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Arabella's Diary

Just a quick note to let you know I am little behind on the next post of Arabella's Diary after other work commitments cropped up.  It is well on the way but not quite finished.  I will post it tomorrow.  In the meantime I have decided to close the Arabella blog as it seems everyone prefers to view my extracts on this one.  So I am posting the first instalment on here for those who have not read it and want to get up to date before the next one.

There is a teaser for the next episode at the bottom.

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Arabella's Diary

Arabella's Diary  is the personal diary of Erotic Romance author Arabella Kingsley detailing her erotic experiences with the man who inspires her work.

Before I start regularly posting my diary and letting in to my secret erotic life, I need to tell you how I met the handsome sexy man and Daddy Dom who now rules my world with a firm hand.

2nd April, 2016

I didn’t want to go to another wedding.  When you are in the process of a sticky divorce it is the last thing you want to do but she was my friend and she had found love again the second time around.  Maybe I will eventually get that lucky.  Louisa got married at a plush hotel in the country.  Her husband to be, Max is a rich guy, very rich and has a lot of wealthy friends.  He wanted to push the boat out for the reception for his beloved.  It also made my best friend excited that she could find me a new husband for me.  But men and relationships were the last thing on my mind.  Well, I say that, my job as an erotic romance author means it is always on my mind but not for me personally.  I was currently at the, all men are bastards stage after my controlling husband cheated on me and I didn’t want to get involved with anyone.

The whole wedding made me feel upset wishing for the past and angry at my ex all at the same time. The warring emotions were exhausting.  Weird, I know but if you have been through a divorce you would get it.  It was an effort not to cry and keep that damn smile plastered on my face especially when Louisa insisted on introducing me to every eligible billionaire bachelor she could find.  Anyway, I eventually took solace in chatting to a group of women I had never met before.  We seemed to hit it off and a few of them had actually read my books.  A lot of questions followed about how I wrote and the inevitable curiosity as to whether or not I had experienced any of the exotic erotic encounters my characters had found themselves in.  I shook my head and they looked disappointed.

“No it is all research,” I confessed to the downcast faces of the girls who were clearly waiting eagerly to hear some wild real life stories that had inspired my work.

“But wouldn’t you like to find out for real what it would be like?” one of them asked.

I giggled feeling slightly tipsy at this point on my third glass of champagne.

“I mean wouldn’t you like someone to teach you how to be a submissive for real so you could write more authentically?  You must have thought about it?” another demanded.

My cheeks warmed and I lowered my eyes.

“I suppose I have.  But I am not sure I could be a submissive.”

“You don’t know until you try.”

We all giggled.

“True.  But I haven’t found anyone to teach me yet.”

One of the girls took a sip of her champagne and patted my arm.

“You never know you might find someone here,” she grinned.

A little while later, I needed some air.  The music was suddenly too loud from the band and I was a little weary from keeping that smile on my face.  I decided to slip out of some French doors in the huge ballroom to escape to one of the balconies.  The spring air was a little chilly but I was grateful for the fresh cool breeze blowing my restless thoughts away.

Looking down at the fountain below, the manicured lawns stretching away from the eighteenth century Georgian mansion serving as the hotel to the woods beyond, I let my smile down and felt tears gather remembering my own wedding day.  I had been so happy that day looking forward to a loving future.  How wrong I had been.  I was so consumed with my thoughts looking out over the balcony I didn’t hear the French doors open.

I rubbed my eyes and stood straight wishing for a new exciting future and the strength to finally move on from the past.  Little did I know my wish was about to be granted sooner than I thought.  My breath caught in my throat when I felt a strong masculine presence behind me.

“I couldn’t help hearing your conversation earlier,” the voice was deep and as smooth as velvet.  The gentle French lilt accompanying it rolled over my senses softening any anxiety I felt.  “I can teach you,” his breath blew seductively across my ear from behind making the skin on my neck tingle provocatively.

My breath caught in my throat.  Embarrassment soared that he had heard the conversation yet my heart thumped with excitement and daring.  I briefly closed my eyes steeling myself to face the man and tried to turn around.  Two firm hands caressed my bare shoulders and quickly restrained my movement.

“No.  Don’t turn around.  Just give me your answer.  Do you want me to teach you how to be a submissive?”

The mysterious stranger’s hands moved back and forth across my shoulders melting any resistance.  

“Who are you?” I asked glancing to the side to see if I could find out anything about him but all I could see was the tantalizing perfect white cuffs with silver cufflinks protruding his tuxedo brushing the skin on my shoulders.  The Rolex on his wrist told me he was a man of wealthy means but it was all I could ascertain about him and I have to say it added to the excitement.  His touch was so soothing and I welcomed the way it eased the tension in my shoulders.

“You don’t need to know right now.  Just give me your answer.  I promise you will be safe and protected.”

He leaned in towards the side of my neck and I inhaled the intoxicating male scent of fresh pine and lime.

Do it.  Do it.  My mind was desperate for me to do it but my reason was calling me out on it.  Don’t be stupid he could just be having a joke with you, leading you on, a maniac.

I took a breath.  If I was going to change my life, move on and learn to trust again maybe this crazy offer was what I needed.  I had never taken a chance in my life and damn it I could look after myself.  What was the harm in it just for one night?  I was always jealous of my female characters.  It was high time I thought of my own needs.  OMG I was going to do it.

“Yes, yes,” I stammered like a sixteen year old.

 But you don’t even know what this man looks like, for hell sake.

“Good,” he sounded more than pleased.  My heart thumped.  “Let’s get started.  Take off your panties and give them to me.

My eyes widened.

“What here and now?” 

“First rule of a submissive is to obey her Dominant.  When I ask you to do something I expect to be obeyed without question.  When I want to touch you no matter wherever we are or how public it may be, I expect you to do as you are told or . . . ” He lifted my hair up from the side of my neck and brushed his lips across my delicate skin making me shiver with need.  “I will throw you over my knee and spank that delicious plump pert bare bottom over my knee,” he warned darkly.

I gulped.  I was really going to do this.  His words thrilled me to the core.  I actually felt damp between my thighs when he threatened to spank me.

“Ok,” I spoke sweetly childlike immediately responding to his parental tone.

Nervous, I inwardly sighed with relief at having put on my best lacy underwear on to compliment my strappy pale blue dress.  The stranger’s hands moved to my waist to steady me.  His hold was strong, reassuring and it made me feel safe, even cared for as I bent and swept my hands underneath the skirt of my dress.  I thought my heart was going to burst as my fingers tucked down the thin straps and pulled them down.  

The lace brushed my thighs and then my calves as I slid them down feeling the dangerous freedom between the tops of my thighs.  I couldn’t believe I had the audacity to do it and I knew he was watching me with great interest as I obeyed his command.  It felt naughty and yet deliciously decadent.  The fact I was doing it because I had been told to do it or be spanked by a strong firm man made it all the more exciting.

My panties reached my ankles and moving my blue and white high heels I stepped out of them.  Straightening, with a trembling hand I held them out to the side waiting for him to take them from me.  He took them and put them in to his tuxedo pocket.

“Good girl,” he said touching his lips to the side of my neck again.

His hands left my waist and lowered to the bottom of my dress.  Expertly he slid it up my thighs.  I held my breath as it moved over my thighs and up to my waist.  Anyone could come in any moment and the only protection I had to keep me from being exposed was his tall frame.  What the hell was I doing?

With a gentle tug he pulled me back against his chest and I nearly melted away.  My small curved form made contact with a wall of taut athletically lean muscle.  It made me feel deeply protected and my anxiety receded to the background.  

My dress sat around my waist the cool breeze blowing against the neatly trimmed curls on my sex.

“Open your legs,” he demanded huskily.

Quickly I did as I was told waiting for his next move.  He looked downwards and I bit my lip hoping he would like what he saw.

“Very nice,” he said softly as though he had heard my thoughts.  His hand smoothed over my thigh and stroked the tender inner skin.  I moaned gently wondering when he would slip his finger inside my dampening vagina and sighed.

“Patience, little one,” he warned with a little amusement in his tone.

The stranger continued his intimate caress of my inner thigh holding my waist with his free hand to keep in place.

“I am looking forward to playing with you,” he told me.  “I have read your books and enjoyed them very much but you still have a lot to learn about being obedient to a dominant man.  There is no doubt in my mind you are a natural submissive.  I will have you on your knees at my feet begging my direction a lot sooner than you think.”

Before I could respond with surprise to his assertion, my mouth opened and a loud gasp echoed out when he sank his middle finger in between the petal lips of my sex.  He found it already wet and ready for his touch.  Nuzzling my neck he stoked the length of my pussy, careful to give my clit attention and time, rolling and kneading it until I began to pant.  I felt him smile with satisfaction against my throat before he used his middle finger to penetrate my channel using his thumb to maintain his devilish caress.  My surroundings glazed as he stroked the inner walls of my vagina and I became lost pushing my hips down on to his finger, forgetting we could be discovered any second.  It wasn’t long before the pleasure started to reach boiling point.

“Hold it,” he hissed.  “From now on you don’t come unless I give you permission to.  Learn to control your desire to my word for my pleasure,” he instructed intensifying the pace of his thrusting finger.  As though to taunt me and make the task impossible he curled his finger inside me until it caressed the rough back wall of my vagina and my g-spot.  I whimpered desperately trying to hold on.

“Good girl.  It won’t be long now,” he soothed.

I heard the door handle on the French doors creak.  Someone was coming.

“Shhh, relax.  I am in control,” he insisted.

No one came in but I know they were standing at the door talking to someone preparing to come out on to the balcony.  Yet still he made me wait.  The door handle creaked again and with a chuckle he granted me permission.

“Now you may come, baby girl.”

I let go.  The pleasure now too intense to care if someone witnessed my orgasm or not.  My vagina flooded and my channel twitched and jumped squeezing his finger.  Shivers of deep melting warmth swam down my legs and to the very tips of my toes.  My whole body flushed and I cried with the strength of the ecstasy.  His hand left my waist and covered my mouth to still my cries as I rode his finger. I had never experienced a climax like it not even on my wedding night all those years ago.  As the door opened my body slumped in his arms and he was smoothing my skirt down my legs.

“You are tired and need rest.  Go to your room now and wait for me,” he commanded.

“But Louisa will want me to stay with her.”

“I have given you an instruction little one.  Go to your room now.”

As if to remind me he would spank me he smoothed his palm over my bottom.

“Ok.  I will.  I promise,” I whispered smiling sheepishly at the woman and man coming out on to the balcony a little worse for wear with drink.

He kissed my neck once more and turned me around.

“Go now and don’t look back,” he firmly directed.

With a gentle pushed he encouraged me forward and I left the balcony feeling his eyes watching me for any discretion.  I couldn’t wait to get to my hotel room and find out what he had planned for me next.

Later That Evening

I searched for Louisa and Max to say good night.  It was pushing past midnight when I found them.

“I hope you don’t mind if I go to bed I am so tired,” I lied.

I hadn’t felt tired in a while, not since the divorce.  I spent most of my nights lying awake thinking of my lonely future and the next steps I should be taking career wise.  Every night was a trial to get through until now.  I hadn’t felt this excited in ages.  My eyes drifted around the room as I talked to the happy couple desperately searching him out, wondering what he looked like.  But there were so many men dancing or talking in groups I couldn’t identify anyone looking in my direction.  But I could feel his powerful gaze resting on me.  With a sudden frown and some impatience I couldn’t help wondering if I hadn’t just been caressed and taken by a ghost or some kind of phantom.  Maybe I shouldn’t bother going to my room.  It had probably been someone’s idea of a joke.  Some joke.  Now I felt foolish and embarrassed as I considered the possibility.  But there it was again that feeling of being closely watched, observed even.

It was so strong it made me blush.  They weren’t the only eyes on me.

“You’ve met someone,” Louisa grinned searching my face for confirmation of her suspicions.  Her turquoise eyes widened and she twirled with triumph in her beautiful white wedding gown.  “It is written all over your face.  Who is he?”

“I haven’t,” I lied again.  She frowned.  “Don’t lie.”

“I’m not.  I wouldn’t.”

She grinned again.

“Trying to keep him secret?” she wagged her finger at me.  “You know you can’t keep secrets from me.  I will find out.”

What was I supposed to say?  I just had sex on the balcony but I have no idea who with.  The more I thought about it the more ridiculous the whole thing was.  I wasn’t going to go back to my room, I was going to the Hotel bar downstairs to drown my sorrows and pretend the whole thing had never happened.  I smiled nervously at her.

“No really.  I am just tired.”

Thankfully, Louisa knew when to give up and back off.  She hugged me.

“I had a lovely day and you looked beautiful.  I am so happy for you both,” I said turning to give a smiling Max a hug as well.  “Now enjoy the rest of your night,” I winked and left them.

Once out of their sight I crossed the marble hallway and went down the stairs to the bar hoping I wouldn’t be seen especially by the phantom lover.  There were only a few people in the main hotel bar.  I picked a secluded spot and sat down.  A waiter immediately attended me and I quickly ordered a French 75 cocktail made up of champagne, sugar syrup, fresh lemon and gin.  My favourite.  Then I envisaged myself tucked up in bed with the TV on until I fell asleep watching a downloaded episode of Red Dwarf, my usual habit when I was feeling lonely and wanted to cheer myself up with a good laugh.  But as I took my first sip of the drink and looked up at the man striding purposefully in to the bar I knew my plans were about to dramatically change.

I gasped when I saw him.  I just knew it was him even though I hadn’t seen his face.  My eyes lowered to his wrist searching for confirmation.  The Rolex was there and he wore the same silver cufflinks.  I took another breath when his eyes rested on me.  I had never seen a man like him in my life.  He was tall, with a lean athletically muscled physique that made his tuxedo fit to perfection.  My dominant lover was younger than me at thirty- six I guessed.  He had shiny raven hair cut full and straight at the neck with a soft curl running through it.  My hands itched to stroke it to feel its softness.  His black eyes burned possessively through me, narrowing lightly no doubt at my indiscretion of not returning straight to my room as he had ordered.  In short he was the most handsome man I had ever laid eyes on.  So it begged the question in my mind, what the hell did he see in a small woman with more curves than I was happy with like me?  He should have had someone tall and elegant on his arm.

He didn’t wait to be asked to sit down on the chair across the table from the small booth seat in which I sat.  He just did.  I took a large gulp of my drink getting the feeling I was about to be told off.  I prickled wondering who the hell he thought he was telling me what to do until I reminded myself I had given him permission to lord it over me and how much I had liked it.

“What are you doing here?  I told you to go to bed,” he asked in a soft dark voice that rolled over me like a seductive caress.

“I decided not to,” I said defiantly ready to defend my position feeling strangely like a naughty little girl.

“Put down your drink and stand up,” he said it evenly, calmly.  There was no trace of anger at my assertion.  “We are leaving.”

I opened my mouth to say no but the tilt of his handsome face to the side and the narrowing of his eyes made me think better and to my surprise, moisten between my thighs.  I closed my mouth and shuffled uneasily on the sage green leather seat to fight the ache beginning to pulse inside my vagina disturbed he could have such an effect on me.  Then I noticed the soft curl of his sexy mouth in to a brief smile.  He knew.  He knew the effect he was having and was enjoying the power he held over me.  I narrowed my eyes back and his smile returned.  I wasn’t going anywhere.  I folded my arms then reached for my glass again to take another sip glaring at him like a naughty school girl.

“Perhaps you would like me to drag you out of here instead?” he questioned.

The glare on my face intensified but my eyes had already given him the answer.  I put my champagne flute back down on the table.

“Yes,” my voice was fragile as I said it.

My heart thumped and my hands trembled with anticipation, excitement and nervous tension.  I didn’t even know his name but to ask it would spoil the electricity dancing between us.  No more words were spoken.  He simply stood fastening the button on his designer tuxedo.  He reached across the table to take hold of my arm in a firm grip making me gasp at the strength he applied to raise me from my seat and out of the booth to march and drag me by his side out of the hotel bar.  He walked so fast it was hard to keep up with him and I knew he was doing it deliberately so that I was given no choice but to struggle to.

Still holding my arm he pressed the button for the lift.

“It’s time I taught you what happens when you disobey me,” he informed me making me gasp again when he sharply pulled me in to the empty lift with him.

As the lift doors closed in front of us I stood next to him quietly trembling and thrilling all at the same time in his hold.  We travelled three floors before he reached out and punched a button to stop the lift between the second and third floor.  I swallowed hard.

He took hold of my other arm and pulled me against him in to his embrace.  His hand swept down across my throat as he looked down at me.  I whimpered fearful of my feminine vulnerability in his strong masculine hold in the enclosed lift.  There was no escape.  No turning back.

His hand gently tightened around my throat and forced my chin to rise.

“For this to work, Princess you are going to start trusting me to take care of you.  You will always be safe with me.  I am very protective of any woman in my care especially those I take to my bed and dominate.”

I stared in to his eyes and knew he spoke the truth without question.  The hold he placed on my throat intensified just a little more and I found the pressure arousing making me softly reach to take a breath.

“Daddy has rules,” he continued in a low deep caressing voice.  “And I expect them to be obeyed so I can keep you safe and ensure all of your needs along with my own are tended to.  In short I want your full submission to me. “

He lifted my chin higher making me whimper again and lowered his lips to brush them across my red lips.

“And in return I will worship all that you are.”

My lips moistened and tingled with his touch.  I looked up at him with the eyes of a child communicating my surrender.  Smiling with satisfaction he took my mouth firmly thrusting his tongue deep to subdue my own leaving me even more breathless.  Any reservation or resistance I had to be dominated by this man instantly dissolved.  It was replaced with warmth and the irresistible urge to helplessly melt and allow him to take care of me in the way I had been denying I needed even as I wrote about relationships like this in my novels.

“Discipline is Daddy’s second rule.  If you disobey me I will punish you.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

The title rolled easily off my tongue without applying any thought.  It felt strangely natural and comforting.

He took my mouth once more still holding my throat and my waist tightly, pulling me nearer to him thrusting his tongue deeper until I was consumed and flames of desire scorched my skin.  I was lost in him somewhere safe I never wanted to emerge from but I was to be rudely awakened.

Daddy suddenly dropped his hand from around my throat and gripping my arms spun me around until I faced the side wall of the lift.  Once more my heart beat hard threatening to burst from my chest with anticipation.  Normally I was too afraid to even be in a lift and always took the stairs but here with Daddy I never gave my fear a moment’s thought.  I knew I was safe with him.

“Hands on the wall.  Above your head.  Press your palms flat and bend towards the wall,” he directed gripping the sides of my waist.  “Princess needs to be spanked for refusing to do as she was told and not go back to her room to wait for Daddy.”

I bit my moist lip.  My first spanking.  I had written about the punishment being inflicted on my heroines in my novels many a time and described what I believed it would feel like but now I was to find out for real.  I glanced down at Daddy’s palms.  They were strong and large.  Being struck by them on my bare bottom was going to hurt.  But I had to obey Daddy’s Rules and bear my punishment with grace and dignity.

I’d expected my dress to be lifted to my waist again but Daddy had other ideas.  I felt the zip of my dress being lowered and the garment swept from shoulders down my arms to pool around my legs on the floor.  I prayed no one would realize the lift was stopped and raise the alarm.  Excitement warred with the fear of being discovered naked as Daddy undid the catch on my bra and removed it.  For a second I closed my eyes tight lamenting him seeing my figure naked for the first time.  I hadn’t even had time to mentally prepare myself for the unveiling.  His hand swept over one breast underneath me and gave it a gentle squeeze as he leaned over my back.  Then it travelled down my stomach to the top of my sex taking time to stroke and savour the feel of my soft skin.  At the same time the fingers on his free hand trailed the length of my spine.  When he reached the base Daddy spread his hand wide to caress my bare bottom.  I shivered with need, my sex soaking with warm creamy fluid making me ready for him.

“You are very beautiful, Arabella,” he breathed cupping both one breast and a buttock to squeeze them in unison.  I moaned gently.  He knew my name.

I wanted to ask, do you really think so?  I had never thought much of my appearance despite the compliments I received but I said nothing simply glad he approved.

“Have you ever been spanked before, Princess?” he asked.

“No, Daddy,” I gave my anxiety away in my shaky voice.

He gave a small chuckle strengthening his hold on my buttock, allowing his thumb to slip between the crease of my bottom to circle the puckered hole marking the entrance to my anus.  I gasped surprised the simple action could be so arousing.  He pushed his thumb against it but never attempted to enter it

“Don’t be afraid, little one.  I will be as gentle as I can for the first time.  You will eventually come to welcome your discipline and the power of its persuasion to keep you submissive and obedient.”

I felt the sudden touch of his lips across my bottom as he let go of my breast to steady me for my punishment by pressing his hand against my abdomen.  Moving to my side, he raised his hand to deliver the first strike and I bleated.

“I’m sorry, Daddy.  Please don’t spank me.”

“Hush, little one.  Be brave.”

He struck my bare bottom before I could beg him again.  My whole body jumped as the thwacking sound bounced off the walls of the lift.  I had never felt anything like it since childhood.  My flesh burned as he spanked each globe over and over again.  They stung and smarted so much it brought tears to my eyes but there was also a curious ache building in my sex.  Each strike made me sob as I glanced back and watched Daddy go in to his stride, swinging his arm artfully to deliver a precisely aimed slap.  But it was nothing compared to the slaps he adorned the backs of my thighs with.  I sobbed the loudest then.  At this rate I wasn’t going to be able to sit down.  If this was gentle what was full strength?  Not only did my bottom burn but my mind did with shame and humiliation at having been spanked and punished like a child.

Finally it ended and I panted my relief.  Daddy’s hand stroked my stomach to soothe me.  His other hand rested against the fiery surface of my bottom.

“Shh, Princess.  All over.  You did well.  Now let me see how wet you are in there,” he said lowering his hand from my abdomen to my vagina.  There was no hesitation in his approach.  He slipped his fingers straight between the swollen pink lips pressing together and moaned his pleasured approval.

“Perfect.  You are more than ready for me, little one.”

Daddy gathered my hands behind my back and held my wrists together.

“I need to be inside you, Princess.  You are too delectable for me to wait until we get to your room.  Daddy’s third rule, he can take you anywhere and when he chooses.  Your role is to be ready and wet for him when he does.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

I said yes but I was too consumed by his stroke of my pussy and the gentle tweaking of my clit to realise the true meaning of his rule.

Without warning he spun me around again and slammed my back against the wall pushing my hands above my head to hold them there.  I moaned with guttural satisfaction at his rough handling feeling an unbearable need for him to tame me with his penetration.

His body covered mine pushing against me until I felt as though he were trying to merge with me and his sheathed cock behind his trousers pressed hard against my stomach.  Holding my wrists with one hand, his fingers descended to caress my pussy.  The contact ignited something deep inside me, a need I had been denied for so long.  I moved against him as he sought my lips once more and deeply kissed me just as he inserted a finger inside my pussy and internally stroked my pleasure.  My mouth reached for him like a hungry wild animal wanting to be devoured.  I was wanton, wild, my sore bottom forgotten even as it pained me scraping against the wall.  I glanced at myself in the mirror on the back wall.  I had so far avoided looking at myself now I dared to look.  The man was gorgeous, so masculine and dominant against my pale naked form dwarfed by his presence pressing me against the wall, crushing my breasts against him.  I was as naked as the day I was born with only my heels on and my long dangling earrings.  I liked, no loved the way he looked on me and I moaned loudly against his lips to show my appreciation.

Daddy’s fingers left my sex for a moment and I heard the zip of his trousers being pulled down.  Suddenly the tip of his cock was sliding against my clit.   He held it there, caressing until I panted.

“Do you need me to take you now, Princess?” he asked huskily.

“Yes, yes.  Please . . .” I was desperate to feel him sliding in to me.

“Good girl,” he smiled against my lips.  “Then Daddy won’t keep his princess waiting any longer.”

Using his hand on my bottom he tipped my pelvis forward and his cock just inside the entrance to my pussy.  I purred and clutched at his arms to support myself now free of his grip.  He swept his underneath my thighs and to raise my legs and holding me with ease he lowered me down on to his cock embedding himself to the hilt.  My body shook with desire.  I hadn’t been made love to by a man for a long time and my body melted around him in joyous rapture.  

He raised and lowered my body up and down the wall using my burning spanked buttocks as reins to ride me.  His thrusts were expert, his body curving up towards me to drive deeper, higher.  My body shuddered with intense pleasure as I lowered my body to meet each thrust wanting more of him inside.  His lips sought the delicate flesh of my throat to kiss and gently nibble before he feverishly reached for my mouth.

“Don’t come until I tell you,” he insisted.  His command was mine to obey.

His penis coiled upwards inside my channel stroking my G-spot.  It made me pant and feel so close to coming and it was an effort not to let go. But I did not want to disappoint him and perhaps endure another spanking.  Every nerve ending in my channel tingled and conspired to break my resolve and force the eruption and I had to fight to keep control.

His own cock was so hard inside me.  I was sure he was ready to burst but making me wait to teach me self control and force my submission for his own pleasure. This was another aspect of his control over me and I was enthralled he could so easily command my body’s will.  I cried with need against him but I did not make the mistake of pleading for him to allow me to climax.  I wanted to learn submission, be the best submissive he had ever had, to be the only one he would ever need.

“Good girl.  Now you may come and I want to hear it as well as feel and see it, little one.”

He gave one more sharp push up in to my body as though to force my orgasm to break and I screamed feeling it explode somewhere deep inside of my being.  It spread outwards, darts of pleasure scorching my insides stretching across my stomach, down my thighs to the tips of my toes just as he roared and grunted his own release, pumping his hot seed in to my channel until he was empty.  He caught my lips again and finished our lovemaking with a wild kiss that left me gasping for air.  I stared up at him in wonder as his eyes lustily swept my face and smiled.

“I can’t wait to taste more of you,” he said before planting a small kiss across my mouth.

Slowly he lowered my legs to the floor and moved his cock out of me.  Daddy tucked his penis back inside his trousers and pulled up his zip.  He inserted one of his fingers he’d used to rub my wet vagina in to his mouth and sucked it watching me the whole time he did.  

“You taste divine,” he said lifting my bra from the floor. 

I stayed still waiting for his permission to move away from the wall and dress trying to get my breath back unable to tear my eyes from him.

“You won’t be needing this,” he said with a grin folding it and tucking it down his inside jacket pocket.  Then he lifted my dress and motioned with his finger for me to step forward towards him.  I did as I was bid.

“Raise your arms, little one.”

Daddy put it over my head and dressed me, turning me around to fasten the zip at my back.  He smoothed down my dress and pressed the button to start the lift moving again.  He stood to my side and held out his hand.  I placed my small hand in his feeling like a child and a warm glow covered my body.  I smiled gently at him and he raised my hand to his lips to cover it with a kiss.  The lift doors opened and he led me out a new happier woman than when I’d entered the small box.

Next time . . . I had been naughty.  Very naughty and my behaviour warranted correction and strong discipline and Daddy was about to introduce my bare bottom to a thrashing with of all crazy things, a wooden spoon.  I would learn to think twice about questioning him again when I remembered just how sore and hot my bottom had felt when I sat down . . .

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