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Hidden Agenda

To start off the week I am posting a new sexy excerpt of my BDSM/Spanking/Billionaire Daddy Dom Thriller Romance, Hidden Agenda.  This one is set in 1997 involving the Mafia.  I love writing sexy thrillers as well as Erotica and I hope you enjoy the extract.

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Hidden Agenda Excerpt

Louise turned back to her meal, “So Alessandro, I guess you have an Italian background, even though you sound English.”

“Yes, my mother was Italian and my father, Italian-English.”


“She died.  She was killed by a hit and run driver.  I’ve learned to accept it.”

She regretted asking him and apologised.  She didn’t believe that he had accepted it, he had spoken the words quickly as if trying to convince himself, the pain was too clear in his eyes.  Briefly she wondered if she would ever get over the loss of a member of her family.

“Excuse me Mr Maderno, there is a telephone call for you,” a waiter had appeared at their table.

“Thank you, please excuse me Louise.”

She nodded and watched him follow the waiter to the telephone at the desk.

The room was large and the tables were spaced well apart.  Louise felt self conscious as she sat staring at the table cloth trying to avoid any contact with Richard.  She could feel him watching her as he laughed loudly at a comment made by his companion.  Louise shuffled uneasily believing the laughter to be aimed at her and wished that Alessandro would return.

“I’m sorry about that Louise, but business calls and it was very important,” Alessandro apologised as he drew his blue padded chair out and sat down again.

“No of course, I understand.”

“You see, I’m having a real problem.  Something is missing, something that I need very much,” he smiled looking directly at her.

“Oh and what’s that?” she asked curiously, wondering why he was expecting an answer to his problems from her.

He stroked her delicate wrist as it rested on the table.  She froze, it wasn’t a lover’s caress, it had purpose and meaning.  She looked down at his hand and fought the urge to remove it.  

“Well it’s something you could help me with.”

Louise tried to remove her wrist but he held it firm tracing its base lightly with his thumb.  The simple action created flutters of surprised pleasure through her body, leaving her weak and completely at his mercy.  A small cry of indignation escaped her lips and Alessandro knew she was under his control.

“What could I possibly help you with?” she answered a little breathless.

“Well it’s something I know you’ve got.  It’s small, something you could fit into a Dictaphone.”

His voice was soft and coaxing.  He continued the assault, moving his thumb further up her arm as he talked.  Her eyes softened and grew moist.  He watched her struggle internally to regain her lapse of concentration on how to outwit him.  He intensified the caress and brought her wrist to his lips.  Out the corner of his eye he could see Richard watching him.  Richard had given him clear signals all night that she was his property and he was stealing what wasn’t his.  Alessandro repeated the action and grinned possessively at Richard.  Louise sat bolt upright noticing the look between the two men.  What the hell was Alessandro up to.  Was he trying to get the tape or seduce her.  And what the hell was she doing letting him get away with it. She pulled back and snatched her arm away.

Alessandro straightened himself in his chair and took a sip of the wine he had ordered, watching the tell tale signs of fear creep into Louise’s eyes and resisted the temptation to soothe it away with comforting words, he had to get the tape.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she laughed nervously.

“Oh come on Louise.  I think you know what I want.”

He put the glass down carefully on the table.  She was surveying every move he made trying to anticipate his next one as she tried to bluff her way through the situation and determine a means of escape.

“No, I don’t.  I don’t know what game you are playing Alessandro but I’ve had enough.  I’m going to leave now.”

She made a movement to stand but he leaned across the table and his hand was back on her arm firmly pushing her back into the chair.

“Take your hand off me now,” she snapped.

He saw her eyes flick momentarily to Richard to plead with him for assistance.  Alessandro wondered how Richard had been able to contain himself, every look with his eyes had incorporated a glance at Louise.

He removed his hand, satisfied that she was too frightened to move and continued.

“Come on Louise, are we going to play this game all night.  Now you know what I’m talking about, let’s save some time.  Give the tape to me.”

His voice was still softhe was playing with her.

“Why do you want it?” she asked coolly throwing the napkin that she had been clutching in her hand on to the half eaten plate of food.

Again her eyes sought out Richard and this time they made contact.  He stared for a moment and then turned away, dismissing her again.  Alessandro watched her eyes lower but she recovered quickly, trying to hide the reaction.  The man had been her mentor, friend and lover from the tender years of her late youth and he had at least expected a challenge from him when she was trapped in a corner.  But it looked like she would have to face him on her own. 

“I would forget it, he is not going to help you.  Now, where is the tape?”

He was getting impatient and she could hear it in his voice.

“I want to know why you want it?”

“Because I can use it to get what I want.  It carries a large price, if you sell it to the right people.”

“I haven’t got it anymore.  I gave it to the police.”

“You’re lying,” he said quickly.  “I had you followed today and I know you went in to the police station asking for John Rutland and left without seeing him.  I have also had your flat searched while you have been sitting here and it is not there either, so you must have it with you.”

As they talked a man appeared behind her chair.  He was an older man, in his forties, heavy built with a weather worn face.  The mound of hair that he wore was greying at the sides.  His large thick set hands gripped her chair startling her.

“Give me her bag,” Alessandro ordered.

The man obeyed without question.  Louise instinctively reached for her bag before the man could get to it, but he was too fast.  He tossed it to Alessandro who promptly opened the zip and turned it upside down, letting the contents spill on to the table.

He sifted through the bottle of perfume, lipstick, purse and assorted receipts that had littered her bag.  Failing to find anything, he searched the other compartments and then angrily threw the bag down on top of the contents that were now strewn over the middle of the table.

“I told you that I didn’t have it,” she smiled.

Alessandro leaned across the table towards her, his voice lowered to a menacing whisper.  His threat masked by a polite smile.

“I know you have it with you.  It’s just a matter of time before I find it,” he stroked his fingers along her so delicate cheek.  “ I don’t approve of lying.  I think you need to be disciplined with a sound bare bottom spanking until you see the error of your ways and give up the tape.”

Louise looked up at him feeling breathless with fear and the beginnings of arousal from his touch and the seductive cruelty of his threat.  She frowned confused by her strange feelings but she had little time to mull them over.  He wouldn’t dare spank her, not here.  He couldn’t.  Could he?  He seemed so determined not to believe her and get the tape he might . . .

Maurizo, bring her.  Seems our beauty here needs a lesson in discipline” Alessandro ordered removing his hand and sitting back in his chair.

Maurizo took hold of Louise’s arm and pulled her off her seat.

“What the hell are you doing?  Let go of me,” she screamed struggling realising Alessandro meant every word.

Everyone was turning round to look but no one offered to help.  In desperation her hand reached for the table and tipped it towards Alessandro.  Alessandro jumped out of the way and Louise elbowed Maurizo hard in the stomach.  His hold slipped and she pushed past them both.  The restaurant was in uproar, several men stood debating whether or not to come to her aid.  Richard stood and threw down his napkin but not one of them helped her.  No doubt believing it was a simple out of hand lover’s tiff.

Alessandro and Maurizo caught up with Louise easily and dragged her into a large deserted ladies cloakroom, informing a rather frightened waiter that she was ill and they needed to take her home. 

Alessandro took her arm from Maurizo and swung her round, slamming her against the wall.  He put his face level with hers.

“I want you to tell me where the tape is Louise or I am going to strip you naked to search you then spank you, right here and now.  The spanking you can’t get out of but being stripped completely naked is negotiable if you are a good girl,” his voice was a smooth dark velvet caress against her skin.  He felt himself harden at the very idea of being able to spank her.

He imagined her bare bottom, plump but firm and round rising to meet the strike of his hand as he steadied her over his knee.  She was a stubborn woman and he wanted to thrash her stubbornness from her until she lay beneath him in his bed surrendering to his dominant will.  Louise Churchill would need a firm male guiding hand to keep her safe and out of trouble.

Louise struggled but found herself pressed firmly against the wall.  She couldn’t afford to give up the tape’s whereabouts.  Too much was riding on it, people’s lives were at risk.

A smile slowly spread over Alessandro’s face as he realised by the silence she wasn’t going to give the tape up.

“So, I get to strip you, Louise.”

Louise remained silent.  She seemed to be having trouble breathing.  Her whole body was trembling.  Tears threatened to spill from her watery eyes but she appeared to be holding them back tight.  The woman had guts.  She made one last attempt to get away, but his grip was too strong and he was able to easily slam her back against the wall.  with one had he loosened his tie and wrapped it around her hands clasping them together tight.  He made sure her bonds were secure, ignoring her frightened eyes.  Maurizo had removed his own tie in anticipation of being asked and now Alessandro used it to gag Louise forcing the material in to her mouth, pressing her tongue down to silence her speech and tied it behind her head.

Alessandro took hold of Louise’s small waist and pulled her forwards.  Quickly, he bent and pulled her neatly over his shoulder.  Alessandro slipped his hand up her dress, caressing his hand against her thigh and then over the sloping curve of her buttocks.  The flimsy silk material of her panties barred him from feeling the seductive smooth flesh beneath them.  She was kicking him for all her life was worth.  It was going to make her spanking all the harder if she didn’t stop.  Annoyed at her movement he pulled at her panties hard as he carried her and tore at them.  They ripped easily raising a surprised helpless feminine gasp from Louise.  He lifted his hand under her dress and struck the buttock he had exposed in the rip hard twice.  She cried out and stopped her irritating movement lest she should feel another blow from his hand.

A satisfied smile curved Alessandro’s lips.  He hated underwear.  He liked his woman to be open and free, easily taken where and when he wished at a moment’s notice with the simple lift of her skirt.  There was nothing more enticing than knowing she was always bare and ready for him beneath her outer clothing.  Rubbing her buttocks to soothe the sting of his slaps and reassure her that although he meant to chastise her she was safe from any real violence from him.  Her skin was soft to the touch tempting him to hold her buttock in a firm but gentle hold to calm her.  She shifted uneasily over his shoulder making him wonder if she was beginning to experience arousal.  It was clear she had never been spanked as a grown woman by a man before by the confused look she gave him when he’d informed her she would be disciplined.  Spanking her was going to be more than a treat.

Maurizo had found them a small room off the cloakroom where no one would find them.  It contained a couple of chairs and some old restaurant tables.  At his request Maurizo pulled out one of the chairs and placed it in the middle of the room.  The man took his position outside the door to keep guard and allow Alessandro to work.  He sat down and removed her from his shoulder.  She started struggling again when he gripped her arm and forced her over his knee.  Bracing his arm across her back and pressing down to steady her he lifted the skirt of her pretty dress and pulled it up to her waist.  He had spanked many a woman but there was something sexy about doing it to a woman who’d never been punished that way.  It made him feel powerful, dominant yet responsible and caring.  Louise didn’t realise just how much danger she was putting herself in by hanging on to the tape and he was dammed if he was going to see her get hurt or even killed for it.

The ripped panties were alluring indicating just how helpless she was over his knee.  He finished the job of destroying them, tearing them out from under her pussy. As he did he noticed with a small amount of surprised intrigue that the crotch of her panties were damp from her unexpected arousal.  He hadn’t expected her to be wet with her first spanking, just afraid and afterwards penitent.  She was perfect for him.  Damn it, he couldn’t let her get to him.  He was risking her life every minute he was with her.  He pulled down her gag feeling the need to give her one more chance to give the tape up.

“Please don’t spank me,” she begged in a fragile voice.

Alessandro rested his palm on her rump and rubbed it lovingly.

“I told you in the restaurant you need to be disciplined and taught to respect your safety.  If you give me the tape I won’t need to strip search you, now will I,” he told her softly, firmly deepening the command in his tone moving to stroke his finger lightly where the curve of her buttock dipped to the back of her thigh.  He watched her shift uneasily across his knee.  She was dampening for him again.  by the time he finished she would be so wet the evidence of her wet arousal would be streaked across his trousers and she wouldn’t be able to deny she wanted him inside her.

Keep a grip.  Keep a grip.

“I’ve told you, I haven’t got it.  Really, I am telling you the truth.  Please don’t spank me,” there were tears of humiliation in her voice and her cheeks were flushing no doubt from having her bare bottom exposed for punishment like a child.

“I don’t believe you,” he said sternly.  “I will strip you after I have spanked your bare bottom sore.  You will be begging to give the tape to me when your bottom is pink and hot,” he informed her with direct sternness, leaning over to replace the gag.

Refusing to listen to anymore of her pleas for leniency he raised his hand high and brought it down in an arc, curving his hand to cup her buttocks as he struck them in a hard unforgiving manner.

He heard Louise yelp, howl and sob against the gag.  Every strike he made to her beautiful bare bottom brought a new intense shade of pink to her flesh.  He could feel the heat emanating from her bottom, threatening to warm the room.  He did not spare her, catching the backs of her thighs, alternating from her buttocks and back again.  Alessandro’s skill was artful and well practiced.  Louise’s buttocks were blushing with a healthly glow, enough to make sitting down uncomfortable.  Every time she did she would remember him and the danger she had put herself in.  the sound of him striking her flesh was loud.  He had no doubt they would be heard adding to her humiliation.  As though on cue, Maurizio opened the door to check on proceedings adding to Louise’s feelings of shame another man was watching her bare bottom be spanked.

Maurizo’s eyes glazed over watching Louise’s fleshy enticing rump jump, quiver and shake with each slap making Alessandro feel unexpectedly jealous and protective of Louise’s nakedness.  Many a time he had spanked a woman publicly but with Louise he was beginning to want to keep her pretty bottom to himself.  He raised his eyes at the man motioning for him to leave again.  To his relief Maurizo obeyed without question.

Alessandro’s last three strikes were harder than the others, designed to bring his message home.  Louise’s buttocks and hips pushed down on his legs with the force making him wonder about that luscious damp patch he expected to find on his trousers from her pussy.  those three final blows made it seem as though she was being taken from behind with seductive force.  He was convinced he actually heard her moan with sudden need.

Alessandro finished her punishment and soothed his fingertips over her rump admiring the colour of them.

“I hope you have learned your lesson, Louise.”

He looked down at his trousers, parting her thighs a little to examine both her and the material for damp arousal.  He grinned when he found the small tell tale stain on his trousers and the glistening wetness coating the back of her vaginal lips.

“I see you are wet between those delectable thighs, Louise.  Spanking often produces arousal in a woman,” as he spoke he ventured to gently trail his finger down between her thighs but only to caress her skin and tease her with the threat of his invading her pussy lips.  She looked slick, so inviting.  His cock pulsed demanding to be inside her claiming her for his own.

Growling inwardly at his thoughts he pulled her up off his knee sharply and stood her in front of him.  He undid her hands, reminding her there was nowhere to run and turned his attention to the zip of her dress and pulled it down sharply.  He pulled it down and off her until it pooled around her on the floor leaving her pussy bare and exposed, slapping away her hands when she sought to cover herself. It’s tight black curls nestled in its neatly shaven triangle sprang outwards hardening his lust for her even more.  He bent gazing at it longingly to undo the straps on her shoes and lifting her foot out, smoothing his thumb over the silky top of her foot as he placed it gently on the floor.  Again, she reached to cover herself and bar his view of her seductively curved shape.  Annoyed he stood and caught her hands and pulled her to the wall making her face it.

“Put your hands on the wall and lean forwards until you feel your bottom stick out.  Spread your legs.  I am going to search your clothing and then you,” he ordered.

She nodded and although fresh tears brimmed she did as she was told.  Her cheeks were burning in shame as she assumed his dictated position.

“Face the wall and do not turn around,” he commanded picking up her dress.

Again she nodded.  he could hardly take his eyes from her body.  She was naked apart from her bra.  Her pale flesh framing the rosy pink blush to her buttocks to perfection.  She was beautiful.

There was nothing in her clothing.  Was she carrying it in her bra?

He tossed the dress he had so admired earlier in the evening on the floor and walked towards her.  she glanced around.  Determined to keep control of the situation, he slapped her buttocks twice watching her hips buck against the wall as though to fuck it.

“I told you not to look round.”

She didn’t make the mistake of disobeying him again.

He positioned himself behind her steadying her with a cool hand around at her waist.  he was aching to weave his fingers through the tight curls of her pussy and inside her slick channel so much so it was an effort to keep control.  His cock was desperate to burst inside her and she clearly wanted him to take her by the wetness visibly coating the insides of her thighs.

Alessandro reached in to his inside suit pocket and took out a small pen knife.  Pressing his body over her, he moved his arms under her and reached up to cut the middle of her bra.  The cups opened exposing her milky white breasts.  Roughly he opened them wide allowing them to the mounds to spill out.  Restraining his urge to cup them and tease the nipples to pertness, he moved off her and cut the back and straps until it simply fell away from her.  Again, he was to hear a whimpered gasp from her restrained lips.

Nothing had clattered to the floor out of her bra and there was clearly nothing inside the cups.  He kicked the material aside.

“I am disappointed yet impressed at your creativity in hiding the tape, Louise.  Move from the wall and bend over.  Touch your toes and spread your legs wide,” he barked the order at her making her jump.  Another three slaps to her buttocks stopped her hesitating and blushing scarlet she bent over, legs wide baring her vaginal and anal entrances to his private gaze.

“Very beautiful.  Now I can see you aren’t hiding anything from me.  I think I will keep you in this position and invite the staff of the restaurant to come and view you for pleasure.  Perhaps this new humiliation will cause you to come to your senses,” he threatened.

He stood back to admire her.  Her lips were slick, her clit hung swollen and glistening like ripe fruit between her pussy lips but her body was shaking with nervousness.  His instinct to soothe her was immediate and perhaps out of place but it was there.  He walked towards her softening the touch of his palm against her buttocks, rubbing soothingly.

“It will be easier and safer if you give me the tape.  That way I can protect you,” he whispered gently.

Silence.  No whimpering or movement of her head to indicate she would or would not give it up.  

Stubborn bloody woman.  You are going to get yourself killed.

Despite his anger he found himself slipping his fingers between her thighs from behind her, seeking out her wetness.  Examining her entrance with interest.  To his surprise she groaned when he sank his fingers inside her lips.

“You are so wet,” he said huskily.  “You should be spanked more often.”

Alessandro began to tease her clit, nipping and pulling at it whilst his other hand reached for a breast.

“I want to take you,” he told her pulling the small teat on her breast harshly as he moved a finger up inside her channel.  “Do you want me to?” he demanded with authority.

He expected her to say no, to back down but slowly she nodded.  She looked ashamed with herself but he neither cared or wanted to discuss it.  Quickly he lifted her up and around her waist, her hard nipples brushed against his jacket spurring him on to satisfy her need.

He pushed her back against the world revelling the way in which she clung to him for support and the tightness of her legs around his waist.  He loved holding her.  He’d fallen for her the moment he’d taken her in his arms to calm and protect her in the blast.

Her breasts bounced between them when her back hit the wall.  He had to be inside her thrusting hard deep and fast until she surrendered to him.  Deciding to leave the gag on her mouth he reached down and undid the zip of his trousers to bring out his cock.  It was hard, pulsing pointing directly at her entrance, ready to claim and dominate her when he guided it towards her pussy.  Lowering his hands to her buttocks, using the wall as a brace he thrust up inside her.  She moaned and panted against the gag.  Her body began to move rhythmically in time with his thrusts allowing him to stretch her inside and go up to the hilt.

He nipped and sucked at a breast wishing he could draw milk from her breast and taste her very essence.  She was consuming him whole.  Alessandro wanted her more than anything else in his life.  He increased the pace of his thrust feeling her muscles beginning to tighten around him signalling the closeness of her orgasm.  Louise’s chastised buttocks were burning against his hands.  Cruelly he dug his fingers in to them and heard her cry out against the gag.  He repeated the action and then slipped one of his fingers in between her buttocks to circle her entrance.  Unable to hold himself back any longer he demanded she come for him

“Come now, Louise.  Now.” he commanded pushing his middle finger wet from her pussy gently but firmly but gently in to her anus, fucking her at a fevered pace.

With a muffled cry he felt Louise’s orgasm explode around him, strangling his cock to milk his seed.  It spurted forth branding her as his own property.

When passion receded he removed the gag and kissed her leisurely.  She responded allowing him to invade and dominate her mouth.  The woman was delicate and fragile against him, holding on to him like a child in need of his love and protection but when he lowered her legs to the floor she surprised him by slapping him hard across the face.

His head whipped to the side and stung enough to make him rub his jaw and cheek.

“I guess I deserved that.  Still, I don’t regret making love to you.  Do you regret it, Louise?”

He was horrified on hearing the fear in his voice that she just might.


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