Thursday, 22 September 2016

Remember Theirs?

While I am waiting for news about publishing for my books from my agent I am continuing to post extracts from my BDSM/DaddyDom/SpankingRomance bestsellers.  Check out the naughty sexy Menage, Theirs.

Happy Reading!

Theirs Extract

As I lay over the desk with my tied hands stretched out in front of me dangling over the other side, my breasts squashing in to the bound black leather and my wet sex pressing in to the edge I turned to see Marcus holding a long wooden ruler in his hand.

“I want her gagged,” he said firmly.

“I’m on it,” Jason said walking around to the other side of the desk moving the chair out of the way to get to me.

Marcus widened my legs and there was nothing I could hide from him.  My heavily wet pussy hung open visible through my legs and my rump was bared and vulnerable to the discipline he was about to inflict upon it. 

Marcus rested his hand on the small of my back and I became aware of him centering me just as his brother did.  The ruler rested across one of my buttocks and it felt cool yet I knew it would soon burn me with its sting.

Jason bent down in front of me, his handsome face giving me a reassuring smile.  He gathered up my hair in a ponytail and held it in a gentle but firm grip.  His other hand pushed two fingers between my lips and invaded my mouth.  Jason depressed my tongue and I was suitably silenced.

“Take a deep breath for me, little one,” Marcus ordered pushing down gently on my back as I did so.  “And another,” he repeated the action.  “Now, one more, there’s a good girl,” he said softly.

Then the ruler left my bottom and I heard it whoosh through the air towards me.  My body lifted and I tried to yelp with the hard punishing strike of the ruler.  But Jason used his hold on my hair to guide me back down on to the desk and moved his fingers further inside my mouth.  I was to repeat my rearing and effort to scream but the twin brothers masterfully kept me in place as Marcus whipped my bare bottom with the ruler.

“We must keep you safe, Kitten and we will not tolerate your disobedience regarding our rules on your protection.  Richard is a dangerous man and this lesson must be learned well, darling.  We were terrified for you.”

Tears sprang from my eyes as he struck my bottom over and over again.  I could feel my sex flooding even through my tears.  A part of me clearly loved to be disciplined but this was a very firm punishment and I was learning the consequences of not obeying the brother’s rules.  They took my protection very seriously.

I was given twenty thwacks with the ruler and I knew Marcus was being lenient when he avoided the backs of my thighs wanting me to be comfortable for the rest of the evening.  When he brought my punishment to an end Marcus smoothed his palm gently over my burning bottom bowing to brush it with butterfly kisses, pressing the heat from it to his mouth.

“Well done, baby girl.  You did well.  One more of my rules and no doubt Jason’s.  Don’t think I won’t discipline you for bad behaviour wherever we are.  I want total obedience at all times, little girl or you will be over my knees, a chair, a desk or whatever else I can find to spank you over.  Do you understand me?” he said in a dark velvet voice kissing my bottom once more.

Jason removed his fingers from my mouth and stroked my hair.

“Yes, Sir, I understand.”

“Good.”  He turned to Jason.  “Did you bring them?”

“Yes.  They are right here.”

Jason stood up and took something from his pocket.  It was a small box.  Next he produced a small tube of lubricant.  I stared at him trying to work out what they were both talking about.

“I can’t wait to put them inside her,” he said helping Marcus raise me from the desk.

“It’s going to be interesting,” Marcus said with a wicked smile.  He surprised me by bending to lift an arm under my legs and scooped me up in to his arms.  He laid me on top of the desk face upwards.  My legs dangled to the floor and he moved them upwards and wide apart.

Jason moved in front of my thighs and stroked his finger through my wet sex flexing the bud back and forth.  I moaned gently resting my bound hands on my stomach only to be corrected by Marcus who placed them above my head again and moved so he could hold them there.

“You are nice and wet, Elizabeth, soaking wet in fact and I will only need a little lubricant to insert these inside your vaginal channel.  This is going to give you so much pleasure, little one if you are obedient and do as you are told,” he warned as though I were child and capable of terrible naughtiness.

“What are they?” I asked breathlessly, nervously as I felt him pulse a finger up inside my channel to stretch and prepare me.

“Ben wa balls.”

He held them up to me.  They were two medium sized steel balls on a string.

“Every time you move they are going to arouse you and make you want to come, Kitten but you have to hold your pleasure until one of us gives you permission to release it.  This will be a good test for you as a submissive.  Now widen your legs a little further.”

I parted my thighs more and felt Jason peel back the lips of my vagina.  At first he closely examined me and then covered the balls in a small amount of lubricant just like he said he would.  A moment later I felt him slide the balls inside  stretching and filling me.

It was a strange sensation but when I shifted on the desk I felt them rub at the walls of my vagina and produce a helpless cry of pleasure from my lips.  Jason grinned at his brother and pulled the string on the balls moving them back and forth inside me.  I panted, my arousal building strongly.  Then it stopped.

“Come on, we need to get going.”

Jason stood up and helped me down from the desk as I tightened my pelvic floor to keep the balls contained.  He untied my hands.

“They are going to keep you nice and tight and very wet in there until we are ready to mount you.  Mind you keep them in there, honey.  We wouldn’t want them falling out now would we?” he said amused.

I was allowed to dress minus my panties, correct my hair and reapply my lipstick from my bag before we peered out of the door to check we could leave without being noticed. 

I was led back to the lobby and in to the theatre to rows of dinner tables that had replaced the seating.  Everyone was shouting hello to the twins and demanding their attention but eventually we were seated at a private table at the front with two of their business associates.  I was relieved to sit down and not have to concentrate on holding the balls inside me but I was to endure a new fear.

Just before the entertainment on the stage began I received a new instruction from Jason and Marcus.

“Lift your dress under the tablecloth.  We want to be able to touch you when we please,” Marcus commanded on behalf of both of them.  “Think of it as another rule,” he whispered in my ear.  “You must always be open and accessible for our touch.”

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