Thursday, 15 September 2016

Film News & Minette's Correction

I haven't been able to post a new episode of Stolen today because I have been busy with developments regarding film.  I have a film director interested in my erotic thriller idea that I am developing from His.  It is all very exciting.  I will keep you posted.

Until I can write another episode of Stolen here is an saucy extract from another of my bestsellers, a spin off to The Chateau called Minette's Correction.

Happy Reading!


IMinette felt the pressure of the anal thermometer slip away as Lothar pulled it out of her bottom.  He gave the hole a gentle rub as though to calm and relax it from the invasion.
They all studied the thermometer and Minette heard murmurs of approval.
“Good.  Right, Huiliang I want you to conduct Minette’s punishment enema as though she were your wife at home.  I want the rest of you to watch closely because you will be doing your own with one of our ladies afterwards and you will be examined.  Your mark will contribute to your final one and help determine whether you graduate with honours or not.  So pay attention, gentlemen.”
Huiliang took immediate charge.
“Raise your head, Minette and sit up,” he firmly tugged on her lead prompting her in to action.  Dutifully Minette did as she was told.  Then with another tug and a helpful hold on her arm he directed her down off the table.
“Fall to your knees and lower your eyes.”
“Yes, Sir.”
The doctor motioned for three of the students to help him move the examination table to the side of the room.  A large red padded armchair was carried inside and placed in the centre of the room.
“Walk to heel, Minette,” Huiliang demanded pulling sharply on her leash once more as he walked her to the chair.  Quickly he sat down parting his legs just a little way to create a bench over which to balance her over his knee to receive the enema.
He leaned down from his imperial position in the chair dressed immaculately like all the other male students in a black suit and removed the leash from her collar.
“Minette, stand and drape your body over my knees with your bottom in the air,” he instructed softly, calmly in a dark voice that did more to display his power over her than had he barked an order at her.
Trembling, Minette did as she was told.  Huiliang’s legs were lean but strongly muscled and athletic.  They provided a good solid base for her to lie over.  Once there he set about arranging her.  He moved her body so that her hands reached the floor and her hair covered her head trailing to the ground.  She would not be able to view proceedings and was completely in his capable hands and power.  The visual delight served to heighten the enchantment of her submission.  The young male students looked on captivated murmuring how she appeared to look like a helpless captured naked princess ready to be spanked and tamed by the conquering Prince.
Minette was partly grateful she was spared the sight of the men seeing her blushes and the fear on her face.  She did her best to remain still and subservient.  Huiliang’s latex covered hands rested on her bottom.  He quietly circled the tip of his index finger over the delicate pink chastised skin of her bottom as he waited for the nurse to finish preparing the enema.  Minette warmed to his comforting touch.  Although she had only met him twenty minutes ago she felt safe and protected when he was around directing and correcting her behavior.  Briefly she wondered if there was not an attraction forming between the two of them.  She could feel the heat of his eyes on her body studying every part of her intently again, just as he had done on the examination table.  His touch on her bottom was so gentle, soothing but more potently, arousing.
Minette heard the nurse approach and Huiliang’s hand left her body so he could coat two of his fingers in the lubricant.  Shortly after he harshly pulled her buttocks apart.  The class drew closer and a shadow covered Minette’s vulnerable naked form.
“Of course you would normally begin the punishment with a sound robust bare bottom spanking.  But as you can see the Dean has already seen to her spanking.  He has a masterful hand.”
The young men chuckled and remarked on the hot pink covering Minette’s bottom.  Underneath her hair she blushed ashamed remembering once more the humiliation she felt when the Dean lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down to bare her bottom and spank her over his desk like a child in front of his security men.  She would never forget it nor make the mistake of betraying him again.
Huiliang’s fingers were cool with the gel when he applied them to her anus, circling the puckered entrance before slipping first one then a second finger inside.  Briefly her body protested at the use of two fingers but she made the effort to relax and accommodate him assured of her safety.
“Good girl, Minette.  You are doing well.  I am pleased, little one,” he told her pushing his fingers in a little more strongly, pulsing them and taking them deep.  Gaining more comfort with the action she pushed her bottom backwards and down on to his fingers.
“That’s better.  Well done.  I think you should be taken anally the sooner the better so that you build a taste for it,” he said.  “That’s it back down on my fingers again.”
She panted a little, beginning to feel her already strong arousal build higher.  Minette had never believed she would be able to experience pleasure at being penetrated anally but now she was forced to review her feelings.  It had always seemed so forbidden but here she was not being given much of a choice but to take it and she was enjoying the experience.
“Ok, you are nicely stretched again and ready for the water.  Nurse please give me the tube and bag.”
Fear returned quickly and it got the better of Minette.
“Please, do I have to have this?  I don’t want to?”
The doctor gave a small laugh.
“Your wife, woman or bride will often try to appeal to your need to protect her.  What she must be made to understand is that by giving her a punishment and correcting her you are fulfilling your protection duty as a husband.  She will learn the boundaries of domestic discipline and that you are head of your household for the sake of her safety and wellbeing.  Do not give in to her delicate voice and blackmail unless the situation really warrants it.  She must be tamed.”
“Hush, Minette.  Accept your punishment and all that is to come or do you wish me to spank you first?” Huiliang asked firmly.
“No, Sir.  I am sorry, Sir,” she answered feeling miserable.
‘It will all be over soon and if you take your punishment like a good girl, you will receive a treat.”
Huiliang spread his legs more so that her stomach would have room to distend with the enema.  Part of a successful enema punishment was for the woman to feel her stomach swell as it was administered and controlled by the husband or master.  Huiliang removed his fingers and took hold of the tube.  The nurse was attached the bag to a drip holder.  Holding her bottom open with one hand on top he began to insert the lubricated nozzle at the end of the tube in to her anal entrance.  Minette gave a small sob waiting tensely for the water to begin flowing inside her bottom.
“There, there,” Huiliang said with amusement in his voice.  He patted her bottom almost lovingly when he settled the nozzle inside her dark channel.
The doctor spoke once more.
“The water in the bag should be composed of cold water if it is a punishment enema.  It is harder to hold,” he said with a grin.  “And it adds to the humiliation when the cramps come and she tries to hold it.  It is very effective if the woman continually puts herself at risk and does not abide by your rules on the matter.  I guarantee she will not disobey you again.”
The students chuckled and took note of the doctor’s words.
“Is there anything you recommend we do while she is taking the water?” one of the students asked.
“It is helpful to give the woman encouragement by rubbing her back to assist her in holding the water and getting through the cramps.  We may be firmly instructing and correcting the woman’s behavior but we are not heartless.  Punishments must always be lovingly stern or you will lose the trust of your bride in your marriage and that will create a lot more problems.  In some cases you may lose her to another and be left heartbroken,” he said with a sigh as though speaking from experience.  “Marriage is not just about wealth and convenience but love, trust and faith,” the doctor told them imparting his recipe for a good marriage.
With a nod from Huiliang, the nurse turned the tap on the tube and the cold water started to flow through it and in to Minette’s anus. She closed her eyes tight when she felt the water seep along her channel filling it to the brim.  It coursed through in to her stomach at a fast rate cooling her insides.  Quickly she felt her stomach begin to distend.
The burning eyes of the young men bored down on her singing her skin.  The cramps came fast making her groan.  The urge to expel the water was strong and furious and it had not yet been fully emptied inside her body.
Huiliang reached beneath her in the gap between his legs and placed his hand over her stomach, simply holding it in a comforting position for a moment, watching along with the others the water flow through the clear tube in to her anus.
“Her stomach is swelling,” he told his fellow students and the doctor.
The students and the doctor all bent to watch.
“Your bride will feel truly dominated by you as her stomach enlarges.  At this point you are in charge of the internal workings of her body and its functions.  It all helps to bring your message of rule home to her during the process.  You rule her as you do your home,” he smiled.
Minette felt Huiliang gently stroke her enlarging stomach as the doctor spoke.  When it began to slope and curve he cupped it and held it gently as it pushed strongly in to his hand.  His free hand rubbed her back as she began to sob with the cramps.  The students continued to watch in awe.
When Minette began to move restlessly and her sobbing increased, Huiliang held her firmly across her back providing her with strong reassurance.  Eventually she calmed only moving gently when the wave of pain came across her at intervals.
Once Minette’s stomach was filled to capacity, Huiliang ordered the tap to be turned off.
“Please bring me a plug,” he asked the nurse.
‘Now, little one, I am going to take the nozzle out of your bottom.  You must hold the enema while I prepare to plug you.  Then it will stay inside you for a few minutes.  Bear the pain as much as you can.  If you perform this task well and do not lose any of the water I will give you a reward,” he said softly, persuasively, stroking her stomach as he spoke.
His touch was featherlike, caring and protective making her warm to him again.
“Yes, Sir,” her voice was meek.
Huiliang removed the nozzle and Minette struggled to hold the water with determination, tensing her body tight.  It seemed an age before he took the plug from the nurse and she realized that was part of the test.  Huiliang was waiting to see if she would make the required effort to hold the enema before bestowing her with the comfort of the cool steel lubricated butt plug.  It felt like a blessing when he pushed it inside her anus and removed some of the pressure.
Huiliang resumed stroking her stomach as the others bent to touch and caress her swollen stomach with him.  To Minette’s surprise she felt a shot of desire inject intensely inside her pussy.  The more they all trailed their fingers across her taut skin and conspired to mix the pain she felt with pleasure the more intensely aroused she became.
“I think you have done well enough to deserve your reward, little Minette,” Huiliang stated.  He cupped her stomach possessively indicating the others should remove their hands and with his available fingers he sought the folds of her pussy resting over his knee.

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