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The Teacher

Just a quick note to let you know I have been advised by my agent of a publishing offer for two of my books but I want to wait and see what other offers come in before accepting.  I will keep you posted.  In the meantime enjoy The Teacher, a short BDSM/SpankingRomance/DaddyDom Menage story.

Please note you can read an extract from the very sexy BDSM/DaddyDom Romance, Stepson in which a young man steals away his beautiful stepmother from his inept abusive father to love and dominate on Thoughtcatalog along with other stories on my page.


The Teacher

Chapter One

I pulled on her leash loving the way her naked body arched on all fours at my feet.  She gasped as her head was forced to rise upwards towards me.  She purred and rubbed her soft pale cheek against my suit trouser leg like a delicate kitten.  Satisfaction settled inside my body making me pull tighter on her leather collar’s leash to emphasise my control over her.

Looking to my left the other golden haired beauty I had leashed and held in my power was also sweeping her cheek against my opposite leg.  Transfixed I watched her bare large milky breasts bounce with her movement.  With a smile I tugged her leash she moaned loudly and looked up at me as I held both women’s leashes taut and looked down at their beautiful submissive bodies and faces.

I was a natural Dominant and the women I chose were always appreciative of my stance in taking a firm lead in a relationship.  They appeared to be insatiable for the power I instinctively wielded and the protection I lavished over them when in my care.

The night had been eventful.  I had captured the twin sisters at the fundraising party for the prestigious Parkford University where I was finishing my PHD in Geology.  I had no reason to work or earn money.  Both my parents were dead and their combined wealth had left me with boundless affluence.  Geology was my pet subject and I had a fanciful notion that I might teach it at University.  Already I had been given some classes to teach and it was a fun pastime. These girls were in one of my classes and in their final year.

Glancing at their bottoms I noted with satisfaction that they were both glowing red.  The girls had submitted their essays for the module I taught late in day and I was a strict disciplinarian.  Not only would did I insist they endure the penalty set by the University, they would receive a punishment from me for not adhering to the rules and putting their final marks in jeopardy.  I never showed favoritism or put my role in disrepute.  A lick of my belt against the girls’ bottom would make sure they never did again.

At first when I informed them of my resolve to correct their behaviour they were reluctant even a little afraid.  But the moment we reached my home and the privacy of the bedroom they knelt at my feet to beg for my leniency in their soft delicate voices promising better behaviour.

I chuckled.  They didn’t know me very well.  I would not be swayed.  A Master should always remain true to his word and carry out every threat he makes should it become necessary.  If he doesn’t he will never gain any respect.  I’d had a good teacher who’d taught me the art of being a successful Dominant during the first of my postgraduate courses.  It had been a pleasure to watch him work and I remembered the lessons he taught me well.

Bending I cupped the chin of each beautiful woman and shook my head.

“The punishment has been earned and must be executed, little ones.  It will help you remember I am a fair man.  I want you both to succeed.  You are good students and I would hate to see you fail this module.  You will take the University’s punishment for disobeying the rules on top of my own.”

I began to stroke their cheeks in unison lowering my voice to a deep sensual octave.

“So I am going to strip you, bind you both and whip your bottoms until I am satisfied you have both learnt your lesson.  Then if you are good girls the pleasure will follow.”

One of them gasped and I bent lower to capture her lips to silence her.  She responded well and I felt the fear inside her ebb.  The second stared but the glint in her eyes showed me she was accepting and ready to face the lash of my belt.

“Good girl,” I whispered turning to brush my lips with hers. 

Probing my tongue I found her hungry for my kiss and I was forced to pull away wagging a finger at her disproving of her behavior.

“Don’t tempt me in to giving you more lashes,” I told them in a fatherly way.  “Now be good girls and stand.  Let me help you.”

The twins were dressed identically in sea green dresses setting off their hypnotic emerald eyes.  Their red gold curled hair was piled high on their heads and I wanted to see it free tumbling around their cream freckled shoulders.  Reaching behind them I tugged at their hair forcing their heads back as I robustly freed their hair from the pinned prisons. 

I had successfully completed the act many times before with one and often two women and I found the task easy tonight.  Once free and their whimpering had ceased, I smoothed my fingers through their manes loving the touch of my fingers through the silky strands.  Then unexpectedly I gripped both manes until their faces looked to the ceiling and using the grip as reins I raised both of them from the floor of the room.

When they stood in front of me I let go of their hair briefly cupping the sides of their faces to reassure them of the care I would take of them in our game of domination and submission.  I ran a thumb over each of their putting red lips, slick with anticipation then gently pushed my thumbs sensually inside their wet mouths to pulse them in an out.  Moaning they sucked on my thumbs like babes taking milk.  I moved closer to them suddenly taking my thumbs from their mouths to hold the fronts of the girls’ pretty flimsy dresses.  I ripped the material quickly in unison raising shocked gasps that were replaced with submissive purrs of excitement.

Eventually I finished tearing the dresses from their bodies to bare them to my aroused gaze.  Four delicious braless pert breasts tumbled out of the remnants of the garments bouncing lightly on theirs chests.  With amusement I noticed they were wearing matching black lace panties and sparkling platform heels.

“Turn around,” I ordered.

The twins looked coyly on me and to my delight chorused.

“Yes, Sir.”

Coming up behind them I cupped one buttock on both girls testing the weight and size with a gentle squeeze.  They were perfect, not too skinny, plenty of flesh to slap at with my belt, just enough to make quiver and jump when whipped.  I wound my arm around the first woman’s waist and carried her up against my body to the bed to position her face forwards on the black silk bedclothes then repeated the action with the same girl.  I swept my palms over the rump of one golden haired beauty and seductively slid down her lacy panties bending my body until they reached her ankles and helped her step out of them in her high heels.  I tossed both pairs of panties across the room and instructed the two naughty girls to move their legs a little further apart with a gentle tap to their buttocks to encourage their obedience.

“Faces down on the bed,” I dictated placing the first bent woman’s arms behind her back to tie her with silk rope I kept in the chest of drawers at the other end of the large room.  I did the same with the second and stood back to view my handiwork.

They were a tempting sight with their luscious bare bottoms thrust upwards, the ripe fruit hanging vulnerably from their vulvas displayed so I could have a tasty view of the silky wetness coating each plump vaginal lip while I punished them.  But there was something missing.  I would have liked to see them plugged but there was no time and I was eager to begin their whipping.

Standing tall behind them I removed my tuxedo jacket, loosened my bow tie and the top button on my evening shirt then undid my belt.  I slid the leather from the belt loops on my trousers listening to them gasp at the sound it made.  They shuffled on the bed prompting me to cup one buttock on each girl again and soothe them with my caress.

“Now be good girls.  This won’t take long and you will feel better for it,” I told them softly, bending to plant a kiss on both tender bottoms.

I folded the belt over and pulled it taut before I stood a little to the side to obtain the perfect aim.  The first strike came hard and fast from my raised hand gracing the middle of Clara’s bare bottom.  She yelped loudly but I was already raining the second blow down on to her sister’s bottom and quickly returning to crack the makeshift whip across her own rump again.

The small jewel between the two sets of luscious thighs grew moist as it jumped in response to each strike.  It was a pleasure to see them swell with arousal and hang like heavy dew drops.  My cock grew hard and tight and I needed to be mounting them as soon as I could.  But perhaps they could ease the tension a little first.

Chapter Two

The girls began to sob louder when I turned my attention to the backs of their thighs.  They blushed a light shade of crimson to match the colour shading the pale bottoms.  I ended the girls’ whipping and replaced my belt before buttoning up my shirt leaving my bow tie hanging around the neck while I put my jacket back on. 

Clothes were part of the domination game.  Stripping the sub and remaining fully clothed helped ease the woman more quickly in to subspace and I always found she was more willing to obey.  Control needed to be maintained at all times to provoke pleasure for both parties.  Now I had taught the twins their lesson, pleasure would follow as a reward.

They were collared and leashed purring at my legs like kittens.

“Undo my zip and take out my cock,” I instructed Louisa.

She responded well to the sternness in my voice and reached up to accomplish the task I’d set her quickly.

I gave a relieved sigh when I felt her free my penis from its prison and the cool air on the room settled upon it.  It was long and throbbing ready to spill its precious seed.  Her hand closed around.

“Take it in your mouth and suck hard,” I ordered.

Electricity danced when her luscious painted cherry red lips closed around the top of my cock and her wet tongue circled its tip.  With a gentle but firm thrust I slid deep in to her dark pouting mouth.  Her breasts with their tight nipples brushed my trousers as she sucked, teased and licked.  I pulled tight on her leash to hold her in place whilst I maintained my grip on the other girl caressing her body and her sex against my trouser leg.

I groaned with pleasure thrusting in and out of Clara’s mouth, enjoying the sensation of rubbing against my leg from the other girl’s body, transfixed by the way her pussy lips split and moved against my calf.

Wanting to taste Louisa’s mouth I yanked on Clara’s leather leash and directed her way back to all fours while pulling on Louisa’s to guide her mouth to my cock.

“Suck,” I fiercely commanded to the second girl.

She obediently opened her mouth wide and I thrust inside her hard with determination beginning to feel myself close to coming.  Her tongue circled the tip and her hand gripped me tight.  With artful practice she eased me in and out of her mouth and brought me close.  I panted and pulled harder on her leash before I exploded inside her mouth forcing her to take nourishment from every last drop of my seed watching her gulp greedily as it slid down her throat.  Her eyes watched me with awe as I dominantly pulsed in and out of her mouth riding my climax until it was completely spent and the seed ceased to flow down her throat.

“Good girls.  Louisa, zip me up.  Time for you both to come.”

I raised them both to kneeling by a tug on their leashes.

“I want to see those wet pussies rubbing my legs and you coming.  The first one to climax will be mounted first,” I grinned.

The girls purred and entwined their bodies around my legs.  I felt the tantalising caress of the tips of their nipples scrape against my evening trousers as they gripped my legs with their slender hands and humped them.  It wasn’t long before I felt the twitch in my penis that told me it was coming back to life.  I watched Clara and Louisa thrust their soaking wet vagina’s against my calves dancing and turning their bodies around my legs as though they were poles in a club.

The show was astounding with their red bottoms adding spice making them look like a couple of naughty baboons and the panting crying noise they made as they fought each other to come first and enjoy the first mounting.  But it was Clara who climaxed first with a shriek.  Unashamedly she rode my leg biting her lip as the flush of pleasure swept over her body and breasts.  I tightened my grip on her leash to heighten her submissive experience.  She stared up lustily at me and my cock tightened painfully.  Louisa was not far behind and I sighed and smiled satisfied with the wondrous sight and my prowess as a Dominant.

When the pleasure was spent and the ecstasy receded I led the girls’ to my bed, undressed and quickly mounted each wet pussy from behind pulling each girl’s hair to use it as rein, riding each mare to my own satisfaction and their own.  Finally tired in the early hours of Sunday morning I fell asleep cradling Clara and Louisa at either side of me with an arm around their bodies.  The lesson had been learnt.

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More Chateau & Stepson On Thoughtcatalog

Just a quick note to let you know my editor at Thoughtcatalog in the US has posted an extract from my very naughty sexy BDSM Romance/DaddyDom/SpankingRomance, Stepson on my Arabella Kingsley Page.  Chase Carter finally gets his wish to steal his beautiful stepmother and dominate her in his bed when his father lets her down.  Check it out.


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Also I have decided to post another short extract from Tales From The Chateau.  Have a read of the first and hot bestselling fantasy based tale, Milking Time below.

Happy Friday!

Milking Time

Chapter One

Maxim Devereux was the dark handsome new owner and Dean of The Chateau.  Situated in the heart of the Loire Valley in France it was a school especially for the sons of the rich to learn the arts of seduction, domination and discipline.  He had started his new position at the early age of thirty-one as he meant to go on and was already disciplining the female staff for errors.  Maxim raised his hand high again and delivered his last strike to his assistant’s bare bottom hanging seductively over his knees.  The woman had made a critical error with the accounting, one which could have been avoided had she been more diligent in her calculations.  Her mistake had proved costly to the school.  To settle the matter he had demanded she submit herself for discipline over his knee or leave.
His steely blue gaze rested on the young woman’s plump rump now coloured a fiery red.  She was quietly sobbing with the sting and burn of her spanking but otherwise to his satisfaction, she was quiet and submissive.  Maxim softened his touch, smoothing his palm over the surface of her skin in an attempt to ease some of the pain.
“You have done well, Mademoiselle Marsaud.  But if you are careless with the accounting again I will cane you,” he told her in a firm tone.
“Yes, Monsieur Devereux.  It will not happen again.”
Maxim pulled up the silk white panties he had lowered to her calves and covered her bottom.  He smiled to himself when he noticed he could still feel the heat emanating from her buttocks.  Sitting would be uncomfortable.  Maxim’s hand had always been a hard one.  He had been well taught on how to execute a sound bare bottom spanking on a grown woman at The Chateau in his early twenties.  Mademoiselle Marsaud would not forget the pain of his discipline in a great hurry.
With his assistance she stood and corrected her attire and the neatly piled blonde hair on her head.  Maxim moved his large black leather chair back to his desk and offered her his handkerchief to dab her tear stained face.  Then he turned to view the list of new students coming for their month’s stay and their itinerary for the day.  That morning they were being shown around the Chateau and being given a timetable of classes and events they were obliged to attend to finish the course.  He decided to join them and see how things were going.  Their tour would be finding its way to the Milking House about now.
The walk to the Milking House was long through the extensive grounds of the Chateau but he made short of it with his long strides.  The young men were being shown the human cows grazing in the field.  The chateau produced some of the finest breast milk in France with its carefully selected human cows and secret formula for its edible grass manufactured by its own laboratories.
Maxim was quickly acknowledged by the lecturer who was professionally attired in his black suit and graduation gown.  Quickly making his small speech of welcome he stood back and allowed Bertrand to continue his lecture.  In the large lush green expanse a group of twenty naked women were on all fours grazing contentedly on the nutritious grass, bending their heads to pull it out of the ground with their pearly white teeth and chew.  It was a beautiful nature scene.  Their pert white and tan bottoms were thrust in to the air as they bent to nourish themselves, the udders hanging from their large breasts brought to tautness from brushing the blades of grass.
Every woman grazing in the field, the discipline classes and BDSM sessions as a submissive were employed on a fixed term contract with benefits and a good salary to be collected at the end of their term.  Many stayed on, especially those who had become human cows and opted for the breeding programme.  Once under contract they were legally obliged to allow their naked bodies to be handled, medically examined, milked, spanked and fucked.  They were to submit to male authority and rule at all times.
The pretty blonde busty milkmaid in her low cut peasant top and skirt began to round up the women using the end of a riding crop to tap their buttocks until they gathered in to a large group.  Every male fantasy female figure had been catered for at The Chateau.  Warm sunshine of the morning beat down on the bare beauties who were only allowed to wear make-up applied by the milkmaids.  Their hair was cut to mid length and of various shades of red, blonde, black and brown.  What they did have in common was the extra-large swell of their breasts hanging low beneath them.  They had been purposefully expanded from vitamins and secret organic medication in the edible grass.  Their H cup breasts were pulled tight with the milk they held inside making them heavy and painful as the cows crawled to the gate for milking time.  The dark plum udders hanging from them looked fit to burst and Maxim fancied they would let down their milk any moment.  He hoped the milkmaid would hurry.  He did not want to lose a drop of their creamy milk.
Each cow had a beautiful slim but amply curved figure.  As they came through the gate, the milkmaid continued to guide them with a hard thwack to their bare bottoms with the riding crop making them buck their bottoms in to the air with helpless cries of surprise.  The young men were clearly enthralled by the spectacle in front of them.
Maxim pulled down his dark sunglasses to take a better look at the women.  He felt that familiar pain of loneliness sting his heart.  There were plenty of beautiful naked women around him every day but he was yet to find a woman ready to fill the void Helene had left when she died four years ago.  They had planned to marry but her death had come quickly and unexpectedly in a car accident.  Maxim had never thought of replacing her.  It was impossible to but now after four years he yearned for a woman to care for and love again.  His widowed father had been the Dean of The Chateau and had decided to take early retirement offering him the post in the hopes he would be able to move on and find another woman.  But the situation had not yet presented itself.  Still he lived in hope.
Maxim folded his arms across his black suit and listened to Bertrand begin his lecture on how breast expansion was organised and maintained in a healthy manner by the edible grass.
“The organic formula balances the body and stimulates milk production in the breast.  We can pick and choose which size we want to make the cow’s breasts by limiting or increasing her grazing time.  If the cow has trouble producing milk we can give her a course of vitamin injections and vigorously massage her breasts until she is encouraged to let down her milk.  If you take a look between the cow’s thighs you will see they are very wet.  The organic substances in the grass together with constant breast manipulation and forced milking make the cows permanently aroused.  They are always ready and willing for quick penetration.  This is good because when a cow is taken her milk production is increased,” Bertrand finished with a grin as a light laughter and approval erupted between the young men who were peering to view the pink ripe wet fruit hanging beneath the cows.
 “A cow can begin producing milk after only a day of grazing.  She is kept separate from the herd and breast expansion is monitored by the hour,” the attractive blonde with designer stubble bent to trail his fingers the length of one of the cow’s spine.
“We are very proud of our herd,” he said softly now moving to stroke her bare bottom with the tips of his fingers while his other hand carefully cupped one of her swollen breasts, flexing the nipple back and forth.  The cow began to pant and moan a little.  Maxim found himself brushing the buttocks of one as she passed.  “They are well loved and cared for.  We find this encourages them to yield the creamiest and most nutritious milk for which we are famous.  Touch them but be gentle.  Feel the silkiness of their skin beneath your fingers and the weight of their breasts.”
The herd was made to stop to allow the men to caress and fondle their breasts and the bobbing clits between their pussies.  When the lecturer signaled the time for them to allow the herd to move on, the cows were panting, mooing and moaning with need.  Maxim was impressed.
All the better for milking.
“You can tell by the heavy ripeness of the breasts that they are a little overdue for their milking and they will be more than willing to release it.  They are milked in the morning and early evening.  Holding milk for too long causes pain but also pleasure.  This must be balanced so the cow does not exert control and hold back her milk demanding to reach climax beforehand.”
“What do you do if a cow refuses to give up her milk?” one of the students asked.
“She is paddle spanked and her breasts are forcibly milked by hand as she receives her punishment.”
The student became more interested.
“Does spanking encourage milk production?”

“Yes.  Some of our cows produce higher levels of milk when spanked.  It is very inspiring to watch.  Perhaps during your stay you will get to see that happen.”

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Remember Theirs?

While I am waiting for news about publishing for my books from my agent I am continuing to post extracts from my BDSM/DaddyDom/SpankingRomance bestsellers.  Check out the naughty sexy Menage, Theirs.

Happy Reading!

Theirs Extract

As I lay over the desk with my tied hands stretched out in front of me dangling over the other side, my breasts squashing in to the bound black leather and my wet sex pressing in to the edge I turned to see Marcus holding a long wooden ruler in his hand.

“I want her gagged,” he said firmly.

“I’m on it,” Jason said walking around to the other side of the desk moving the chair out of the way to get to me.

Marcus widened my legs and there was nothing I could hide from him.  My heavily wet pussy hung open visible through my legs and my rump was bared and vulnerable to the discipline he was about to inflict upon it. 

Marcus rested his hand on the small of my back and I became aware of him centering me just as his brother did.  The ruler rested across one of my buttocks and it felt cool yet I knew it would soon burn me with its sting.

Jason bent down in front of me, his handsome face giving me a reassuring smile.  He gathered up my hair in a ponytail and held it in a gentle but firm grip.  His other hand pushed two fingers between my lips and invaded my mouth.  Jason depressed my tongue and I was suitably silenced.

“Take a deep breath for me, little one,” Marcus ordered pushing down gently on my back as I did so.  “And another,” he repeated the action.  “Now, one more, there’s a good girl,” he said softly.

Then the ruler left my bottom and I heard it whoosh through the air towards me.  My body lifted and I tried to yelp with the hard punishing strike of the ruler.  But Jason used his hold on my hair to guide me back down on to the desk and moved his fingers further inside my mouth.  I was to repeat my rearing and effort to scream but the twin brothers masterfully kept me in place as Marcus whipped my bare bottom with the ruler.

“We must keep you safe, Kitten and we will not tolerate your disobedience regarding our rules on your protection.  Richard is a dangerous man and this lesson must be learned well, darling.  We were terrified for you.”

Tears sprang from my eyes as he struck my bottom over and over again.  I could feel my sex flooding even through my tears.  A part of me clearly loved to be disciplined but this was a very firm punishment and I was learning the consequences of not obeying the brother’s rules.  They took my protection very seriously.

I was given twenty thwacks with the ruler and I knew Marcus was being lenient when he avoided the backs of my thighs wanting me to be comfortable for the rest of the evening.  When he brought my punishment to an end Marcus smoothed his palm gently over my burning bottom bowing to brush it with butterfly kisses, pressing the heat from it to his mouth.

“Well done, baby girl.  You did well.  One more of my rules and no doubt Jason’s.  Don’t think I won’t discipline you for bad behaviour wherever we are.  I want total obedience at all times, little girl or you will be over my knees, a chair, a desk or whatever else I can find to spank you over.  Do you understand me?” he said in a dark velvet voice kissing my bottom once more.

Jason removed his fingers from my mouth and stroked my hair.

“Yes, Sir, I understand.”

“Good.”  He turned to Jason.  “Did you bring them?”

“Yes.  They are right here.”

Jason stood up and took something from his pocket.  It was a small box.  Next he produced a small tube of lubricant.  I stared at him trying to work out what they were both talking about.

“I can’t wait to put them inside her,” he said helping Marcus raise me from the desk.

“It’s going to be interesting,” Marcus said with a wicked smile.  He surprised me by bending to lift an arm under my legs and scooped me up in to his arms.  He laid me on top of the desk face upwards.  My legs dangled to the floor and he moved them upwards and wide apart.

Jason moved in front of my thighs and stroked his finger through my wet sex flexing the bud back and forth.  I moaned gently resting my bound hands on my stomach only to be corrected by Marcus who placed them above my head again and moved so he could hold them there.

“You are nice and wet, Elizabeth, soaking wet in fact and I will only need a little lubricant to insert these inside your vaginal channel.  This is going to give you so much pleasure, little one if you are obedient and do as you are told,” he warned as though I were child and capable of terrible naughtiness.

“What are they?” I asked breathlessly, nervously as I felt him pulse a finger up inside my channel to stretch and prepare me.

“Ben wa balls.”

He held them up to me.  They were two medium sized steel balls on a string.

“Every time you move they are going to arouse you and make you want to come, Kitten but you have to hold your pleasure until one of us gives you permission to release it.  This will be a good test for you as a submissive.  Now widen your legs a little further.”

I parted my thighs more and felt Jason peel back the lips of my vagina.  At first he closely examined me and then covered the balls in a small amount of lubricant just like he said he would.  A moment later I felt him slide the balls inside  stretching and filling me.

It was a strange sensation but when I shifted on the desk I felt them rub at the walls of my vagina and produce a helpless cry of pleasure from my lips.  Jason grinned at his brother and pulled the string on the balls moving them back and forth inside me.  I panted, my arousal building strongly.  Then it stopped.

“Come on, we need to get going.”

Jason stood up and helped me down from the desk as I tightened my pelvic floor to keep the balls contained.  He untied my hands.

“They are going to keep you nice and tight and very wet in there until we are ready to mount you.  Mind you keep them in there, honey.  We wouldn’t want them falling out now would we?” he said amused.

I was allowed to dress minus my panties, correct my hair and reapply my lipstick from my bag before we peered out of the door to check we could leave without being noticed. 

I was led back to the lobby and in to the theatre to rows of dinner tables that had replaced the seating.  Everyone was shouting hello to the twins and demanding their attention but eventually we were seated at a private table at the front with two of their business associates.  I was relieved to sit down and not have to concentrate on holding the balls inside me but I was to endure a new fear.

Just before the entertainment on the stage began I received a new instruction from Jason and Marcus.

“Lift your dress under the tablecloth.  We want to be able to touch you when we please,” Marcus commanded on behalf of both of them.  “Think of it as another rule,” he whispered in my ear.  “You must always be open and accessible for our touch.”

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Stolen: Episode Three

Here it is, episode three of Stolen, my sexy BDSM/DaddyDom/Spanking Romance written exclusively for this blog.  Watch out it is a hot one and not for the faint of heart!!! :)

Happy Reading!

Stolen:  Episode Three

Mark strode along the corridor to the room he’d had Drew placed in glancing out of the large glass windows looking out over Manhattan and the other tall buildings covering the landscape.  He would never get used to the splendour of the view.  It took his breath away each time he looked at it.  

He was surprised to find his heart racing with excitement when he took hold of the round gold handle to open the door.  For a moment he stopped and listened to Drew’s helpless pants of desire and cries of outrage as his assistant pleasured her in a way he had no doubt she had never experienced before.  He grinned to himself when he heard the slap of pert bare flesh echo loudly.  And again.  His little Drew’s bottom would be very sore tonight and would no doubt need the loving caress of his massaging hand and moisturiser to soothe the burn from her spankings. Mark listened some more enjoying the anticipation of what he would eventually find when he opened the door.

“You will remain still, little girl or I will clamp your clit and whip your breasts until you learn to behave.  Mr Dexter likes an obedient woman beneath him when he mounts her not a churlish insubordinate one.  You may have had free rein with your husband but here Mr Dexter rules all of his women and his house with an iron rod,” Gill his pretty young assistant was schooling Drew to his approval.  She spoke the truth and as soon as Drew understood his dominance over her the better their relationship would be or she would spend most of her time over his knee being disciplined with a bare bottom spanking until she dd.
“You make it sound like he has a harem,” Drew’s voice was breathless, tearful.  “How can he do this to me?”

He heard the bed move and squeak. Gill grunted hard and Drew gave loud cry.  The noise grew louder and more frantic.  Mark felt his hardness painfully increase knowing exactly what Gill was doing to Drew.  He covered it with his hand to soothe it yet he waited a while longer before entering.

“He does of sorts,” Gill was panting now.  “You will be ruled just like the rest of us in his employment and you will come to love and respect it as we all do.  Now remain still and allow me to thrust harder.  I want to be deeper inside you.  All the way to the hilt.  Mr Dexter wants you stretched and prepared for mounting.  You have a lovely feel.  Such a wet pretty pussy I am going to enjoy tasting it later.”

Mark closed his eyes feeling desire burn inside the pit of his stomach and need shake his body.  Wasting no more time he opened the door and walked in to the room.

His breath caught in his throat.  Drew was completely naked face down with her shoulders resting on top of the bed, her wrists tied behind her back.  Gill knelt behind her with a dildo strapped to her waist.  It was embedded deep inside Drew’s vagina and his assistant was pumping it hard and fast out of Drew with the powerful thrust of her hips.  One hand was beneath Drew stroking his captive’s pussy, harshly pinching at her delicate clit while the other leaned forward and tugged on her head forcing her it up and back in an uncomfortable manner.  For all her protest Drew’s body was actively betraying her arousal by pushing back on to the dildo.

Mark watched enjoying the sight of Gill’s dominance over Drew and the way her breasts bounced on her chest almost in unison with the jump of Drew’s plump globes as she was pounded.  It was a mouthwatering sight to behold.

“Mark.  Stop this,” Drew bleated but he could detect the tell tale signs of want singing in her tone.

She was just too ashamed to admit it.  In time she would learn to feel no fear in pushing her sexual boundaries with him for both his pleasure and her own.  Had she been distressed he would have put a stop to the whole scene straightaway but he was more than satisfied she was enjoying the new experience and she was being cared for.

“Sir.  I didn’t see you,” Gill began slowing her pace.  “Do you wish me to dismount her.”

Mark sat in one of two armchairs and shook his head.

“No please continue,” he instructed making himself comfortable.  He turned to the second chair at the young man sitting there watching the two women with great interest in a relaxed composure.  Thomas was the billionaire’s male assistant who was there to take care of running his business with Gill when he couldn’t be there.  Mark liked balance in his work life and would never entrust the responsibility of running his business to just one person.  But Thomas had another extra task that Gill didn’t have.  Mark Dexter was very protective of his female staff.  If he was away and they required protection, assistance or discipline Thomas would be there to bestow it on his behalf.

He was present to make sure Drew was cared for and her needs met as Gill prepared her in a robust manner for taking.

“She is very beautiful, Sir,” Tomas said.  “And she moistens quick.  You have been waiting a long time to have her in your bed.  You must be ecstatic,” he smiled.

Mark grinned.

“Yes I am.”  He paused and issued Gill with an order.

“Make her come.  Thomas mount Gill so she feels the pleasure of a climax as well.”

“Mark no.  This is so  humiliating . . .” 

Drew’s voice trailed off, a loud moan of need echoing out from her lips when Gill nipped her clit and kneaded it again, rolling it back and forth between her bright pink tipped nails.

Thomas grinned at him and stood loosening his tie.

“And before you do, gag Drew with your tie.”

Gill continued to ride Drew like there was no tomorrow and threw Tomas a longing glance as he undressed.  Mark knew fine well they were together despite their efforts to keep it secret.  They couldn’t hide the way they looked at each other when together.

Tomas walked towards the bed unhindered by his nakedness.  His long thick impressive cock was taut and ready for action.  He took his purple fine silk tie over to Drew and holding it tight forced it between her lips as she opened her mouth to pant.  Mark could see her eyes were glazed and she was now lost in pleasure despite her whimpers.  However shocked she was that she was being ridden by a woman with a strap on she couldn’t deny her arousal at being penetrated.

Thomas tied her gag securely at the back of her head and took up position behind Gill.  Without warning he wound his hand inside her golden curls and twisted his fingers making a fist shape.  He pulled her head back against his chest and slipped his fingers inside her pussy.  She appeared heavily wet to Mark by the glistening beads of dampness coating the tops of her thighs.  Tomas wasted no time in bending her slightly forwards over Drew making her pause stabbing inside Drew until he thrust his long cock up inside her in one motion.  She groaned and sighed with contentment as Tomas forced her up arching her back and head.  Once comfortable with the pace of his thrust she continued with Drew.

Tomas speared slow, hard and deep.  Gill’s body jumped with the brutal force sending shockwaves through Drew making her body quiver.  Mark watched intently as the threesome moved in perfect harmony with Tomas at the lead governing the whole proceedings. Picking up the pace to thrust manically inside Gill he struck one buttock with his hand three times. Mark let out a breath revelling at the way her plump rump wobbled with the contact of his hand.

“Come now, bitch,” he ordered.

Gill pumped faster inside Drew reaching to cup and slap her pussy with her hand.  Drew gave a loud whimper as Gill screamed when Tomas slapped her bottom again and bellowed.

“Now bitch and make sure the woman you are fucking comes with you or I will take my belt to your bottom.”

Mark raised an amused eyebrow noticing how Gill responded instantly to Tomas’s firm direction and the title of bitch.

With another slap to her rear end his assistant was screaming her climax as Drew’s own muffled cries grew hot and frantic against the gag.  A second later Tomas grunted and growled his own driving in to Gill in a brutal almost cruel fashion until they were all spent and slumped exhausted on the bed.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Stolen: New Episode

Finally here it is, a new episode of my story about the very sexy but ruthless billionaire Dominant, Mark Dexter.  Enjoy!


Mark had no choice but to leave Drew to attend a business meeting and set his security team the task of locating the whereabouts of her daughter.  He couldn’t believe his luck.  Drew was firmly in his arms and willingly in his power.  He’d waited so long for the opportunity to take her from his rival and she had simply fallen helplessly in to his lap.  He straightened his tie as he walked towards the lounge to meet the billionaire Madeleine Cross.  They were partners in a joint construction project for a new shopping mall, an exclusive apartment block and hotel but her building supplies company hadn’t been delivering on time.  As a result the project was being delayed and in danger of not being delivered on time making him incur substantial loss.  Time to teach her a lesson for her tardiness before attending to his beautiful Drew.  He brushed his hand over his clothed cock as he walked down the corridor feeling it still hard and taut in his suit trousers eager to be inside her.  He grinned knowing he would not be able to hide it from Madeleine.

Confident and arrogant he walked in to the lounge were she sat sipping coffee a white chine cup and saucer rimmed with gold.  He’d kept her waiting and her red lips were pouting with annoyance when he entered the room in his New York apartment.  She was seductive in her scarlet close fitting dress with her black hair tied back painfully tight in a ponytail from her face.  She was attractive but not his type.  Still he would have liked a bite of the cherry just to taste and sample.

“Madeline.  It’s good to see you,” he said softly bending over her to give her a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Mark.  I don’t take kindly to being summoned.  What am I doing here?” she said abruptly.

He made sure he sat down next to her watching her eyes sweep lustily over him.

“You know why, Madeleine.  You have been holding back on the supplies and doing a deal behind my back with James Sumner to sabotage the project and ruin me.  What has he promised you? To help you out of the debt you are incurring from the Logan project that failed?”

“You are crazy.  I have done no such thing.”

She leaned forward to put her cup and saucer down on the glass table in front of her and made to get up from the sofa no doubt to storm out.

“I don’t have to take this.”

As she stood Mark reached up and caught hold of her arm.  He brought her back down on to the sofa.

“We both know I am telling the truth,” he told her in a dark velvet voice tracing his thumb from the middle of her delicate wrist up to the top of her arm and back.  She studied him closely.

“No. No I didn’t. I can explain.  There has jest been a delay on . . .”

Mark allowed his thumb to travel back up her arm and this time when it reached the top he raised it and gently pushed it between her pouting red lips to silence her.  He pressed down on her tongue making her chocolate brown eyes stare at him.

“Hush,” he said smoothly beginning to slowly pulse his thumb in and out of her mouth delighting in the smooth wet feel.  “Enough lying,” he whispered leaning close.  His free hand slid up inside her tight dress up on to the soft flesh of her pale thigh above the top of her nude stocking and stroked the pads of his manicured fingers towards the aperture between her thighs.

“I don’t like to be lied to.  I am a good judge of character and I have to confess I was never sure of yours.”  Mark pulled his thumb out of her juicy mouth and rhythmically circled it around her red satin lips.  He heard her pant and watched her breasts heave with arousal on her chest.  The billionaire trailed his finger underneath her panties and sank them in to the folds of her vagina.  Her pelvis bucked in response.  He looked upon her with a satisfied smile.  She was already becoming wet.  He pushed his thumb back in to her mouth and pumped it in an out.  Her eyes glazed and her ruby tipped finger nails dug in to the cream leather sofa as he pinched and kneaded her clit.

He paused for a moment to drag her red satin panties down her legs to the floor removing his thumb in her mouth to roughly take her lips and kiss her deeply, dominantly.  She whimpered with the force of his male strength but still did not remove her hands from the sofa to hold on to him.  Cold to the last, he thought idly with amusement.  He smiled satisfied against her lips when he heard her move and step her louboutins out of them.  He pulled back and replaced his thumb and then inserted his middle finger up inside her pussy with one sharp thrust.  She bucked and began to suck like a baby on his thumb enjoying the way he pushed it down on her tongue and thrust it in and out.  On the third push of his finger he joined it with a second and picked up the pace until he could feel her close.

“I don’t like to be fucked with,” he sternly informed her.

Unable to help herself the naughty Miss Cross was moving her pelvis frantically against this fingers and pushing down on them undeterred by his words.  Her eyes were closed as she sucked on his finger and moaned with need.  With a cruel smile he added a third finger inside her making her cry out with surprise.  His thumb working her clit by flexing it back and forth he curled his three digits up to the rough back wall of her pussy deep inside and smoothed them over it.

“You see if I catch anyone fucking with me I always fuck them back and harder.  They learn never to go against me again.  It’s a hard lesson to learn Miss Cross but one that you have to.”

Her eyes flew open but his internal caress became frantic and before she could push him away she was coming hard.  Like a woman possessed she cried and moaned around his thumb as it fucked her mouth and his fingers took her pussy without remorse.

Finally she slumped exhausted back against the sofa.  Mark’s thumb remained in her mouth still moving in and out as she recovered her breath.  Michael his aide appeared.  He leaned over the sofa and grinned at his employer watching him slow the pace of his fingers moving in and out of Miss Cross’s vagina clearly displayed after the skirt of her dress had risen up when she had agitatedly squirmed and moved on the sofa.

“Sir, your guest is now upstairs being prepared for you as you requested.”

“Thank you, Michael.  I will go to her as soon as I am finished with Miss Cross’s here.”

Michael grinned and nodded before leaving the room.  A cloud darkened over Miss Cross’s face.  Mark removed his thumb and put his finger immediately to her lips.

“Hush.  I will not hear anymore from you.”

Removing his fingers from her pussy he inserted them in to his mouth and licked the cream from them.

“Yum.  Such a lovely taste.  It is a shame we won’t be able to play anymore.  But I don’t deal with liars.”

He leaned down and picked her panties off the floor.  He stood and tossed them to her.

“Take them with you when you leave.  Consider our agreement at an end.  I will carry the project myself.  And if I ever catch you trying to sabotage my business again with or without the help of James Sumner I will ruin you, Miss Cross.  Now leave before I have you thrown out.”

He fastened the button on his suit jacket and left the room not bothering to give her a second glance.  Time to attend to little Drew and assert his authority over her in a primal primitive way.