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Bound To Him

Again with the Halloween theme, here is an excerpt from my Supernatural BDSM/Spanking/Billionaire Daddy Dom Romance, Bound To Him involving the mystery of past lives.  This is a story i have tried to write a few times in different ways.  The other two attempts have involved ghosts and I will be showcasing them on here.  I would love to know which one you believe to be the best to carry on at the end of it all.

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Bound To Him Excerpt

Handsome American billionaire James Clavell sat up in his bed in a sweat.  It was the second nightmare he’d endured that night in his apartment in New York and the 10th that week.  It was the same tormenting dream every night.  He was running through a wood at night.  A woman’s screams were ringing out on to the night air chilling him to the bone.  He was in love with this woman and he was desperately trying to get to her.  In the dream he skidded up to a clump of trees.  The woman was struggling with a tall ugly brute of a man in a suit.  He slapped her face hard and then used the semi-automatic handgun he was holding to shoot her in the stomach three times at close range.  

James shouted out her name in shock and distress.  Sarah.  She turned to give him a dazed confused look as blood trickled from the side of her mouth.  He felt paralyzed as he stared at the beautiful broken woman with a medium length blonde bob.  The man let her dying body fall to the ground like a rag doll and sighed.  James found his feet and began to run towards her as she panted for her breath on the ground but her killer put the gun to her head and the sound of a loud gunshot cracked through the air. Everything went blank and James woke up in his bed panting and sweating with his heart racing.

The Dominant billionaire got up and walked to the bathroom to splash his face with cold water glancing at the naked submissive woman he’d made love to earlier that night lying naked and asleep in his bed.  He ran his hair through his short raven hair startled by a strong vision of the woman from his dream lying on the ground dying.  He recognized the face. 

James walked from the bathroom padding across the smooth polished wood floor in his bare feet.  He wore nothing more than the black boxer shorts he slept in leaving his lean athletic figure on show to anyone who entered the room.  He made his way to the lounge to the large coffee table and picked up the thriller he’d been reading since last week when he got time.  The dreams had started just after he’d bought the book.  There was something about it.  He’d been drawn to it.  The billionaire who ran his own multi-billion dollar software company                         rarely had time to read yet he’d felt a strong compulsion to buy the book.

He turned it over in his hand to the back and looked at the photograph of the English author on the back.  He was right it was the woman in his nightmare.  The same haunted beautiful face.  What is happening? If it had been one dream he would have dismissed the connection as imagination and damn knows he’d tried for a week but there was something more at play here.  James felt as though he personally knew her and what shocked him more was the strong feeling the author was in danger just like she had been in his recurring nightmare.  On top of that he felt extremely possessive of her even though they had never met.  Or have we?  

Maybe we knew each other in a past life or something crazy like that?  All I know is that you belong to me.  I don’t understand.  I just know you are mine and I love you even though I have never even met you.  Shit, I sound like a stalker.

The woman was in danger.  He could feel the sense of urgency to be with her, protecting her from harm beating strongly inside him.  The billionaire knew exactly what he had to do.  He would not let Sarah down.  She was his and it was time she was told and brought under his protection before she got herself killed.

He reached for the landline.

“Max, get the jet ready I need to go to the UK as soon as you can and find out all you can about the English author Sarah Kendall.  I want everything you can get on her.”

Later the next day, James Clavell stood across the road standing protectively watching the apartment Sarah was staying in on the outskirts of the small lakeside town of Keswick in the English Lake District, Cumbria waiting for his car to turn up.  It was dark, after 11pm on a summer’s evening and the light in the living room was still on.  He guessed she was writing, keeping herself busy.  James frowned glancing at his watch again thinking she should be in bed.  He folded his arms across his black designer suit jacket and narrowed his eyes watching for any signs of predators around the building.   
The curtains suddenly moved and parted.  The billionaire straightened his back holding his breath, ready to make eye contact with the woman from his dreams.  She emerged between the curtains making him catch his breath.  Her photograph on the back of the book did not do her enough credit.  Her hair was a little different, cut in a slightly shorter sleek ash blonde bob.  Her beautiful porcelain features turned to rest her pale blue eyes on him.  James caught her gaze in his hold with determination.  There was some sort of brief acknowledgement exchanged between them.  He could see that she knew him but was confused.  So much so it made her hurriedly close the curtains.

James raised one eyebrow with surprise and then turned when he heard the sound of the black Mercedes approaching.  It pulled up to the side of the road next to him.  Two suited men got out and nodded at him.

“We’ll take over, Sir,” one of them said.  “And don’t worry we will make sure she is safe.”

“Make sure that you do,” he answered.  “I want to know all of her movements and call me if you see anyone snooping around.  I want to know immediately no matter what time.  Do I make myself clear?” he sternly instructed.

“Yes, Sir.”

They walked across the deserted road and disappeared in to the shadows around the large 18th century building divided up in to holiday apartments to guard Sarah Kendall on behalf of their employer.  James took one last lingering look at the window across the street and got in to the back of the car.  He sat next to the security chief.

“I have to make contact with her tomorrow.  I can’t leave her on her own in that apartment any longer.  She looks terrified,” he told the man.
Max Freeman, his security chief nodded.
“What are you going to do if she doesn’t believe you?“
“I am just going to have to make her believe,” James said firmly as the car moved out back in to the street and onwards to their hotel further around Derwent Water Lake.
“But if you can’t make her?  How far are you willing to go to protect her?”
James Clavell looked at him with dark determination.
“All the way.  Whatever it takes.  I don’t understand any of this or why it is happening.  All I know is that she is in danger and I have to protect her or he will kill her.”
The man nodded but James knew his security chief was having a hard time believing it as well.  He was probably internally branding him as eccentric but then he said, 
“You know she probably isn’t going to come to the safe house voluntarily.  You are taking a risk here . . . but if you are sure about going all the way then it is more than likely you will have to force her to take your protection.”
James rolled his dark brown eyes.
“I know exactly what kind of a risk I am taking but I will be taking an even bigger one if I do not keep her safe.  Karl Hendrick is Mafia and he is closing in on her whereabouts.  He has murdered her friend and nobody believes her it was him.  We were lucky to find her first.  If he gets his hands on her. . . Are you getting cold feet, Max?”
The older man in his late forties stared at the younger man in his early thirties with a frown then shook his head.
“No.  But it is an unusual request.  Not many would believe . . . but then I have known you for five years now and you are an honest man.  If you didn’t really believe in what you were doing then you wouldn’t do it.  I can’t pretend that I understand what is happening to you with these nightmares but it is obviously important and your intentions are sound.  I am with you all the way and I will not let you down.  The woman will be well protected.  Karl Hendrick might have been able to attempt to rape her at his office but he won’t get anywhere near her this time.  I promise you that.  But we might have to kidnap her to take her to the safe house.”
There was no outcry or protest, James simply told him,
“Then that is what we’ll do if she won’t come quietly.  Her life is at stake and she will come to understand.”
No more was said.

That night as he lay in his hotel room listening to the water on the lake lap at the shore beneath his window James drifted off in to another dream.  This time the lucid dream changed its frightening disturbing nature and predicted a sexual future with Sarah Kendall that he had only previously hoped for having with a woman as a Dominant.

They were in a large house and he was pacing up and down outside of one of the guest rooms, the key to it in his hand.  Behind the door, Sarah was banging her fist on it.

“Let me out,” her soft female voice was filled with frustrated tears behind the door.

His heart was leaping for her but he was firm in his conviction not to let her out of the room.

“You can’t keep running from this, Sarah.  Your life is in danger.  Like it or not I am the only man who can protect you and you will remain locked in your room until you understand.  I can’t allow you to run away again.  What kind of a man do you think I am?  There is no way I am going to let you fend for yourself outside.  I won’t let him kill you.”

“How can you hold me against my will?  You are a cruel man.”

James stopped pacing and moved towards the door.  He pressed his hand against the oak frame and his other on the heavy wood door trying to make contact with her.  He gave a heavy sigh when she sobbed loudly.

“I will do whatever it takes to protect you,” he made sure his voice was firm but gentle, coaxing.

“Then I will throw myself out of the damn window to get away from you.  I don’t trust you or anyone else.  I was doing fine on my own.”

He grinned to himself thinking how childlike she sounded in her petulance because she could not get her own way.

“Don’t be silly.  Lie down in there and get some rest.  You haven’t been sleeping for days,” He lowered his voice to a dark velvet command.  “If you don’t I will have to come in there, throw you over my knee, pull down your panties and spank that delicious bare bottom of yours.  Just give me the excuse I need, honey.  You have been pushing for another spanking since I brought you here.”

He grinned expecting a rebuke involving a lot of swear words but nothing.

“Sarah?  Sarah, are you listening to me?”

James put his ear to the door.  Nothing.  What are you doing?  Then he heard the window creaking as she opened it.  You can’t be serious, woman?

The billionaire quickly put the key in the lock and opened the door just in time.  Sarah had struggled with the stiff old window and opened it enough to climb through.  She was half outside the window, attempting to dangerously climb down the ivy when he reached her.

James wound his arm around her waist and pulled her back in to the room.  His heart was pounding as he imagined her falling to her death from the third floor window down on to the gravel.  It seemed he didn’t just have to protect Sarah from Karl Hendrick but from herself.  He was shaking when he brought her back in to the room.  She struggled like a wild cat prompting him to take action. 
Holding her in a vice grip against him he pushed her against the wall and held her hands there.  The only way to keep her in the house was going to be to strip her of her clothes and confine her to bed until he could trust her to behave.  

James took hold of her wrists and pinned them behind her back pressing the front of her body against the wall.  She moaned with a small amount of discomfort when her breasts squashed against it and her body was forced to bow.  But he had her just where he wanted.

The American reached around to the front of her flimsy summer dress and tugged at the silky bodice with firm hand.  It started to tear away raising some startled helpless female gasps of shock from Sarah.

“Until I trust you not to run away again I won’t allow you to wear any clothes and you will stay naked in bed,” he told her with hard authority.  “My house, my rules, baby girl.”

James lifted her arms upwards still holding her wrists together to intensify her discomfort leaving her in no doubt of his determination to make her submit.  He continued tearing the light weight material from her body leaving her in her bra and panties.  She wore a flimsy thong and it took him seconds to snap it from her slim curved hips.  He threw the remnants in a nearby waste paper bin and was unable to help himself from admiring the curve of her naked body and the still blushing bottom he had already spanked the night before.  A small moan escaped her lips when his palm brushed her skin and settled dominantly upon the small of her back to hold her against the wall to remind her of his power and strength over her as a man.

“Are you going to calm down, Sarah or do I have to take a whip to your bottom this time, honey?” he asked in a silky smooth tone expecting trouble.

She was breathing hard.

“Ok, I give up, just let me have my clothes back,” she whimpered.

“No.  I warned you what would happen.  The sooner the better you accept I am in charge and you are in my care and protection, the better it will be for all of us.  I want you calm and safe, little one.  I think spending some time in a safe place naked in bed will help you contemplate your fate, Kitten.”

“Let my arms go, I will do as I am told,” she breathed.  “I promise.”

“Ok but I am going to undo your bra.  Stay still.”

He decided to give her one last chance.  Woe betide her if she tried him this time. She would find herself bound to the bed, gagged and anally plugged to encourage her to fully submit.

Why don’t you just let go and admit you want me to dominate you, Kitten.  You’ve been giving me the signals since we first met.  Like it or not, honey you are a natural born submissive.  You respond to a dominant man.  Stop fighting it.

Slowly he lowered her arms down to her back.

“Place them to the sides.  Do it, now,” he ordered slipping his hand around to her pussy to cup and spank it twice.  Her body jumped and bucked against the wall as though she were being taken from behind making him harden.  To his surprise and satisfaction, he found his hand wet.  Sarah had been aroused by his robust handling.  He shook his head and grinned. 

 All submissive, honey.  Just perfect.

Sarah did as she was told, a blush lighting her cheeks at having been shamefully spanked on her sex for not obeying him.  Believing his kidnapped charge was under control he moved to undo the catch of her delicate white lacy bra.  His hands ached and tingled to hold the plump mounds in his hands testing their weight, pulling on the tight darkened nipples until she cried out unsure whether it was from pain or desire.

But his naughty little girl was about to surprise him once more.  As he undid the catch she turned and flew at him.  He ducked her hand as it reached out to slap him and took firm action.  James took hold of the shoulder straps of her bra and pulled them down her arms to her hands.  He twisted the straps around her hands fast forcing her wrists to cross, binding her hands together.  He guided her back against the wall as she hurled abuse and tried to free her hands.

James moved her tied hands up above her head and carefully slapped his hand across her breasts three times, expertly catching the tips of the nipples both to calm, reassure and arouse with her spanking.  Sarah’s breasts bounced on her chest with the force flushing pink.  He watched the nipples tighten and gave them one more light slap before moving closer to her and sinking two of his fingers dominantly in to her pussy to hold her in place against the wall.  It was drenched.

She looked at him panting with the exertion of their tussle as he lovingly stroked inside the pouting wet lips of her sex to soothe her.  She was looking at him hard and this time there was a glint in her eye.  She was aroused and didn’t know quite what to make of it.

“Open your legs wider,” he instructed.  “I think you and I need to sort some things out, baby girl.”

He was impressed when she immediately moved her thighs apart.

“I don’t know what is binding us together but you are most definitely bound to me and there is no escape.  Not for either of us.  Stop resisting,” he whispered watching her pink lips tremble and moisten in anticipation of being kissed.  “You are mine and it is my right to protect you, little one.  I have captured you and I expect you to obey me.  You will submit to me.  It is just a matter of time.  Your life depends on it, baby girl.”

As he finished his sentence he inserted his middle finger inside her channel and captured her lips.  There was no resistance to his dominant invasion as he moved his finger in and out of her.  He commanded the kiss and she willingly surrendered, moaning softly against his lips.  It encouraged him to take it deeper just as he pushed his finger higher and she responded hungrily.  He devoured her mouth and felt his cock ache and twitch with need to be inside claiming her.  He broke abruptly from her lips and dipped his body to swing her bound naked body neatly over his shoulder.  He carried her to the end of the bed on the other side of the room and lowered her down to the edge.  He didn’t want to wait to take his clothes off.  He had to be in her now.  Besides, it would also serve a purpose in teaching his little submissive that he could simply just unzip himself and take her any time and any place he wished.

He made sure she was facing downwards on the bed on all fours, her tied wrists in front of her encased in the bra straps and the floundering material of the bra cups that were now squashed and folded.  They gave him an idea that would serve a dual purpose.

James made sure her legs were wide and with his hand in the middle of her back, he guided Sarah to press her breasts and shoulders to the bed until the small teats brushed the cream silky sheets.  The billionaire took out his long broad length from his light grey suit trousers.  He still wore his suit, waistcoat and tie. 

His penis pointed at her ripe wet pussy visibly hanging invitingly open between her thighs demanding entry.  Unwillingly to wait any longer and knowing she was more than ready to be penetrated for a hard fast taking, James rested his hand on the back of her head and pushed it downwards until her face brushed the sheet.

“Face down and don’t look up until I give you permission, little one.  Thrust your bottom out at me.  Good girl.  I can’t wait to see it plugged.”

Again, she surprised him by giving a moan of need at his words.  He guided his length towards her entrance and eager to demonstrate his power he thrust carefully but hard, embedding his length to the hilt.  As her mouth opened to give a loud pleasurable cry at being filled so fast and deep, he leaned over her body and caught hold of her bound wrists.  Moving her hands towards her mouth he forced the flattened cup material from the bra in her mouth to gag and silence her.  She mumbled against the gag as he smiled down at her and held it firmly in place beginning to thrust slowly and deeply inside her body.  Sarah began to forget her protest at being gagged and moved back on to him.  Her words became cries of need muffled against the gag he held tightly in her mouth.  He increased the pace of his thrusts building her to climax until they were at a staccato rhythm and her body was jumping and bucking back against him and her muffled cries grew louder telling him she was as close as he was to exploding.

“Hold it, Kitten.  No coming until I tell you or Daddy will have to take his belt to your bottom.  From now on you will call me, Sir or Daddy and you will only come when I allow it or you will find yourself over my knee, baby girl.  This is where your submission training begins.”

James thrust even harder, bringing her to the edge and then slowed forcing her to hold her pleasure.  Again and again he took her to the brink until he could hear her sob against the gag.  Only when he found his own discipline to hold is own orgasm faltered did he allow Sarah to climax.  She came with a scream of relief against the gag when he gave his verbal command.  Immediately after, he felt her tight satin muscles clench around him as his seed spilled in a hot wet torrent inside her.  He grunted and growled feeling his satisfaction reverberate around his body.  She was his.  No one, not even Karl Hendrick was going to take her away from him.  

The dream vision began to fade as did the sound of their pleasured cries and James Clavell fell in to a deep sleep content.  Tomorrow Sarah Kendall would be safe in his arms for real.

At 6am James was up checking in with the two security men he had posted on Sarah Kendall’s apartment.  It had thankfully been an uneventful evening.  Hendrick hadn’t yet turned up but James knew he was close.  The man was now her publisher and he was Mafia.  He had taken more than a liking to Sarah when he’d taken over the company.  When she refused him he’d reportedly tried to raped her and killed her agent when she tried to involve the police.  Her agent’s death as supposed to be a lesson on how far he would go to possess her.  When the police decided to ignore her story and that Hendrick was involved in the murder after being paid off, she’d been forced to run from him.  Thankfully her friends were willing to spill information to anyone wanting to help their friend and obtaining information had been easier than expected.

 One thing about Hendrick was that he never backed down, especially when he really wanted something or someone.  He was an obsessive and with a wealth of money and criminal contacts he could take whatever he wanted.  People who associated with him in London were terrified of him.

But James was resolved Hendrick would not take Sarah whatever the cost even if it meant his own life.  He would keep her safe and today he would make her understand that.  If he was having dreams then it was likely she was having them of him as well.  He hoped so.  By the look of recognition she gave him the night before when she peered through the curtains, she knew exactly who she was yet she had ignored every email and telephone call he had made before he left New York.  His security had been quick in researching her and unfortunately Sarah wasn’t very good at hiding.  She had been easy to find.

James dressed in one of his best suits wanting to impress Sarah with his appearance.  It was light grey.  He complimented it with a pale blue shirt underneath his matching waistcoat and a tie composed of a light blue, red and dark blue circular pattern with a handkerchief in his top pocket, noticing with a grin that it was the suit he was wearing in his vision dream the night before when he’d fiercely made love to Sarah.  It hadn’t been intentional.  What he was wearing in the dream hadn’t really registered but now it did.  It made him wonder if the day would turn out just as his dream predicted.

 His plan was to go to the apartment and confront Sarah.  He would give her the choice of coming away quietly with him to a house he had arranged to guard her in until Hendrick could be warned off.  It was a large affair neatly and conveniently placed on an island in the middle of Lake Conley tucked in a valley between the hills.  Nobody except he and his staff would be able to access the island and only by boat.  Happy with his appearance, James went down for breakfast to meet with his team.  An hour later they were travelling back to Keswick and Sarah Kendall’s apartment.

The sun was high in the sky and casting light over the Skiddaw mountain and the surrounding mountain range making up part of the Lake District National Park a short distance from the old house that housed Sarah’s apartment.

Two black Mercedes drew up to the large slate Bois mansion now divided in to five large and exclusive holiday apartments positioned on the road.  James got out of the first car with Max to join the two men already watching the building and another two alighted the second car.  

Hendrick has just had three of his men casing the house not long after you rang again, Sir.  They saw us and moved off.  By now they know she is here but being watched.  They will be planning to take her.  We need to move now,” one of them informed James and Max.

The American felt all of his muscles tense.  His hands curled in to fists at his sides and anxiety for Sarah coursed violently through his veins spurring him in to action.

“Let’s waste no more time then, gentlemen,” he ordered striding around to the back of the building to enter the courtyard that surrounded the doors leading to the various apartments.

Sarah’s apartment was on the ground floor and it would be easy to get her struggling form out of the building without disturbing the neighbors and drawing too much attention to themselves if they did need to force her to go with them.  James had no time to explain the situation until he had made sure Sarah was safe.  A background check revealed she was a stubborn independent woman who was likely to cause trouble if her freedom as challenged.  He hoped she would come quietly on this one occasion.

 Once James had her safe in the house on the lake he would be able to explain everything and lay down his rules to ensure she remained safe by his side.  If she didn’t do as she was told she would find herself over his knee receiving a whipping to her bare ass until she did.  He was going to make sure she was loved, protected and guided through this situation with a firm dominant hand.

When they reached the apartment door he knocked but there was no answer.  A frown creasing his handsome dark features he tried again.  Nothing.

“We need to get in there.  Something is wrong,” James said urgently.

Max nodded.  He moved to push at the door with his shoulder expecting to have to push it in but as he tried the handle at the same time it opened.  The door had been unlocked.  James’s heart started to thud.  He pushed past Max to enter the apartment.  He entered an elaborate hallway with paintings and standing ornaments, dimly lit by a large lamp on an antique teak table. 

The four men began to search all of the rooms.  James headed straight for the bedroom his heart pounding.  Did Hendrick somehow beat them to it and have her already?
But he was to receive a surprise when he reached the bedroom.  His beautiful Sarah Kendall was lying sprawled over the top of the cream cotton sheets on her bed, the duvet cover tossed to the ground.  The window wide open with the curtains fluttering in the breeze making it easy for anyone to climb in.  Clearly she had been unable to bear the warmth of the evening.  She was lying face down in sleep, her blonde hair tousled and spread out around her.  James frowned.  Anyone could have walked in to the apartment and she would not have known.  The men he’d had watching the house said she did look as though she’d slept all night.  They could see her pacing the rooms constantly on alert, watching and waiting for something to happen but in the last hour she’d become quiet and they’d suspected she was sitting down reading. 

 James glanced at her bedside table and found his suspicions confirmed.  He walked over to the small bottle and picked it up to read the label.  Sleeping Tablets.  He shook his head with disapproval.  The woman looked exhausted and now she was taking sleeping tablets.  She’d left her door unlocked and badly needed taking in hand for the sake of her own health let alone anything else.

James sat down on the bed beside her.  Unable to help himself, he caressed her hair with his fingertips.  At last he had made physical contact with the beautiful damsel in distress in his dreams.  The tenseness he had been feeling eased a little when he touched her and connected the space between them.  Max appeared at the door.

“I’ve found her.  She’s taken sleeping pills.  Give me one minute to wake her and we are out of here.”

“Wake her,” Max advised.  “Those men came back to watch the apartment.  We don’t have time for a discussion with her.  We need to get her to the house on the lake now.”

James nodded.
“You are going to need to gag her in case she screams.  We are just going to have to kidnap her and explain later.  Her life is in too much danger to wait now.”

James stroked his fingers over her smooth pale cheek then bent to brush the top of her head with a kiss.  He started to undo his tie and removed it form around his collar.  Gently and carefully he pressed it taut against her lips and pushed it through them to gag her.  

“That’s my baby girl, let Daddy put the gag around your mouth.  Be a good girl for me and take it,” he whispered.  

Sarah started to stir, moving her head in her sleep as he fixed it around the back of her head.

  “Shhh, everything is all right.  You are safe.  I will take care of you.  You aren’t alone anymore, darling.  I promise,” he whispered again unable to help strong urge to protect her she provoked in him. 

Once the gag was secure, he turned his attention to her hands.  He undid his belt buckle and whipped it quickly through the belt loops before placing her hands behind her back and securing them with it.  Sarah moaned in her drug induced sleep, her pretty features now wearing a frown as her discomfort filtered through in to her dreams.  James’s lips curled in to a smile she was about to have a rude awakening.

Gently he lifted the back of her short flimsy cotton black night top up to expose her lower back.  Then he began to pull the sexy little black shorts down over her bottom to just below the backs of her thighs to bare them.  He smiled watching the sunlight caress her pale peach flesh.  It was a dainty pert bottom and beautifully positioned for a spanking.  As a Dominant, James believed in disciplining a female with a spanking especially when they had put their life in danger like Sarah had done by not locking the door and taking sleeping tablets so she would not wake easily if attacked.  Once in his care he would always ensure the woman was guided and suitably brought to task if she veered from the correct path.  He did not tolerate disobedience in life threatening matters.  Sarah was about to learn that the hard way.

Raising his hand as she shuffled in her sleep he brought his curved hand down as though to cup her buttocks but delivered a firm hard slap lifting her flesh in a quivering sting.  

Sarah’s eyes flew wide open with confusion and startled fear.  Automatically she reared and bucked from the bed as best she could to free herself.  But the action was difficult with tied hands and a gag thrusting inside her mouth.  Once more James struck her naked bottom scooping up the flesh of her rump, lifting it high as he struck it.

“My name is James Clavell.  You will know me from the emails I have sent you and the calls you failed to answer.  You will also recognize me from all of those strange dreams you have been having lately.  I know you have been having them because when I looked at you last night from across the street you knew who I was.”

 He paused watching her blue eyes twinkle with sudden comprehension.  Then he slapped her bottom again, more firmly this time to heighten the sting and burn.

“You have ignored all the offers of help I have made to help you escape Karl Hendrick and have put yourself in grave danger.  Now I find you sleeping with an open window and taking sleeping pills because you are exhausted.  All because you were too stubborn to accept my help.”

 Another pause to deliver a third smack to her rear.  Sarah muffled a loud cry against her gag.
“Now I have no choice but to force you.  You are under my protection and guidance.  I expect obedience at all times.  If you misbehave I will treat you like a child and correct you with a spanking over my knee.  I will also employ many other methods of ensuring you comply.  In the last week, my beautiful Sarah Kendall, I have learnt that you are the most important person in this life.  I don’t know why or how I know but you are bound to me in the truest sense of the word and can never escape my love.  I will always care for you and protect you even if it costs me my life.”

James reached across the bed to seductively take hold of her hips.  He guided her to place her knees on the bed so that her rump hung ripe and thrust up to the ceiling.  She was a tantalizing picture.  Wrists tied behind her back with a gag securely preventing her speech and curses with her bottom and thighs protruding above her lowered black night shorts, she was a vulnerable delight to behold.

“I will continue your punishment and hopefully you will learn not to put your life at risk again.  Every time you sit down for the next few days your red sore bottom will convince you not to.” 

  Her tight round bottom seemed to pout at him in defiance.  He splayed it open to view her anus and clit hanging free and open between her legs like a ripe plum.  The sight made him harden.  Catching hold of her hips again he lifted her buttocks higher.  James could not resist caressing his fingers along the smooth silky alabaster skin in front of him and down the crease to her anal aperture to circle the entrance.
For a moment he imagined holding her hips tight, using them as reins whilst mounting and riding deep inside her pussy or even perhaps her anus.  Perhaps in time for now he was content to examine and inspect her body.  His free hand slipped underneath her and possessively cupped her pussy

 “I have found you, Sarah.  We belong to each other whether we want to or not.  There is no escape from me.  You are mine and I will always be there for you.  I am in control of you now and I expect to be obeyed without question.  Surrender and submit to me.”

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