Saturday, 17 September 2016

Stolen: New Episode

Finally here it is, a new episode of my story about the very sexy but ruthless billionaire Dominant, Mark Dexter.  Enjoy!


Mark had no choice but to leave Drew to attend a business meeting and set his security team the task of locating the whereabouts of her daughter.  He couldn’t believe his luck.  Drew was firmly in his arms and willingly in his power.  He’d waited so long for the opportunity to take her from his rival and she had simply fallen helplessly in to his lap.  He straightened his tie as he walked towards the lounge to meet the billionaire Madeleine Cross.  They were partners in a joint construction project for a new shopping mall, an exclusive apartment block and hotel but her building supplies company hadn’t been delivering on time.  As a result the project was being delayed and in danger of not being delivered on time making him incur substantial loss.  Time to teach her a lesson for her tardiness before attending to his beautiful Drew.  He brushed his hand over his clothed cock as he walked down the corridor feeling it still hard and taut in his suit trousers eager to be inside her.  He grinned knowing he would not be able to hide it from Madeleine.

Confident and arrogant he walked in to the lounge were she sat sipping coffee a white chine cup and saucer rimmed with gold.  He’d kept her waiting and her red lips were pouting with annoyance when he entered the room in his New York apartment.  She was seductive in her scarlet close fitting dress with her black hair tied back painfully tight in a ponytail from her face.  She was attractive but not his type.  Still he would have liked a bite of the cherry just to taste and sample.

“Madeline.  It’s good to see you,” he said softly bending over her to give her a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Mark.  I don’t take kindly to being summoned.  What am I doing here?” she said abruptly.

He made sure he sat down next to her watching her eyes sweep lustily over him.

“You know why, Madeleine.  You have been holding back on the supplies and doing a deal behind my back with James Sumner to sabotage the project and ruin me.  What has he promised you? To help you out of the debt you are incurring from the Logan project that failed?”

“You are crazy.  I have done no such thing.”

She leaned forward to put her cup and saucer down on the glass table in front of her and made to get up from the sofa no doubt to storm out.

“I don’t have to take this.”

As she stood Mark reached up and caught hold of her arm.  He brought her back down on to the sofa.

“We both know I am telling the truth,” he told her in a dark velvet voice tracing his thumb from the middle of her delicate wrist up to the top of her arm and back.  She studied him closely.

“No. No I didn’t. I can explain.  There has jest been a delay on . . .”

Mark allowed his thumb to travel back up her arm and this time when it reached the top he raised it and gently pushed it between her pouting red lips to silence her.  He pressed down on her tongue making her chocolate brown eyes stare at him.

“Hush,” he said smoothly beginning to slowly pulse his thumb in and out of her mouth delighting in the smooth wet feel.  “Enough lying,” he whispered leaning close.  His free hand slid up inside her tight dress up on to the soft flesh of her pale thigh above the top of her nude stocking and stroked the pads of his manicured fingers towards the aperture between her thighs.

“I don’t like to be lied to.  I am a good judge of character and I have to confess I was never sure of yours.”  Mark pulled his thumb out of her juicy mouth and rhythmically circled it around her red satin lips.  He heard her pant and watched her breasts heave with arousal on her chest.  The billionaire trailed his finger underneath her panties and sank them in to the folds of her vagina.  Her pelvis bucked in response.  He looked upon her with a satisfied smile.  She was already becoming wet.  He pushed his thumb back in to her mouth and pumped it in an out.  Her eyes glazed and her ruby tipped finger nails dug in to the cream leather sofa as he pinched and kneaded her clit.

He paused for a moment to drag her red satin panties down her legs to the floor removing his thumb in her mouth to roughly take her lips and kiss her deeply, dominantly.  She whimpered with the force of his male strength but still did not remove her hands from the sofa to hold on to him.  Cold to the last, he thought idly with amusement.  He smiled satisfied against her lips when he heard her move and step her louboutins out of them.  He pulled back and replaced his thumb and then inserted his middle finger up inside her pussy with one sharp thrust.  She bucked and began to suck like a baby on his thumb enjoying the way he pushed it down on her tongue and thrust it in and out.  On the third push of his finger he joined it with a second and picked up the pace until he could feel her close.

“I don’t like to be fucked with,” he sternly informed her.

Unable to help herself the naughty Miss Cross was moving her pelvis frantically against this fingers and pushing down on them undeterred by his words.  Her eyes were closed as she sucked on his finger and moaned with need.  With a cruel smile he added a third finger inside her making her cry out with surprise.  His thumb working her clit by flexing it back and forth he curled his three digits up to the rough back wall of her pussy deep inside and smoothed them over it.

“You see if I catch anyone fucking with me I always fuck them back and harder.  They learn never to go against me again.  It’s a hard lesson to learn Miss Cross but one that you have to.”

Her eyes flew open but his internal caress became frantic and before she could push him away she was coming hard.  Like a woman possessed she cried and moaned around his thumb as it fucked her mouth and his fingers took her pussy without remorse.

Finally she slumped exhausted back against the sofa.  Mark’s thumb remained in her mouth still moving in and out as she recovered her breath.  Michael his aide appeared.  He leaned over the sofa and grinned at his employer watching him slow the pace of his fingers moving in and out of Miss Cross’s vagina clearly displayed after the skirt of her dress had risen up when she had agitatedly squirmed and moved on the sofa.

“Sir, your guest is now upstairs being prepared for you as you requested.”

“Thank you, Michael.  I will go to her as soon as I am finished with Miss Cross’s here.”

Michael grinned and nodded before leaving the room.  A cloud darkened over Miss Cross’s face.  Mark removed his thumb and put his finger immediately to her lips.

“Hush.  I will not hear anymore from you.”

Removing his fingers from her pussy he inserted them in to his mouth and licked the cream from them.

“Yum.  Such a lovely taste.  It is a shame we won’t be able to play anymore.  But I don’t deal with liars.”

He leaned down and picked her panties off the floor.  He stood and tossed them to her.

“Take them with you when you leave.  Consider our agreement at an end.  I will carry the project myself.  And if I ever catch you trying to sabotage my business again with or without the help of James Sumner I will ruin you, Miss Cross.  Now leave before I have you thrown out.”

He fastened the button on his suit jacket and left the room not bothering to give her a second glance.  Time to attend to little Drew and assert his authority over her in a primal primitive way.

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