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Remember The Chateau?

It is the end of an era today.  I am closing my Amazon publishing account because my agent has now sent Daddy's Rules and His out to large commercial publishers.  Fingers crossed at least one of them is interested in my work and I can finally obtain that elusive big publishing contract! Lol.

I just want to say thanks to you all for reading and supporting my self published novels, my books at Stormy Night Publications & Blushing Books.  I hope you continue to read my work.

In the meantime I thought I would remind you of one of my very naughty BDSM Romance bestsellers, Tales From The Chateau with a sexy extract from The Stable & Possession tales.  I hope you enjoy it.

Please note I am hoping to post another episode of Stolen tomorrow.

Happy Reading!

Tales From The Chateau Extract

The riding crop was put to one side and Maxim led the class back to the stall to witness the first bridling of a mare.  The groom had managed to cuff the mare’s legs and wrists but she was still tossing her mane and tail and now trying to bite him.  Once more Maxim considered it prudent to take over.  Already annoyed with the groom he dismissed him from the stall.
Maxim rested his hand on top of the filly’s sore red bottom where Katrine had whipped her.  Using the back of his hand he rubbed it gently trying to massage away the heat flaring from her skin.  Standing at her side to avoid her snapping teeth he slipped his hand underneath her body to cup and lift one of her small but perfectly formed breasts.  Rhythmically he squeezed it as he stroked her bottom.
“Shh, you are safe.  Nobody is going to hurt you.  Now remember your training and calm yourself.  This is what you agreed to and the rewards of playing this role are going to be abundant,” he told her in a soft velvet voice.
He started to circle the nipple when he noticed she closed her mouth and her tears began to recede.  Taking his hand away from her bottom he asked the groom to hand him one of the special sugar lumps from a container.  The sugar lump was endowed with a soothing herbal remedy to restore and balance a mare’s emotions when first being brought to the bridle and tamed.
Maxim moved in front of her still holding her breast.  He placed his other hand flat in front of her mouth.  The mare looked up at him nervously with enchanting moist helpless turquoise eyes.  She had calmed but was not quite ready for him to try the bridle.
“Come on, there’s a good girl, Daffodil, take your sugar.”
All of the women were given a pony name when they entered the stable.  The mare obeyed, bending her head towards his hand.  Her tongue flicked out and gathered up the lump between her cherry lips up in to her mouth.  Maxim ran the backs of his fingers across her cheek as she ate it whilst he tugged on her nipple and flexed it back and forth.
“Good girl.”
When she had finished and Maxim detected arousal building in her eyes he knew it was time to try the bridle.
“Now, let’s have no more nonsense.  Let’s get that bridle on and the bit between your lips.   Then you can be taken out for a ride,” he whispered patting her head and giving her nipple one last playful tug.
The groom handed Maxim the bridle.  It was not too dissimilar to that used on a real horse.  Maxim slowly placed it over the human pony’s face and head.  He pressed the strap over her forehead and ordered her to open her lips and receive the metal bit between them.  Thankfully she was to do as she was told.  The rest of the harness was positioned over her head with room to allow the long blonde plume between it.  Maxim finished by attaching the bridle to the collar she wore around her throat and neck.  He slipped his fingers between her face and the leather straps to make sure it was not fastened too tightly and causing discomfort.
He smiled pleased with her behavior and the submissive coy look she now gave him.  He squeezed her breast once more and patted a buttock.
“There, Daffodil, you just needed some reassurance and attention.  Didn’t you, girl?”
In reply, Daffodil gently shook her mane and moved her hips to flick her tail from side to side.
“You are going to make a beautiful show pony.”
Maxim turned to the lecturer and students standing in and outside of the open stall.
“She’s quite content now and will be obedient.  If you decide to tame your new wife in a human pony role you must reassure her of her safety and your protection.  She must have complete trust in you.  Be gentle and considerate but firm.  Use the crop on her bare bottom only when you have tried every other avenue to persuade her to submit to your authority.  It should only be used for deserved discipline.  Feeling a little afraid of first being bridled is not an excuse to resort to it.  Only when she is comfortable with the role.”
The students and the lecturer clapped as Maxim prepared to leave.  But another commotion in the stall just across from the one in which he now stood caught his attention when he heard the sound of a metal bucket being kicked to the floor and out of the stall.  He made his way through the throng and to the source of the noise closely followed by the students and lecturer.
Another mare was tied to the wall of her stall in the same manner as the last.  The only difference was that she did not wear a harness or a bridle and her legs were spread wider.  One of the two male grooms in the room was fixing her ankle back in to its cuff and tying it tighter than before.  The second had retrieved the kicked bucket and was placing it back between her legs on the floor.
“Fleur won’t release her water so we can determine whether or not she is carrying,” one of them informed the Dean when he asked what was happening.
Maxim smiled and shook his head.  He patted Fleur’s naked rump and bent to look down between her legs at the pouting pink sex nestled between them forced open wide by her stance.  Fleur made an attractive pony and to see her pregnant would be a treat.  She had been so enthusiastic in asking to join the breeding program and couldn’t wait to conceive.  Why was she so reluctant to be tested?

He reached underneath and swept his hand over her stomach and then simply held the gentle curve of her flesh imagining it swelling in to her first trimester.
“Now what’s got in to you, Fleur?” he asked stroking his fingers in a circle on her bottom, still holding her stomach.
“I thought you were as eager as I am to see this stomach full,” he said glancing down at it.  You have been coupling with a stud for the last month and I am more than sure it will have born fruit.  You need to let us check.”
Fleur dropped her head.  A condition of the pony role when in public was for her to be silent.  In reply she dipped her head downwards and gave a small whimper.
“She said she wanted to do the test herself and started kicking up a right fuss.  She knows the rules,” the groom informed them all with annoyance.
Maxim pressed her stomach and gave her a quizzical look.
“Yes she does.”
Fleur moved restlessly in her bindings as Maxim exerted pressure on her stomach right in the vicinity of her bladder.  Her movements became more frantic as did her whimpers.
“There’s a lot of water in there, Fleur.  You are going to have to pee at some point.  I expect it is causing a lot of discomfort,” his voice was smooth, dark and caressing.
“The rules of the breeding program are clear and final.  A first pregnancy test must be carried out by the attending groom and witnessed by a second.  You can’t do this alone.  Each mare must have emotional support and care should the test not be positive.”
Fleur hung her head down low and then a sudden thought hit Maxim.
“Ah, is that it, Fleur?  Are you frightened the test won’t be positive?  You don’t want to let anyone down or for them to see you upset because you are so eager to conceive?”
The human pony moved on her bonds again, straining to free herself, confirming his suspicions.
“Hush.  There is nothing to be afraid of, girl.  If you haven’t conceived . . .something I highly doubt . . .we will get you straight out in to the breeding field and have another of our stallions mount you quickly,” he soothed.  “But now I want you to stop this stubbornness,” he said squeezing her stomach.  “You don’t want me to have to spank you and make you release your pent up water in front of the students, do you?” he threatened with a smile getting the groom to lift her head up and make her turn to look at him.
But she was to growl and snap at the groom with her teeth.  Maxim pressed down on her stomach hard swatting her bottom with a hard spank.  She tried to rear but as she did a small dribble of water escaped to run down her thigh to tinkle in to the metal bucket.
“I will not have you trying to bite the staff when we are trying to help you,” Maxim was angered.  He slapped her bare bottom again.  “Do I make myself clear? Do as you are told.”
But Fleur was to remain stubborn.
“You give me no choice,” the Dean’s voice bore strict authority.  He removed his hands from her body and then his jacket before rolling up his sleeves as though preparing to conduct a veterinary procedure.  After that, he allowed the second groom to pour some antibacterial hand gel on to his hands.
He placed his hand on to Fleur’s lower abdomen in a downward position so that his middle finger was able to insert itself in to the top of her pussy.  With his free hand he began to spank the errant pony girl soundly once more.  The slaps sounded loud in the stall.  Fleur bucked with each spank and every time she moved forward Maxim pressed her stomach hard until the pain from the pressure became too much and she had no other option than to relieve herself to stop the discomfort.
It became a battle of wills, one the masterful Dean of the chateau was in no doubt he would win.  He was also sure Fleur was enjoying the game as much as himself.  It was only a short matter of time before Fleur was submissively peeing in to the pail.  Her sex was dampening with arousal the more he spanked her making him decide to crank up the pleasure pain paradox he was torturing her bladder with.
He moved his hand down further until his finger was deep inside her folds and stroked her vaginal entrance.  His fingers became soaked in her juice.  He stopped spanking her and pushed his finger up inside her channel.  Then he pulsed it in and out.  Her hips began to sway moving the tail hanging from her anus from side to side.  She was trying to move her body down on to his finger.
Satisfied she was losing her self in the pleasure pain conundrum, the Dean curled his finger upwards to stroke her G-spot.  She was so sensitive with a full bladder it only took three strokes to break her orgasm in to being.  She came hard, panting for breath as the students looked on.  The moment she did she lost control of her bladder and her water broke free.  It began to fall in a small light stream and then in to a torrent splashing noisily in to the pail, cascading down her thighs.
When her water was midstream as she continued to ride her climax the groom give Maxim the pregnancy tester stick.  Still stroking Fleur’s sex internally, he placed the end of the stick in to the pee and waited until her shuddering and water was spent.  The Dean’s enthralled audience applauded.  He gave Fleur’s rump a hard slap of approval.
“Good girl.”
The Dean handed the wet tester stick to the groom and went to wash up at the sink.  By the time Fleur had been cleansed the test was ready to impart its answer.  Maxim took it from the groom and watched it reveal the truth.  Positive.  Fleur had been successfully bred and had conceived.  He whispered the answer in her ear first watching a smile of triumph spread upon her lips and then announced it to the group who once again applauded.  Maxim gave Fleur’s forehead a quick kiss and then left.  Carla waited.


Chapter One

When the Dean reached Carla’s stall in the Stable he found her tethered and bridled as he’d directed.  Her legs were in a wide stance clearly showing her anal entrance stretched and open wide, begging to be plugged by the tail all mares were given.  Fixed to her thighs and around her waist were tight straps.  They were holding a black leather phallus buried in to her pussy in place.  The gentle hum of its vibration could be heard as it tormented her with pleasure.
Carla’s helpless tethered form was a delight to behold.  The long plume of hair   had been fixed to the top of her head through her short hair and it protruded the bridle keeping her silent with the bit between her lips.  Both grooms were changed in to the short black shorts they wore for brushing and bathing the pony girls.  All of the male grooms were attractive, athletic and muscled.  The two men who attended Carla were no exception.  Maxim felt jealousy tweak his insides unexpectedly as he watched them brushing at her skin, cupping her breasts to round the brush over them.  One of them smiled at him when he entered.
“We have just started brushing her down.  She’s a beautiful filly.  The mare will soon be ready for her bathing and an evening mount.  Do you wish to brush her?” he asked Maxim with a twinkle in his eye.  This told the Dean the man knew fine well the reaction he was provoking and that Carla was special to Maxim.  He decided not to rise to the bait.
“No, you may finish.”
Maxim walked to the end of the wall where Carla’s face was and trailed his fingers across her cheek.  Her eyes were docile and glazed.  She was near orgasm with the vibrator.  He smiled.
“Good girl, you’ve done well.  Don’t hold it back.  Let me see you come,” he whispered.
Maxim continued to stroke her cheek staring in to her eyes ready to watch the explosion of desire.

He heard her begin to pant and gasp against the metal bit.  Glancing back he watched her try to squat as though to take the phallus evener deeper inside her.  She began to buck down on it.
“Let it come, Cherie.  Come for me now,” Maxim urged capturing her gaze.
A small fragile cry announced the arrival of her orgasm.  She strained on the bonds around her wrists and squatted further as the phallus vibrated and pulsed inside her channel.  Maxim watched her whole body flush with pleasure and wetness seep out from around the vibrator between her thighs as the men continued to brush her down.  It was so arousing to watch Maxim’s penis pulsed and throbbed.
The groom slapped her bare rump.
“Good mare.  That should keep you nice and calm,” he told her as she slumped with exhaustion on her bonds.
He addressed the Dean.  “We had a little trouble bridling her.  We tried coaxing her with treats and a pussy stroke but in the end we found she responded well to a gentle breast slap.  Before long we had it on her,” the groom told him.  “We’ve had to put the vibrator in her just to calm and soothe her in to the role.  Do you want Alain and myself to mount her during bathing or will you be taking that honour?” he asked matter of a fact.
“You may bathe her but no mounting.  I want to take her in private in the stall.”
“Yes, Sir.  That will help things.  Honeydew and Lavender need to be mounted tonight.  A couple of the grooms have a night off.”
Alain removed the vibrator and then untied Carla.  He wound a belt around her waist and still bridled he led her out instructing her to trot out of the stable in her bare feet.  Maxim followed on behind her admiring the way her breasts bounced daintily with her movement.

Outside Carla was led to a bathing pool filled with warm clear water.  It was sunken in to the ground and next to six other ones.  Four of them were already full.  Not far from Carla’s a mare was being held by her hair, her head forced upwards as the male groom opened a small flap in the black shorts and took out his cock.  He directed his cock towards her anal channel and began to push in to her.  The mare groaned with pleasure.  The second groom cupped her breasts and pulled the nipples taut as the other began to thrust his penis in and out of her body beginning her evening mount.

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