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A Dark Erotic Tale

Captive is the first book in the darkly erotic BDSM/Submission/Age play/Spanking Romance tale, Knight Shadows.  If you like your BDSM heroes dark and a little more firmer than normal with their discipline when their woman's life is in danger and she is being reckless with her safety, then this one is for you.  Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

This book is also a kidnap romance story with a gentle supernatural twist in a passionate past life connection between the two characters.  I really want to know what people think about this one so drop me a line on FB, here or anywhere else to let me know if you enjoyed the book.  Check out the blurb and a small excerpt below.  Don't forget to also check out the list of books coming in the next couple of weeks!

Happy Reading & Happy Easter!  Enjoy your bank holiday.


Knight Shadows: Captive Blurb

Arielle Andrews is having dreams about a passionate relationship with a rich Dominant in a past life in the 1920s.  She is surprised when the man turns up in her waking life one laying claim to her as his past life wife and kidnaps her.

Handsome American billionaire, Gabriel Knight is consumed by a dark obsessive need to protect Arielle after being haunted by dreams of their life together in 1926 when she was murdered and taken from him.  He is determined not to allow the same fate to befall her in her present life when he discovers the same man plots to destroy their relationship.

Gabriel finds he must employ all of his skill as a Dominant to guide a disbelieving Arielle in to accepting her situation and her place at his side so he can keep her safe and change their painful history.  He makes it plain he is ready to apply his firm hand to her bare bottom over his knee with a sound spanking to do it.  He won’t lose her again.

Will Gabriel be able to make Arielle submit to his mastery and protection to prevent her murder or will the lovers be parted in time and death once more?

Publisher’s Note:  Please note this book is a dark erotic tale and contains strong BDSM Romance, Spanking Romance, Domination & Submission Romance, Domestic Discipline, Ageplay, Exhibitionism, Whipping and much more.  If this type of material offends you, please do not buy this book.

Captive Excerpt

Gabriel threw me down in to the water.  With a shriek I landed on all fours the soft sand underneath the surface of the water making my fall an easy one. Gabriel bent to weave his fingers through my hair.  Cruelly he turned his hand and bunched a large section of my bobbed hair in to his fist and tugged.  My head was forced backwards up to look at him.  He towered over me in his suit, his expensive shoes and his trouser legs wet from the water, his handsome face full of dark fury and his blue eyes swirling with concern and fear for me.  He was confused by my need to run from him and refusal to believe him.  I could see it all in his beautiful expressive eyes.  His need to protect me was fierce and I was about to find out just how much so.

“Crawl,” he snapped the command in a menacing tone and pulled my hair to encourage me to move.

He wanted me further in to the water.  I whimpered as I crawled a little afraid of what he might do.  Would he use violence to make me capitulate?  Gabriel kept tight hold of my hair walking majestically beside me and underneath all of my fear and frustration I couldn’t help feeling aroused at the way he was firmly handling me.

I shivered.  The North Sea water was freezing as the waves grew higher and washed over me.  My pretty little Princess dress was soaking and dragging heavy on my body.  I was in the sea up to my arms and he only to his calves when I was made to stop.  He removed his hand from my hair.

“Don’t move,” he ordered.

I couldn’t.  The waves were charging at me and it was an effort to keep my head above the damn water.  The seagulls shrieked overhead.  Gabriel took hold of the back of the dress and with his bare hands ripped the bodice.  He proceeded to rock my body back and forth as he ripped the satin garment from my form until there was nothing left of it.  Tears swelled in my eyes at the idea of being publicly stripped and for the first time since I had been made to wear them I felt comfort at the fact I was still wearing the frilly pink panties and training bra.  The water leapt and slapped at my covered pussy making me feel uncomfortable.  The dress floated alongside and was caught by a wave.  Gabriel caught hold of it and tossed it on to the beach before turning his attention back to me.

My panties were the next item to be torn from my body. Gabriel tucked his fingers underneath the material and pulled hard.  I gasped when I heard them tear.  He was going to completely bare me and spank me here in the water.  To top it all when he made short work of my bra and my heavy breasts bounced free, the tips brushing the cool water, I realized I really needed to pee.

Gabriel knelt down in the water next to me landing my buttocks with a heavy slap.  I was to feel the sting of his strike more keenly when he dipped his hand in to the water and struck me with a wet hand.

“You have to stop running from me.”

“I won’t be controlled,” I screamed at him finishing my sentence with a loud yelp when he smacked the seat of my bottom card for my insubordination.

“You will.  It is necessary.  That is the way we have always been together.  I am the male in this relationship, always have been and I rule.  It is what we both need and want.  Don’t lie to me.”

Another thwack resounded over the top of my naked bottom making me start to cry.  My body and breasts thrust forwards to meet each crashing wave with each firm spank.

“No.  I don’t want it like that now,” I lied.  I couldn’t accept that this was what I was, that I was a natural submissive who craved a strong man to rule her.  It just couldn’t be.  It was wrong my mind screamed at me.  I hadn’t left a controlling marriage only to go in to another one.  But the small voice in the back of my head sobbed at me.

But you know I do.  I want him.  I want to be close to him.  Don’t take me from him again.  I can’t bear it.  Don’t lie.  Surrender to him.  Stop the games and submit.  Feel safe.  Feel loved.  Please stop hurting me with your denial.  Stop it. 

Gabriel continued to spank me like a naughty little girl in the water and I considered finally submitting to him.  The very idea made me pulse with wet need as the sea splashed around the insides of my need spanking me in unison conspiring with the billionaire to guide me in to submission.    But that cruel voice of reason would only show me disapproval as I yelped.

When he finished my punishment, Gabriel’s hand wound around my throat as though to choke me but his grip was not violent.  It both calmed and aroused me as it had done before.  It also had the dual effect of keeping my head above the waves as well as my body under his control.  I heard him unzip his trousers and quickly felt the brush of the tip of his cock against my wet thigh.

“I can’t I need to pee,” I told him breathlessly desperate for him to penetrate me despite my awkward situation.

He laughed and tightened the grip on my throat.

“Do you think that is going to stop me, baby girl?”

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