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Arabella's Diary A Painful Lesson

Here is the second instalment of Arabella's Diary.  Enjoy!

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Arabella's Diary  A Painful Lesson 

I had been naughty.  Very naughty and my behaviour warranted correction.  Daddy was about to introduce my bare bottom to a thrashing with of all crazy things, a wooden spoon.  I would learn not to question him again.  I had dared to doubt him.  Jealousy is a bad trait and can be crushing, even overwhelming when you have low self esteem.  But I couldn’t help wonder what the hell he was doing with me with his looks and money.  He could have any woman he wanted.  Why me?  Frustrated I had suddenly voiced my concerns when we were enjoying a gorgeous candlelit supper at his home in the country, the weekend after we’d met at the wedding.

Daddy raised one dark eyebrow and shook his head with disbelief giving me a small incredulous laugh.  He said nothing and poured me another glass of wine.  The candles in the candelabra between us flickered and still he said nothing.  My back straightened and I put down my knife and fork.

“I want to know why me?” I asked quietly.  I wasn’t going to eat again until he gave me answer.  Perhaps he was just playing with me and had a string of women he was seeing.  Well it was possible.

“You have to be kidding?”

“No I am not.”

“Why not you?”

“Maybe I am just one of many.”

His dark eyes narrowed making me hold my breath.

“You should believe in yourself more.”

He took a drink of his wine and studied me closely.  He looked frustrated with me. I lowered my eyes feeling the depth of his scrutiny.

“It isn’t as if I am one of those young tall thin playthings I have seen you with in photographs before we met.”

“i don’t like to be doubted, Arabella,” he warned.  “You are a beautiful untamed woman.  Why wouldn’t a woman like you in my bed?  And while we are discussing this, why would I want to seduce another woman at the same time when you provide me with everything I need?”

“Yeah right!” I murmured under my breath whilst rolling my eyes.  As if I believed him!

I pushed my plate away suddenly not feeling hungry anymore.  Big mistake.

“Don’t question me, little one,” he whispered darkly.  A shiver of fear and excitement mingled and travelled the length of my spine.  “Or there will be consequences.”

Something dared me to continue to test him.

“I don’t believe you.  There have to be others.  I am older, small and . . .”

“Enough,” he cut me dead.  “I won’t have you put yourself down.  Get up.  You need to learn the lesson of appreciating yourself and all you have to give me.”

He stood up and clearly expected me to do the same.  But I didn’t and just sat still.  I folded my arms and shook my head like a defiant child.

“I don’t believe you,”  I had been thinking about it all day before I’d arrived.  He’d been away on business for a week and although he’d rang me every night I couldn’t help wonder if he was with someone else.

Daddy’s gorgeous eyes narrowed again and I knew I was in trouble.  He made his way around the table and caught hold of my arm before I could get up of my own accord.  He pulled me up and dragged me from the room out across the marble entrance hall to the back of the house and the kitchen.  The staff who had been preparing our meal stopped what they were doing and stared at us.  I must have blushed scarlet because my cheeks were hot.  I lowered my eyes and tried to pull away but Daddy wasn’t letting go.  A delicious smell of chocolate pudding cooking in the oven invaded my nostrils.  My favourite.

“Leave now, please,” he ordered.

They all put down what they were doing and trooped out without a word.  What confused me the most was that none of them appeared surprised.  I stared open mouthed.  My expression wasn’t to last for long.  Daddy moved me towards the Iarge rectangular island in the middle of the kitchen covered in white marble.  With a firm hand in the middle of my back he pushed me down front ways over it.  My arms were up behind my back before I knew it.  He held them there with one hand while his other pulled at the black bow tie around his collar and undid it.  He wound it around my wrists and tied it so tight I thought he might cut off my circulation.  I guess he was mad.  I didn’t dare to look up.  

I knew exactly what was coming.  The spanking of the century and I only had myself to blame.  I pressed my face down on the cool marble amongst the dishes the cooking staff were using to cook the second course of our meal and prepared.  I stayed still closing my eyes tight waiting for the inevitable - to be stripped.  Only it didn’t quite happen the way I expected.  I thought he would just raise my long sexy black evening dress I had worn to entice him and pull down my panties but oh no I was about to be bared in a way I had never been before.

Daddy bent to gather up the bottom of the silky dress.  He didn’t raise it but pulled it tight on both sides and forced the material to give in the middle with his potent male strength.  My eyes shot open and my head raised from the island hearing the dress rip.

“What the hell are you doing?” I retorted.  “That dress cost me a damn fortune.”

“Hush and put your head down,” he ordered reaching up to give my still covered bottom a swift slap.  It still hurt through the thin material and I yelped.  “Eyes down and do not look up at me until I give you permission to do so,” he told me sternly.  “And zip that mouth while you are on.”  He gave me another slap for encouragement and I gritted my teeth to stop the squeal escaping my mouth.

Daddy continued to rip the dress all the way up the middle until I felt it open across the skimpy thong covering the crease between my buttocks and the cool air in the kitchen settle on my bare flesh.  But he didn’t stop there.  The dress was torn all the way up to my neck where the beads around the halter neck prevented him from going any further.  It was pointless.  Neatly he pulled the material away on both sides and quickly moved to undo my bra.  His hands immediately reached underneath to cup and knead the swollen mounds, pinching my nipples cruelly with his fingers.

“You are a very naughty little girl, Arabella.  You should never doubt my loyalty or this relationship will not blossom in to anything more than an affair and I want so much more from you.”

For the second time that evening my eyes widened.  He’d said he wanted more!  Wow.  I hadn’t expected to be more than a passing fancy.  Did he really mean it?  I hoped so.  There was nothing I wanted more.  Daddy was an intoxicating dangerous adventurous man and I wanted to know all of his secrets.

He turned his attention to my thong massaging my buttocks through it before pulling up the material so tight between my vulva I thought it might enter me.  I suppressed another squeal not wanting to offend Daddy with my moaning voice.  He yanked it again and pulled the flimsy material apart drawing what was left out from under me.  Once more he massaged my buttocks firmly as though to prepare me for my chastisement.  Then he took one hand away.

I heard him open a drawer in the island next to me and rummage around the implements with purpose.  Finally, when he obviously had found what he was looking for, the drawer slammed shut and I felt the odd shape of a wooden spoon resting against one of my naked buttocks.

“I really do need to be more prepared when you come over in case I need to discipline you but needs must.  A wooden spoon is just as effective as using a paddle or even the back of a hairbrush to spank you,” there was a heavy trace of humour at his assertion in his voice.  I just couldn’t believe he was going to spank me with a wooden spoon!

The familiar push of his hand in to the middle of my back to press me down even further had me counting to ten waiting for the sting of the first punishing strike.  Was it going to be more stinging then his hand lashing across my bare bottom?  I was about to find out.  His hand checked my bonds around my wrists and then moved upwards.  It grabbed hold of my hair winding it’s way inside it to twist my hair in his fist.  A sharp tug had my head and the top half of my body raising from the surface of the island until my body was forced in to a bow shape.  Before I could settle in to the uncomfortable pose Daddy was raising his hand holding the wooden spoon to deliver the first thwack.

It skimmed across my bare flesh flaring my skin with the pain of a hundred hot needles.  I couldn’t help but cry out.  Daddy gave a chuckle and pulled harder on my hair.  Again and again the spoon struck me, first on one buttock then another, sometimes with a deceptive light stroke and other times with a deep seated thud.  By the time he moved to the tender vulnerable backs of my thighs I was sobbing like a baby and apologising for my unwarranted jealousy and distrust.

It seemed like an age before he threw the spoon down on the island and smoothed his hand over my hot, throbbing bare bottom.  He kissed it and then leant his whole frame over my body cupping my breasts to gently massage them and soothe the burning pain my body was shaking from.

“Shhh.  All over.  I think you have learned your lesson,” he whispered kissing my neck.  “How about we end this in bed and kiss and make up,” he smiled kissing my cheek still wet with my tears from behind.

I nodded.  Carefully, Daddy untied my hands, undid the catch at the top of my dress still held in place in its tattered form by the beaded collar.  He eased it off me and then removed my open bra.  He threw them on the floor and then gave me an another command.  All I had on were my high black patent leather heels.

“Kneel, Kitten.  Eyes to the floor.”

He pointed at the floor in front of him.

I looked at him and then the floor feeling outrage threaten to get the better of me.

“Must I spank you again?” he asked with a tut.

“No, Daddy.”

Slowly I lowered my hot bottom on to my knees in front of him.  He gave me a smile of satisfaction and reached out to ruffle my hair.

“Good baby girl.  Now crawl upstairs and mind you keep to my heel or I will find another suitable punishment for you to endure.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He replaced the bow tie back around his neck and corrected his attire, fixing a cufflink that had come lose with the exertion of my spanking.  He watched me closely as he did making me wait patiently all the time allowing me to feel the pulse of pain and heat beating against the backs of my legs and heels.  He started to walk towards the door and clicked his fingers.  Mortified and biting my lip I began to dutifully follow him crawling along at heel.

Next time . . . Intimate Examination.

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