Friday, 10 June 2016

Viking Raider Book Two

I am finally able to take a break from discussing ideas with a film producer for a movie I am going to be writing the screenplay for and working on my supernatural script for another producer, to finally get some more erotica written!

I have been requested to write more of my dark BDSM/Domination & Submission Romance, Viking Raider so part two will be out by the end of the week.  This one is going to be a scorcher and a little more edgy.  The Norweigian billionaire featured in the story is a little more ruthless and determined to tame the volatile temper of the woman he stole from her father to be his whore and make her obedient.  Trouble is he begins to realise she might be taming his own and making him fall in love with her, something he wanted to avoid at all costs.

There will be lots of spanking in this one!

If you haven't read Part One, catch up!

Handsome Norwegian billionaire, Tor Hansen wants revenge for crimes committed against his family in the past by Tom Roberts that led to abuse, death and separation. Nicknamed the Viking for his skilful prowess in raiding companies, stripping them bare and rebuilding them to make a fortune, he finally gets to do the same to Roberts's company. But Tor wants more. 

In exchange for saving Tom Roberts from jail for laundering money through his company for a London criminal gang and allowing him to repay the gang's leader to avoid execution, Tor demands the man gives up the daughter who supposedly dotes on her father so he can make her his whore and mistress, just like Roberts's did to the billionaire's mother a long time ago. 

But Tor finds himself intoxicated by his captive and the daughter so easily given to him. Instead of taking revenge he finds himself falling in love. Can Rachel Roberts's provide him with the submission he needs from a woman to soothe his need to control after his painful past to bring him out of the darkness and free him from his anger or will she be his downfall?

Publisher's note:  This book contains Spanking Romance, BDSM Romance and Domestic Discipline.

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