Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Stolen: Episode Three

Here it is, episode three of Stolen, my sexy BDSM/DaddyDom/Spanking Romance written exclusively for this blog.  Watch out it is a hot one and not for the faint of heart!!! :)

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Stolen:  Episode Three

Mark strode along the corridor to the room he’d had Drew placed in glancing out of the large glass windows looking out over Manhattan and the other tall buildings covering the landscape.  He would never get used to the splendour of the view.  It took his breath away each time he looked at it.  

He was surprised to find his heart racing with excitement when he took hold of the round gold handle to open the door.  For a moment he stopped and listened to Drew’s helpless pants of desire and cries of outrage as his assistant pleasured her in a way he had no doubt she had never experienced before.  He grinned to himself when he heard the slap of pert bare flesh echo loudly.  And again.  His little Drew’s bottom would be very sore tonight and would no doubt need the loving caress of his massaging hand and moisturiser to soothe the burn from her spankings. Mark listened some more enjoying the anticipation of what he would eventually find when he opened the door.

“You will remain still, little girl or I will clamp your clit and whip your breasts until you learn to behave.  Mr Dexter likes an obedient woman beneath him when he mounts her not a churlish insubordinate one.  You may have had free rein with your husband but here Mr Dexter rules all of his women and his house with an iron rod,” Gill his pretty young assistant was schooling Drew to his approval.  She spoke the truth and as soon as Drew understood his dominance over her the better their relationship would be or she would spend most of her time over his knee being disciplined with a bare bottom spanking until she dd.
“You make it sound like he has a harem,” Drew’s voice was breathless, tearful.  “How can he do this to me?”

He heard the bed move and squeak. Gill grunted hard and Drew gave loud cry.  The noise grew louder and more frantic.  Mark felt his hardness painfully increase knowing exactly what Gill was doing to Drew.  He covered it with his hand to soothe it yet he waited a while longer before entering.

“He does of sorts,” Gill was panting now.  “You will be ruled just like the rest of us in his employment and you will come to love and respect it as we all do.  Now remain still and allow me to thrust harder.  I want to be deeper inside you.  All the way to the hilt.  Mr Dexter wants you stretched and prepared for mounting.  You have a lovely feel.  Such a wet pretty pussy I am going to enjoy tasting it later.”

Mark closed his eyes feeling desire burn inside the pit of his stomach and need shake his body.  Wasting no more time he opened the door and walked in to the room.

His breath caught in his throat.  Drew was completely naked face down with her shoulders resting on top of the bed, her wrists tied behind her back.  Gill knelt behind her with a dildo strapped to her waist.  It was embedded deep inside Drew’s vagina and his assistant was pumping it hard and fast out of Drew with the powerful thrust of her hips.  One hand was beneath Drew stroking his captive’s pussy, harshly pinching at her delicate clit while the other leaned forward and tugged on her head forcing her it up and back in an uncomfortable manner.  For all her protest Drew’s body was actively betraying her arousal by pushing back on to the dildo.

Mark watched enjoying the sight of Gill’s dominance over Drew and the way her breasts bounced on her chest almost in unison with the jump of Drew’s plump globes as she was pounded.  It was a mouthwatering sight to behold.

“Mark.  Stop this,” Drew bleated but he could detect the tell tale signs of want singing in her tone.

She was just too ashamed to admit it.  In time she would learn to feel no fear in pushing her sexual boundaries with him for both his pleasure and her own.  Had she been distressed he would have put a stop to the whole scene straightaway but he was more than satisfied she was enjoying the new experience and she was being cared for.

“Sir.  I didn’t see you,” Gill began slowing her pace.  “Do you wish me to dismount her.”

Mark sat in one of two armchairs and shook his head.

“No please continue,” he instructed making himself comfortable.  He turned to the second chair at the young man sitting there watching the two women with great interest in a relaxed composure.  Thomas was the billionaire’s male assistant who was there to take care of running his business with Gill when he couldn’t be there.  Mark liked balance in his work life and would never entrust the responsibility of running his business to just one person.  But Thomas had another extra task that Gill didn’t have.  Mark Dexter was very protective of his female staff.  If he was away and they required protection, assistance or discipline Thomas would be there to bestow it on his behalf.

He was present to make sure Drew was cared for and her needs met as Gill prepared her in a robust manner for taking.

“She is very beautiful, Sir,” Tomas said.  “And she moistens quick.  You have been waiting a long time to have her in your bed.  You must be ecstatic,” he smiled.

Mark grinned.

“Yes I am.”  He paused and issued Gill with an order.

“Make her come.  Thomas mount Gill so she feels the pleasure of a climax as well.”

“Mark no.  This is so  humiliating . . .” 

Drew’s voice trailed off, a loud moan of need echoing out from her lips when Gill nipped her clit and kneaded it again, rolling it back and forth between her bright pink tipped nails.

Thomas grinned at him and stood loosening his tie.

“And before you do, gag Drew with your tie.”

Gill continued to ride Drew like there was no tomorrow and threw Tomas a longing glance as he undressed.  Mark knew fine well they were together despite their efforts to keep it secret.  They couldn’t hide the way they looked at each other when together.

Tomas walked towards the bed unhindered by his nakedness.  His long thick impressive cock was taut and ready for action.  He took his purple fine silk tie over to Drew and holding it tight forced it between her lips as she opened her mouth to pant.  Mark could see her eyes were glazed and she was now lost in pleasure despite her whimpers.  However shocked she was that she was being ridden by a woman with a strap on she couldn’t deny her arousal at being penetrated.

Thomas tied her gag securely at the back of her head and took up position behind Gill.  Without warning he wound his hand inside her golden curls and twisted his fingers making a fist shape.  He pulled her head back against his chest and slipped his fingers inside her pussy.  She appeared heavily wet to Mark by the glistening beads of dampness coating the tops of her thighs.  Tomas wasted no time in bending her slightly forwards over Drew making her pause stabbing inside Drew until he thrust his long cock up inside her in one motion.  She groaned and sighed with contentment as Tomas forced her up arching her back and head.  Once comfortable with the pace of his thrust she continued with Drew.

Tomas speared slow, hard and deep.  Gill’s body jumped with the brutal force sending shockwaves through Drew making her body quiver.  Mark watched intently as the threesome moved in perfect harmony with Tomas at the lead governing the whole proceedings. Picking up the pace to thrust manically inside Gill he struck one buttock with his hand three times. Mark let out a breath revelling at the way her plump rump wobbled with the contact of his hand.

“Come now, bitch,” he ordered.

Gill pumped faster inside Drew reaching to cup and slap her pussy with her hand.  Drew gave a loud whimper as Gill screamed when Tomas slapped her bottom again and bellowed.

“Now bitch and make sure the woman you are fucking comes with you or I will take my belt to your bottom.”

Mark raised an amused eyebrow noticing how Gill responded instantly to Tomas’s firm direction and the title of bitch.

With another slap to her rear end his assistant was screaming her climax as Drew’s own muffled cries grew hot and frantic against the gag.  A second later Tomas grunted and growled his own driving in to Gill in a brutal almost cruel fashion until they were all spent and slumped exhausted on the bed.

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