thoughts when he bent to caress his lips over the tip of her clit.  Involuntarily she bucked upwards trying to insert it in to his mouth.  But he was to chuckle and move away continuing his taunting teasing caress of her vaginal entrance.  It felt like torture.

“I will keep you safe from him.  He won’t find you and even if he does he will never be allowed to hurt you again.  Your security from the man who raped and killed your unborn child is assured with my protection,” there was fierce determination in his voice that Ariana clung to when she felt gentle tears of pain seep from her eyes.  “I researched your background well and I know all about your hurtful past.  There is nothing you can hide from me.  As I said, you will want for nothing as my wife.  When I wed you it will be for life.  There will be no escape from our marriage.  I do not believe in divorce.  Even if we do not fall in love, I will be able to give you the child you desire and an heir for my empire.  Now answer me,” he said softly.

Ariana felt the warmth of the sincerity in his words.  This man could have had any woman.  His affairs with women were legendary but he wanted her.  Dare she take him up on his offer and feel the security.  He would be unfaithful she considered.  She had no doubt of it.  The marriage would be a business deal.  But was the need to be safe from a man who constantly hunted and tormented her worth the sacrifice?  There was no other decision to be made.

Nickolai stretched over her naked form and gently pulled down the gag.  HIs eyes bored in to hers and for a moment she saw concern in them for her.

‘What do you say?”

“Yes.  I will be your wife.”

Slowly his lips lifted in to a gentle smile and relief flooded his eyes.  He brushed his lips over hers and wiped away her tears.

“I am glad you have accepted my proposal, Ariana.  Now for pleasure.”

When he looked at her again his eyes were full of desire.  The finger he still held in her pussy pushed upwards hard and sharp inside her channel.  She cried out with delight but he was to silence it by replacing the gag.

‘It’s time I mounted you and made you mine for life, katyonak.”

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