Thursday, 16 June 2016


Coming soon a controversial erotic romance . . .  

Alexandra was alone in the bar trying to keep it together when I walked in.  She was huddled on a corner table wiping at her eyes.  She faked a smile and pretended everything was all right when a waiter putting down her large glass of wine.  My heart leapt when the forced shine in her eyes died when the man moved away.  I straightened my tie and smoothed back my hair.  It was force of habit when I wanted to make a good impression to a woman and this was one helluva woman.  She was the only woman I had ever seen to have the guts to put my arrogant control freak father in his place with a slap.  I’d wished it had been me she’d hit because I knew it would have ended in sex, me inside her riding her down in to submission to settle our argument and bring her back to me.  The very idea made me hard just thinking about it.  I didn’t have a fantasy about an old woman teaching me sex.  No, I wanted to control and dominate  her.  Not in the cruel sense my father did.  But in the way I knew she wanted to be controlled.  It was time to bring my sexy stepmother Alexandra to her knees and bring out her wicked side.

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