Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Taken By The Highwayman Released!

I have just released Kidnapped, the first part of a new BDSM/Spanking Historical Romance, Taken By The Highwayman set in Eighteenth Century England.  If you like a sexy aristocratic Dominant casting a dashing figure on horseback who spanks the women who try to hide their jewels from him when he holds up their carriage, then this one is for you.  Check out the blurb and a small excerpt below.  Don't forget to check out what is coming next at the end!

This is the first book in the Taken By The Highwayman Series.

1749, Hertfordshire, England.

An Dominant Eighteenth century Aristocrat turned Highwayman for the fun and adventure of it, bestows a a bare bottom spanking on the women who dare to defy him by hiding their jewels when he holds up their carriage and teaches them a lesson in submission.

One night he comes across a beautiful damsel in distress beaten by her father and who is to be forced into marriage with a brute rumoured to have murdered his first wife.  The Highwayman is determined he will not allow the feisty Lady to suffer and decides to remove her from her cruel father's care by kidnapping her.

Will his restless Dominant spirit find the woman he has been searching for to tame and make his bride or will she refuse to submit to him and run in to danger?

Publisher's Note:  This book contains BDSM Romance, Spanking Romance, Oral Sex, Bondage, Kidnap Romance, Whipping and much more.  If this offends you, please do not buy this book.

1749, Blair Forest, Hertfordshire, England

The Highwayman braced the naked young princess over his knee and administered a sound bare bottom spanking.   His deep chestnut eyes were darkened with stern concentration behind his black silk mask as he applied himself diligently to the task at hand.  The young woman had dared to challenge him with the violent turn across his face when he had asked for her jewels.  He pitied the foreign Prince she was to marry and hoped he would tame her temper over his own knee when the occasion warranted it.

The pretty Princess’s bottom quivered and jumped under the firm strike of the Highwayman’s hand across the middle of her bottom blushing her flesh with a healthy rosy color.  She wailed and howled like a baby inducing his men standing around them to laugh.

“You should learn some manners, my girl,” he told the Princess making her squeal louder when he spanked the back of one tender thigh.

She raised her head and cursed him.  Listening to his men laugh once more, he paused her punishment and pushed down her head.  He eased her body further over his knee until her head almost rested on the grass.  With a shriek she put out the flats of her hands on the floor of the forest to steady her balance over his knees.  The skirt and hoop of her dress covered her head and now she was completely at the mercy of the Highwayman.

The action had had the intoxicating effect.  Her buttocks were forced to rise higher in to the air so that they were completely bathed in the sultry moonlight shining down upon them on the edge of the road winding through the forest in the Hertfordshire countryside.  The Highwayman parted the princess’s legs and exposed the ripe fruit hanging from her pussy visible from behind.  The men sighed with lust and approval, their eyes resting on the scene with envy.  Even the coachman and the groom gagged and tied up could not help but gaze upon the sight with lustful wonder.

The Highwayman smiled noticing a small amount of moisture slickening the small bead between her legs.  He wasted no time in reaching forward with his hand cupping her pussy and spanked it hard.  The Princess howled but yet another strike was raining down upon her sex before she could take another agitated breath.

Once more the Highwayman smiled feeling her vagina slicken heavily aroused by the careful practiced discipline he was bestowing upon it.  He alternated the blows, first his hand slapping at her wet sex and then the other skimming across her buttocks.

At first she struggled, cried and cursed but exhaustion was quickly to follow and the naughty princess fell limp over his knees.  Her sobs became mingled with sudden gentle moans and all of the men noticed that after her buttocks were slapped she bucked down with eager relish to meet the slap of the Highwayman’s hand against her pussy.

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