Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Park: Authority Released

Authority, the very naughty first book in my BDSM/Spanking Romance, The Park Series is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.  If you loved The Chateau Series then this one is definitely for you and is not for the faint hearted involving Human Cow/Lactation Fantasy and much more!  The Scottish hero is dominant and ready to crack the whip on the exotic female creatures he has hunted and stolen from the fairy realms to mate with human males.  Check out the blurb for the erotic fairytale and a small excerpt below.  Also don't forget to see what is coming soon after the excerpt.  Enjoy!

The Park: Authority

Handsome Dominant, Lord Guy Playfair houses a secret Park in and around the castle he lives in on the Isle of Hamilton on the West Coast of Scotland.  The Park contains wild beautiful exotic women hunted and brought from the fairy realms for rich male Dominants to indulge their sexual needs and take as a mate.

But his private world is thrown in to chaos when a female poses as a male and bluffs her way on to the island. He quickly discovers her disguise and her natural submissive tendencies when he throws her over his knee for a much need bare bottom spanking and she is made to experience the delights of being a female in the Park.

Lord Playfair finds himself falling in love with his submissive captive who he finds also has royal fairy heritage like himself.  Believing he has possibly met his own match he will do everything to protect her when the brute of a man she is to be given in marriage to against her will comes to collect her.

Will the enigmatic Lord be able to tame and protect his reckless wayward captive Princess with his strict discipline or will she resist and find herself caged by the man who hunts her?

Publisher's Note:  This book contains BDSM Romance, Spanking Romance, Human Cow Fantasy, Lactation Fantasy, Enema, Anal Play, Medical Play, Whipping and much more.  If this offends you, please do not buy this book.

The Park: Authority

Lord Playfair smiled at the memory and settled himself on his knees behind the girl on the floor of his study allowing the sun pouring in through the tall windows swathed in long red damask curtains on either side to bathe her form. She was now in the milking position in front of his long marble desk.  Her breasts were growing larger by the second.  She whimpered and then moaned softly when he cupped the mounds firmly from behind her.  The nymph’s wings gently fluttered against him.

“There, there, little one.  Those breasts are very ripe,” he whispered brushing his lips against her silky neck to soothe her.  “It won’t hurt soon.  Let’s get you milked.  I am looking forward to tasting its sweetness.”

Lord Playfair loved milking a woman.  There were many different species from the fairy realm in The Park that required it so much so there was a huge milk surplus allowing them to sell it to the visiting clients.  The health benefits for a male drinking the milk were enormous.  It helped build strength, stamina and increased his virility and fertility, something that was important for the rich men who brought their sons to the Park to pick a fairy female to mate with.

He made sure her body was nestled comfortably back against him and her head was back resting on his shoulder.  Lord Playfair smiled down at the woman who looked back at him with nervous eyes.  He uncurled one of his hands from her swollen breast and placed it lightly around her throat to hold her in position and begin the process just as he had been taught all of those years ago.  The Mirian needed to be restrained and kept subservient throughout milking to enable her to understand her submissive position to the man who had captured her. 

Lord Playfair wanted to have her milked by machine but there was insufficient time to carry her to the milking house situated at the far end of the castle.  If he did not milk her by hand now she would become ill.  Using the tips of his fingers he tweaked the teat at the end of the luscious pale white and pink mound to encourage the milk to flow.  The woman jumped gently in his arms and squirmed a little when he repeated the action.  In response he tightened the hold on her throat a touch more and she became quiet and relaxed.

He sighed at Connor standing in front of him, holding a long metal trough underneath her breasts waiting for the sweet milk to pour in to it.

“She has been waiting so long to release her milk her body has become tense and can’t.  I need you to suckle.”

Connor nodded and knelt down.  Lord Playfair swept his fingers down underneath the globe to lift it up towards his mouth and encourage him to suckle like a babe from the teat.  Connor massaged her nipple, flexing it back and forth before he pulled it taut and guided it in to his mouth.  His black skin a striking contrast against her pale skin.

Connor placed his hands on the nymph’s delicate waist and lapped his lithe pink tongue over the tip of the nipple.  The woman moaned and panted.  Lord Playfair smiled at Connor and began to squeeze the breast hoping at any moment the milk would flow in to Connor’s mouth.  The more aroused the pretty nymph was the more chance her milk would be sweet and flow abundantly.

Coming Soon . . . A New Adult Action Romance,

A ghostly Romantic Suspense Story . . .

and the final part of the very naughty BDSM/Spanking Romance Series, The Manor.

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