Sunday, 12 June 2016

Viking Raider: Primal Need Released

The second part of Viking Raider, my BDSM/Spanking Romance/Domination & Submission Romance Series has just been released on Amazon for $0.99 and on Kindle Unlimited.  I changed the title to Primal Need because it seemed much more appropriate after writing it.  In this episode, the billionaire firmly deals with Rachel's bad PMT temper and leads her closer to surrendering to his control.

Check out the blurb and a short excerpt below.

Happy Reading!

Primal Need is Part Two of Viking Raider Series & is a short read. 

Handsome Norwegian billionaire, Tor Hansen wants revenge for crimes committed against his family in the past by Tom Roberts that led to abuse, death and separation. Nicknamed the Viking for his skilful prowess in raiding companies, stripping them bare and rebuilding them to make a fortune, he finally gets to do the same to Roberts's company. But Tor wants more. 

In exchange for saving Tom Roberts from jail for laundering money through his company for a London criminal gang and allowing him to repay the gang's leader to avoid execution, Tor demands the man gives up the daughter who supposedly dotes on her father so he can make her his whore and mistress, just like Roberts's did to the billionaire's mother a long time ago. 

But Tor finds himself intoxicated by his captive and the daughter so easily given to him. Instead of taking revenge he finds himself falling in love. Can Rachel Roberts's provide him with the submission he needs from a woman to soothe his need to control after his painful past to bring him out of the darkness and free him from his anger or will she be his downfall? 

In Primal Need the billionaire has a novel way of dealing with Rachel's hot temper caused by bad PMT. 

Publisher's Note: This novel contains Spanking Romance, BDSM Romance, Domination & Submission Romance, Oral Sex, Strawberry Kiss, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Bondage, Erotic Romance & much more. If this material offends you, please do not buy this book.

Viking Raider: Primal Need Excerpt

Tor walked to the bathroom and found a box of tampons.  He’d made sure all of her needs were catered for.  When he returned to the room with them she reached to take them from him.  The Norwegian billionaire pulled them back and with a wide smile wagged his finger at her.

 “No I will insert it.  From now on I will take care of your needs when you are having your period.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Rachel stammered.

Her blushing features made him want to laugh and soothe her all at the same time.  His lips began to curl in to a amused smile once more but when her eyes darkened he softened it.

“I will care for you.  From now on when you need to change the tampon you will come to me,” he made sure his tone was calm but firm.

Perhaps this control over the function of her menstrual cycle would convince her of his mastery and his protection.

“No, I won’t.  You can’t expect me to take you seriously.”

It wasn’t a question, more of a statement.

“Then you will be spanked and confined to bed until you capitulate to my demands.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

He chuckled.

“Rachel, you should know by now I am a man who always carries out his threats.  Raise your skirt and open your legs now or I will do it for you.”

Rachel turned to walk away displaying a look of contempt he had last seen on her father’s face.  He caught her arm in a rough grip and brought her back to heel close to his chest.

“Don’t walk away from me.  I won’t stand for it.  My word is law and you will learn to obey me.”


“Then I will have to make you.”

“Ruthless bastard,” she cursed raising her hand to slap him.

Tor was quick to grab her hand and force it behind her back.  It was quickly joined by the other and before she knew it he was propelling her backwards against the wall.  Roughly, without mercy, he held her wrists behind her with one strong hand and raised her skirt.  The Norwegian dipped his hands down the front of the skimpy white lace panties once more.  He tugged them down noticing another small droplet of blood staining the gusset and yanked them down to her knees.  Tor stood and cupped his hand over her still glistening pussy and staring in to her eyes slapped it hard.

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