Friday, 22 January 2016

The Manor Series One Finale

I have had a lot of people following this very raunchy BDSM Romance, kidnapped themed apocalyptic series, The Manor and this post is just to tell you that I am now working on the final part of the first series.  It will be released on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited very soon.

Find out how the very sexy wealthy owner of The Manor tames the woman he hunted and captured and for whom he wants to change his life for. A box set will be available as soon as this one goes on sale.

If you loved The Manor and The Chateau, you will definitely enjoy my new series, The Park.  Check out the blurb for the first episode, Authority.  You can read an excerpt on the previous post.  It is available on Amazon at $0.99 and on Kindle Unlimited.  The UK Link in which this one is storming up the sales rank and is currently no. 3 in the BDSM top 100 after just being released is

The Park: Authority

Handsome Dominant, Lord Guy Playfair houses a secret Park in and around the castle he lives in on the Isle of Hamilton on the West Coast of Scotland.  The Park contains wild beautiful exotic women hunted and brought from the fairy realms for rich male Dominants to indulge their sexual needs and take as a mate.

But his private world is thrown in to chaos when a female poses as a male and bluffs her way on to the island. He quickly discovers her disguise and her natural submissive tendencies when he throws her over his knee for a much need bare bottom spanking and she is made to experience the delights of being a female in the Park.

Lord Playfair finds himself falling in love with his submissive captive who he finds also has royal fairy heritage like himself.  Believing he has possibly met his own match he will do everything to protect her when the brute of a man she is to be given in marriage to against her will comes to collect her.

Will the enigmatic Lord be able to tame and protect his reckless wayward captive Princess with his strict discipline or will she resist and find herself caged by the man who hunts her?

Publisher's Note:  This novel contains BDSM Romance, Spanking Romance, Menage Romance, Enema, Human Cow Fantasy, Lactation Fantasy, Anal Play, Medical Play, Cages and much more.  If this material offends you, please do not buy this book.

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