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Episode Two of Stolen

Here it is!  Episode Two of my sexy BDSM/DaddyDom blog story Stolen.  Enjoy and let me know what you think.

If you are new to the story you can read episode one on the previous post.

I am now going to work on all of my other outstanding novels while my work is sent out to publishers by my agent.

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Stolen Episode Two

Drew lay over the table crying prompting Mark to rest his hand on top of her sore burning bottom.  He looked at his aide holding the phone.

“Send James Sumner the video,” he ordered.

The man nodded and sent the video.  Mark gestured for the man to leave the phone on the desk and make his exit from the room.  Alone Mark gently smoothed his palm over one of Drew’s hot cheeks to soothe it.  He leaned forwards and pulled the panties carefully from her mouth and deposited them in the bin at the side.  He sighed and continued to rub her buttock listening to her cry.

“There, there.  It’s all over.  Now tell me why you betrayed me, Drew.  I thought you and I were good friends,” he listened to the frustration and annoyance in his voice and tried to calm it.  He knew fine well why she’d done it.  He could see the bruising on her cheek from here.  What had James threatened her with now?  He softened his tone, “This isn’t the first time you’ve stolen from me.  Come on talk to me.”

The American billionaire gave her buttock one sharp slap flaring the heat once more.

“He hit me.  But that isn’t the worst of it .  I can take that.  I am used to it,
 she shouted.  “He has taken Eva from me.”

“Your daughter?”

“Yes.  She’s only fourteen and I don’t know where she is.  He stole her away from the house I am renting.  I left him.  I thought I was secure this time but he always finds me.  He bundled her in to a car with two of his men and dragged me back home.  He told me that if I didn’t do as I was told I would never see her again.  He threatened to kill her, Mark.  I am sorry,” she sobbed.  “But I did what I had to.  Now I’ve failed he will kill her.”

Frowning, Mark cupped both cheeks and moved his hands up and down to massage her bare bottom to calm her agitation trying to keep his own in check for the fear she must be feeling.  It was time he took both Drew and her crippling situation in hand.  

“Shhh.  Relax,” he whispered bending to touch her bottom with his lips.  Mark felt the heat scorching from it with approval.  He stood by his decision to spank her.  Whatever the reason she had stolen from him and had warranted the punishment for committing the act of theft and more importantly for not coming to him for help.  “You should have come to me when you left him.  I would have protected you and your daughter.  I know James is abusive to you.  I won’t let him do anything to her or you again.  We will get her back,” he informed her in a even velvet tone to reassure her.

“No.  You have to let me go back.  He will hurt hurt her and make sure I never see her again.  If Eva’s father finds out James has taken her from me I will lose full custody.  James has never laid a finger on her before but this time I know he means it.  He knows a lot of scary people.  He could do anything to her.  I have to get her back.”

Mark glanced down between his captive’s thighs visible through her slightly parted legs as she lay face down on top of his desk her arms still bound behind her back with his tie.  She was wet.  Tiny beads of moisture coated the soft pale insides.  He slipped his fingers in between her legs careful not to penetrate the lips of her vagina and stroked rhythmically allowing the dampness to coat the pads of his fingers.

“No.  You aren’t going anywhere,” he said huskily tracing the curve of her vulva once more careful not to enter the delicate folds.  You will remain with me under my protection and under this roof where I can see you.”

He heard her give a small gasp.  She did not verbally protest at the intimacy of his touch but the wriggle of her body on top of the desk told him she was torn as to whether or not to enjoy and be soothed by his caress.

“You have to,” she was breathless.  “I have to for Eva.”

 “I have waited a while for the right time to steal you away from that monster,” Mark’s voice was dark and filled with anger but it was controlled, even and calm.  “I am not letting go of you.  You will never be hit or attacked by James Sumner again.  I will find your child and you will both live with me where I can keep you safe and loved.”

“No.  You don’t have to do that.  And besides I need my independence and . . .”

“Hush.”  Mark raised his fingers a little higher until they hovered just over the periphery of her pussy and pressed down moving his fingers back and forth.

Another helpless cry escaped her lips and silenced her dissent.

“I don’t see you as an independent woman, Drew.  You need a man to rule and school you not with violence but love.  We both know that’s right.  That’s why you are so wet now after being spanked.  I know you and I also know you are attracted to me as much as I am to you,” he told her confidently, arrogantly.

She answered him with a moan of pleasure.

“What if I leave?”

He picked up his caress moving his finger just underneath one juicy plump lip to caress.  Her vagina was flooded.

The billionaire pulled Drew’s blouse out of her skirt.  He yanked it up her back and with one hand expertly undid the catch on her bra.  It fell open freeing the swell of flesh pressed in to the desk.  Wasting no time he placed his hand underneath her body up under the open bra and cupped a large milky breast in his palm.  He gave it a sharp squeeze making her cry out in shock at the depth of his possessive hold.

  “You won’t be able to.  My security is tight.  It will be impossible.”

“But if I escaped?  If I managed to find a way?  What would you do?” there was apprehension and curiosity in her tone.

Her hips and pelvis jerked when he circled the entrance to her channel and with a smile of satisfaction impaled her on his middle finger in one sharp stabbing movement.

“You won’t.”

Her captor pulsed his finger in and out of her knowing she was highly aroused from her chastisement and ready to come.  She began to pant and move down on to his digit.

 “But if I catch you trying to I will throw you over over my knee, whip your bare bass with my belt, strip you naked and chain you to your bed until you understand just who is in charge here,” he told her firmly giving her nipple a tight hot pinch with his fingers.  Her gasp echoed around the room.  He cruelly thrust his finger hard inside her body making her buck like a wild cat enjoying the feel of the slippery wet muscles inside her channel attempting to grip him as he curled it upwards to stroke her G-spot.  She was unable to catch her breath and Mark knew he had her exactly where he wanted her.

“I meant what I said.  I have stolen you from your husband and now you are mine.  Now submit to me and come.”

Mark’s drew his hand away from her breast and slapped one butt cheek hard and continued to strike her bottom.  It wasn’t long before her heard a loud frantic moan through her cries signal her climax.  Spurred by the eruption of her passion he continued to strike her bottom until she was spent. 

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