Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Manor Series I Released

I have just released the complete first series of my very hot & sexy BDSM/Submission/Spanking Romance The Manor in one book.  His, the first in the second series is coming very soon.  Check out the cover art below.  Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Here is the blurb and a small excerpt!  Be warned it is a hot one and not for the faint of heart! :)

The Manor: Series I Blurb

Hertfordshire, 2041

At The Manor rich men can bid for a wife, a woman for their harem or submit a female for discipline and training. In a new world where women are scarce and breeding is essential to replenish the race, females are captured and auctioned by the handsome owner Richard Templar. 

But he yearns for the love of one woman in a callous cold and bruised world. Before he can capture the woman of his dreams he must tend to the public caning of a client's wife, observe his protege conducting an auction where the women are bared and taken for viewing pleasure and consider the offer of breeding his close friend's new wife. 

The following day Richard must lead the hunt to replenish The Manor's stock of beautiful women and round up those hiding in the forest. Finding himself in a chase with a defiant female called Rosie he wonders if he has finally captured the woman he has been searching for who can satisfy all of his needs. But can he make her willingly submit to his mastery with a firm hand applied to her bare bottom over his knee? 

Publisher's Note: Please note this book contains BDSM Romance, Spanking Romance, Kidnap Romance, Breeding Romance, Domestic Discipline, Domination & Submission Romance, Cages, Caning, Exhibitionism and much more. If this material offends you, please do not buy this book.



The Manor: Series I Excerpt

“What is your name?” he asked in a smooth velvet voice turning his head as he inspected the attributes of her small exposed curved body.

Wetness still glistened on the dark springing curls of her sex making him harden again.  She was beautiful and she would no doubt fetch a handsome price but he wanted her all for himself.

“I am not telling you.”

Richard’s lips curled in to an amused smile as he trailed the leather end of the riding crop over one pert dark puckered nipple and used it to flex the teat back and forth.  She bent her head and watched it become tight and erect with its forced manipulation.

“Oh you will, little one.”

“No, I won’t.”

A small cry of pain erupted from between her lips when he surprised her by raising the riding crop to swat the end neatly and expertly over the tight nipple twice.

“I will ask you again?  What is your name?  And this time I expect you to answer me and not give me any more arrogant cheek, little girl,” he demanded in a fatherly tone.

She stared at him, eyes wide as he moved the crop to the second breast and suddenly struck it with the whip.  Another cry came from her lips but this time there was a startled aroused tone to it.  Richard found himself grinning even more and having to force his face back to being stern before she looked up from studying her nipple and the way it pulled taut with need.

The woman clearly felt wet between her thighs once more because she rubbed them together as though trying to appease some strange aching need.  She appeared confused by her feelings and once more she pulled at his heart strings.  The girl definitely could not understand her need to submit to him.

“I am waiting.”

“Rose,” she answered timidly. “Rose Hartwell.”

“That’s a lovely name,” he informed her softly trailing the crop’s end down her gently curving abdomen until it hovered over the top of her wet pussy.

“Now, Rose open your legs as wide as you can get them.  Do it,” he commanded in an even voice keen to begin her punishment before the men who accompanied him on the hunt began to wonder where he was.

Richard wanted to keep Rose separate from the other women and from the prying eyes of the client’s looking for prospective brides.  The only way would be to declare her a problem to the other women with her defiance and separately cage her.  But first there were other matters to attend to.

Rose hesitated looking at him.  She shook her head and clamped her legs shut together.

“What are you going to do to me?” she breathed.

Richard moved closer to her until their bodies almost pressed together.  She was so small and fragile next to him.  The urge to hold her in his arms and soothe her was the strongest he had ever experienced with a woman.  He wanted to protect and care for her but she had to be made to understand he was Dominant and he would have his rule over her and the other women entrusted in to his care in the Manor respected and obeyed.  Punishment was now to be a way of life for Rose as a submissive when she was disobedient and it was one she would eventually come to respect.  Punishments would provide her with the safe boundaries she needed to live a happy healthy and protected life in his care.

“I am going to whip your pussy and make you hold your orgasm until I give you permission to come,” he whispered watching her lips moisten and part with anxiety and anticipation.

“But it will sting and hurt,” she said nervously.

He did not miss the pleading and the curiosity in her voice.  It was as though she wanted him to confirm how it would feel.  The quick sudden strikes across her breasts by the crop had confused her.  Rose hadn’t known whether she was feeling pain or pleasure or both at the same time.

“Yes, it will,” he told her in a low velvet voice stroking his fingers along her jaw.  “But when you learn to appreciate the lash of the whip against your clitoris and become open to embracing the pain then pleasure will automatically follow.”

Unable to help himself Richard bent and brushed his lips against her hers.  They were trembling and he repeated the action wanting more.  It was with great strength he managed to restrain himself from probing his tongue deep.  There was no resistance when he kissed her lips.  Rose was quiet and her lips reached for more when he pulled away.  Reluctantly he pulled back and moved away from her.  He thrust the end of the crop between her pouting pussy lips and rubbed it over her clit.

“Open your legs now, little girl.”

Rose gingerly parted her thighs giving a bemused gentle cry when Richard firmly pressed the crop further in to her pussy until the leather flap pushed at her entrance.  He moved it back and forth masturbating her.  The action encouraged her to open her legs and place them in a wide stance leaving her sex bare for whipping.

Richard raised the crop and aimed it at her clit and pussy noticing that she was much more damp than before.  The strike came hard but swift and perfect in its execution.  The girl cried out loudly scattering the birds from the trees but another was raining against her sex before she could catch her breath again.

Richard swatted her pussy over and over until her tearful cries turned in to moans and breathless pants of desire.  He knew she wasn’t aware of it by the trance like appearance on her face lost in the experience of captivity and being made to submit but she was bucking her pelvis towards him eager to meet the sting of the crop as it cut through the air.  She swung on the belt and tie holding her to the tree making his cock leap and strain with hard arousal to the point he thought he might explode.



Coming soon . . .

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