Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Daddy's Rules: The Escape Connection

I am excited to announce that on Friday, Connection, the first part of the new Daddy's Rules BDSM/Submission/Ageplay adventure involving new characters will be released!

The first story was a monster of a bestseller on Amazon and I really hope you will enjoy this one.  I am currently going through a divorce so my writing took a backseat for a while but now I won't allow it to hold me back.  Full steam ahead!  Expect a lot more erotic stories being published.

Check out the blurb and a very small excerpt below.

Daddy’s Rules:  The Escape Blurb

Scarlett Harper wants to change her life and indulge in new experiences to rediscover the woman she once was before being married.  As her traumatic marriage draws to a close she dreams of escape wondering if she will ever allow herself to trust a man enough to love him ever again.  On a whim she books a seat on the Eurostar with the intention of setting up her new life in Paris as an independent woman but all of that changes when she finds herself sharing a table in first class with handsome American billionaire, Brandon Carter.

The couple chat throughout the journey and find they have much in common on top of the strong attraction they feel towards each other.  Scarlett  doesn’t want their meeting to end and neither does Brandon.  The billionaire quickly learns that Scarlett is a natural submissive and her needs were never met by her husband.  He offers to show her Paris and take her on a new emotionally charged sexual journey as his submissive to indulge her need to be dominated and protected by a strong man.

As they leave the train Scarlett must make her choice but finds that although she is eager to accept Brandon’s offer, her pride is reluctant.  Brandon decides to make it easy for her by taking the choice away from her at Scarlett’s request and kidnapping her.

Scarlett is immersed in a world of sexual pleasure and exploration as Brandon’s submissive.  Through his loving dominance the billionaire helps Scarlett to emotionally heal and learn to trust again.

But will Scarlett willingly accept her new role as Brandon's submissive?  Or will he have to direct her wilful spirit with a firm hand applied to her bare bottom over his knee until she completely surrenders to him and the love he wants to give to her?

Publisher's note:  This novel contains, Ageplay, BDSM Romance, Submission Romance, Medical Play, Enema, Anal Play, Exhibitionism, Kidnap Romance and much more.  If this type of material offends you, please do not buy this book.

Daddy's Rules:  The Escape Small Excerpt

I sat up on Brandon's knee and reached out to slap the side of his face.  My hand made firm contact with his cheek expelling the fury I felt at him.  He didn't flinch.  When I aimed it again he caught my wrist and held it tightly.  He shook his head at me and the darkness swirling in his dark brown eyes made me tremble.  Would he return the blow?

Brandon's free hand lifted my chin and forced it high.

"Now I am really seeing the strength of that temper you told me about on the train, honey.  No matter, I will break it," he told me in a menacing tone moving closer towards my face.  I should have been afraid but I wasn't.  Instead my sex pooled at the strong dominant way he verbally chastised me.  I felt my breasts swell and push at the bodice of the little girl's dress.  They wanted to be free begging for his hands to close around them.

I hope you do break it.  Make me yours.  I want to be yours.  This was a new voice erupting from the back of my mind.  It was soft and gentle, childlike, unlike the cold dark cruel voice of reason that constantly berated me.  This one was full of love and hope.

I gasped out loud when he wound his arm around my waist and lifted me up against him as though I weighed nothing more than a doll.  Instinctively I struggled feeling totally helpless in his power.

"Your real discipline starts now, little girl.  Aiden fetch me one of the wooden spoons from the kitchen," he commanded his assistant.

Brandon was going to spank me with a wooden spoon.  At least it wasn't his belt like he'd threatened earlier.  I was carried to the bedroom and thrown across it face down.  I landed amongst the will silver bedding bouncing lightly off it.  There was barely enough time to recover and sit up before Brandon caught hold of my legs and pulled me over the side of the bed.  My feet rested on the floor in the white little girl shoes but my body curved over the side of the bed.

With speed the billionaire ran his hands up my bare calves and thighs to raise the net and outer skirt of the princess dress.  I whimpered and cried at what was to come even though my silence showed that I believed I deserved the punishment.  My dress and the net skirt underneath rested at my chest and frothed around my shoulders.  Brandon wasted no time in pulling down my frilly white child panties.  I'd expected him to completely remove them but he pulled them down to just above my knees.  My cheeks warmed.  Having my panties pulled down instead of being removed was one of the strongest regressions back to childhood and the punishments I had received.  It made me feel ashamed of my behaviour in slapping Brandon.

Aiden reappeared making the sensation of shame deepen.  I buried my face in the covers unable to bear my embarrassment at being exposed in this fashion to both men.

"I've brought the spoon as requested, Sir," he said in his crisp English tones.  "I will leave you alone to deliver the spanking."

"No.  Please stay, Aiden.  It will do Scarlett good to have her spanking made more of a public affair," I could hear a trace of humour in Brandon's powerful voice.

"If you insist.  She has a nice plump pert bottom.  When you strike her flesh with the spoon it should wobble nicely and make a nice red mark.  I am looking forward to watching it redden."

"As am I," Brandon said wistfully.  "Put her hands behind her back and hold her down with them," he instructed his assistant.

I let out a small cry but did not dare to offer any resistance to Aiden when he took hold of my arms and placed them behind my back and secured them there with his strong male hold.

Brandon curved his cool palm over my bottom to rub it.  He was gentling me in to acceptance of my punishment and preparing me for the first strike of the wooden spoon.  Daddy bent and kissed one of my bottom cheeks.

"Be a good girl and take your punishment well.  If you do there will be a reward."

I felt him straighten and move to the side.  I heard the spoon whoosh through the air before it made contact with my right butt cheek.  The sting and burning was immediate.  I yelped loudly but the second blow was already raining down making me scream.

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